I've never considered myself a pervert,but now I guess I am! Last Saturday my sister asked me if I would babysit Amy(my niece),for about 5 hours,and of course I said yes. I wasn't doing anything anyway,and I've always enjoyed Amy's company. She is 14 years old,stands about 4'10",85lbs,long blonde hair,green eyes,tanned all over,perky 34b titties,and the hottest,and tightest,little butt cheeked ass,I've seen in a long time,as you can imagine on a girl that age. I'm 45 yrs old,6'2",185lbs,athletic build,handsome,and have a nice 7" inch cock,that I beat off with alot. There have been quite a few times when I've seen Amy semi-nude,or wearing her hot bikini,that made me just have to jack off. I've always been her favorite uncle,and she's talked to me alot about everything....life,jobs,school,boys,and sex. When my sis dropped her off,I about blew my load. She was dressed in a very short,white see-thru skirt,that showed off her white thong,and a tight blue top,that hugged those perky titties! She gave me a hug and kiss,and said:"I've missed you,are you doing okay?" I answered:"I'm fine,just happy you wanted to come over today,you know I always love it when you do." With that,she said:'Can we play some Wii games?" I said:"Whatever you want to do,I'll do it for you." We went into the family room,I went and grabbed some soda's,and she started the games. When I walked back into the room,I about died. She was laying on her stomach,a couch pillow underneath her,which made that great ass of hers stick up high in the air,what a sight! Those tight butt cheeks were straining to get out of that thong ,and I was starting to get hard! We made small talk,played games for awhile,when she said:"I 'm bored,lets do something else."I asked:"Like what? She answered:"Lets wrestle!! With that ,she jumped on me,and began to really grab me,and tried to hold me down. By her doing that,her hands rubbed against my cock,that was now growing by the second,her ass grinded into me as I kept turning her around,and laying her back down,she kept fighting to get free,when I finally decided I couldn't take it anymore. I pinned her down on her stomach,and laying on that hot,young ass,I asked:"Say uncle!!! Say uncle!!,as I did this,my cock was now rock hard,and I began to grind it into those tight cheeks. Man,it felt good! She said:'You always win!!. Then she said:"Wow!,your cock is poking my ass,why?"Barely able to speak,I said:"It's hard because it wants you!,and your perfect little ass,has made me so horny,I can't help it!!" I let her up,she sat up and said:"I've never seen a man's cock,do they always get big like that?" I answered:"Only when their horny,like me,which is all the time." Now staring at my cock,she asked:"Can I see it?" I about creamed my pants! I said:"We really shouldn't,you are my niece,you know." She responded:"But your my favorite uncle,so it might as well be you to show me,right?"I said:"Your right,but you know I could go to jail for this." She said:"I'm not telling,and with that,she pulled off my pants,and out it came! It was fully erect,when she asked:"What do you want me to do?" I said:"Put both hands on it,and stroke it up and down." Those soft young hands felt so good on my throbbing cock,and she was doing it so well. In a few minutes,it was as hard as I've seen it in awhile,some precum was starting to ooze out,when she said:"Does that feel good? I said:"My god,its great! Do you like it?" She answered:"Yes,its really big! are you going to cum,or can I do something else for you?"I then said:"Before I cum,I'm going to eat your hot young pussy,okay?" She said:"I've always wondered what it would be like,so please show me how you do it." I pulled off her clothes,what a smoking body! it was beautiful! So young,and fresh,and I knew she was a virgin! I opened her legs,she was shaved,and those tight,little,pussy lips were begging me to eat them. I slowly starting attacking it,and after about 15 minutes,she began to scream:"That feels so fucking good,god,I love it!!,as she grinded her pussy harder on my face. That sweet pussy aroma,was all around me,when I started to stick a finger in her tight butthole. I love anal sex by the way! And this fresh,young  hole,was driving me nuts! She screamed:"I like that.....Keep doing it.....so I continued finger,fucking her great ass. Then, as she grinded my face harder,I knew she was going to shoot her load,and man,did she!! She screamed so loud:"I'm coming....I'm coming....and I was drenched in virgin,pussy juice! I loved it! I continued licking and sucking,until she stopped moving. She then sat up and said:"That,was fantastic! I didn't know it could feel so good!" She then kissed me hard,which now made my cock rock hard again. I stood up and said:"I know I really want to fuck that hot pussy of yours,but I really want to fuck your little butthole,can I?" She looked at me and said:"I know you;ll make it feel good,and besides,I really want you to be the first one in my butt,so yes,fuck it!!" I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!!I grabbed some vaseline,had her get on all fours,and stick up that great ass. I lubed up that pink hole,she liked it! She moaned:"Put it in my butthole,please!!I eased up behind her, my throbbing cock was at her entrance,I just hoped I wouldn't blow right there.What a perfect ass! I started to push,and push,and she screamed:"It hurts,but do it,fuck my little butt,stick your big cock in my tight hole!!" I finally got about 2 inches in. It was like a visegrip on my cock! It was so tight,and I loved it! Slowly I got it all in her ass. I was rubbing her pussy,rubbing her hard nipples,and loved the sight of me in that ass! She was yelling:"Fuck it!!!Fuck my litle butt!!and grinding her ass on it. I was holding her hips,those small cheeks,and hearing her say that,I was ready. I screamed:"I'm coming Amy....I'm coming in your perfect butthole.....and exploded like a bomb into that young ass! I pounded it until ,I was out of breath. I fell onto her,rolled over,and as she sat up,she said:"That was so fucking unbelievable!!It really felt good!! I love your cock in my little butt,did you?" I said:"You have the best ass I've ever seen,and the best butthole I've ever been in!!We kissed hard again,when she said:"I really want to do this alot more,and can you please fuck my pussy too?" I said:"Will you do this whenever I want you to? She answered:"I'll do it all the time with you,I love you now so much!!Kissing again,I said: "Okay,thats just what I wanted to hear,but we will be careful not to get caught,and I'll use a condom when I fuck your pussy,okay?" She said:"Thats great,as she grabbed my cock again,licked offf the drops of cum,and said:"Now,tell me how to do a blowjob!!,I want to learn!!Oh my God,I was in heaven!! More about this hotty,next week!!!!

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amorousdaddy avatar elusive, yes, but with my massage, the jerking helped b reak up the paragraphs, lol wonderful story, mmmm
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pendragon1 avatar Those pesky paragraphs are so elusive, aren't they?
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