Becky was a beautiful young girl, she was 16 years old, had long black hair down to just below her shoulders, she had an amazing petite little body and suprisingly had remarkabley large tits for her age, apart from her beauty they are the first thing you notice about her. She was a good girl, polite and well behaved, smiley and fun to be around. And amazingley she was still a virgin, hell she had never had any sexual contact at all.

Roy moved over to Becky and stroked her face slowly with his hand, he leant in and planted a long wet lick across Beckys cheek, Becky shuddered in disguist as he did. Roy licked her face a few more times then kissed her wildly, Roys breath was foul and Becky did her best not to throw up but Roy was passionatley tounging Beckys mouth. Roys hands carressed her smooth, tight ass and then her massive young tits, squeezing them and pinching her little nipples, to her shock Becky let out a moan as he did this, jesus get a fucking grip girl Becky thought to herself.

Roy pushed Becky to her knees, his 6 inch cock rock hard, he grabbed his shaft and gently rubbed the head of his cock against her cheek, his precum leaking out onto her perfect skin. He rubbed his cock all over her face and told her to open her mouth. Becky relectantley did as she was told and opened her mouth, as soon as she did Roy put the head of his cock on her tongue, he slapped his cock on her tongue a few times then told her to close her mouth around his cock, he slowly moved his cock in and out about half of its length. He told Becky to grab his balls and she fondled the massive globes in her little hands. Becky was not enjoying the blowjob at all, and it got worse when Roy shoved his entire length down her throat, Becky almost puked at first but managed to hold it in. Roy started picking up his pace and soon was pumelling Beckys face as fast as he could, spit was running down her chin and her mascara was running down from her eyes.

 Roy pulled out and Becky fell to the floor gasping for air, Roy wasnt taking any breaks as he sat down on Beckys stomach, he got his cock in his hand and slapped Beckys tits with his cock, he told Becky to push them together and he stuck his cock inbetween the massive boobs, he pumped away furiuosly at her firm big tits, he told becky to lick his cock head and she did as it came up, adding to Roys ecstasy, and Beckys disguist.

 Roy picked Becky up and leaned her over the couch, he pushed down on Beckys back making her ass stick right up in the air, he shoved his tongue roughly into Beckys tight little pussy, Becky couldnt help let out a loud moan of pleausre as Roy lapped away at her like a cat drinking milk.

Roy stood up and shoved the whole length of his old cock into Beckys tiny virgin pussy, there it goes, her virginity, something so sacred gone in an instant to an ugly, perverted old stranger. Becky let out a shriek of pain and she continued to whimper as he continued to fuck her hard from behind. After a few minutes against her head Becky started to feel really good, she tried to fight the feelings but she couldnt help it, she started moaning in plaesure as Roy reached round as started playing with her tits as he humped her like a mad man.

 Roy pulled away and sat down on the couch, he picked up Becky and rammed her down on his cock, Becky instantly got the jist and started to bounce up and down on his cock, her huge tits flopped up and down wildly, Roy pulled her close and sucked on each of her nipples, Becky was shouting and moaning loudly in pleasure as she jumped up and down on this old mans cock.

 Roy picked Becky up and laid her on the floor on her back, he spread her legs and laid on top of her, he shoved his hard cock into her tight pussy and started rapidly fucking her, he lowerd his face to hers and kissed her passionatley, this time Becky didnt struggle, the foul stench of his old mouth didnt bother her as she responded by meeting his toungue with hers, they kissed fro ages as he fucked her like a bunny, Becky felt a wierd feeling inside of her, a wonderful feeling, she felt as if she were about to explode and expolde she did with a spectacular orgasm, her first. This orgasm pushed old Roy over the edge, he pulled out of Becky and stood up, he pulled Becky on to her knees and he shot 6, hot, thick streaks of old man cum all over Beckys beautiful face, Roy shoved his dick back into Beckys mouth, she gave it a few good sucks and Roy emptied his reserves, he pulled out and shot 4 more less thick blobs of cum onto Becks tits. Becky acting like a true slut scooped up all the cum on her tits and face and put it in her mouth. She closed her mouth and in one go swallowed the lot, she opened her mouth to show  Roy she had swallowed it, when she did Roy came over and spat in her mouth and twice on her face, Becky swallowed his spit and rubbed the rest around her face. Roy simply threw a load of money at her and walked out of the door.


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