My name is Dave, I am about 5'6, brown umbrella cut, the traditional hockey player. My girlfriend, Lauren Khalil is a petite brown/blonde haired bombshell with the best body you’d ever see on a girl her age. Ally is Lauren’s best friend, she is the traditional head cheerleader type girl. Always going out with the big studs on the football team and shit. We are all 15.

It was the traditional scene for a sex session. Lauren ran up to me crying after third period. I could see her big tits jiggling in her extremely tight school uniform golf shirt as she ran. I had the biggest boner. "Baby! What’s the matter??" I asked. "I’m threatened that I might fail math, and as it’s your and Ally Bailey’s best subject, I was wondering if I could invite you two over for dinner and a study party." Seeing as this was the perfect opportunity to nail her, I said "yes, of course baby!".

I arrived at her house at 5:00, and Mrs Touma let me in. Mrs Touma is Lauren’s mom, but since Linda and Mr. Khalil got a divorce, Lauren decided to keep her dad’s last name. Can’t blame her, Touma sounds like Toucan! I know it sounds perverse, but this was the first time I was actually sexually attracted to Mrs Touma. This wasn’t the everyday scene, where she was all bundled up outside my little brother’s school talking to my mom. No way hose. Linda was wearing a tight tank top, revealing imprints of her cute nipples in her shirt. She had a bathing suit bottom on, she had obviously been in her hot tub. I was guessing that she was about 40. She looked like she was about 28 though.

"Hi Dave, thanks for cumming over, Lauren and Ally are in Lauren’s room right now, just walk down this hallway and make a left at the end." I was astonished that she would leave two naughty gals like Lauren and Ally in the same room together. As I smiled to myself, I thanked her and walked toward the room. I didn’t want to disturb them, so I walked quietly, and eavesdropped on their conversation. Obviously if this story is on Sex Stories Post, I’m not going to be teaching her calculus through the whole story. So, as you could guess, they were talking nothing about math. Lauren was fantasizing with Ally about sex. I decided to help these horny little things out, and make their dream a reality. I stepped across the hall and went into the bathroom. I locked the door and I undressed. I warmed myself up, daydreaming about Lauren and me 69ing.


If I get good feedback I’ll write more :D

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[#5571] 1spike ( 1642 days ago )
1spike avatar started to get horny, please write more, would have been nice if they were youngr ummm
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