The Beast

    Dawn decided she needed a walk.  Putting on her black shorts, a snug t-shirt, and her shoes, she went downstairs.  Dawn was in her thirties, but she still looked good.  She was a petite little thing, not quite reaching five feet.  She had a nice perky ass, and small but firm breasts.  Her pearl skin and short cut dark hair topped it all off.

    "I'm going for a walk", she yelled to her husband.

    "Ok, just take Bruno with you", he replied.

    Dawn groaned.

    "I know, he can be a bear sometimes, but I'd feel better knowing you have him with you", he said.

    "Ok", Dawn sighed.  Dawn wasn't a dog person, she preferred cats, but a cat isn't going to help you if there's trouble, so she conceded to her husbands wishes.  She grabbed the leash and hollered for Bruno.  Bruno came running wagging his tail.  Bruno was a broad shouldered Rottweiler and still full of energy.  Dawn latched the chain leash onto his large spiked collar and headed out the door.

    It was a nice day so Dawn wandered all over the area not paying attention to the time.  When she realized that the sun was starting to set, she was too far from home to get back before dark.  She decided to just take the trail through the timber.  With Bruno leading the way, she stepped into the darkness of the trees.

    About half-way through the timber Bruno suddenly sat on the ground and didn't budge.  He was staring into the shadows of the brush.  A chill went down Dawn's spine.  This was odd behavior for Bruno.  If it was a rabbit or squirrel he would have tried to chase it, but he just sat there.  She glanced into the darkness but couldn't see anything.  Giving his chain a tug she urged Bruno to move.

    "Why do you have my brother on a chain?", came a rumbling voice.

    Dawn gasped and looked into the darkness again.  In the darkest part of a huge bush were a pair of glowing yellow eyes staring at her.  Dawn was paralyzed with fear.  She wanted to run, but her legs weren't responding to her.

    "If you run, you won't make it ten feet before I have you.  So just stay there.  Now answer my question, why do you have my brother on a chain?", the voice rumbled menacingly.

    "I...I...he's my pet", Dawn stammered.

    "Hmm", came the voice, "lets see what he thinks about this."  The eyes drifted to Bruno.  Bruno began making strange barking and whining noises.  Dawn somehow knew Bruno was talking to this beast.

    "Bruno's not happy.  I think it's time you made things right with Bruno," said the beast.

    "What do mean?", Dawn looked at Bruno then at the beast.  Bruno said something to the beast.

    "He says, he wants you to wear the collar", the voice said.

    Dawn paused for a second.  She wasn't happy about wearing a dog collar, but fear of what this beast might do helped Dawn's choice.  Dawn reached down and unlatched the chain and dropped it to the ground.  She then pulled off the large, spiked, leather collar and rapped it around her neck then fastened it.  Bruno barked.

    "He says, 'good girl'", said the beast.  The beast looked at Bruno.  Bruno yelped and barked.

    "He says that when he tells you to do something, you have to obey, just like he has always done.  Also, when he gives you a command you are to say 'Yes master'.  Is that clear?".

    Dawn was beginning to not like this.  The collar was bad enough, but to call her pet...master?  Once again, she knew she didn't have a choice.  She turned to Bruno.

    "Yes master", she said.  Bruno gave a very satisfied grunt.  Then barked to the beast.

    "He says to take off your clothes".

    The beast growled.   Fear tingled down Dawn's spine when she realized her mistake.

    "I mean, yes master".  Dawn peeled off her shirt, then kicked off her shoes and pulled off her shorts.  She paused there, hoping that would be enough, but the beast growled again.  Dawn pulled off her bra exposing her perky breasts, then she slid her panties down and stepped out of them.  Bruno blantanly stared her up and down, lingering on her trimmed pussy.  Dawn felt vulnerable and started to cover herself with her hands, but this time Bruno growled.  She quickly put her hands to her sides.  Bruno barked a new set of orders.

    "Put the leash on too", said the beast.

     Dawn paused for a second, then obeyed.  "Yes master".  Dawn reached down and quickly attached the chain leash.  The chain hung down between her breasts.  It was cool to the touch.  Dawn had a dark feeling in her stomach, she could see the direction this was going, and she was dreading it.

    Bruno trotted up to Dawn and grabbed the chain in his teeth and yanked Dawn down to her knees.  Bruno barked.

    "Stay!", snapped the beast.

    Dawn winced when she realized this was the same command she had given Bruno a hundred times.  She was being forced to obey dog commands from her own pet.  She knew the beast had to be enjoying the irony of it.

    Quietly Dawn said, "Yes master".

    Satisfied, Bruno began licking Dawn's nipples roughly.  His course tongue lapped at each nipple.  Dawn couldn't bear to watch and just stared straight ahead as her nipples stiffened to the strange sensation of Bruno's tongue. Dawn winced as Bruno lightly bit each nipple. Once both of her nipples were hard, Bruno worked his way down her belly and nudged her trimmed pussy and grunted.  Dawn knew what he wanted.  She didn't need the beast to tell her.

    "Yes master", she said meekly.

    Dawn lay down on her back, spread her legs, and lifted her thighs into the air.  The chain had slid down between her legs. Her new master wasted no time burying his nose into her pussy.  Dawn gasped and instinctively started to close her legs.  Bruno let out a growl.  A tinge of fear coursed down her spine as she obeyed yet again, opening her legs so her master can have his way.  Bruno started working on her pussy, laping at her until her pussy lips spread apart enough for him to really dig in.  Dawn just stared up into the tree limbs, what she was letting this dog do to her repulsed her, but Bruno's tongue was forcing a response from her pussy.  She started to get wet.  Dawn's breath quickened.  She tried to remain passive, but couldn't, she let out a small moan, then clamped her hand over her mouth ashamed of herself.  Bruno just licked more vigorously.  Dawn's thighs would quiver every now and then, but she kept her hand over her mouth.  Bruno stepped back and barked.

    "Roll over!" commanded the beast.

    Dawn knew the beast had to be smiling.

    "Yes master", Dawn said.  Dawn rolled over onto her stomach.  Bruno once again buried his tongue into Dawn's pussy.  Dawn arched her butt up to let him lick better, then realized what she was doing and put it back down.  For some reason she didn't fully understand, she arched it back up again.  Dawn's breasts were pressed into the grass, she could feel the coarseness of it against her nipples.  She grabbed two fistfuls of grass and clinched tightly as Bruno lapped at her pussy, sliding his tongue from the front all the way to her asshole and starting all over again like he was licking honey.  Dawn kept her mouth clamped shut for fear of what might escape from her lips.  She'd never been licked like this.  It felt good.  She was angry at herself for liking the feel of his tongue.  It was wrong.  She felt dirty.  She concentrated on not having an orgasm.  She didn't want to give Bruno or the beast that satisfaction.

    Bruno stopped.  Dawn breathed a sigh of relief.  Bruno barked and yelped.  Dawn wondered what would happen next.

    "His turn", the beast said.

    Dawn felt a dark thrill go through her body as she realized what she was being told to do.  She quickly repressed that feeling, not knowing where it came from.  What she was being forced to do was gross, she didn't want to do it.  She got up onto her hands and knees and looked at Bruno.  Bruno rolled onto his back and Dawn saw his swollen red cock.  It was a good eight inches long, with a knot the size of a tennis ball at its base.  Dawn paused, "Oh my God" she thought.  Bruno barked.

    "Suck his cock", commanded the beast.

    "Yes master", Dawn said meekly.

    Dawn crawled up to Bruno dragging the chain between her legs.  She slowly reached out to the base of his shaft and grasped it.  It felt thick and warm, she could feel it throbbing in her small hand.  She was breathing a little fast, she felt that she was on the verge of panic.  Closing her eyes, she bent down and licked with the tip of her tongue, then started sliding her tongue up and down the shaft.  She knew this wouldn't be good enough, but she tried anyway.  Bruno growled.  Dawn paused and cringed, then keeping her eyes closed, she opened her mouth and slid her pets cock into her mouth.  She went down a couple inches and pulled back up.  Bruno growled angrily.  Fear and that dark thrill struck her again.  She immediately went down deep on his cock, sliding it as far as it would go into her throat.  She came back up slowly, letting her lips glide along his shaft.  Bruno moaned.  She plunged down again letting his hot shaft slide across her tongue, sticking his cock deep into her throat.  She slowly slid back up, twisting her head from side to side and flicking her tongue along the length of his cock, her lips squeezing snugly.  Bruno snorted in pleasure.  She continued to pump her head on his shaft.  She soon opened her eyes and became acutely aware of what she was doing.  Deep throating her dogs cock in the woods. Each time she plunged down she stared at the knot at the base, she was ashamed that she would suck so vigorously simply because she was afraid.  This continued for what seemed like a long time.  Dawn couldn't believe Bruno's endurance, a man could never have lasted that long.  Suddenly Bruno barked.

    "Sit!", commanded the beast.

    Dawn slid the cock out of her mouth, and sat on her feet.  She stared at the beast in the shadows, but couldn't see anything but his eyes.  She wiped her mouth and looked at Bruno.  Bruno picked up a stick about a foot long and about an inch thick, he snapped his had to the side and tossed the stick about five feet away.  He then barked a new command.

    "Fetch!", growled the beast.

    Dawn grimaced, then sighed,"Yes master".  She got on her hands and knees and crawled to the stick.  She reached out with her hand and Bruno barked.  Dawn paused.

    "Do it right", said the beast.

    Dawn sighed again.  Bending down with her head, she opened her mouth and grabbed the stick with her teeth.  She crawled back to Bruno and sat on her heels again in front of him.  Bruno barked some more commands.

    "Keep the stick in your mouth and tie your chain to that tree.", the beast commanded.

    Dawn crawled to the tree and wrapped the chain around the base.  Bruno barked.

    "Tie it closer", the beast commanded.

    Dawn scooted closer to the tree and started to tie it off again.  Bruno yelped.

    "Closer, and tie it off at the base", said the beast.

    Dawn scooted closer to the tree, and wrapped the chain around the base.  She only had about a foot of chain to work with, so she had to get down on her elbows and tie it off.  She was very aware of how vulnerable she was.  With her head so close to the ground, she was stuck on her elbows and knees.  This forced her perky ass up into the air.  She knew what was about to happen, she was dreading it.  She bit down tighter on the stick and began breathing faster.  She could hear Bruno walking up behind her.  She glanced back and could see his huge dog cock hanging down.  She whimpered as she felt that dark thrill again.  Then, Bruno was on her.  She could feel his weight on her back.  His powerful arms latched around her tiny waste and held her tight.  Dawn grabbed two fistfuls of grass and held on.  The dark thrill hit her again, sending tingling through her body as Bruno started probing with his cock.  It didn't take him long.  Dawn felt the large shaft penetrate her.  She let out a long slow moan through her clinched teeth as Bruno slid his cock in all the way to the knot and stopped.  He paused there relishing the moment.  She could feel his hot breath on her neck.  Saliva dripped down her back.  His cock throbbing inside her stretched pussy.  Bruno kicked his legs out against her legs, Dawn complied and spread her legs more for him.  He slowly slid his cock out, then thrust it back in.  Dawn gasped again.  She could feel his knot push against her pussy.  Bruno began to pump rhythmically.  Sliding his cock out and thrusting it back in.  Each time he thrust, Dawn would let out a grunt as his knot smacked into her clit.  Dawn's breasts bounced, her ass cheeks jiggled, her whole body jerked forward with each mighty thrust of Bruno.  Dawn squeezed her pussy as tight as she could in a vain attempt to keep the knot out.  Dawn had a feeling Bruno knew what she was doing, and was enjoying it.  Toying with her, never quite pushing too hard, playing games with her tight pussy.  After a good ten minutes of this, Dawn was starting to get tired, she was having difficulty keeping her pussy gripped.  Bruno pushed his cock in again, then suddenly stopped with his knot pushed up against dawn's pussy hole.  Dawn wondered for a moment if he was done, but then she felt him get a better grip around her waste, and she knew what he was about to do.  Dawn struggled for a moment, but Bruno was too strong, she couldn't budge an inch.  Slowly, ever so slowly, Bruno started to push the knot in.  Dawn, with her teeth still clamped on the stick, let out a long, drawn out groan as her pussy stretched to accommodate the knot.  She tore up clumps of grass as she strained to keep the knot out, but it was futile.  She knew Bruno was doing it slowly, just to torment her.  It was unnerving to realize an animal could think like that.  With an audible pop, the knot burst into her pussy.  Dawn groaned loudly.  Saliva was running down her chin as she gasped in air, clinching the stick.  Bruno let out a satisfied grunt and paused for a minute, once again relishing the tightness of her pussy.  Then he started to grind in a small circular motion, moving his knot around inside her.  Dawn moaned as the knot seemed to fill her pussy to the limit, she could feel her ass cheeks spreading apart to welcome Bruno.  Each grind from Bruno pushed his knot against her g-spot.  She couldn't help it, her body betrayed her as she felt the tingling in her groin of an orgasm.  She tried to fight it, but that just made it worse.  She came.  She bit down hard on the stick and let out a loud groan as she gyrated her hips to match Bruno's rhythm.  She could feel her juices pouring over Bruno shaft, keeping her well lubed for Bruno.  Her orgasm ended with one last quivering of her hips.  She felt dirty.  Bruno didn't relent.  He grinded her for what seemed like forever.  No matter how ashamed she was of herself, that dark thrill would return, and she'd have another orgasm.  Her juices were now dripping down her legs.  How could she ever look at herself in a mirror again.  Finally, Bruno suddenly picked up his pace, and began to cum.  It was too much for her small pussy, and his cum squirted out and ran down her legs.  It was a huge load.  With that, Bruno was done, he yanked his cock out with another popping noise.  Dawn winced, then collapsed on the ground.  She spit out the stick and looked at it.  There were deep teeth marks on it.  She glanced to where the beast was, wondering if he was satisfied or not, but he wasn't there.  Dawn wondered how long he'd been gone.  She looked at Bruno, he looked back, then just trotted off without her.  Dawn unchained herself, cleaned herself off with some leaves, got dressed, and slowly walked back to her home.
    She couldn't tell her husband what happened.  She was afraid that he might learn the whole truth.  About her shameless multiple orgasms from a dog.  She told herself that it was just her body responding instinctively to what was being done to it.  She repressed the memory of that dark thrill that overcame her.  She didn't want to think about that.  She was a good, moral woman, she wouldn't desire such nasty, dirty things like fucking a dog.

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[#5571] Partisan ( 1284 days ago )
Partisan avatar This is a great story.I thought so when I read it a year ago. I hope the reposting under the new handle means that part 2 is coming soon?
[#648] Sophiabrendasniece ( 1286 days ago )
Sophiabrendasniece avatar oh my god, i loved it hun, can you do another? I had to go have our good loving dog do me after I read it the first time and the second time I am here playing with Puss...write more. Ever try horses at all?
[#5571] web ( 1286 days ago )
web avatar nice baby if any girls want 2 see more but send pic 1st ok
[#242] alwaysjan2000 ( 1287 days ago )
alwaysjan2000 avatar liked the story
[#5571] Devilish_angel_4u ( 1646 days ago )
Devilish_angel_4u avatar I agree with the other guys it was a great story. I enjoy your style of writing, It is different, but it work great here!
[#5571] Beastlord ( 1646 days ago )
Beastlord avatar It's nice to get some input. I wasn't sure if anyone would like my style of writing, sense it is a little different than the rest.

I am working on part two. Be patient with me though, I have to have every detail just right in my mind before I write i
[#5571] matt153 ( 1646 days ago )
matt153 avatar Great story... loved the imagary and the attention to detail... i agree with the previous review, it was the best animal story i've read, and one of the best stories period.... would love to read more of the same by the author
[#5571] Norm121 ( 1646 days ago )
Norm121 avatar One of the best animal stories I have read. Perhaps a sequel involving her husband
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