The story continues with my mother in law It was Friday morning when I called my mother in law.. She answered quietly. I asked her if she was all set for tonight and she said no her other daughter would be home studying for teachers college. I said get rid of her or she will be joining us. With that I said I will be there at 9 and I wanted everything set up.

    It was a couple minutes before nine when I pulled up to my in-laws house.. I asked where my father in law was and she said at work., So I said good we have till 1 am, that will give us lots of time.. With that I leaned into kiss her but she didn't kiss me back so i grabbed her arm and she kissed me back.. So where is my gift? She looked at me puzzled I said your daughter where is she? She is in her room sleeping.. I asked her what she did and she told me she put two sleeping pills in her drink before she gave it to her.. I told her she did a great job and we should go get started.. My mother in law begged and pleaded that she would do anything and it wasn't right that her daughters did no wrong..

 I reminded her of when her daughter called me the most disgusting pig in the world when she found out I send a pick of my cock to an old gf.. I told my mother in law Now she was going to see how much of a pig I can be.. My mother in law stood at the door and said no please don't do this.. I said I am not going to do this alone your going to help me.. When she said no way I said you already did you stupid bitch.. Would you prefer I wake your daughter up with my cock in her ass and tell her you drugged her so i could fuck her? My mother in law started crying and tried one more time to change my mind.. To no avail.. I looked down at her daughter who was wearing a summer dress sleeping like a baby on her bed.. I looked at my mother in law and said you even dressed her perfect for me thank you.. She said fuck you asshole...

    I walked over to the side of the bed looking down at my sister in law and I was hard as ever.. I couldn't believe my mother in law drugged her own daughter so I could fuck her. My hand went right to her daughters tits as they were a beautiful D cup.. for some reason her sisters were all A or B and their mother has small tits as well which makes us all wonder who the daddy really is.. I pulled her dress open exposing her purple bra. Mmmmmmmmmm she has great tits doesn't she mom.. Who just stood there looking away.. I told her to feel the other one she said no so I took her hand and pressed it to her daughters tit and said feel how soft they are. I want you to kiss her nipples. She said no so I gabbed her by the back of the head and said suck her tit now before I fuck her ass. Right away my mother in law started to suck on her daughters nipple.. Yea that's it see it isn't so bad.. I came up behind my mother in law and lifted her skirt and started to rub her pussy through her panties.. That's it mom your pussy is getting wet,, I bet you like sucking on your daughters tits don't you.. She shook her head no.. So I said maybe you would prefer to eat your daughters pussy? She stood up and said excuse me? I told her your choice.. I am going to fuck your daughter one way or another and if she is dry that's her problem.. I told her why don't you go down to the end of the bed and lift her dress up so you can eat her pussy you know you want to..Then again I know i want you to and that's all that matters right now isn't it mom?..

  She lowered her head when she went to the end of the bed. I went over and started to caress her daughters legs running my hand up till I felt her panties and I told her to move her daughters panties to the side and give her pussy a lick.. She was really hesitant. Come on mom you know you want to taste your daughter.. I bet you have wanted to eat all your daughters You love sex and your going to love licking her pussy so i grabbed her and gave her a deep hard kiss and she kissed me back then i guided her by the back of her head and guided her into her daughters pussy..

After a couple minutes I told her to remove her panties and her daughters as well and get back to licking her daughter.. She didn't hesitate this time and they were off in a jiffy. I said look how smooth your babies pussy is.. You know your daughter is Bi she said it on her Facebook one day before she deleted it.. Matter of fact I bet you she is enjoying your tongue right now.. All of this was getting me horny as hell so I moved behind my mother in law and pushed my cock into her with one thrust.. Wow your cunt is wet your likeing this aren't you?.. She shook her head no but without warning she shuttered in a splendid orgasm, when i said I think your lying because your Cumming and your still licking her cunt as your rocking your ass back into my cock. All of a sudden she realized I was right.

 I pulled my cock out of my mother in law and told her to spread her daughters legs so i can get my cock in there.. She moved to the side and lifter her daughters leg.. I said take my cock and put it in her cunt. She looked at me and I gave her another kiss and told her I want her to spread her daughters pussy and guide my cock into it.. Se did just that.. With one hand she spread her daughters pussy and with the other guided it into her own daughters pussy. Her hand stayed there for a second feeling my cock as it started to slide in and out of her daughters pussy.. I almost came right there her daughter flinched for a second as my cock slowly entered her.. I said to her mother holy fuck her boyfriend must have a small cock because she was tight. But soon I could feel her pussy getting wetter and taking my cock a little easier.. My mother in law was standing there kissing me when i put her hand on her daughters clit and she started to rub it right away.. I guided her head down there and pulled my cock out of her daughter.. Without saying a word she took my cock in her mouth and cleaned her daughters juices off of it before I put it back in.. I noticed my mother in laws hand moved up to caress her daughters tits and I said go ahead suck her tits kiss her why don't you put your pussy on her face and have her eat you mom.. She said no she cant do that but did go to suck her tits..

 That's it mom your a fucking freak I love you mom. I love you to son I cant believe I have cum twice already she said.. She looked down at Lisa and said you deserve this you selfish bitch. You deserve everything your getting.. I started to laugh for a second.. I said mom are you Bi polar? She said no just fucking horny. My husband is a useless piece of shit and i wanted to experience everything in life and your doing that with me for me to me. Do you think she will ever know? I said only when she wakes up and feels my cum inside of her.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you cant cum in her please don't please don't.I don't want to get caught. I. I said you can lick it out if you like. She said cum on her tits I will clean it off I said even better I will cum on her face to put her in her place. I was getting ready to pull out when I said ut oh to late I'm Cumming.. I pulled out and cum on her pussy lips.. Her mother came over and took my cock in her mouth to catch the rest.. She started to clean her daughter up when i told her you better put a finger in there and make sure I didn't put any in there by mistake. .. Should I get you a spoon? Your an ass she said. She looked at me and put a finger into her daughters pussy feeling around for anything left in there.. I said get your tongue in there mom you know you love it.. She was licking her daughters pussy again when I was getting hard again.. I moved up behind my mother in law and started to fuck her again as she ate her daughter.. She daughter started to stir and I am pretty sure she cum to her mothers touch. I wasn't going to last as I said come on mom go sit on her face.. My mother in law said I will next time. When she said that I couldn't hold back and told her I was Cumming.. She said that's it baby you fill your mommy's pussy. I pumped a load into my mother in law and when I was done I pulled out and started to wonder if I just heard what I thought I heard.. next time?

She looked at me winked and smiled....

  to be cont.

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[#97] TheDarqKnight ( 865 days ago )
TheDarqKnight avatar I stumbled on this story and now find myself looking forward to the chapter. Please keep it going! AWESOME story!
[#18] karine ( 866 days ago )
karine avatar wow another great story. cant wait to read more
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