Things were really great with Julie, Jennifer and I and then one day they brought their younger cousin Tara over to use my computer too. Of course I didn’t mind because Tara was every bit as cute as Julie and Jennifer both were and she said she would turn 14 really soon. After a few times of her coming over with them she became really bold and would just walk right in my front door without even knocking. I told her she should be more careful doing that because I wasn’t always dressed. They would be in the computer room and every few minutes they would call me in to ask me some silly question. One of them would talk to me while the others would look at the bulge in my shorts. I always wore a pair of my really thin, skin tight see through shorts and cockrings so my cock and balls would be really swollen for them.    

Then one day they came over with Tara and two other friends from school. They all went into the computer room and every few minutes they would call me in so their friends could check out my swollen package. After several trips in for the five young girls to check me out I stopped by the bathroom and looked in the mirror. My pre-cum had completely soaked through the thin material and was now totally transparent over my entire cockhead and about a half inch of my shaft. No wonder all of them were really blushing now when I went in there with them. I stood just outside the computer room and heard one of their friends say how lucky Julie and Jennifer were to have their own personal Dirty Old Pervert living right next door to them. In my next trip into the computer room for the girls to check me out I guess in an attempt to shock me Tara asked me if I knew what reaming was? Before I could answer she said,    

“It’s were a guy sticks his tongue up another guy’s asshole. Have you ever done that?”    

I told her I had but never to another guy, only to young girls and women. I looked and Jennifer was blushing bright red. I of course knew why she was blushing. She remembered a few short weeks prior when I had done that to her and she quickly came to my defense and said,    

“Tara if you ever want to come over here with Julie and me you can apologize to him right now. He is a real man and would never do something like to another man. He has told me how he has done that to some of the women he has dated and I don’t know but it sounds like they really enjoyed it and maybe one of these days, if it’s with the right man, maybe I would like to try it too. Now apologize.”    

Tara said she was sorry that she was just being a smartass like she always was and I told her it was not a problem and I thought it was kind of cool that a girl her age really like to speak her mind. She said,    

“Yes I do and sometimes to a fault. And while I’m speaking my mind and do not mean any disrespect at all, isn’t it somewhat uncomfortable for your penis to be erect as long as it has. They told us in Sex-ed class that it can be unhealthy for a man to have an erection for long periods without some kind of relief. We have been over here for over 2 hours now and you have been hard down there this whole. Julie and Jennifer told us that you sometimes let them watch you masturbate (Nasty looks at Tara from Julie and Jennifer) and we all agreed that if you wanted to take if it we would all love to watch you too. None of us except Julie and Jennifer have ever seen a man do that to himself and we all agreed that we would really love it if you would let us watch you. I know I really do, Please?”    

All five girls were blushing but nodding their heads in agreement. I told them there were already too many people that knew our little secret and I could get in a lot of trouble if anyone ever found out. I said,    

“Yes, I would love to have all of you watch me jackoff. My orgasms are so much more intense that way and yes my cock is almost painful it is so hard. As Julie and Jennifer found out, as soon as they moved in next door, I love exposing myself to young girls and having them see me jacking off. To have all five of you young beauties watching me I would be in heaven. Why don’t we go into the living room to the sofa? Julie and Jennifer can sit beside me and you other three can sit on the coffee table facing me so everyone has a good view. And if any of you would like to you can undress me.”    

We headed to the living room with Tara already tugging at my shorts and Julie pulling my tee shirt over my head. When my shorts went down and my cock sprang free Tara and the two new girls all took a deep gasp. One of the girls said it was much bigger than it appeared in my shorts and asked what the bands were around my cock and balls. I explained they were three women’s ponytail bands that I wore as cockrings to make my cock and balls swell even more. I sat on the sofa completely naked with Julie and Jennifer sitting next to me. All the girls had on shorts and stayed completely clothed. I love CFNM. Julie and Jennifer’s bare legs against mine was electrifying. All the girl’s eyes were locked on my cock and balls and they had the look in their eyes like they wanted to eat me. I asked them if they wanted to touch my cock and balls before I jacked off for them? The three girl’s, on the coffee table, hands were all over my cock and balls and getting my pre-cum all over their hands. I guess Julie and Jennifer decided to sit it out to let the new girls have a turn. As I looked down at the two of them their nipples on their delicious young teen titties were as hard as rocks. I guess they like what they were seeing. Jennifer warned the three if they kept playing they were going to make me cum and not get to see me jackoff. It was like the three of them were in the same trance Jennifer and Julie had been in before the first time they did that to me.    

My swollen cockhead seemed to be Tara personal prize and she wasn’t giving it up. She had both hands wrapped around it and was massaging it like crazy. The more she did the more my pre-cum flowed out of my pisshole. The other two were having plenty of fun with my shaft and balls. I guess Julie and Jennifer sensed my tension building and Jennifer said,    

“Don’t stop now girls. You are about to make him cum. Tara you will feel his cockhead really swell up just when he’s going to squirt. He’s going to make a big mess all over your hands but you can’t stop until every last drop of his cum is out. If you can’t do that, Julie and I will take over. We always make him cum really good, don’t we?”    

Tara’s little hands were working magic on my cockhead and I felt that all too familiar extremely intense tickling starting in my cockhead and radiation down through my entire package. My cockhead swelled in Tara’s young hands so much I thought it was going to burst and she said,    

Oh! Jennifer, I can feel it. He’s going to Squirt.”    

I watched as the first of five white hot ropes of cum erupted out of my pisshole and came down all over the three girl’s hands and my package. My hip went out of control and I was fucking up into their hands and cuming all over them. After the last squirt my ass muscles were straining to squeeze every last drop of cum out of my package and it was now just flowing out like lava from a volcano. One of the new girls, as she kept playing with my balls, said,    

“OMG! I didn’t think it was possible for any man to cum that much. You really needed that, didn’t you?”    

I admitted that I did and it had felt really good and thanked the girls for their help. They all said they thought they got the best of the deal. Since Julie and Jennifer were not a mess they got the wet wash clothes and towels to get us cleaned up. They told the other girls that I was always naked when they came over and they wanted to keep it that way. They seemed more than happy with that idea.    

After everyone left Julie came back over and told me her 16th birthday was in a few days and she knew what she wanted from me, but then wouldn’t tell me.


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