How I seduced my mother in law and made her my bitch by blackmail her.

 As the story goes on I will share each story as it happen.

 I made my mother in law my bitch

It started a a year ago. I had gone to my mother in law for advice. She and I could talk about anything.. She has a great sense of humour and there was no topic that was taboo..  My father in law on the other hand.. No sense of humour at all and very conservative when it comes to everything.  More then I ever thought as I was told later in the story.
  My wife was at home with the kids when I told her I was going out to play poker.. With my intentions of going to talk to her mother about what  I do to get her daughter to lighten up.  My wife for some reason just stopped wanting to kiss and stopped wanting to do everything, you know like every other wife.. lol
Anyway When I stopped at my in laws she was alone. I sat down and checked her out.. My wife is the spitting image of her mother.. My wife is 36 and the second oldest of the five daughters their mother had.  My mother in law is 60 and looks amazing for her age. As I sat down I skipped the small talk and went right into my questions.
Why doesn't your daughter like to kiss? I asked.. Well maybe you kiss to hard? Women don't like that well some women dont like to be kissed hard. She went on to say her husband hadn't kissed her in over a year other then a peck goodbye before work.
I said She doesn't have any desire for sex either. She said its to uncomfortable because its to big.  I said why would a woman not complain for two years then all of a sudden say its to painful? 
You see I could ask that question because a year before my wife had to return condoms because they wernt big enough and my mother in law drove her to the store. She had later made the comment to me that at least I had enough to make my wife happy so I knew she thought about it before.
When she told me that women change and her daughter might be hitting her menopause early I said oh great so this means lots of jacking off. She said her husband hasn't touched her in over a year so she feels no mercy for me..
We talked for about a half hour more when we heard a door close outside.. She got up to see if her husband had pulled up but it was the car across the street.   As I stood there behind her I wanted to touch her so bad but chickened out. When she turned away from the door I didn't move.. I said its now or never and said this is how I kiss.   I gave her a soft peck on the lips holding my lips to hers for a few seconds before I slip them gently across her mouth till I reached the other side of her mouth, pulling away about an inch I moved in again this time alowing my hand to come up and caress her face as our lips were still pressed together..
After about 3 minutes I pulled away and just looked into her eyes.. She had a glow that I had seen in her daughters eyes when we use to kiss. So I moved back in to kiss her again.. My mother in law leaned her back to the door as I pushed a little harder with my mouth opening hers so I could stick my tongue into her mouth.. No resistance so I started to explore some more.. I ran my hand down her face and over her 34 A bra to her hips and back up again. This time I felt her shiver when I touched her breast on the way to her face again..
No sooner were we kissing like two kids we heard her husband pull up into the driveway.  My first thoughts were dam it.  But my second thoughts were I cant wait to get her alone again to see how far I can get.
Two nights later my father in law called me to give my mother in law a hand because he had no idea how to fix her computer. She was getting no sound so I knew it would be easy to fix. 
When I got there he was sitting in the rec room and my mother in law was in the next room at her computer showing me it wasn't working.. As I crouched down to see what she was doing I got brave and decided to caress her thigh.  She didn't move once but she did open her legs a little.. With my hand running across her inner thigh I almost got caught and to this day I think I did. Her husband came into the room.. He didn't say a thing but the look on his face said what the hell do you think your doing. So I cooled it for the rest of the day and left soon after. 
A couple days later my mother in law needed a ride somewhere so I said to my wife I would do it. So over I went. Her daughters were there so I had to play it cool. But when we got to the van I started to caress her thigh as I drove.. She couldn't look at me but again she spread her legs just a little.. I caressed her inner thigh as well getting closer to her pussy. I was craving her so much but she wouldnt let me go any higher.. When I went down a gravel road I pulled into a driveway out of the way on a farm and shut the van off.. We talked for a bit and she said how nervous she was.. She said she felt like a little kid again and I told her I felt the same way but I had wanted her since I first seen her.. She didn't believe me and I said I will show you. I leaned over again and kissed her deep and hard.. This time she kissed me back just as hard. My hands exploring her body from between her thighs to caressing her breasts over her top.  I could feel the heat growing between her legs when she stopped me and started asking questions. Like what I saw in her and all that stuff.. I built her up to new heights and we went back to kissing.. I grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock and said to her it was how she made me feel and hw bad I wanted her.. She said she wanted me to but it she couldn't do that to her husband..
We stopped for a few minutes when she told me about her trip to Florida 20 years earlier when she and her gf met a couple guys and she gave the guy a blowjob before the cops caught them.  She figured it was an omen and she stopped. While she was telling her story I took my cock out and she was watching as I stroked it. I said sorry cant help it  your turning me on.. She said wow she was right it is huge.. No wonder her jaw hurts..  With that I took her hand and wrapped it around my cock and told her to suck it.. She never did that day but she did stroke my cock till i came all over my chest. I knew I was getting closer..
It was a week later when I had another chance.. She came over to our house and the kids were in daycare and the wife was at work.. I took her and I held her arms over her head and kissed her deep. I turned her towards the wall and ran my hands all over her body up and down till I put my hand inside her pants.. I felt how wet she was but as soon as I got a finger inside of her she pulled away and and said not here not at my daughters house..  Damit but I had to pretend I cared what she thought so I said ok ok and she left right away.
By now I was getting frustrated. My wife still didn't want sex and when I seen her I seen her mother so I jacked off again..
It was a Friday night when my wife was home sick the kids in bed so I went for a drive.. Her mother called me asking me for a hand she said her husband was at work till 1 and she needed my truck so i said on my way. When I got there she was wearing a black skirt and top. Damn did she look good.. As we went for a drive to get a table from a friend of hers I took a dirt road off the highway till a dead end.. We got out and went for a little walk and I came up behind her and started to caress her shoulders.. My cock was getting hard against her ass and she didn't move so I slowly raised her skirt. I ran my fingers up her thigh as she parted her legs with every inch I could feel the heat..  Soon I had my fingers inside her panties and I was feeling how thick her juice was.. My fingers were stuck together there was so much.  When I tried to pull her panties down she stopped me and started to caress my cock. She said I cant fuck you even though I want to so bad she said I just cant but I will make sure you cum.. She moved beside me and started to kiss me while she stroked my cock.. When she bent over I thought she was going to suck it and all she did was kissed it but it was all it took for my cum shot out about 4 feet in front of me. She kept stroking my cock till i was done then I seen her lick her finger.. As she headed back to the truck.
End of Part one

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