So to begin with my mom was hot and had me when she was 16so when i was 12 she was only in her late 20's early 30's. My father had died in a war, and so i was raised by my mother alone. Ohh sure she dated here and there but not too much. When i was young i already knew a lot about sex as me and the neighbor girl did things(she was the same age). But i was really young, like 4-5-6 and don't remember a lot. I just know i loved pussy for some reason.

So Ill start out by describing my mom and myself. My mom was a serious knock out if you looked at her you wouldn't believe she could have a kid. she weighed about 100 pnds with tiny tits and a hot little ass. Men were always eyeing her up. She had Fiery red curly hair and lips to die for with green eyes. Amazing to say the least. Me i was just your basic guy, 6 ft almost weighed 120 and was a bit muscular. Blue eyes blond hair and i was very feminine. This is what led to my mother teaching me things.

So it was nearing the time of the year where my mom need to get a pap smear. More or less her pussy needed examined for stds, cancer, and other things. So i guess she saw this as an oppourtunity to get me to appreciate women more. Believe me i am not gay, and don't like men but i just never really wanted women either. Maybe i was a unic? Ehh who knows but I digress. She talked to me that night before her meeting with her doctor.

Hunnie tomorrow your going to come with me to my appointment.

I just looked at her oddly and nodded.

She smiled and said the doctor might need some help.

I just sighed as this cut into my personal time.

So as the night passed i thought to myself what was she talking about i wasn't a nurse. I just shrugged it off as jsut mom not wanting to be alone and went to bed. The next morning was sat and we took a trip up to the doctors office. After a short waiting period we were in a room. Apparently the doctor had already talked about me being present, and she allowed this as she was friends with my mother. So sitting in the waiting room the doc took my moms blood, they chit chatted and i was still confused about why i was there. After the initial exam blood-pressure, blood work questions she told my mom to undress, then excused herself for a few minutes. I sat and was curious as there was no curtain for privacy.

My mom just said to me, "Its ok hunnie, you can just watch. I wanna show you what you are going to be getting soon". I got a bit flustered and nervous and just sat quietly, feeling myself get a bit turned on as i watched my mother undressing. I knew she was hot and caught glimpses of her hairy pussy in the shower when she was shaving it. I saw her naked several times but never like this. Not this close.

As she slowly undressed she dawned the gown and i was able to catch her pussy in my sights. She just stood there a minute i didn't know if it was because she was horny or not but her nipples were rock hard. And she looked just a little wet, probably nerves though. So she dawned her gown and got in the chair spreading her legs a bit. I literally had a birds eye view of her vagina.

She looked so clean a neat, like her outer lips concealed her inner. and her clit poked out just a little, but i noticed as she relaxed they opened just slightly and i could see her pink inner folds. She smiled warmly looking at me but didn't say anything. she saw my pants bulge getting bigger. I was enjoying the view and though her tits were concealed i still was enjoying the fact that she was letting me see her.

She finally broke the silence. "Hun come lick it a few times, because you wont enjoy the taste after i get lubed up". I couldn't believe what she just said, i just was in a trance. I got up and leaned down licking her jsut as she asked a little. I licked her clit her outer folds and then slid my tongue in her hole. She was a little sour but really sweet, and i tasted some cream as well i thought. She moaned very quietly then I sat back down and she looked back at me and thanked me.

The doctor returned and smiled at me then addressed my mom. They did the examination and then once they were done she left again and said it would be a few minutes, maybe 15 to 20 and that my mom could relax. I just sighed and was glad it was over. My mom looked at me still spread in the chair now she was hunched over wiping allt he K/Y out of her pussy. She smiled and asked me to help her, which i gladly did.

She looked at me and told me to inspect her, and tell me what i thought. I looked at her pussy for a while and enjoyed, her scent was returning tot hat of pussy and sex, rather the KY. I smiled up at her and said she had pretty pink lips and was very tight looking. She just blushed and smiled.

After that we left back home and all was normal until later that night. She called me into her bed room and when i arrived she was naked and spread wide open on the bed. She looked at me and smiled, "Come sit". I did as asked and sat next to her, she smiled warmly with love at me.

"Hunnie have you ever had sex before"?

No I replied.

"What about that little girl you used to play with"?

She was tiny and i was too young, we only touched each other.

"Ohh that's ok sweetie, you arn't gay are you"?

No not really.

"But you dont like girls either"?

I am not sure

"Have you played with a pussy since your little gf from a while ago"?

No, yours was the first I have seen in years.

"Alright hunnie please get undressed".

Uhmm ok

So i did, i trusted my mom a lot. She used to wash my uncut cock and taught me how to. I also hadn't master-baited much yet, and she showed me once, but didn't finish so i was still unsure of how to do it right. Once naked she smiled and grabbed my cock pulling the fore skin back and smiling at me.

"Mmm your nice and clean hunnie and not that hairy, that's my good boy".

I sighed and started getting hard as she was touching my bare head, rubbing it up and down jsut lightly inspecting me. As i got harder and harder she gripped my tugging my fore skin back for me. That was sweet of her, i later found many women wouldn't do this for a man. She then took me into her mouth suprisingly. I jsut sighed deeply and fully hardened while she sucked me a bit. Licking at my bare tip and keeping my skin peeled back for me she stopped once i was fully hard.

"Wow 6 inches, and your not done growing, you look good son".

I just blushed a bit and looked down she held my cock and was moving her hand slowly up and down. I started feeling really funny, and sighed a bit. She smiled again so warmly at me, i felt like iw as in heaven.

"Ok hunnie i wanna finish showing you how to masterbait".

I nodded still sighing a bit as she slowly stroked at my cock.

"All you do is take your hand grip it like this and move it back and forth, make sure your fore skin pulls back ok."

I nodded and said ok, thanks.

She continued stroking me off more and more and i felt really funny, really good too. She slowly inspected my cock while playing with me and my balls. It was really nice and i felt so good.

"Next is whats called a blow job sweetie."

I looked down nd watched her pull my skin back just a bit further and then slip her mouth on my cock. Ohh my God i thought, i was being sucked again but this time much more precise, it was like she was hitting the spots. I was tweaking a moving a bit and she just looked up.

"Just relax its when a girl takes a man into her mouth and sucks till he cums".

Cums? I thought, whats that. She must have thought i had done more or knew more than i did because i didn't. I jsut went with it and i really started feeling amazing, i laid my hands down and let her keep going. She was twirling her tongue around my head and slurping at it tightly. It felt warm and wet. Then it hit me like a woosh. I felt incredible all a sudden and felt fluid coming out. Oh my God I am peeing i thought, Mom I am so sorry!

She held me tightly griping my ass and sucked hard as i finished in her mouth. I thought oh my God shes so mad at me I am gonna be in trouble. I looked down and she swallowed, i thought wow gross... But then she smiled up at me and said you came sweetie.

"That is what a man does when hes really happy with a women".

I sighed a bit and nodded.

She laid back down on the bed and told me to climb on her. I had seen porno like this but i didnt really pay close attention. she slowly stroked my cock and i could feel really great amount of wetness at my tip. I climbed a bit closer and she placed me at her pussy hole. She smiled at me and pulled me till my head peirced her jsut a little. She felt like she was on fire and so wet and warm.

"This is sex hunnie, you can try it if you want".

I sighed and said ok mom.

"Just slip inside and do what feels natural".

I nodded not sure, i was very nervous now but really hard again. I slowly pressed in and watched my skin peel back slipping into her now i pushed all the way and watched her moan and close her eyes laying back.

"Thats it just enjoy".

I slid in and out all the way several times before moaning loudly and feeling that same sensation. She was so tight like a virgin i thought, she mustve been. She sighed and smiled with her eyes closed.

"You can cum in me sweetie i wont get pregnant".

Thats right i completely forgot i was bare back, i slowly moved back in and out and smelled her sex. Mmm it was so good i started feeling it again really bad, and I let go feeling a gush inside her. It spewed all around and dripped out a little. I breathed heavy and felt her contracting a lot. I didn't know it for a long time but she came very easily with penetration. Later i found out about 7-8 inserts is all it took.

After that she smiled and told me to sleep with her for the night and that if i wanted anymore i could have it. She told me soon i would learn about eating pussy, and anal. I wondered how you eat a pussy? But for now sleep time for me and my mommy. I think i am gonna like girls a lot more now.

Thats how i learned sex, besides the little girl i used to play with.

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