He was walking home on a warm September night. His name was Joel a slim collage kid heading for a midnight MacDonald’s run. Joel was 6 2 thin with a small frame; although he was 18 he had the baby face of a 14 year old. It was the weekend in this small collage town and as all his friends had gone home for the weekend Joel was left to walk to the golden arches by himself. After downing his food he slowly started to make his way back to his dorm. On his way through a small back street he stumbled on an odd site for 1 in the morning there was a black suv parked on the lonely back side street. Attempting to juggle two bags and her car keys was a tall woman in a black trench coat. Joel gave a quick glance and to avoid being creepy kept on his way ignoring the women, until she beckoned him with sultry "excuse me young man, could you open my trunk for me" Joel prided himself in being a nice guy so he stopped and walked over to the car, the lighting on this street was dark and cloudy so all he could see was the outline of her dirty blonde hair and the contour fitting coat. Wanting to continue with his journey he took her awaiting keys and flipped the trunk open. The suv was odd it had the center seat removed and the whole rear of the car was covered in a blanket with nothing on it a small duffle bag behind the passenger seat. But before Joel could turn around and egknoweledge the women the bags were thrown from behind Joel to the front of the vehicle and Joel was shoved from behind into the vehicle face first. Before he could respond he was shoved further into the vehicle. He then felt this strange body jump onto his back pinning him to the floor, no matter how he squirmed she was a strong fit women about 6 5 and had the upper hand. Joel’s instinct to yell didn't kick in until he heard the trunk slam shut and the cab lights faded to black. He got out but a small yelp before the stranger pulled a pink ball gag from her coat pocket and shoved it to his mouth muffling his cries. She hummed to herself as she fastened the gag seemingly pleased with the execution of her plan. Joel then felt the shirt being peeled from his back and chucked to the corner. He managed to twist his arm and seize his attacker by the wrist, only for a moment as she chuckled “naughty boy, don’t you play rough” And twisted his arm further pinning him to the blanket. Holding her prize in this position she reached into her duffle and pulled out leather pair of bdsm handcuffs and bound his arms together leaving him a helpless shirtless worm wriggling beneath her crotch. Joel stopped his struggling as he felt her lean down and whisper in his ear in a soft yet harsh pornstar voice, “your mine now”  He was then flipped over on his back and in the dim light finally got his first long look at his attacker. She was a tall fit woman of her late twenties early thirties, with sholder lenth dirty blonde hair and a small nose ring that glistened in the streetlights. She had donned a black masquerade style mask to hide her identity and was giggling at the sight of her new pet. She pulled a digital camera from her coat and grinned as she said “smile” she then shoved the picture of the bare chested Joel, gagged and bound in his face and laughed and said “I love your expression in this one” With that she set the camera aside and set into business, she shredded her coat revealing her underlying outfit, elbow long black latex gloves with a pair of fishnet stockings and garter belt. Her full breasts had both nipples pierced and she wore a black collar with the bejeweled words “mistress” along the front. What really caught Joel’s attention though was the black leather panties she wore with a strange harness mounted to the front. She then started to speak as she pulled his pants and boxers off. “This is how this is going to go” she sternly told “I’m going to fuck you, anyway I please, you will be my little boy slut, I’m going to rape your virgin little body and you’re going to take it understood” Joel  tried to protest but was muffled by the gag, his complaints were silenced by a swift slap to the face and a stern “ what did I just fucking say slut” She then removed Joel’s wallet from his jeans and pulled his wallet. “Joel” she read “well Joel, I’m going to give you a night you won’t forget.” With that she pulled out a bottle of lube and proceeds to pour it onto his bare crotch. “See” she said “I’m not completely heartless, I could fuck you raw.” She chuckled to herself as she started to rub the lube around his limp cock and balls and down the crack of his ass to his tight virgin hole. “Tisk tisk, this won’t do” she said as she slid her and long his limp member, with that she grabbed the shaft a quickly started to beat him off until his cock had grown to a hard six inch shaft. “Well there we go, aren’t you just a horny little boy” she mocked as dropped the cock and flipped him back on his stomach. “But of course were not here for your pleasure now are we?” she said pulling his tight pale bum up to her crotch height. She then bent over him and started digging in the bag; Joel could feel the metal harness press into his ass cheeks and started shaking at the impeding deflowering of his ass.  Slowly she pulled a six inch pink dildo out of the bag and slides the rubber cock across his cheek. “I know its small, but it’ll do for now” she cackled as she snapped the cock into place. “Now this might feel a bit uncomfortable at first” she sneered as she poured lube on his hole, then without warning shoved a finger into his ass. “Opps there we go” she laughed as he arched his back in discomfort. She then started pounding his ass with her finger, then two fingers, and then three. Joel laid there helpless and moaning in pain ass his virgin ass was brutally finger fucked by his tall blonde mistress. She then stopped but before Joel could breathe a sigh of relief he noticed her other hand coating the strap on with lube. “Now” she stated as she rubbed her cock in his ass crack “Your mistress is going to make a she-cock loving sissy boy slut outta you.” She then rammed the dildo deep into his ass making him cringe in pain. “OH that hurt, well you just need more lube” she yelled as she dumbed more lube on the cock and shoved it back into the young boy’s man pussy. She then grabbed his cheeks and squeezed as she nailed him fast and hard. She laughed and moaned wildly drowning out any muffled moans coming from Joel’s pale body. “Say my name, oo, say my name Joel” she moaned “o wait, I gagged your slut mouth, then let me do it for you.” Then in a high pitched voice she mocked “o mistress, o mistress I’m such a naughty boy slut, take my ass fuck me harder.” She then smiled and screeched “if you say so slut” she then reared up and grabbed his shoulders, and started viciously pounding his ass. She then started orgasaming over and over. Finally she stopped and pulled her sloppy dick out of jowls stretched ass and took a couple of deep breaths. But as soon as Joel thought his nightmare was over she flipped him back over and pulled the gag out of his mouth, before he could gasp for air she had the cock shoved into his mouth. “Taste your ass boy!” she yelled as she face fucked her slave. “take that cock in your mouth and taste yourself” She grabbed the camera again and snapped away a few more pictures of his full mouth, she then unclipped the cock leaving it in his mouth and tore the strap on off of herself, “this cock belongs to me and I want it now” She then slid the cock into her pussy and ridding Joel’s member as hard as she could all the while sliding the rubber cock in and out of his mouth. She then started spanking his ass yelling “buck those hips slave, please your mistress” Joel soon blew his load deep into her pussy as she laughed and spanked her sissy boy. “You’re not done yet slave, your mistress must be filled.” With that she started bucking even harder orgasaming over and over and milking load after load out of her slut. Eventually Joel’s cock was nothing but a sloppy limp member. His mistress looked at this and frowned, “is that all you have, ugh disappointing slave, I am done with you now.” She then took out a pair of red panties with the words “mommy’s little slut” written across the bum and pulled them onto Joel’s tight frame, “something to remember me by” she giggled, she then flipped open the trunk door and hauled Joel’s exhausted body to the grass and dropped him, she then slammed the trunk with his pants in her hand. She through them on the ground beside him but not before she took out his cell and wrote his number on her hand and through the phone onto his lap. She pulled the cuffs off his wrists, snapped one last picture, and hoped into her suv leaving his exhausted shocked body laying panting on the grass. She then drove off, but not before looking at the dildo he had just spit out onto the grass and smirking “keep the cock, practice for next time.” And with that she was gone into the dark with her screams of pleasure still echoing in the alleys.

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