Our Nudist Family

It was a typical warm August afternoon when I got home from school, so I wasn't at all surprised to find everyone naked. Mom was coming out of the kitchen with a cold iced tea drink in each hand, taking them into the family room where my dad was sitting comfortably on the sofa. He was mean to that comfortably into the corner of the big chair, one foot on the carpet and the other up in the seat beside him. I knew this was for the benefit of mom, who did appreciate of you and smile as she handed him his drink. As I called out announcing that I was home, and my parents called back a friendly greeting, I headed down the narrow hallway to my bedroom so I can change out of my clothes.

I rapidly shucked off my leather sandals and immediately reveled in the feeling of being barefoot again. Even though we had been naturists all my life, living the casual nudist lifestyle whenever possible, still the feeling of being without shoes and feeling the earth and other textures beneath my feet remained one of my favorite parts of this lifestyle. Finishing the job of undressing and enjoying the freedom as my youthful manhood swung gently walking back down the hallway to the family room, the laughter of my little sister and her best friend play-wrestling on the soft carpet met my ears. I swung through the kitchen to get myself one of those iced teas, sure enough as I walked back into the family room there was Jennifer, two years my junior, and her closest friends since childhood Heather, romping in the middle of the large play area.

Just like my mother did, Jennifer had shaved yourself since her early teenage years when she began to get her feathers, and her breasts and started to back out. But Heather was a natural girl, and I was always intrigued by the tawny bush between her legs. Her breasts were slightly smaller than my sisters, even though their birthdays were only two months apart, and I thought to myself once again how much I preferred titties of that size relative than the larger fuller type, like my mom and sister which tended to swing when they did activities like this. I like the way they jiggled and bounced instead! Maybe it was just the smaller breasts looked younger, I don't know. But either way, as I watched the girls maneuver and grapple I felt that familiar tingling in my groin. Wanting a bit of peace and quiet after their days at work, mom and dad looked up and then dad said "hey why don't you girls take that out in the backyard, it's too nice a day to be messing up our carpet!" And breaking their hold on one another, and bounding to their feet the girls agreed happily and bounded out the sliding door onto the patio. Dad looked at me and grinned, and feeling a little sheepish I got up with my fledgling hardon and followed behind them. Mom had been laying on her side on the sofa, her head resting on my fathers thigh with his relaxed organ flopped beside her head. Now, with the room to themselves she repositioned and took it into her mouth and began enjoying herself with it.

The girls were wrestling now, but had chosen a spot in the shade to sit cross-legged on the nice cool grass. I descended the three stairs from our back porch to the patio level and crossed to where they were. I said, "they wanted some privacy in their, mind if I sit down?" They both agreed saying that was fine, so I made their little circle complete and lowered myself to the lawn taking the same position as I settled myself. Looking at my somewhat less than half-mast cock, my sister Jennifer giggled and said "that's a nice almost you got going there, bro" at which Heather giggled as well, but I could tell she wasn't actually laughing AT me. I replied "well it's not so much an almost as it is a wanna-be" as I reached down and even little slip. And then I said, "with the two of you rolling around like that can you blame it?". Still casually considering my fledgling manhood with her head tilted coyly to one side, her friend Heather replied "no, I suppose not" and then, "you know it is really a quite good looking penis now that I think about it, as penises go". I told her thank you accepting the complement, and then commented how I appreciated that heard personal shrubbery was left natural. I glanced over between my sisters legs, indicating there and said "I mean Jennifer's is beautiful and all that, I mean gosh look at the thing!" Shaved and waxed bear, she looked positively prepubescent. Then I continued, "but there's just something about that natural look you have that intrigues the hell out of me"

"Well thank you" she said, "we'll see what we can do to fulfill the aspirations of mister wannabe there!" and with that and a lighthearted squeal, the two young hotties commenced rolling about together again. I loved watching them because they were both so completely oblivious to the fact that their legs spent most of the time wide open with their good bits on display, as they attempted to gain purchase on the lawn with the now grass stained soles of their bare feet. Or perhaps they did know, and either didn't care... or liked it that way! I remembered back to the days when they were still both in footy PJs and having sleepovers, and how on more than one occasion I had peaked through the crack in their door (and then later when they had let me come in the room, stand by the bed, and watch outright) as they would play naked together on the bed tickling each other between the legs, and then during later times they would do the 69 position and teach each other how to cum. I wondered if they still did that together, and as I thought about it my cock began to grow once more.

My sister Jennifer noticed my now fully erect member as I sat there Indian fashion watching them, and she exclaimed "now that's more like it!" Looking over to see what her friend was talking about, Heather looked over with an approving smile and said "now there's something a girl to get yourself around on a cold winters night!" Looking down at it, all crimson and engorged and pointing straight up at the warm bright afternoon sky, I said to neither of them in particular "well it certainly hopes it doesn't have to wait that long for something like that to happen!". The girl's commenced wrestling and I think they purposely faced away from me so I would have a close up, ringside view of their young vibrant cunts as they played together, each trying to be the first to pin the shoulders of the other beneath her. Inside the house, on the sofa, my father was just finishing up pumping mom's mouth full of his steaming creamy jizz, as he sat there being sucked and looking out the big glass window at his own view of the spread-leg wrestling show happening in the yard.

Eventually the girls got tired of their play, and resume sitting crosslegged in front of me. They both arch their backs slightly displaying their magnificent teenage breasts to best effect, and leaned back on their hands. Heather asked me, "what are you gonna jack that off or what?". I looked down at it and then back up at her and said, "I was kind of hoping you would take care of that for me". Sitting forward again and shrugging her shoulders, as if it didn't matter her one way or the other, she reached forward and took hold of my shaft and began stroking it. Jennifer giggled and said, "looking good there big brother, but you better warn us before you shoot!". Now I was the one leaning back on my hands, my cock proffered proudly for their appreciation. Heather told me to stick my legs out straight, and then without letting go are missing a stroke she moved up straddling my legs, and putting that marvelous bush of hers right up against my balls. Then locking eye contact with me she said, "now pretend you're stalking me!" And with that she began moving her body up and down in time with her fist, and it was all too easy to imagine that I was deep inside her and fucking up in that place I wanted to be, but had so far never visited.

This went on for some minutes until I couldn't take it anymore, I warned her that I was getting ready to shoot. She simply said, "good to know!" and kept working me. Jennifer moved around to the side where she could watch, and only 20 or 30 more strokes of her bouncing fist I made the first unmistakable moaning signs of a guy about to shoot his seed. Heather backed up a few inches then angle my cock toward her, and caught the full splatter of my jizz blast full on her perfect tits. Multiple times I felt the contractions forcing out the stream of that pearlescent gift for her, and my balls ached with pleasure as I watched it festoon her nipples and run slowly down those perfect globes! And then with my last contraction, the final shot one higher and caught her under the chin, decorating her beautiful throat. And then suddenly I was spent, and going limp within her grasp. She stood before me and looking down at herself, said "wow David, nice coverage!" Then the two girls went over to the garden hose and Heather stood there as my sister Jennifer directed the spray onto her chest, cleaning her of my spume.

As my mess was releasing its grip on her skin and being blasted from her body, Heather commented to Jennifer "you know, your dad stick is longer but David's is bigger around. I prefer a little more tourists to the extra length any day!" Jennifer giggled and agreed, "yeah, and when you're on your knees David doesn't gag you like my dad does!" The girls grinned at each other, and Jennifer turned off the hose has Heather's flawless breasts were once again pristine, though painfully hard of nipple due to the bracing cold spray.

The day wore on and eventually evening fell, and I learned that Heather was staying for dinner and then for a sleepover with Jenn. I awoke in the wee hours of the morning having to pee, and patted my way down the hallway to the bathroom. As I passed the other bedrooms I heard activity within, but my bursting need had priority at the moment! But after draining the lizard, I paused at the door to my sister's bedroom and heard the unmistakable sounds the girls were making inside. I could not tell whether they were crotch-on and sharing a double ended dildo, or 69 eight has in days of old and driving each other to the brink of mutually devastating orgasms. But I knew better than to violate the closed-door policy, and interrupt them. Besides, it wasn't as if it was something I'd never seen before! But then passing my parents bedroom, their door was not closed... in fact, it was standing open and it had not been when I passed it only minutes ago. And accordingly, the sex sounds within that room were clearly identifiable.

I was unaware of the blow job he'd received earlier in the day, sitting on the sofa as I was having my fun out in the backyard with the girls. But evidently it wasn't enough for him, because there they were on the carpet next to their big king-size bed. My mom was on her hands and knees, and my father was rutting her wildly from behind! They were sideways to me, profile on, and though the hallway was completely dark the small night light in their room shown directly on their form and I could see clearly what they were doing. Mothers ample breasts dangled a bit, and were swinging fairly wildly with the impacts she was receiving from behind. And I could see the impressive shaft of my dad's cock plunging deeply into her womb, and then fully back out again with each stroke. She kept her head bowed as she took her fucking, and so she did not see me standing there with my own growing erection. But dad turned his head and looked at me, grinning, without ever breaking his stride. As my own member reached its own throbbing fullness, I reached down and started giving it a few slow strokes as I watched them, and my dad turned his eyes back to his task at hand. I moved on back toward my bedroom and laying down on the bed, grabbed an old pair of underwear. Because shortly I would need a place for my second mess of the day to end up!

And as I lay there in the dark masturbating left-handed, once again pretending it was the wet hot tightness of Heather's wonderful pelt which was gripping me, I readied my handful of tighty-whiteys over the business end of my organ, then straightened my toes and groaned as I began pumping them full of the, I so desperately wanted to put inside Heather. And, as I had left my own bedroom door standing wide open as well, at the same instant I heard my father groaning as he did likewise spilling himself into my mother's steamy darkness.

The end

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[#191] Bl33dsk4l4k ( 1167 days ago )
Bl33dsk4l4k avatar good content but poor grammar...I agree about reading it out loud to yourself...it really will fix most of your problems...great story...hope you keep them coming!
[#17] oral200069 ( 1174 days ago )
oral200069 avatar A little error correction would have been great, but it is still a worthy read! Thanks for the hard work!
[#59] Dubya ( 1177 days ago )
Dubya avatar The story was good, but I agree with kcid: yor spelling and grammar are pretty bad. Some sentences make absolutely no sense. An old teacher once told me to read your stuff aloud to yourself. If it doesn't make sense when you hear it, it won't make sense when you read it.
[#835] feelgoodnights ( 1178 days ago )
feelgoodnights avatar I loved it

hope there is a part 2!
[#59] kcid25 ( 1178 days ago )
kcid25 avatar This was painful to read. The story was so choppy. Your spelling is horrible.
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