Our ass fucking.

 It just happened.


 A while before this,me and my wife found ourselves at a bikers club function. This is of little consequence other than what we saw there. In the middle of the lounge/bar area was an oversize what I'd thought was a pouffe. Like women do,my wife beggared the question. What's it used for? She flamed up when the secretary unabashedly answered. "We gangbang biker chicks and fuck nosey women on it. That was it,no further questions and we left amicably in due course.

 Later at home,the subject arose again. "That super size pouffe,could you build one do you reckon"? 'Yeah,not much to it,suitably sized box frame with an upholstered covering. Why would you want one? A gangbang'? "No course not,it just seems fun,you know doing it on one" In due course her pouffe was made,she was well pleased and gave me some very exciting displays on it before I fucked her. I must admit I made the height and area just right for both of us.

 Cutting to the chase,we had a gathering and as the night went on,I noticed a couple of guy's as I thought invited or attached to other friends, - later this proved to be not the case,gate crashers,none the less. Also they mentioned to my wife they recognised our piece of furniture for what it was. Later she admitted it made her wet between the legs at the thought they'd asked her if she'd been used on it. 

 Giving a firm NO! they said no more,but I found it interesting at the way they followed my wife about with their eyes. Then as the crowd thinned my wife,myself and these two found ourselves the only ones left. We were a bit worse for booze and they seemed ok. "Ever tried this stuff?" For a blurred moment I thought they were refering to our pouffe,but it was to something in one of their hands. '

'Why,what is it?' said my inquisitve wife. "Just a buzz thing" was the answer. They promptly dropped some in their drinks and took what looked like a swig each. "Here try it" Into our glasses went a similar amount,to which my wife swigged straight away,but I sipped more cousciously. In a very short time my wife was giggling suggestively and exposing far to much leg and panty,but then we had been drinking some. Even so it was not over lacivious. I noticed a fair bit of nudging between these two blokes and alarm bells started to ring in my head as she began to get dreamy,but too late I realised I was also getting dull in my mind.

 Strangely I could hear what was said but had no energy to respond. First I heard. "Which shall we put on there first"? "Get her bloke up first" I knew I was being manhandled onto our pouffe,but couldn't resist. Feeling myself pulled across it,I tried desperately to resist as with one at each end I could feel them tugging my sweat shirt and bottoms off me. The surface of the pouffe coldly pressed against my cock and scrotum as I became naked. Then I was pulled by my legs into a bent position on the edge with my legs going to the floor. At this point I was also conscious that my cock now dangled down from the edge and my scrotum was tightening because of the cool surface.

 Though befuddled,I had a feeling my ass was their target,especially when I felt them press my cheeks apart and comment, "That's about as tight as they get" - It would be,up till this point,my asshole was virgin. "Get her stuff off,we can pile her on top" It was at this point I realised I had my eyes shut,but try as I may,I couldn't open them to see what was happening to my wife. Clearly they were pulling her naked as one said, "Fuck,look at her powder puff,curly as you like that one" I felt my wife's body touch my foot. "Grab a leg and pull her open,fuck she looks as tight as hell in both those holes,which of us is taking her and her bloke"

 "I'm easy" Then laughingly, "But neither of these are,lets get her up then, ready" With great concentration,I managed to pry one eyelid slightly open. Holding a leg and arm each of my wife I saw them as they plonked my wife's torso across my back at slightly less than right angles. Dragging some more I felt her tits press against my left side and her legs dangling similar to my own. "Pull her ass a bit more towards his,then we will be able to see each other fucking them" With the slightly opened eye I saw my wife's tits pressed into the pouffe's top while her long hair covered her face which meant I had no idea if she was as conscious as myself.

 Gradually my other lid eased and I felt the drug stuff must be easing off. I tried moving my head a bit and caught the sight of both their bodies stripped with half hard cocks. "Going to start on her cunt first,it'll give us some juice for both their ass's if she's around enough to get horny. I bet she's had a fucking on this before now" At this juncture,I felt a tingling in my cock end and knew my prick was about to drip some precum to the floor.

 All at the same time a pair of rough hands manhandled my ass cheeks apart and the warmth of a cock pressed along my ass crack. The slippery sensation told me he also had precum on his prick like I did. "He's round enough this one,he's even got juice dripping from him" Without further ado I had my cock squeezed along its length and a finger captured my juice and I felt the same finger push my own love juice into my sphincter. "I'll need more than that,how's her cunt looking"? 

 My wife's torso moved across my back, clearly the other guy was up her. "She's getting there,feels like she's coming round,I can feel her cunt muscles gripping my cock a bit" 'OW! FUCK,OW! YOU CUNT THAT'S FUCKING HURTING YOU BASTARD! Shocked,I realised it was my voice saying this. The pressure stopped on my sphincter and I could tell he was squeezing his prick to get more lubricant into my asshole. More pressure. "Got any spare juice from her cunt,this bastards so tight he'll rip my cord if we don't oil it up some more. I eased my head round to the side they were at just in time to see the other blokes cock reappear steamily from my wife's cunt hole.

 "Get your fingers in some,she's got plenty dripping now" The bastard trying to fuck me pressed at my wife and I felt her wriggle as though to stop him fingering. "See that? she's coming out of it,it must have been the fucking she's getting" The hand moved back to my ass as I saw looking the other side,my wife attempt to lift her body only to have two hairy hands grip at her shoulders and she slid across my back as he rammed his cock deeply back up her pussy. She gasped, 'Who are you,why am I being fucked?' Hey both chuckled as I felt her juice being added to my asshole, "She's with us,we're enjoying both your cunt and your man's ass,your ass is next"

 Looking towards my wife's face she blew at her hair and enough moved for her to see me and say, 'They're fucking me' responding to her, 'the others trying to get my ass, OOW! got my ass I corrected' The whispering over,I'd just felt with the aid of my wife's cunt juice,my sphincter had just submitted to the spongy head of my assailants cock. He was every bit inside my rectum. My tightness gave me the sensation of his cock pulsing at my entrance. "Fuck he's tight,I shall cum before I've got it all up him" I knew what he meant,although it still hurt I was holding my breath at this new sensation.

 He moved again and as I felt my rectum being pressed open farther up a warm feeling ran through me as his cum exploded up my ass. This new lubricant took all pain away as now well lubed,he rammed me to the full length of his prick. Pressing the pubic hairs tightly against my cheeks I felt surge after surge of cum shoot from him with each tiny jerk he pressed at my hole. "Fuck I've cum,he gave me one hell of a thrill,didn't you,you horny assed bastard" THWACK! A slap on my ass was lost as he pulled out of my rectum. Pulled from my ass so quick that it took my breath away.

 The pace across my back was now very fast and I knew my wife was going to get her cunt filled as had my ass been only seconds before. I also knew she was enjoying her fucking because she was screaming for him not to stop and to stuff her full of cum. He did and her body weight increased on my back as she came down from her orgasm. 'Sorry,he made me cum,I couldn't stop him from cumming up me,I wanted to but couldn't' I winked an okay at her. I felt a tickly sensation on my outer thigh and in trying to see,I knew it was her and his cum running from her pussy.

 "Ready to change?" "Yeah,but you can take her ass first otherwise I'll be getting all the goodies" Okay,I 'spose her cunt will be rather used with all that spunk running out" I now watched down my body and realised the guy who took my wife had more cock than the one that just finished with my ass and cruelly was glad he was taking my wife up her ass before helping himself to my rectum.

 I watched enthrolled as he gathered the surplus of juice and ran it onto my wife's asshole. I felt her jerk as they both played her sphincter,I was surprised,now looking at the cock that had fucked me. Half hard it still had juice trailing from its end but I noticed it was slick up its sides with no trace of what I would have expected from my un-prepared rectum. 'Let me put my feet to the ground,then I can help' This was my wife suggesting she help a cock to fuck her ass. As far as I was aware,her ass was virgin. Could it be,she'd had a yen for an ass fucking and I'd not picked up on it.

 They obliged and as her tits pressed into my back I felt her lift the weight off me and brace herself for her ass fucking. I watched as her male fucking machine pressed at her. No yelping just a determination on my back as her nipples now dangling on my skin traced towards where the fat cock was trying to prize her ass open. A slight gasp told me he was up her and I could see her pressing towards his pubic bone for all he could give her.

 Lots of gasping now as they got into a rythm that finished quickly with heavy thrusting indicating he's just deposited his cum up her ass. 'Take it out slowly' FUCK! She knew what a sensation the withdrawal gave one. I was now convinced her ass had been fucked before. But by whom?

 Surprisingly,the two guy's asked if we were happy with them changing places and giving us another fuck in our asses. 'Can we just stand up a bit before you do it' My wife asked for both of us,I was amazed at this especially when they dragged us to our feet. They stood with their cocks dangling as though spent. "How about you fuck her to help us stiffen up again" Without a damn word,my wife lay down now on her back and lifting her legs with heels resting against her ass on the pouffe,thighs open. 'Come on,lets get them stiff again' Cum trickled from her holes and I went into her with a vengeance. Our orgasm's coincided and even more cum dripped from her.

 'Ready,I'd like to do it facing each other so I can watch my husband taking it,you know the look on his face and all that' My wife was now blowing my mind away,clearly she was relishing all that was taking place. 'That okay by you?' It was,I admit I found this becoming better every minute,boy we sure was going to make use of this pouffe from here on in. Standing,my wife watched as they offered up two whiskey glasses to her cunt and got what they adjudged enough juice in each to lube our respective ass's.

 We flopped onto the pouffe facing each other and having led us flat and being satified enough juice had entered our rectums they endeavoured to fuck the life out of our asshole's. Their cum squirted in us and as before the sensation was lovely,even the extra girth of my second cock had no problem opening my sphincter and subsequently my rectum.

 They stood with their cocks buried to the hilt and with our feet placed firmly on the ground I waited wondering why they just stood with there cocks spent and faintly softening. "Yours soft yet?" "Its softening,I love the sensation as it shortens inside,don't you?" A nod indicated a yes to this question. "Shall we do it?" "Yeah,but you go first,then I'll do it to her" Now a bit apprehensive I wondered what they were talking of. Gripping my hips I relaxed as I felt his muscles tense and thought he's trying to raise one more hardon to fuck me.

 My rectum felt warm because of his cum slopping around his softening cock,then a new sensation developed. "I'm off,I've got it going up him" He had and all,with my sphincter plugged with his cock,I could feel a warm sensation expanding my rectum. Not realising what was happening I marvelled at the swelling in my body,bigger and bigger it grew even to the point that I felt I might not take all of it. Then with a couple of jerks of his knob it stopped. "He's full" Carefully he pulled his prick from me and as it left my sphincter I felt a wet sensation trickle down my crack then stop. Panic rose in me,fuck he's busted my gut,I must be bleeding!

 No such thing, "Don't press your gut on the pouffe, what's it feel like?" 'Swollen' "It is,I've just pissed a couple of pints up your ass,it wont run out till you sit on the throne,then it'll pour from you like a stream" All this time my wife waited. "Now you" She lay and received the gushing piss into her rectum. All the time a smile told me she was enjoying this new insertion. Now finished,he unplugged her ass. Standing immediately she jiggled her belly around. 'Fuck,I can feel it slopping around inside,I like that feeling' In an instant she shot off to the bathroom and pissed it all out. I done likewise but without the urgency,presumably because I hadn't sloshed it around in my insides.

 On returning to the lounge,they had vanished. Lipstick on the mirror just said. "Thanks,it was a fine party" XX


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