I was overjoyed when my parents told me we were going on a cruise. A few of my friends had gone on them and said there was a hot girl around every corner. I had just turned 16, and had been with the same girlfriend for a year and a half. Her name was Abby. Abby was attractive, but it was a more personality thing then her appearance. She wasn't fat, but lets just say she developed a little later than the others. But still she was a cool girl, and she dug that I played guitar so I was fine with it. Saying that, A week off from her on a tropical bound cruise ship packed with tanned hotties was needed.

  We left on a saturday, driving all the way to galveston only stopping twice. When we boarded the cruise ship, it was packed and i spotted a few lookers in the waiting line. When it was our turn to walk the ramp and board the ship, I tiredly trudged on, grunting from the long day. At the enterance to the ship a burst of air conditioning hit me and felt orgasmic. I set the bags down and a photographer snapped a picture of the family (Mom, Dad, Me, no siblings) and we got the cards for our rooms. My mom and dad stopped and set down their bags.

"I think were gonna stay here and have a drink or two John, but you can go the the room if youd like"

  I gave a tired, weak nod and headed for the elevators. I stepped inside of one, and pressed the 4th floor button. It stopped on the second and stayed open revealing a sea of people. Two got in and pressed their floor numbers, but the doors stayed open long enough to see the sexiest girl that I had ever seen.

  She was about 5'6 with shoulder length blonde hair. She had prepared for the trip well, her skin a bronze tan. She had a tight t-shirt on that looked it carried a c cup inside, and although not huge to adult standards, they looked perfect and large on her. Her youthful made up face was gorgeous, and I guessed her to be about 15. She wore a very very short pair of gym shorts (the kind that cheerleaders wear) revealing an outstanding ass. It was official. She was perfect. And I had to meet her.

  When I went back to the cabin I tried to sleep but ended up just watching tv, the girl filling my thoughts. About three hours later, my parents walked into my cabin (they had their own) saying that I needed to be ready to go to dinner in 30 minutes. We were eating at the early time, and supposedly another family was eating at our table as well. I got up got a shower, put on some linen pants and a polo. I left my room with 5 minutes to spare, so I went and looked around.

  I entered the dining room at just the right time, and looked around for my family. I finally spotted them at the far right corner of the dining hall by the window. The other family had not arrived yet and my parents were ordering wine. I joined them and sat down, and looked at the three empty seats before us.

"Thats cool, got the same amount of people" I said nodding to the vacant space.

"Yea that is neat" My mom said.

  After about five minutes a tall burly man came towards our table, holding a tall slim, attractive lady. She had blonde hair, and although aged from her life, she was deffintley a looker in her day.

"Hey there, I guess were dining partners!" He said with a grin

  They exchanged greetings as well as I, and hands were shaken. Eventually they sat down and carried on small talk.

"Our daughter is a little late" The wife said with a smirk "She's always like that" My ears came alert when I heard daughter. "How old is your daugher?" i asked looking up from the menu.

"She's three weeks away from 16. You guys should hang out some, become friends." The mom said.

"Yea sounds good" I replied quietly, not sure about what she looked like. But then she came. I saw her the second she entered the dining room. That same shoulder length blonde hair, that same tanned body with the perfect chest and ass. She wore a yellow dress that dove down into a mild v, revealing just enough cleavage of her all-star tits. She wore minimal jewlrey, and looked outstanding. The girl approached me and I must have stared because she looked at me kind of funny.

"Hi I'm Taylor" She said in a soft soothing voice.

"Im John, nice to meet you" I said dully shaking her hand. She introduced herself to my parents and sat down next to me. Oh god I thought to myself. The sexy girl that I had dreamt about was sitting less than a foot from me. I felt a stir in my pants, and my dick twitched. I tried to avoid the thoughts I was having of this girl.

"So, what do you get into?" She said, directing  to me as the parents conversed.

"I uh, play guitar and I like basket...."

"You play guitar? I play guitar! Are you any good? You have to teach me something"

  Dear god I thought to myself. What is wrong here. She plays guitar too? Is she perfect?

"Yea Ill do that, sounds good. How long have you been playing?" I directed to her.

"About two years, im not spectacular though, mainly just the music I get into. What about yourself?"

"I've been playing 8 years....I get into blues and rock. You have a boyfriend?"

"Nope...all the guys at my school are dickheads. But I can tell your different then them. I hope we hang out alot this week."

  After that we just chatted all through dinner. On top of guitar, she played soccer and sang a little too. She was from Destin, and this was her second cruise. Though on the first one she was just a little girl. Dinner finished up and the parents planned to go out to a show.

"Lets hang out. Just you and me, i dont really wanna go to where all the people are. But real quick I need to go to my room and change to something comfortable."

  I did nothing but agree, as my dreams were coming true. We said bye to our parents and journeyed to the second floor, walking a good ways left out of the elevator to reach her room. When we got there she opened the door and walked in, she motioned for me to come in.

"Come in, it will only take a second."

   Suprised I walked in the cabin, and took a seat on the bed. It turned out she had a room to herself, and her parents were down the hall. She grabbed a bundle of clothes and stepped in the bathroom, closing the door. When she stepped out I almost came in my pants.

"Ready to go?" She said with a grin. She wore a mini-skirt almost as short as the gymshorts earlier. They showed off her long endless legs, glowing tan. She wore a tank top that showed much more cleavage than her dinner apparell had, and made her tits look bigger than ever. I suggested it might be chilly outside on the deck, so she grabbed a jacket and we left.

  We walked around all of the shops on the 5th floor, and went and got a coffee on the 7th. We stopped by the show and stayed for about 10 minutes then continued on to journey. On the 9th floor, it was nearly barren and where the jazz and contemporary music was played. A few people were reading books, and we walked past them going into a somewhat large room called the blues room. It was empty, but lit, and at the foot of the small stage there was a  accoustic guitar.

"Look! A guitar!" She screeched. "Show me what you got"She said laughing and running towards it. I sat down and just played. A few blues numbers, some laid back music, mainly just messing around.

"Your really good" she said, sitting on the stool next to the one I was sitting on.

"Thanks, lets see what your packing" i said with a smirk. I leaned to hand the guitar to taylor and she held out her harms, slighty spreading her legs. I saw the fabric of a black garment under the skirt for a mere second, then the guitar blocked the view. God this girl was hot.

"Bare with me" Taylor said playfully. She played some of her original stuff and sang some, all sounding good. She looked awkward with a guitar, but none the less could play it. After a minute she looked at me with wide eyes. "I know what we should do!" She said in a loud playful tone. She sat the guitar down and grabbed my hand, pulling me off stage.

"Where are we going?" I asked

"Just follow me!"

I did as she said, and she walked out of the 9th floor onto the deck outside. It was cool, and it felt awsome. Alot of people were out there surrounding the pool with the slide, kids and adults of all ages. A few were at the outside bar, but we walked past all of this.

"what are you doing?" I said in a half laugh.

"Just come on" I heard over her shoulder. She walked past the rock wall, the basketball court, everything, until we came to the nose of the ship. There were some people on the court, but nobody past that. We stopped in front of the pool that was at the nose of the ship. It was dully lit, but nobody was there. It was the pool that was primarly used during the daylight because of the bad lighting. She stopped and looked over to me.

"Lets go swimming!" she said.

 It felt like I got an isntant hard on. "But I dont....or you dont have a swimsuit." i said dumbly.

"Yea we do! You go in boxers, and ill go in my bra and panties. Its not a big deal, its not like were skinny dipping." She said, determined.

"Fine, but you get undressed first."

"No sir!, thats your job, now drop them, then I will follow."

  I was kinda nervous that she might see my dick or something, but i was feeling good so I did as she told. I took of my polo, showing off my hard earned abs in football season. My arms were nothing spectacular, but none the less still cut. I hesitated, then fumbled with my belt buckle.

"Somebody takes care of theirself!" She said, her hands on her hip. "Now, lets see those boxers."

I continued as she told me, and dropped my linen pants to the ground. I stepped out of my flipflops and stood there smiling. Luckily, my dick was obeying me at the moment, but I knew it was preparing for the show that was about to take place. I looked at her motioning at her clothes.

"Im going, im going." She retorted, setting her jacket down by my pants. That tanktop that revealed the wonderful cleavage was shown again, and she slowly slid it up and off her shoulders. She had a black bra under that covered only the nessecary of her tits. They were very firm, round and tanned. I couldn't stop staring at them. I covered my dick region with my hands, trying to act natural.

"Stop staring so hard" She joked. She continued with the button on her skirt, her flat firm stomach glistening in the light. With a quick motion, she undid the button and dropped her skirt. She had a very low cut pair of panties on, showing she had a very tight plump pussy. She turned around to pile her clothes, revealing that it was a thong. It split her firm ass perfectly, and my hands could no longer cover my errection.

"Come on lets go!" she said jumping in with a splash. I followed her, and jumped in myself swimming toward her. I just stood there wading, smiling art her and she smiled back. "what are you smily about?" she said. After a moment of silence, she waded over to me and put a firm hand on my dick through the fabric. It was rock hard. "Tag" she said as she gave me the sexiest look of all time. After holding it for a few seconds she took off swimming towards the stiars to get out of the pool. I followed her and we both stepped out of the pool. I walked towards her and gave her a firm kiss, plunging my tounge into her throat. She moaned a dull moan and i pushed her back, setting her on the tanning chair. She looked at me arms spread, and smiled. The 7 inches of cock was beggin to be freed from the fabric of the boxers.

"Do you mind If i help you with that?" She asked as she slowly got up and reached for the brim of my boxers waistband. The touch of her warm soft hands as they made contact with my skin was ubelievable. I had wanted to fuck her senseless and now the dream was coming true. She put her hand on the waistband of the boxers, slowly bringing them down to the ground. In the process my cock jumped out from the built up pressure. I had never been this hard before. I had sex, but with no girl like this. She made eye contact with me as she wrapped one hand around my dick, slowly going up and down.

"very, very nice cock john" She said in a lower voice than usual. Taylor ungripped her hand and licked the underside of my cock from the base up, very slowly and softly. She knew what she was doing. I got the enjoyment of the top down view, looking at her beautiful face, then the tops of her perfect covered boobs. It was apparent she was teasing me, giving dull licks and soft tugs on my cock. But i didn't care, this was all to good to be true.

She spit a few times at the top of my penis, and ran both of her hands up and down the shaft for a while. My dick was pulsating from the pleasure, and I didnt know how she could make it feel so good. After she was through with this, she looked up at me and licked the tip of my head. "You like what im doing?" She said while flicking her toung over my ultra-sensitive head. I couldn't say anything, I simply grunted and threw my head back in pleasure. After this, she unexpectedly dove her mouth down on my cock, getting close to getting it all the way in. She worked it up and down with her mouth, her hand also doing a rythmn at the base. Her tits looked perfect in the dull lit area, and i couldn't wait to see them.

After a good while of watching my cock go in and out of her mouth, I couldn't take it anymore. She must have felt it coming because she let me out of her mouth and simply stopped, looking up at me with a dull grin. She didnt want me to come, not yet. She laid back in the same position, her legs spread.

"I want you to fuck me as hard as you can" She said, in almost a challenging tone. I didn't need to be told a second time. I moved forward to where i was over looking her, my cock still hard as a rock. She moved her hands up her abs to the base of her top. She carressed her tits still in the fabric, cupping them in her small fingers. She moaned quietly, and after a little show of this, she leaned up and unhooked her bikini top. She got out of it and tossed it aside. Her breast were just as I had made them up to be. They were perfectly firm, and had just the right size nipples. She obviously tanned naked, as her boobs matched her perfect bronze skin.

She played with her tits, looking up at me, giving me a look that made me want to cum. With this, i crouched down, moving her thong slightly to the left. The fabric was drenched with her juices and smelled wonderful. The pussy that had hid behind the small thong was absolutely perfect. She was shaven, and had a small plump mound with tight lips that begged to be fucked. It was slightly shaking, as was the rest of her body, and i simply couldnt wait any longer. Without warning, i  put my cock in her pussy and slowly started pumping. She moaned very quietly and dully, her eyes closed. Her hands were massaging her tits, and i bent down and gave them a firm squeeze. I put my cock all the way in slowly, then slowly brought it out. Her pussy  fit my cock like a glove and was soaking wet. I tried to hold off as much as I could, returning the teasing. But it was so tight and juicy that i simply couldnt stop fucking her.

"mmmmhm" she said in almost  a whisper. "just like that". I picked up the pace a little, but not much and could not keep my eyes off her tits. After a while of the slow fuck, she bent upwards and let out a loud enexpected moan. I was suddenly aware of where we were again, and i looked around to make sure. nobody was there.

"Please god fuck me harder" I couldnt turn this down. I bucked my hips, and picked up the pace to where I was thrusting my cock inside her pussy. My dick was in a groove that found the walls of her pussy and was gliding smoothly in and out.

"mmmmmhhh god yes" She said as it carried on for about a minute. After I felt the pressure building up in my cock, i went ahead and warned her. "Im about to come taylor" I said in a rapid burst of words.

"Let me have it, think of it as a souvineir" She said with a smile.

With this, i started fucking her as fast as I could, slamming my cock in her pussy. Her perfect tits beginning to bounce.

"MmmmH....FUCK..yes mmmmmm:" she said in almost a scream. I could only take about thirty more seconds of this, and after she screamed "IM CUMMING GOD IM CUMMING" it sealed the deal. I shot my load deep into her, being milked by her pussy. After i was done cumming, and she seemed like she was too, I slowly pulled out and layed down beside her on the tanning chair. We both laid there for a second, trying to catch our breath. My dick laid semi hard on my stomach, covered in a combo of my cum and hers. I looked over at her, and sunddenly got hard again after seeing her tits.

"Your good" she whispered to me

"Your better" I said giving her a smile.

"I think I'm gonna enjoy this cruise" she said looking up at the sky.

"I think I am too..." I said with a happy tone. We layed there looking at the sky, naked just cuddling for about thirty minutes. We both knew that 6 more days of heaven were coming up for us....




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