My Daughter And I Have Sex on our Driveway, then Her Friend
Shows Up and She Has Sex With Me on the Hood of Her Car!
Short story by Carolyn Matthews.

My daughter Amber and I just finished taking our morning shower
together and we are in the kitchen drinking coffee. It is such a
beautiful day that I suggest we sit on the steps of the front
porch. Amber says "You mean right now Mom? Shouldn't we get
dressed first? We don't have any clothes on!" I tell her not to
worry so much about what other people think, then lead her out
the front door. We sit down together in the morning sunshine
enjoying our coffee as we watch our neighbors getting into their
cars and driving off to work. We have a very large piece of
property with lots of older trees and bushes, so most of them
don't even notice us.

I say to Amber "Honey, my shoulders are sore from your Brother
fucking the hell out of me yesterday. Will you please rub my
back for me?" She agrees, so I get to my feet, then sit down on
the warm sidewalk between her legs. Amber massages my
shoulders. for a few minutes, then she reaches around to the
front of me and begins fondling my breasts. She likes feeling
the weight of them in her hands while gently pinches their hard
nipples with her thumb and forefinger.

Being naked outside in the sunshine while my Daughter plays
with my breasts is making the exhibitionist side of my personality
appear. I suddenly have an idea for us to give people driving by
a better look at our beautiful bodies. I suggest to Amber "Let's
go lay on the cement driveway in front of the garage! We might
as well get some sun on us while we are outside!" I get to my
feet and Amber follows me down the long sidewalk to the
driveway. I sit down on the warm cement, then lean back on my
elbows. Amber looks down at me and says "Oh Mom, you look so
sexy laying naked in front of the garage!" She looks down at my
beautiful body while she runs her fingers up and down her pussy
lips. After a few moments, she steps between my legs, then gets
down on her knees and leans forward over the top of me. We begin
tongue kissing while she moves her young breasts back and forth
against my larger mature ones.

After a few minutes, she slowly begins to plant kisses all over
me. She moves back a little and begins to suck on one of my
breasts, then the other. Soon she is laying flat on her stomach
with her face between my legs. Oh my God, my daughter is licking
my pussy in broad daylight while cars are driving by! I am just
loving this!

Suddenly a car slows down, turns into our driveway, pulls in and
stops a few feet away from us! I begin to panic slightly, but
Amber looks over her shoulder, then tells me it is her new
friend Britney. She continues "I called her on the phone last
night, and she is coming over to spend the day swimming in the
pool with us."

My daughter puts her head back between my legs and continues to
run her tongue up and down. Britney gets out of her car and
shuts the door. Wow, she is hot! She is wearing designer
sunglasses and has on the smallest bikini I have ever seen! She
walks over to me and says "Hello Mrs Matthews, it looks like
Amber was telling the truth about you and her having wonderful
sex together. Do you mind if I join you?"

I do not hesitate one second and say "I do not mind a bit
sweetheart! Go ahead and make yourself comfortable!" I raise
up a little and get on my elbows to see what Britney is going to
do. She looks down at me as she reaches behind her back and
unties her bikini top. She pulls it over her head and throws it
on the cement. Oh my God, she has the most fantastic pair of
tits I have ever seen in my life! They are perfectly round and
their hard nipples are sticking straight out about half an inch!

She runs her fingers through her long hair a couple of times,
then bends over and pushes her bikini bottoms down to her
ankles, then steps out of them. I can't help staring between her
legs at her smooth shaven pussy. It is absolutely gorgeous!

Britney puts her hands on her hips and says "Amber, why don't
you take a break for a few minutes. I will take over for you
while you rest your tongue." I begin to tremble with excitement!
My daughter stands up and the girls immediately embrace and
begin tongue kissing. They run their hands over each other's
naked bodies for a couple of minutes then Britney leans back a
little bit and says "Oh Amber, your mouth tastes good! I can't
wait to get between your Mothers legs!" She then sticks out her
tongue and starts licking Amber's face. Oh my God, I have never
seen a tongue that long before! Britney is a freak of nature!
Her tongue must be at least six inches long!

Britney takes off her sunglasses, hands them to my daughter,
then gets down on her knees between my legs. She leans over the
top of me, looks into my eyes and says "Mrs Matthews, I am going
to give you the best pussy licking you have ever received in
your entire life!" She gives me a quick kiss then spends a
couple of minutes sucking my tits. She is teasing the hell out
of me!

Suddenly, she stands up, reaches down and grabs me by the wrist!
She pulls me up to my feet, turns me around, and pushes me up
against the hood of her car! I lean back on the warm car and
rest on my elbows. Britney spreads my legs further apart, then,
gets on her knees and buries her face into my pussy. Oh my God,
I am in heaven! She flicks her long tongue in and out of me for
a couple of minutes, then suddenly stops and says "Mrs Matthews,
move further back and lean against the windshield of the car"
I scoot backwards to the middle of windshield to avoid the
wipers jutting out and spread my legs apart. All of a sudden she
leans forward and jams all six inches of her tongue inside my
pussy! My hips involuntarily jerk up in the air as she lashes
her tongue around the inside of me! She keeps doing this over
and over again while I scream "Oh my God! Oh my God!"
I plant my feet on the hood of the car and raise my hips up to
give her better access and penetration. Britney immediately
grabs my ass cheeks with both hands and forces her face even
harder into my pussy. An orgasm builds up quickly inside me and
explodes! A shower of erotic pleasure races through every inch
of my body and I start seeing bright little twinkling stars in
my vision! My eyes roll back in my head and I faint!

I must have been out cold for a couple of minutes, because, when
I open my eyes Amber and Britney are standing in front of me
with a worried look on their faces. Amber says "Gosh Mom! You
scared Britney! I had to tell her right away that you faint
sometimes after you have a great orgasm!" I look over at Britney
and apologize, then tell her that was the best and quickest
orgasm I have ever had in my life.

She smiles at me, then I say to her "Thank you so much! I
promise to repay you the favor later this afternoon!"
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