Stacey is so hot, everytime she visits I get a hard on, and with her tight fitting clothes with her ample breasts just waiting to burst out.  I wonder if I got with the wrong sister.  My wife with three kids is not exactly an oil painting anymore.

It was a hot summer day my wife has arranged for Stacey to babysit my youngest, whilst she had to go into work early.  She phoned me at work about this.  I was thinking to myself this is an opportunity that can't be missed I know she always teases me when she comes around I wonder if she is up for more.  I say to my manager that this heat is kiiling me and I don't feel well I'm going home.  I don't often take time off so he knew I wasn't faking it.

I head for home which is a short drive all the time thinking about Stacey and what I want to do to her.  I pull into the drive, Stacey is in the garden watering the lawn with a usual tight top and hotpants. "

 You're home early "she says but not surprised. 

" I didn't feel to well" I said.  

"Go inside I'll fix you a cool drink, maybe that will help" she sounded caring

I know what will help me I thought, my carnal thoughts began to take over.  My daughter was sleeping in the nursery for her afternoon nap.

Stacey brought in a large glass of juice. "Your top has got all wet, maybe you should change into one from Amanda's wardrobe" I said

"Oh thanks" Stacey said

I went upsatirs with her to help pick one out for her.  She always borrowed my wife's clothes before so I knew she wouldn't mind.  I gave her a Top which I knew wouldn't fit her and my wife doesn't wear anymore.  I'll go and you put it on I said to her. 

"No it's fine" she said

What did she mean all kind of thoughts going through my head

"Well I know you're always trying to look at my breasts so why don't I let you have a proper look"

I thought all my Christmases came at once.

"Umm ok" I said trying to be normal about it

She slowley removed her top to reveal her perfectly formed breasts,  I wanted to just grab them, and she could tell I was hard, she looked at my bulge and said to me "I'm glad you approve"

I just got up and went over to her and grabbed her breasts they felt so good

"slow down, I don't want you to get too excited" she said

I know what she meant, with my wife sex had now become a chore.

I picked her up and placed her on the bed I removed her shorts to reveal her beautiully shaven pussy, I gently kissed her on her thighs,  I remembered how I use to make love to my wife.  I moved slowley towards her moist pussy.  I began to lick the juice and play with her clit with my tongue. Stacey grabbed my hair and pushed my head further into her.  My tongue was so far in her hole I knew she was cumming she grabbed my head so tight and she just let go and she squirted for me.


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