Lately things had been quiet on that front. She didn’t go out hunting for it – she never needed to – it was always around her - workmen, co-workers, and neighbours – even her husband’s friends. Then she had developed a penchant for complete strangers – people she met through her job or even men she chatted to in the supermarket. Mostly it was when she went out for the evening with her friends – Linda would never come home with them – she always came home later.

Linda reached a point when she thought she had better “cool it” for a while and behave herself – hence the quiet period. Now here she was having a few days off work and finding her thoughts dwelling on things of a naughty nature.

As her restlessness increased Linda decided to take a stroll and walk round the public gardens and park opposite their home. It was busy – people sitting on the grass – strolling along the paths - and now it was lunchtime with the boys from the local private school who fooled around on the lawns.

Linda sat on a bench and watched the people – particularly – the boys. She laughed as they put on macho airs and pretended to be all grown up and worldly wise. She smiled at the thought that some had only probably just started wanking and wouldn’t even know what to do with a girl!

It wasn’t long before she noticed something else – that the little group near her were also watching her too. Three boys in particular seemed to be giggling and sniggering as they sat on the grass a few yards from her. Then she realised – they were actually trying to see up her skirt and admiring her ample chest. Glancing down she noticed how prominent her nipples were pushing out from the tight top she was wearing. Her cleavage was shown off in a generous fashion and skirt being almost flared and very short displayed plenty of bare thighs. These boys were having sexual fantasies about her.

All this amused Linda but given the age of the boys she decided they were not potential sex playmates. What a shame, she thought that it hadn’t happened with older boys – or men. Maybe she could have indulged in a little afternoon’s naughtiness!

Once or twice she caught their eye and inwardly smiled as they quickly looked away after giggling loudly. One boy though seemed to be seriously affected – she noticed a certain look that she recognised – sexual arousal. A few questions passed through her mind – should she amuse herself by teasing them? What would they do if she flashed a little for them – run off laughing? Would they be too scared to stand up having bulges in their pants? They are too young she told herself – but nevertheless they had managed to make her feel a little aroused. Just a bit of fun – what harm would there be?

It needed only a small movement of her legs – the boys immediately went quiet – she could feel all eyes were on her. She turned her chin to look straight at them – they no longer giggled but stared open mouthed, nervously glancing from her face then back to focus between her legs as though mesmerised. As Linda spent more time looking directly at them their nervousness increased – but they still couldn’t tear their eyes away from this sexy woman almost old enough to be their mother.

Linda felt a power – a control – she surprised herself by feeling as she did – they were just young school boys. Soon they would be gone so it didn’t matter – just a little more teasing before they had to hurry off back to school.

Fidgeting around Linda pretended to be uncomfortable giving the boys a little more to look at. Then, as she made sure other people were a safe distance away she nonchalantly stood and making it look as natural as possible went to do what many others were doing that day in the gardens and sat on the grass to sunbathe. Office workers and shop assistants on their lunch-break had flocked to do the same so nothing was amiss. The difference was that Linda had strategically positioned herself in front of the group of schoolboys but facing away from most of the crowd around her.

No one noticed – except the boys – as she frequently and very carelessly shifted around as she sunbathed. First a leg bent then her knee raised slightly – then her leg flopped flat down but wide apart sometimes letting the breeze lift her light summer skirt.

Linda lay back and spent the next 45mins displaying her legs and panties to the boys. Although their view was limited by distance and the glare of sunlight it was enough to keep them transfixed. The housewife felt familiar feelings of sexual exhilaration and wished her top had buttons so she could give the boys a further treat.

Sitting up so she could watch the boy’s reaction Linda became aware that most of the people had now gone on their way. As lunch-time was now over people had gone back to work and school – but not the boys – still they sat happily enjoying this naughty woman’s antics. As all threw occasional glances toward each other Linda realised that the boys couldn’t really decide whether she was giving this show by accident or design. Now she had to fight certain very wicked thoughts and desires – she told herself no it was wrong but – in the end her baser instincts won the day.

Smiling at the boys she waited for a response before beckoning them over. They seemed shocked at this overt contact and Linda thought they might be worried that their ogling had got them into trouble.

“It’s OK – come over here boys,” she smiled raising her voice slightly.

It took a while to find the courage but eventually the boys shuffled over to her – with a wave of her hand she suggested they should sit in front of her which they did. As these movements to there course Linda felt her pussy twinge and her arousal grew as she noticed how they tried to hide their erections. Young they might be but old enough to get hard – Linda was beginning to feel very depraved – here she was inviting such young kids to have a better look between her legs.

“So how come you haven’t gone back to school then?” she asked, letting her raised knee swing to and fro.

The boys eyes were transfixed on the sight of her panties and none knew how to answer until the braver one blurted out.

“We don’t really need to go back today – we should be revising for exams.”

“So – you’re staying in the park?” asked Linda quietly.

The boys nodded and for the next few minutes Linda tried to make small talk hoping they wouldn’t get too scared and leg it.

“And how old are you?” she asked after deciding they seemed more at ease and settled.

“Thirteen,” echoed two of them while the other proudly announced he was older at fourteen.

Linda’s heart skipped a beat – they were younger than she thought – but the excitement of flashing for them was still there – she was old enough to be their mother!

“So – you’re meant to be revising – not sitting in the park being very naughty?” she said.

When the boys looked shocked and embarrassed she laughed gently before looking one boy straight in the eye. He avoided her glance and became nervous – Linda knew she would now scare them off unless she reacted the right way because she had drawn attention to their voyeurism.

“Don’t be scared – I know what you have been looking at.”

She waited to see the effect her comment had before adding, “I’ve been bad too by letting you look up my skirt – does that shock you?”

The boys, blushing nodded their heads but stayed silent – partly with disbelief that the woman was happy to talk to them about it.

“I’m not annoyed – in fact I know you can still see my panties,” she said slowly, “But are you not a bit young to feel sexual feelings toward a woman as old as me? I know – because I have seen the bulges in your pants!”
She waited again for their reactions and smiled telling them it was fine – she wanted them to stay. When they stayed put she felt a thrill and moved her leg a little wider.

“It feels nice to be admired by young men – it’s OK for you to look – don’t be shy.”

The group of schoolboys didn’t know what to make of this experience but they stayed, trying not to look but eventually overcoming their shyness. Linda, who was now reaching amazing degrees of sexual excitement kept her cool and chatted casually with her young friends while at the same time swinging her raised leg wide and letting her skirt blow forever higher up her thighs. As she spoke she pictured their young cocks and wondered what it would be like to feel them inside her.

A look at the sky told her that very soon her wicked excitement would be over as clouds approached. Unless - she thought - but then dismissed the idea – they were very young – it was very dangerous – but maybe if she just teased them a bit and kept it quite innocent. Her reasoning was overtaken by her wicked lust and she acted quickly when the boys noticed the approaching rain clouds.

“It’s going to rain soon,” she told them and as she spoke she saw how comfortable they had become looking blatantly between her legs.

She would take them home – let them see more of her body – now she was captured by the old feelings of wanting to do something wicked – but this time it was new, perverted – and it really excited her. She breathed heavy when she told herself that in the privacy of her home she would be able to be more daring. First though, she had to get them there.

“I live just across the park – would you like to come back with me – for a cold drink or something. We will be out of the rain – and out of the way of any teachers that might see you’re not revising!”

She tried to be light-hearted and casual about it but noticed the hesitancy on their faces – would they be persuaded another way?

“We can still enjoy having a little fun if you like – it’s up to you.”

This was a big decision for the boys who had never expected such an offer to be made. It was beyond their wildest – and wettest – dreams. She had to force the issue one way or the other – before the rain came and they started to draw attention by being still sat on the grass.

“I’m walking home now – if you decide you want to come with me follow behind – I’ll leave the front door open for you.”

She rose and slowly began to walk across the park wondering if they were simply waiting for their erections to subside. The thought of their young penis’s once again caused a rush of perverted pleasure to surge through her body.

Linda thought it just as well that they had turned down her offer – they were much to young – perhaps if they had been a few years older – then OK. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of chattering voices behind her – she turned to see all three boys keeping pace a distance back. Her heart beat hard and in seconds those wicked sexual desires cancelled out any logical or rational thoughts.

Soon she was at her door and opening it she glanced behind before stepping inside to see the boys walking slowly toward her. Going indoors she threw down her bag and drew a deep breathe – she reasoned that if they did actually step inside that they must fully realise why they had come there – and what they hoped would happen – it was not for just a cold drink – these young boys wanted – and expected – some sort of sexual experience!

Linda stood in the large main room of the house and waited – would they be stimulated and eager enough to step in – would they be daring enough? She felt a tingle pass through her when the faces of all three boys appeared round the doorway.

Come in – make your-selves comfortable,” she said smiling and waved for them to take a seat. “I’ll get you a drink – but first - I’ll just go and lock the door.”

As she walked across the hall way she shook with the intensity of what potentially she might get the boys to do. Now they were all out of sight and locked inside she could really test how much sexual pleasure these young boys could take – she could be really naughty and outrageous for them. Her pussy felt very damp already!

Now they all had a drink and they shyly sipped away Linda was impatient to move things on. She made small talk just long enough to let them feel settled and then sat opposite them in a chair. Carefully assessing how much they were now able to see she manoeuvred her body to give them the slightest glimpse of her panties.

As Linda chatted away to them she let her fingers absentmindedly stroke the inside of her thigh lifting her skirt slightly to improve their view. She saw how they first looked hopeful then disappointed when Linda limited what was on show. When she thought they were sufficiently built up and impatient for more she took a more direct approach.

“Did you enjoy that little game – me letting you look up my skirt?” she asked smiling.

Now the boys, more confident but still shy nodded right away.

“I thought boys like you wouldn’t be quite as interested in sex yet. Have you come back here hoping to see more?” she teased quietly.

There was no answer and they looked anxiously at each other.

“I bet you haven’t ever met a lady like me before have you?” she asked spreading her left leg wide almost draping it over the chair arm.

The boys all drew their breath in sharply as they watched the triangle of material between her legs fold into her crack.

“Would you like a closer look – touch me?”

Without waiting for an answer she rose from the chair and walked across the room to sit in between two of them on the couch. For a while she encouraged them to stroke her thighs and lifted her skirt to let them see her mound. Telling them to put down their drinks she guided their hands to her nipples that pushed against her top and showed them how she liked them to be played with. The third boy was not left out as Linda made sure he got a turn and suggested that one of them should sit in front of her so all three could touch and play at the same time.

The housewife got the boys to take off their jackets and said how smart the looked in their neatly pressed school uniforms – taking the opportunity to run her hands over their bodies and brush her hand over the little bulges of their pants, feeling the hardness of their cocks. She invited them to kiss her – like grownups do she told them – on her lips. As they did she ran her hands over their young bodies and squeezed their tight buttocks, forcing her tongue into their mouths. Her passion was rising to incredible heights – she wanted more.

“Would you like to see me take some clothes off?” she asked, slowly and seductively

The boys muttered but it was enough for Linda to take it as a yes. Standing up she put down her drink and stepping in front of them she slowly took hold of the hem of her skirt and pulled it inch by inch up over her legs until it reached her hips. The boys caught their breath and with jaws open they were mesmerised by the sight of this woman’s scantily covered vaginal mound that was within touching distance of them.

“Have you ever seen a woman’s panties so close up before?” she asked, her voice becoming deeper and more seductive.

The boys shook their heads and simply stared at her crotch – Linda fought back the desire to grab a boy and force his face into her pussy.

“Do you like that – do you want me keep doing this or shall I stop – is it too naughty for you?”

The boys muttered that they liked it which was what Linda had expected – now she really moved things on. Taking off her top and displaying her large barely covered tits she stood close to the boys and played with her own nipples. Moving even nearer she whispered for them to touch her pubic mound and run their fingers along her crack. While the boys nervously but gladly obeyed they watched the woman kneading her breasts and tweak her nipples.

Linda still wanted more – she wanted the ultimate but she knew they would be reluctant and too shy to perform in front of each other – she also knew they would only last seconds before ejaculating – she had a plan.

“Do you want to see me without my panties – and bra?” she breathed hoarsely.

The boys gulped and were lost for words but managed to convey their agreement.

“You have to tell me properly – and promise not to tell anyone what we do here today.”

The boys, with voices cracking all managed a yes.

“Come with me – one at a time,” she instructed them.

She didn’t wait for someone to rise but took hold of the nearest hand and led him from the room telling the others to drink their orange and wait until she called them. The boy with her let himself be led in silence – upstairs to the bedroom. Now Linda had the boy in her bedroom she felt a strange power and lust – she was going to enjoy this!

Standing before the small boy she unhooked her skirt and stood wide legged letting him feast his eyes on her. Then sitting on the edge of the bed she whispered to him.

“Before I let you take my knickers off you have to something for me – let me see your cock! Be a good boy and let me take your trousers off.”

The boy, too nervous to resist anyway stood and allowed Linda to remove his garments. She marvelled at his little cock and drawing him toward her she bent her head and took him in her mouth. She sucked away and played with his arse and to her delight he became erect. Lifting her head she gave him more instructions.

“Good boy – show me how you masturbate – let me watch – and I’ll give you your treat!”

As the boy awkwardly pulled on his little dick Linda fulfilled her promise – she stood and slowly peeled off her panties giving the boy his first glimpse of a grown woman. Linda felt incredibly turned on by displaying herself in front of this young lad. She spoke lewdly to him as she watched his cock being pumped and opened her cunt lips for him to peek inside. Quickly removing her bra she lay on the bed and told the boy to straddle her pointing his cock to her tits.

It was only seconds before he came and as the hot sperm hit her breasts she pulled him forward and swallowed his still dripping cock. The last spurts excited her so much when they hit her throat that she moaned out loudly. The boy was spent and Linda calmed him down before telling him that next time she would let him spend more time playing with her. Confident he wasn’t upset by the event she told him to go and have a drink – and send one of his friends up to the bedroom. Linda put her panties and bra back on and waited thinking that either another boy would appear or they would all now chicken out and run from the house – maybe the others had already left.

As she sat on the bed a shuffle of feet was heard on the staircase – into the room walked another of the boys – they hadn’t chickened out!

Come in,” she purred to the boy and watched as his eyes bulged when he saw her sat in her underwear.

“I know your friend is called James – what is your name?” she asked quietly.

“David,” he answered as though speaking to a teacher.

“Well David, tell me – are you sure you want to go ahead with this – it won’t upset or scare you?”

“No!” he uttered quickly as though he might be being denied his chance.

Linda felt her lust rising again and wanted to shock.

“Because I want to do very naughty things with you, David – things that are exciting but forbidden – do you understand.”

David nodded his head.

Linda spread her legs and put her fingers under her panties to rub herself letting the boy watch.

“Do you want to do that for me David?” she asked.

When he swallowed and nodded again she told him to undress – this time she wanted the boy naked. He obeyed as she told him to play with his cock, then telling him to stand in front of her she whispered to him to take off her bra. As his hands fumbled with the clasp she replaced his with hers around his dick and pulled gently on it. She groaned with pleasure as her tits came out of their bag and fell against his young flesh.

“Suck my nipples David – like when you drank mummy’s milk – suck hard.”

The boy had to be guided and coaxed but the pleasure was intense for Linda as she felt his little mouth around her nipple. She held his cock against her panties while she masturbated him slowly enjoying every second of every touch – her other hand went to his bum crack and tickled his anus. She kissed him as though he was a grown lover and felt the first tinge of approaching orgasm through her body.

Impatiently she stood and told him to take off her panties – for just a few seconds she allowed him to explore her cunt and standing over him she lifted one leg to rest on the bed then gently pushed his face under her – then she told him to lick!

“Lick it – good boy!” she breathed hard when she spoke, “This is your little forfeit – you have to give me pleasure – lick me!”

She rocked his head against her crotch feeling his tongue trying its best to do the job. It surprised and shocked her that when she told him to lick her arse- hole he obeyed without hesitation! The potential of what she could do with such a willing boy was enough to make her come almost. As she wriggled her arse against his tongue she fingered herself but then realised if she wanted him to come visit her again she couldn’t be selfish – she had to satisfy him.

Moving away from him she told him to lie on the bed – then straddling his legs she buried her face into his crotch and gave him the most amazing blow job. Just before he came she turned her body to hover her cunt over his face but it was too late for a sixty-niner – he flowed into her mouth and she drank him dry! The thirteen year old was happy to spend time gazing into Linda’s cunt and smell her musky odour but the lady had another task to perform – with his friend.

She was too far gone now for games – she wanted her orgasm – the boy would be hurried. As he stepped into the room he saw Linda lying naked on the bed playing with her cunt.

“I need you to fuck me,” she whispered loudly. “Get undressed – I’ll let you visit me again and have some fun but now I need you to fuck me!”

The boy felt pressured as he obeyed but Linda gently kissed him before positioning him over body and guiding his cock inside her. He had no trouble getting an erection and Linda was pleased with its girth – she had saved best till last.

“Good boy – fuck me – next time we’ll take it slower – suck my tits – you do want to visit me again don’t you?” she asked hoping for an affirmative answer.

The boy replied with a hurried yes but Linda wanted to know about his pals.

“Do you all want to come again?” she asked.

When the boy said yes they had hoped to Linda was so pleased they would be willing sex toys she began to orgasm. Turning them both over the wicked housewife then lay on top of the boy and pummelled away grinding her crotch into him until she exploded. The event was enough to send the lad over the top and he whimpered a little as his sperm shot into the woman.

After kissing him and letting him recover Linda sent him back telling him she would follow shortly. Coming from the bathroom it was Linda’s intention to dress while she saw her friends out but the desire to shock was till there. With just a gown around her shoulders, unbuttoned showing her still naked body she went downstairs to be greeted by three smart young schoolboys who looked mesmerised and in a dream. They still seemed shocked and excited as they gazed at Linda’s naked charms.

She held open her gown for them promising more another day if they kept the secret. Holding open her gown and lifting her leg to rest her foot on the chair arm she used her fingers to spread her cunt lips and told them what delights lay in store if they remained good obedient boys. Before leaving – all agreed on the terms of the deal!

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