The Show Girl

By: Purple Rectangle

Indian weddings are grand events with a lot of spendings on the best food, best clothes, best arrangements and decor to entertain the guests. Girls flaunt in their best dresses, lehengas and sarees while men come dressed in their suits with neck ties. The DJs fill the whole neighbourhood with latest songs and beats. We now call dance groups to perform on-stage events. These are usually groups of dancers that entertain the guests during the occassion and dance on up-beat music or english pop and hits. There are speciality caterers that serve Continental, Italian and other special cuisines besides regular Mughlai and North Indian with new and expensive flavours. Another trend is the hiring of show girls dressed like air-hostesses acting as waitresses to serve the guests and take care of them. I hope you must have seen them in some rich people's weddings and now it is normal to see them in ordinary weddings too these days as the trend catches up.

I was invited to a marriage as one of my college friend's brother was getting married. We were a group of four friends who had gone together to attend to the occasion. He was an extremely rich guy and the reception party was arranged at a massive resort which had a swimming pool in the middle while the food was being served in the periphery. The bride and the groom were supposed to sit opposite to the entrance at one end of the pool. It was winters in the month of December in Delhi and the night was chilling with a little fog. The arrangement was outdoor and small fire was lit around at several places to make everyone feel warm and cosy.

The stage group was first dancing on an old hindi song, then they changed to the latest hit called "Munni badnaam hui, darling tere liye". It was a group of 5 that had four boys and one sexy girl dacing in the middle. She was wearing small black shorts that exposed her extremely fair and smooth shaven thighs and legs. Her tank-top was also black that exposed upper half of her big boobs. The dance felt extremely sexy when she jumped and bounced her them and also when she bent towards the audience to give a deeper view of her cleavage. I think every man in the audience would have been aroused and become hard in the pants within the first 10 seconds of that song. No wonder everyone requested to repeat the perfomance several times during the night. Some girls really know how to seduce a man. Specially these dancers, they move their hands on their bodies in such a way that one feels like ejculating all the load on all the exposed curves.

The second attraction was the pretty erotic waitresses. Some were standing at the food stalls while others were roaming in pairs (like lesbians) to serve the guests. All of them were wearing similar tight skirts and a shirt with a small jacket that barely covered them. I wonder how they don't feel cold in such short clothes. Its amazing! All of them had voluptuous boobs and nice asses and their figures accentuated as they cat-walked around with drinks and starters to serve. Some were so pretty that you would mistake them to be the guests themselves had it not been for their smimilar dress code. I wondered how these girls come here to earn quick money by being show girls in the party. They must be earning good enough in order to mantain and groom themselves so well. I guess once they start meeting with high-class people they start to enjoy this life-style.

I could swear on anything, that every man in that party would be thinking if he could have his hands on atleast one girl from the waitresses or from the dance troop and enjoy before going home to his own wife. In an hour the couple arrived and got seated on the stage while others got busy with snacks and food and the dance troops continued rotating between punjabi, hindi and english numbers. I was taking chicken munchurian and I noticed that the girl who was serving it was moving with the beats of song that the dance troop was dancing on. She must have felt bored all this while as her job was to stand at that stall for the night with her friend. She was wearing the same tight skirt and had black pantyhose up on her legs stretched upto her thighs. She smiled at me as I saw her dancing to the tune. I smiled back and asked her if she is enjoying the party. She frowned and said what is the fun in standing at one place all the time. I could feel her emotion.

I looked at her again while I was sitting at a little distance. When I was done eating I indicated to her that I wanted another serving of the same dish. She smiled and brought me another serving of munchurian and asked me if I needed anything else. I told her I would like to have a drink if she could get it for me. She said, ofcourse, that is her job to serve the guests. I asked her to get me a coke with some vodka. She turned immediately and fetched me a stong peg of vodka. She must be around 21 years of age. I asked her if she wanted to drink too, and she said YES, but told me she was afraid someone would look and complain to her manager. So she gave me the glass and went back to stand at her stall. I saw that her friend was asking her what she was talking to me and both were giggling.

On repeated requests of the audience the dance troops were dancing on "Shiela ki jawaani" but the girl was different and she was wearing silver shorts which were so small and so tight that you could see her big ass cheeks and the shape of her pussy between her legs. She moved her hands on her thighs like Katrina Kaif in the song. Her boobs were also big like the earlier dancer and she had a flat stomach that was fully exposed till 3 inches under her sexy navel. I was standing right next to the stage at this moment and enjoying my drink.

I returned to my previous place and asked her to bring me a drink again. I also suggested that she could go to the washroom as an excuse to have a drink. But she told me people would get suspicious if she had a drink in her hand. I understood her concern and asked her to meet me near the ladies room. I made two pegs of Vodka and waited for her near the washrooms. She came in 5 minutes and took the glass from me and quickly gupled it. I was surprised as I didnt expect she would be able to have such a hard drink in an instant. She smiled and thanked me and went inside the ladies room. No one was around when she came out and then she asked me if she could also drink from the other glass that I had in my hand! I immediately gave the drink to her and she took it down her throat in two big gulps and went to mind her own business. I checked around and thankfully no-one noticed this happening.

After a while, she came and told me that her friend also needed a drink, so she sent her near the ladies room and I took two drinks for her friend too. Both of them were heavy drinkers as I realised soon. She thanked me profousely and told me that I am a real gentelman who cared for others and treated them well. She told me her name was Shruti. I went to dance with my friends and enjoy the party again. I wished I could dance with Shruti but they had to mind their own jobs of serving the guests. The DJ and the dance floor was right next to the performers dancing on the stage. The nearer I got to the barely clothed dancing girl, the more erotic she appeared. She was such a tease with scanty tight-fit clothes and smooth dance moves. I think she must be on drugs or something to dance like that in front of so many people and enjoy it too. Afterall they were all professionals.

I returned to my two pretty waitresses and my friends were with me as we were to have dinner together. I told them I already had too much in snacks and drinks and would skip dinner. So I got my third peg and sat in front of my chicks. They were staring more at my glass like they wanted more, but I could have got caught as I had already given them 4 glasses and had taken 3 myself. Shruti's friend started giving me dirty looks and biting her lips and seducing me from far. I understood she wanted another glass and I had to figure out a plan to give them what they wanted.

Everyone got busy getting food and sitting at available seats and tables. I secretely told her to change her dress when she brushed across me and took her to my car parked outside and also got a bottle of Bacardi Rum. There were a few other young people having drinks in the parking so we did not get conscious and sat inside my car. I closed the windows and switched on the climate control with temprature set to 20 degrees. Her name was Vinita. We didnt have glasses so she took a sip right from the bottle and then I took a sip after her. After a few more sips and some 10-12 minutes, she asked me:

Vinita: So, what do you want?
Me: Well, I haven't thought about it yet... :-)
Vinita: (after another gulp) You need to think? Tere saamne itmaa masst maal hai (You have a beautiful girl sitting next to you) and you need to think!
Me: Well, lets see... (I was just teasing her)
Vinita: Do you like my friend Shruti more than me?
Me: Oh please, No. Nothing like that!
Vinita: Then?
Me: I was thinking whether to take advantage of you or not...
Vinita: Ummm... You are a real gentleman?
Me: Maybe. How can I compliment myself.
Vinita: So, should I leave?
Me: Sure, once you finish the bottle :-)
Vinita: God no! I cannot drink the whole. I would faint and everyone would come to know
Me: So, let me help you finish. (I grabbed the bottle and took a big neat gulp)

We were already drunk and snataching the bottle from one another and a little got spilled a little on her top. She screamed and slapped my face in reflex and then started apologizing for her act.

Me: I want those.
Vinita: What?
Me: Those (Pointing my eyes at her boobs)
Vinita: Ummm.. so you are in good mood now after some drinking
Me: (I pulled her towards myself and grabbed her breasts) This is what I want.

We looked around and then shifted to the back seat of my car which was much more spacious and pulled her on top of me. She pulled her top upwards and exposed her white laced Bra. Her skin was milky fair and amazingly soft. Her figure was perfect and she had a flat stomach. I kissed her navel and unhooked her Bra from back. Her breasts just fell on my face and my face got dug in her cleavage, as she was on top of me. Both my hands now cupped her big and sexy boobs, pressing them gently and playing with them like a kid gets a new toy. I hugged her tight squeezing her melons on my face and started licking her nipples. As I touched the tip of my tongue she moaned and took a deep breath which made her breasts look even bigger. Her body was so warm and moist and milky white. I started licking her vigorously with my tongue, biting and pressing her ass with my hands. My senses were a little out due to the alcohol and I was really enjoying her body and her big bust. Licking on her cleavage gave me enornous pleasure and she kept on asking for more. I filled my mouth with more bacardi and kissed her. We both licked each others' toungue and drank together. As I was kissing, she was pressing and rubbing her clit on my hard cock. She pulled her breasts away and wore back her top then opened my zipper and released my penis from captivity. My dick sprang out and she held it in her warm hands. She took the bottle and spilled it on my dick and started licking it clean. Damn, I wanted to fuck her pussy so bad and wanted to see what she had got between her legs.

I asked her to spread her legs while she gave me a fucking amazing blow-job. Her panty was wet and I pulled it down a little to see. It was too dark to see but I could feel the soft skin and wet pussy lips. She jumped on top of me and guided my hard penis inside her cunt. She moved vigorously while riding on top of me in that little space we had. I kept mashing her breasts and exploded inside her pussy. She smiled and rested on top of me. I took a tissue paper from my dash-board and cleaned her up completely. Her pussy was not hairy and not also fully shaved. We kissed and went back to the party.

I was fully satisfied after exploding my load into this sexy girl. She must have told Shruti that I was horny as Shruti also came after changing her dress. The bottle was half finished, but enough for both of us. Shruti asked me to hurry up as the party was likely to pack up soon and she really needed some drinks. We directly sat on the back seat, locked from inside and I handed her the bottle. While she was drinking, I unbuttoned her and dug my face in her breasts. Shruti smelt so nice. She didnt have a flat-stomach like Vinita, but she was more chubby. I wet my fingers in vodka and rubbed on her nipples. She said I didnt look so naughty first and I laughed. She put her hands in my hair as I sucked her tits. I asked her how much time she had and she said not enough. So I asked her to jerk me off using her hands. Her boobs were hanging out and she was mssaging my dick sometimes slowly and sometimes fast. I asked her to use tissue as I didnt want to cum on the seats of my car. She kept on shagging my dick and I cum again in 10 minutes. We sat for another 2 minutes and then I dropped her to the side gate in my car. She was wearing high heels and after drinking she could barely walk straight, I wonder if anyone (including her manager) would have missed.

I parked my car back and again went inside the party as if nothing had happened. My friends were a little worried of where I have been, but I told them my stomach was not well due to the drinks. I tried to look and saw only Vinita was at the food stall. I stralled closer and winked at her. She told me, "Sir, the stall is closed as starters are over". I told her, "Thank-you, it was really nice". She smiled and thanked me for being nice to them. She had told me the people treat them like trash and dont care. Afterall they are also human beings at really pretty girls at that. Shruti also joined in 5 minutes in her dress. I introduced my friends to these two new girls I had met, but they were too indifferent to their presence.

This was one marriage where I believe I didnt get even one photograph clicked with anybody, but enjoyed more than anyone else. I think anyone who is readin this story should understand that good things are around us all the time, its us who sometimes are too busy to see them. Enjoy!

Purple Rectangle
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