Horny Cheerleader
My senior year our football team had just won a big home game. I was one of the last people off the field because I had been talking with all my friends and flirting with one of the hot cheerleaders, Amber. Amber had a nice tan with long blond hair, big blue eyes and nice pouty lips with a tight ass and a great set of big breasts and the perfect hourglass shape with great shapely legs. She was the hottest girl on the squad. Because I had taken so long I was also the last person out of the locker room. When I came out it seemed like I was the last person to leave the school until I saw Amber coming out of the girl’s locker room. She was still wearing her uniform, a small, short skirt with a tight shirt that barely covered her nice breasts. She walked by me and as she did she brushed her hand across my check and said “Nice game Scott.” I smiled and watched as she walked by. After she had walked a little bit away she dropped one of her palm-palms and bet over to pick it up giving me a great view of her tight ass which was almost completely exposed because she was wearing a g-string. She turned around without getting up and seductively asked me if I liked what I saw.
I didn’t know what to say. Amber had always flirted but had never seemed too interested in me. After my speechless nod she pulled aside her panties and grabbed her ass to give me a perfect view of her sweet pussy. I had already been getting a little hard but now I had a full rock hard erection. I was completely stunned. Amber then stood up and came over to me. She wrapped her left leg around me and started grinding up and down on my hard cock through my shorts. I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to and she leaned up and kissed me fiercely. While making out she moves one of my hands under her shirt to her firm breasts. I fondle her while we continue to kiss until she pulled away and grabbed my hand, dragging me into the basketball gym. She pushed me up against the wall and unzips my pants pulling out my throbbing cock. She then slipped off her panties and told me to stay there. She then did a hand stand and she pushed her perfectly shaved pussy into my face and stated sucking on my cock. I started licking her pussy making her moan. It took a lot of self control just to keep from cumming right then.
We kept at it for a while until she stood up strait and pulled me over to the bleachers and had me lay down. She put her pussy back into my face and started sucking on my cock again. I started licking her hard and she started to squirm. She sat up and started grinding on my face moving with every lick of my tongue. I reached up and started playing with her breast again, pinching her nipples and tweaking them. Soon I had her cumming and I licked up all of her hot juices. After she came she stood up and bent over the bleachers and said “I need you to fuck me Scott, please fuck me.” I didn’t need to be told twice. I got behind her and slowly moved my cock into her sweet pussy teasing her at fists then I started fucking her hard. She was moaning and started moving so that I was fucking her even harder. Again I had her cumming this time all over my cock.
She got up and then laid down on her side and started rubbing her pussy juices all over her tight asshole. She stared to finger her ass and told me to lick her again while she did it. She started with just one finger and then moved to two and then three fingers in her nice asshole. After she had been fingering her ass for a while she got up again on her hands and knees and told me to fuck her ass. I moved up behind her again and slowly pushed my cock into her ass and moved in and out slowly to let her get use to it. After I could tell she was really getting into I picked up the pace buried my cock deep in her tight ass. She started rubbing and fingering herself while I fucked her. It was so intense. Again I had her cumming in no time at all. I thought I had worn her out but she wanted more.
She had me sit down on the bleachers again and then she straddled me and put my cock deep in her pussy again. She looked me in the eyes and told me she wanted my cum deep inside her and then she started riding me hard. She also lifted her shirt the rest of the way off to really let me see her great tits. It didn’t take long for me to get that feeling with all that she was doing for me. Soon she had me cumming deep inside her hot pussy. After I came she put her shirt back on and kissed me before thanking me for the great fuck and walking away leaving me alone in the gym. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. The next week at school when we saw each other I thought it was going to be awkward but she walked right up to me and we started talking casually. Before she left for class said that her parents were going out of town and that she wanted me to come over for more fun that night. It was a good year because her parent went out of town a lot.

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[#18] karine ( 1134 days ago )
karine avatar gr8 story now I want more
[#5571] averybaa ( 1587 days ago )
averybaa avatar great story
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