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This was writtten by our Member lester

The telephone startled me out of a deep sleep and I shot up in bed to
grab it.  This late it must be important, since everyone knows I get up
very early to go to work.  
“Hello?”  I rasped into the phone while glancing at the clock next to it
to verify the time was indeed 1:30AM.
“Dad!”  Sam’s voice, my 15  year old daughter Samantha said
urgently, “you have to come get me right now!”
“Get you from where hon? Are you in trouble?  Where are  you?” I
asked trying to wake up and makes sense of the problem.
“I’m at Mom’s and you have to come get me!  I can’t stand this shit
any more!” she whispered, “Please Dad!”

I threw on sweat pants and a T shirt, jumped in my car and headed in
the direction of my X wife’s house.  I figured Sam was having a fight
with some member of her mother’s house, either her mom or her
“stepfather” Jack (god how I hated that word) or her half brother, Ed,
who the hell knows.

It took me forty five minutes to reach the house and when I pulled up
front Sam was sitting on the lawn.  There were no lights on in the
house and she sat on top of a garbage bag full of her clothes and
stuff.  She threw the bag over the seat into the back then  closed the
door on the passenger side harder than it needed to be, perhaps
slamming it for effect, though it looked like the rest of the house was
I glanced over at her and Sam had on a stretchy clinging blouse and
hip hugger jeans.  It gave me a nice profile shot of those pert little
tithes and I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra by the round bumps
her nipples made.  At only 5 foot tall Sam was growing up into a very
hot number in her dad’s book!

I turned the car around and began the drive back to my house.
“Hon, I hope this is really important, I’m going to work today with very
little sleep” I grumbled.
“Yeah, I’m sorry....” she huffed.  She started several times to say
something and stopped, perhaps looking for better words.  
“Dad, I can’t figure how to say it, other than to tell you the whole thing”
She stuttered,  “but PLEASE promise you won’t say anything to any of
them or anyone else?”

“Okay hon, promise” I said, expecting to hear teenage woes of drugs
or something similar.  In a flash of brilliance I figured I’d ask her the
worst case scenario and that would make it easier for her to talk
about it, “are you pregnant?” I asked her.
“No, not yet!” she muttered, shocking me with that answer.
“What does that mean hon?” I urged her.
“Promise that no matter what I tell you, you won’t start trouble and I
can stay with you?” she asked again.
“Promise” I swore.

“Well it began when Jack and Mom started letting us hang around at
the parties they had with their drunk friends. They knew Jack was
stealing drinks and didn’t care, so he kept getting drunker at their
parties.  A couple of times he puked all over the place, it was so
gross!” she told me as I drove down the dark roads toward home.

She continued,
“Then one night during the party, Ed started to sit around with Mom
drinking, with his arm around her.  She was giggling like, stupid, and
Ed kept feeling her up and I was getting embarrassed that their
friends would see them!”

“I was so sick of the whole thing that I went up to my room and lay
down on my bed and fell asleep” Sam continued and I slowed the car
down so she could finish the story in the dark, before we got home.

“I woke up laying on my stomach and someone was hugging me with
their hand on my butt!  So I jumped up and Jack was naked dad!  He
was laying there naked next to me!”
I started feeling my blood pressure rising in anger, how dare that
fucker touch my daughter!

“So I  yelled at him to get the hell out of my room, but he was so
trashed he just lay there.  I ran downstairs to tell mom to get her shit
faced husband off my bed and when I went into the living room I saw
two people of the couch making out” she continued.

“I could see that Ed was between Mom’s legs and he had his penis
inside her!  He was on top, and at first I thought they were just laying
there, then I realized they were actually doing it!”

Sam continued her story in the dark car, talking quietly, yet I could tell
she was upset by what she’d seen and I wanted to try to calm her
down.  But how do you minimize her stepbrother fucking her mom on
the couch or her drunk stepfather naked on her bed?
“Wow, that’s really fucked up!” I said out-loud under my breath to try
to console her.

At the same time I just couldn’t seem to get very angry over much of it
except the part of Jack trying to touch my daughter.  
I wondered if I was a bad father since the story of sex and incest she
was telling should make me angry.  But it didn’t, I think also because
my sister and I had always enjoyed some sex fun when we were
young on the farm and I knew that my X and her father had been
unusually close when she was in her early 20’s.

There was a history of incest in both families and even lately I’d found
myself checking out Sam’s tight ass as she walked away wearing her
tightest jeans, that looked like they were painted on.  I’d found myself
wondering if she was a virgin and fucking her had become the stuff of
masturbation fantasies for me.

“Oh, that’s not all!” Sam continued breaking my thoughts.
“The next day they all began saying how fucked up they were last
night, and was I all fucked up too?  So I played their game and said,
yeah, I was so fucked up I fell asleep on Ed’s bed.  They just wanted
to know how much I’d talk about!”

“I kept catching Mom slipping out of Ed’s room and when I’d walk into
the room I’d see Ed with his hand inside Mom’s clothes or her hands
down his pants and shit like that” Samantha said and asked me if it
was okay if she smoked?

“Well hon, it’s not okay since I’d like to see you stop smoking, but if
you think it will help you right now, go ahead” and she lit a cigarette
from a pack in her purse.

“So Jack kept trying to get me drunk and started telling dirty jokes and
stuff like that.  Him and mom began to leave dildoes and other shit
like porn tapes laying around.  They stopped pretending there was
nothing going on and last week while I was listening to music,
minding my own business and doing my homework.   I went
downstairs for a soda.  Mom was on Ed’s lap on the couch in the
living room and they were doing it right there on the couch again!
 He had his hands on her butt and she was bouncing up and down
him.   They were naked and they didn’t even care when I walked in on
them!  Mom just moaned louder if anything!”

She sat quietly smoking her cigarette and blowing the smoke out the
half open window and as I drove I kept stealing quick side glances at
her profile and wondering if she had given in and had sex with either
of the males in her mother’s house.

“Then about a month ago Mom took me to the doctor and I went on
the pill.” Sam said drawing on her cigarette.  “She said it might make
me feel a little better about getting involved.”

That revelation made my cock twitch and I was on the verge of asking
if she’d ever taken advantage of the benefits of the pill, when Sam
shook her head and said, “ tonight was the last freakin straw.  I don’t
even like that skinny asshole Jack.  Tonight they were all in the living
room and Jack, Mom and Ed were doing a threesome on the freakin
couch!  Ed was screwing mom while she sucked on Jack, gwad how
“Then Jack kept saying I should come over to him and have some fun
and Ed and Mom were there talking to me while they were doing it,
like it was all okay!  Then Mom really started to get on me asking me
what my problem was!  She was really drunk or stoned and not
making any sense”

I said I didn’t need to, but I wouldn’t let their secret out, which sent
Mom into a real fit!  She jumped up off the couch and  got in my face
saying I was a fucking prude, a bitch, um, and told me that I should
stop being a princess and enjoy letting  Ed or Jack get  with me!”

Sam was choked up and crying, but I really couldn’t see in the dark
car and  she told her story in such a fluid way I was drawn into it,
picturing her half brother driving his cock into his mom’s pussy as
Samantha watched, my cock had risen to it’s full 8 and a half  inches
inside my pants and was stretched down the inside of my right pant
leg. I wanted badly to sneak a little stroke without being caught.

“So that was the blow out tonight?  When Mom started calling you
names?” I asked her.  I thought it was odd that she hadn’t called
because of all the open sex, but rather when her mom got mad and
started calling her names.

“Yeah, she was off the deep feaking end and just kept saying really
nasty, mean things, then got in my face and threatened to slap the
shit out of me”  Sam whispered and flicked the rest of the cigarette
butt out the window.
Like an thought spoken out loud she muttered, “I told her Jack isn’t
my father!”

I didn’t understand  and said, “what do you mean?”
Sam replied, “I told her that Ed is her son and if she gets off screwing
him, that’s fine, but I wasn’t interested in either one of them”  

Then Mom started saying crap like,  ““you want your daddies dick?
Then go call him and , get the fuck out of our house!”” Along with allot
of other screwed up stuff about you and me”.

“Well,” I said, “that sounds like the kettle calling the pot black!” I
chuckled, “Your mother hates me with a passion!”
“She does!” Sam answered with a chuckle of her own, “But I love you
with a passion, how’s that work, does one cancel the other?” Sam
We were both chuckling a little over our little word play as I pulled the
car into the driveway and helped Sam into the house.

I’d already decided I was calling in sick to work before we got home
and made the call leaving a message on the machine at the office.
Sam had changed into her old knee length night shirt, cozied up on
the couch in the living room hugging her pillow to her stomach and
smoking a cigarette when I walked in.

Since she had told me off the drinking, drugs and sex at her mom’s, I
figured it would be okay if I relaxed with a big glass of wine and
offered Sam one too, which she took with a grateful sigh before
chugging several big gulps.

“So your mom still hates me that much?” I chuckled again since I’d
divorced her mom when Sam was only a year old after I found out
she was having an affair at the office with Jack. I discovered the affair
and then she’d turned up pregnant shortly afterward so I cut ties and
left.  I knew I’d never believe that Ed was my kid.
We still lived close enough for joint custody of Sam and my X had
remarried and had her 14 year old son who she was now fucking too.

“Yeah she does,” Sam smiled, “she said I was welcome to you, if
that’s what I want and said she didn’t think I could handle you!”  Sam
giggled and my cock jumped as my daughter mentioned her mothers
reference to the large size of my penis.

“It’s funny that your mother still talks shit about me” I told Sam, “it’s
not like I’m the one that was trying to get in your pants!”
“Yeah” Sam said scrunching up her forehead, “but what did the other
part about handling you mean?”

I put my hand on her ankle and began rubbing her calf.  “How big is
Jack or Ed?” I asked her.
“Um, Ed is” Sam said holding up her index fingers and indicating
about 6 inches for her half brother, “and Jack is really small dad! He’s
like...” and she held up her index fingers to show about 3 or 4 inches.

I laughed, “No wonder your mom wants Ed!” and Sam laughed too.
“So what about you?  What did mom mean?” Sam giggled.

 I was sitting by her feet so I had been absently rubbing her calf and
ankle as we continued to drink wine.  When she asked about the size
of my dick I traced my fingers softly toward her knee, over it and to
her inner thigh about midway between her knee and crotch to see
what she’d do.
“What about me?” I teased
Sam giggled again, “You know what I mean!”  

“I’m allot more than Jack and some more than Ed” I teased
“How much more?” Sam asked with a serious look
“Your asking your daddy how big his dick is?” I asked and smiled at
“Yeaaaahhh!” she replied

“Well hon,” I said, “it’s funny that you should mention that because all
this stuff you’ve been telling me has made me kind of....well,
HORNY!”  as I reached higher between her legs to pinch the soft
flesh on the inside of her thigh by her pussy as I accented the word
horny in a growl.

“OUCH!” Sam exclaimed exaggerating the pain, yet her legs opened
wider and she made no attempt to put her night shirt back down after
it had ridden up over he knees exposing her panties.

“Where do you want to go with this?” I asked seriously
“Where do YOU want to go with it?” Sam taunted me back.
I reached to the top of her panties and hooked a finger into the
elastic, then pulled them slightly down while I looked at Sam’s face.
She put her hand over her mouth in an act of surprise, so I smiled
and pulled her panties further down until I felt the warmth of her slit
against the back of my finger hooked into her panties.

“Can I see it?” Sam asked.
I slid my sweat pants down over my hips.  I hadn’t put on any
underwear and the warm length of my semi hard cock fell sideways
against my pelvis pointed to the left toward Sam.
“Oh my gawd!” she laughed, “that’s freakin huge dad!”  

“My turn” I told Sam as I reached up and pulled her panties down over
her knees and she lifted her feet so I could remove them.  Then I held
them up to my nose and sniffed, inhaling the sweet aroma of her
young twat.
‘Your so bad!” she laughed and smiled, laying there with her legs
open and her night shirt up around her hips, that sweet young pussy
fully exposed to me now.

 I  had a full view of the scattering soft black hair forming a V over her
glistening vagina.  The cleft appeared to sparkle with moisture which
gathered lower at the base of her vaginal opening.  Sam had a fairly
large clit sitting over the soft pink lips that curled around each other
and covering the deeper red slit of her sex underneath.
“Ohhh!” I groaned, “Your sooo pretty!  Just begging for attention!”

My cock was throbbing as I slid my fingertips over the mound
between her thighs and gently up and down over her wrinkled clit.

I stroked and touched her with my left hand, with my right hand  I
masturbated my cock at the same time and I’d grown to fully erect just
at the sight of her pussy.  
Her clit  swelled quickly and soon was almost a half an inch long and
the tip poked out through the wrinkles.  
I wet my finger with spit and began to swirl around and around the
harder nub in the center and Samantha’s legs spread outward until
they were laying flat on the couch, as open as she could be for me.
She groaned as the tip of my finger slid through the soft folds and
entered her.

I rubbed my cock and  slowly (and I hoped sensually) rubbed her clit
and finger fucked her pussy.  I gathered the  juice up that was running
out of her and rubbed it up and down over her outer lips and clit,
taking time to taste her on my fingers as I did.  

My hand traced up and down toying with her clit, rubbing the nub and
then sliding back to the warm wetness of her sex as my cock
throbbed in my hand and precum began to drip from the tip, running
down over the head.  “Oh Sam, your so fucking wet!” I moaned as I
slid my finger in and out of her.

I took a bead of my clear precum on my fingertip and mixed it with the
juices already glistening inside Sam’s vagina.  Her pussies first  taste
of man juice delivered to her pussy on the tip of daddies finger inside

I stood up and stripped off my sweat pants and T shirt as Sam watch
my cock through silted lust filled eyes.  
I stood and moved to stand beside Sam so I could pull her night shirt
off over her head, exposing her naked body.  As I did my hard cock
bobbed in Sam’s face and she wrapped her hand around the shaft
and I lowered my hips so the head slide into her mouth.
Such an erotic sight that it almost made me cum when I saw Sam’s
pretty face and mouth, with my hard pink cock head sliding between
her lips, in and out of her mouth as I gently fucked my hips too and
“Ohh, you nasty little girl, that’s my cock in your mouth!” I teased, but
Samantha continued to suck at the tip of my cock and paid my
teasing no notice.

I turned so I could lower myself onto  her in a classic 69, Sam’s small
hand still wrapped around the shaft of my cock.
My hands went to her ass and I hugged  her hips and lowered my
face between her legs,  my mouth sucked her clit gently in.  As my
warm mouth enveloped her clit, Sam pushed her hips down in
response to my sucking on the hard nub of her clit.

I licked and tongued her pussy deep, running my tongue around the
ridged inside lips and trying to suck more of her sweet nectar into my
mouth. I clamped my mouth over her clit and sucked up and down as
I probed the entrance to her pussy with my finger tip up to the big
knuckle.  I  pushed against the warm enveloping walls of her tight
vagina as my girl Sam began to fuck herself on and off my finger.

She continued to suck the head of my cock softly,  and I moaned onto
her clit when I felt her warm tongue swirling around the cum slit in the
end.  I knew Samantha was tasting the precum that was oozing out
the tip and then began to dig the tip of her tongue inside the slit in my
cock, looking to find more of her daddy’s salty juice.

Sam moaned as she sucked my cock, and I was eating her pussy
with a fevered passion!  I couldn’t get enough of her sweet tasting
pussy in my mouth as I sucked her pussy lips and clit in and out, over
and over as she sucked and licked at my prick.

I knew that I couldn’t hold out any  more!  I wanted her wrapped
around me, I wanted to fuck her pussy!
I jumped up before I could cum in her sweet mouth and turned
around, kneeling on the couch between her legs.  

Sam watched my cock bob and swing as I knelt between her open
legs and lowered my hips meet hers.

My cock is slightly over 8 and a half inches long,  it’s really thick and
has a big bulb of a head on it.  Most women can’t manage to suck
much of it into their mouth and many prefer to feel it in their pussy,
since it’s such a pussy pleasure.  But I didn’t know if that was going to
work in my favor now since Sam’s vaginal opening looked so small
and tight.

“Are you a virgin hon?” I asked, wanting to know if I was fucking an
experienced pussy or a virgin one that I need to go slower with.
“Yeah! Please don’t make it hurt!  Your so big!” she whined in alarm
watching the big head of my cock lower between her legs out of sight.

I moved forward until I felt Sam’s warmth, She wasn’t like my regular
date, I couldn’t feel the depression or opening that facilitates me just
sliding into her.  Her pussy was unused, unbroken and tense as  I
guided the head softly up and down coating the tip with her slick
pussy juices.

I lowered my belly onto hers and my mouth down to hers and licked
her lips.  I wanted her to be able to talk as I pushed slightly forward
and felt the tip of my cock pushing against her warmth.
“Oh god” Sam softly moaned as she sucked my tongue into her
mouth and I pushed the head of my cock against her outer vaginal
Sam gasped when she felt my huge cock head pushing,  and as it slid
past the tight gates of her pussy, her inner lips slammed hard around
the shaft of my cock locking me inside her.
“OHhh!” Sam groaned and her eyes flew wide open in alarm, “Oh
gawd it’s to big!” she cried out and braced her hands against my
chest as if to push me away off her.

“Lay still hon, just relax! Relax!” I soothed without moving my cock
any further.  “Just take time and relax hon...” I crooned over and over
as her tight pussy squeezed tightly around the shaft of my thick cock.
“That’s better, good girl” I crooned as she relaxed and put her hands
on my shoulders.

We kissed for a long time like that without moving.  Her cunt was
unbelievably hot and as she relaxed I began making very slow, very
short stokes inside her.  Every time my fat cock head hit her pussy
lips from the inside her eyes would open wide.  As I pulled it back out
past her pussy lips entirely she moaned, “Oohhh! Do that again!” and
when I pushed back inside her she responded with another soft moan
instead of pain or alarm this time.

I sighed, “Oh yeah” softly in her ear as encouragement as I continued
to rock my hips, sliding my cock a little deeper with every couple of
strokes.  Her pussy opened for me as we fucked our sex parts slowly
together.  Her hands went to my hips and she scratched my thighs
with her finger nails as she lifted her legs slightly higher.
“Oh daddy” she whispered in my ear and then gasped, “OW!” as the
tip of my cock encountered her cervix.

With my cock shaft fully trapped inside my daughter Sam’s tightly
gripping pussy I moaned in her ear as her legs went around my ass.
“OH” we both moaned softly  in each others ear as we basked in the
feeling of her clenching pussy milking my man fat cock.

“Oh god daddy, That’s so good!” Sam moaned softly as she rocked
her hips against me, moving my cock in and out slightly.  She rarely
called me “Daddy” preferring “Dad”.  But hearing her call me that with
her legs wide open stuffed full of my cock made my head swim and I
was giddy with pleasure!

Her nipples had swollen up and looked like pink snow-cones, and I
sucked one in my mouth as my hips began to find their own rhythm,
fucking my cock in and out of my daughter faster and faster as her hot
fuck sheath opened and accepted being a woman now.

We both gasped and made animal sounds as I fucked my cock in and
out of her.  I knew I was going to make her cum when her nails dug
into my side and she began to pant over and over.  When she  came
she gasped and panted through clenched teeth.  “That’s right baby,
that’s right, cum on daddy’s fat cock” I encouraged her, “That’s right,
let me feel your pussy cum!” I chanted as I fucked in and out of her
spasming young cunt.  “HMO  Ho, Ohhh, Oh gawd” she moaned and
gasped. She panted, “oh oh ohhh yah!  awww!” As her young cunt
slammed down onto me, trapping me tightly.  It actually hurt as she
shook and moaned underneath me while she came on my daddy

I lay still waiting for her pussy to loosen it’s grip on me so I could
continue to enjoy fucking her as her orgasm subsided.  Very slowly
she relaxed and she slid her legs up and down the back of my thighs
as she rocked herself on my cock.  
“Oh gawd!” she moaned as I licked the sheen of salty sweat from
between her tits.  
“Oh baby” I sighed softly as I began fucking my cock it’s full length
again in and out of her velvet pussy, “you feel so good!”.

“Yeah?” she asked and smiled looking into my eyes
“Yeah” I sighed, “your so fucking tight and hot, makes my cock want
to cum!”
“Yeahhh......”she purred as her finger tips stroked my hips and ass,
“Yeah!” she said smiling, “I’m on the pill!” she whispered as she
rocked her hips sliding her sweet pussy on my shaft.
“Is that an order?” I groaned as I pushed my cock into her warmth
until I pushed against her cervix,
“Yeah!” she smiled, “I want to make you cum too daddy!” she pouted
pursing her lips and assuming a fake frown.
“I don’t know if I should, your awfully young hon” I teased
“Too young to make daddy cum?” she fake pouted as she fucked her
hips up and down obscenely fucking herself on my cock.
“NOooo, Not that young” I said closing my eyes and fighting down the
urge to let the orgasm take me.

I pulled my cock out of her as I knelt up and a long thin stream of
precum stretched between the tip of my cock and her pussy as I
pulled away, like a thin glistening spider web until a drop formed in
the middle and it broke, falling against my balls.

“I want you to turn around and kneel” I said softly and guided her into
a kneeling position.  I stuffed a couch pillow under her belly so she’d
be comfortable and I knelt behind her and placed my hands on her
hips and ass, rubbing that tight round ass and fingering her pussy.

Kneeling, I guided my cock up between her legs and this time the
head slid easily into her tight snatch.  “MMMmmm” Sam moaned and
then “AHhh” as I slid deeply into her doggy style.
She had her head to the side and I could see her face as I put my
hands on her hips and rocked her too and fro, on and off my thick
shaft, watching the head disappear and reappear time and again from
between her red and swollen pussy lips.
“That feel good?” I prompted her as I kept gently sliding her on and
off the big head
“Yeah!” she moaned, “Oh god I like it like this!”
“Are you my little cock slut?” I asked.
Sam pushed her pussy back onto me, sliding me deeper and
moaned, “Can I be?  Can I be your cock slut daddy?” she moaned
“Yeah baby, you can!” I growled as I picked up the pace fucking her.
“Oh god daddy, I love you!” she moaned as she lifted up and began
really slamming herself back and forth, fucking me back faster and

Our sex parts made loud slapping, sucking sounds as we fucked.
“Is my little bitch in heat?” I moaned.
“Yes! Yes!  I’m a little bitch in heat!” Sam chanted, then clasped the
pillow to her face as she came loudly, “AAHhhh  FUGGG!”   Her voice
muffled by the pillow she clasped to her face she shoved her pussy
back to me so hard that she almost knocked me over backward on
the couch.
I leaned over her higher so I could grab her tits to squeeze and kneed
those lovely nipples and so she couldn’t knock me backward in her
lust, My cock was driven deeper than I’d thought possible inside her
against her womb as I raked my nails on her nipples and fucked her
My balls bouncing against her clit I went over the edge, “AHH, i’m
cumming!”  I managed to gasp and moan as I felt the hot flood rising

Samantha groaned loudly as she felt me swell and thicken even more
inside her tight fuck hole, “Oh god daddy yes, give it to me please!”
she moaned as the first hot load of my sperm spurted inside her and
was driven the only direction there was room, into her uterus and
“Oh gawd I feel it!” Sam gasped when the first hot flood hit her and
forced upward.  We rocked together moaning, each of us lost in
orgasm as the next rush of thick cum flooded it’s way out of my cock
into her filing her with millions of my sperm, the same sperm that
created her.

After the first couple of initial spurts subsided, the steady flow began
and as my mind reeled in orgasm, my cock filled my daughters
receptive womb with cum.
Sam and I moaned, locked together, rocking and mating for what felt
like an eternity.  

After we’d finished and I could feel the grip of her pussy squeezing
my softening cock out and I started to slide out of her.
I reached down and put my hand under us as my cock slid out, and
caught the flood of cum that I’d filled her with in my palm.
Thick, white gobs of my cum dripped and flooded out of her.  Some I
caught and others, the thinner cum and pussy juice ran down her slim

We were both covered in sweat and gasping.
“That was fucking hot!” I gasped as I sat down on the couch.
Sam turned around and with my arm around her shoulders snuggled
up against me.
I lifted her face with a finger under her chin and kissed her mouth,
“What else are we going to do today?” She asked me with a huge


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