Im a divorced 35 year old living in california. I like being naked especially when I can be seen or might be seen. I go to nude beaches and resorts when I get the chance. Sometimes I find secluded areas like wooded areas to tan nude. I enjoy it even if Im alone. I relax in the sun for a while and then jack off before I head home.
I had never done anything with a guy as yet. More and more though I had been watching gay porn. I like watching guys and gals giving blow jobs. My mind was made up that I wanted to suck a guy off. I didnt know when or if I ever would.
Three or four times I had gone to this nude river beach that isnt too far away. Its almost all guys that go there. They arent all gay I dont think. Mostly its other guys that just like to be naked around others like I do. Theres one area there where theres stuff going on sometimes though. Its kind of more secluded. Theres bushes that conceal it a little from the river area and from the rest of the nude area. I had walked through there before but never layed out to tan. The summer before this one I saw a guy getting sucked right out in the open. Other times I had seen guys jacking off while they were tanning.
One horny morning I was checking out some porn and getting ready to jack off. I hadnt cum in a few days and it was going to feel good to shoot off a good load. I started thinking why not go to that nude beach and hang out-- see what happens. So I stopped short of shooting and headed out.
It was a weekend so I knew there would be a good amount of people at the beach. When I got there I went straight to the spot I was telling you about. As usual there were only guys laying out in that area. Everybody was just relaxing in the sun but a couple of the guys were hard or at least semi. I found a place to lay my beach towel and laid out. The sun felt great. There was a guy tanning not far from me about my age or maybe a bit younger. He was just relaxing and having beer out of a little ice chest. We started talking about things. We werent talking about sex or anything. Just sports and weather and like that. I noticed though he was getting semi hard sometimes. He didnt have a big cock but it was nice-- just about like mine-- I figured maybe it would be about 6 and a half if solid stiff. We got to talking about hiking or something. Anyways he said there were good trails around.
We ended up walking into the woods a ways on a trail there. Still just talking about nothing. Both of us were semi hard. Then he got real solid all of a sudden. I looked and we both laughed a little. He told me that happens when hes outdoors naked sometimes. We laughed again and walked a little farther. I just decided this was as good a time as any. Without saying anything I just dropped to my knees in the sand. He turned towards me so I figured he wasnt going to protest getting a BJ.
He had a big drop of precum that I licked off to start with.. He had a big smile when I did that. Then I started licking his dick and fondling his balls a . Like I said I had never sucked a guy but I think it came kinda natural. I was sucking slow and he really seemed to like it. He started moaning a little right away. I just kept sucking and handling his nuts. Pretty soon he started thrusting and fucking my mouth. I was really liking it too-- I was hard as a rock. I could see this wasnt going to take much longer. I was eager for him to cum in my mouth. It was his way of warning me he was about to cum when he started moaning louder. At this point it was clear to him that I wasnt going to back off. He held my head and I knew this was it. I looked up at him and he was gritting his teeth as he was getting off. He was spurting cum in my mouth. It was so exciting! I could really feel that first spurt hit my throat. He had some good force behind those sperm shots. I kept my mouth around him until he relaxed then let his cock slip out. He had given me a good load for sure-- my mouth was filled pretty good. I looked up and opened my mouth without spilling any to give him a good look. I think he liked that. Then he watched as I swallowed his cum and gave him a big smile.
That first suck was everything I had hoped it would be. I was so turned on after that. I stood in front of him and jacked off until my cum spurted. It didnt take long.
Ive sucked other guys since but maybe that first one is still the best. Thanks for listening to my story guys!

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brit49 ( 797 days ago )
brit49 avatar Just luv sex in the open. No matter who. If we are being watched even better.
[#2216] erosguy100 ( 1046 days ago )
erosguy100 avatar Hot story!! Thanks for posting. I've never sucked a guy nor had a guy suck me, but I've jacked off in the woods a few times. Thats hot!!!,,,,,,believe it or not. Would I suck a guy...??........sure, if he sucked me. I'd like a threesome with his wife or with his GF. Mmmmmm.
[#10] nmsteve ( 1145 days ago )
nmsteve avatar Loved ca,if nude beaches.Lot of good times sucking off guys and getting sucked off in return
[#273] Love2cum ( 1152 days ago )
Love2cum avatar Great story...I came hard when he came in your mouth...oh man I loved it...nvr went to a nude beach but I would love to try one...
[#273] mattsmith ( 1160 days ago )
mattsmith avatar like this story gt me sooooo hard
[#35] lonewolf694u ( 1168 days ago )
lonewolf694u avatar Great story, visit a nude beach every summer and have been in similar situations! It was rather rude that he didn't return the favor, hell I know I would've!
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