I have been my uncles favorite as long as I could remember. He had watched me grow up. My dad's family had always been so close and he was my dad's older brother. I have always been the horniest girl I know. A nympho at best. Growing up was so strange to me. I developed fast. At the age of nine I already had B cup breats and a booty to match. I used to go with my sister to her college and got a kick out of making the guys drool and I was only 12 at that point. My uncle has 30 years on me. He was married to my aunt Pat. They had this perfect marriage. A big house, lot's of money, and two kids both older than I. I used to babysit their house. I was 16 now. He always encouraged me to use the hot tub while we were there. It never occurred to me it was because he got a rise out of me in my bikini.

They were heading out of town for a week in Vegas. They loved to Gamble. It's funny to me that those who have money never loose it. I could count on the fact that when they came back from their little retreat, he would have at least 50,000 more in his wallet then when he left. Pocket change he called it. I went over to his house the night before to get my usual instructions for taking care of the animals the new house codes and what they were giving me for watching the house. Was always a couple hundred bucks that I didn't really have to do anything for. Just sleep there and play with the dog. When I got there I noticed My aunt's car wasn't there. I saw my uncle's sports car so I knew at least he was home. As he let me in he announced that I just missed my aunt. She had left for a bridge game and wouldn't be back for hours. He said I could wait for her if I'd like. So as we walked to the second living room I could feel his eyes peering at my ass.

I was wearing a short skirt, flip flops, and a tank top. My usual attire for summer. we sat down on the couch and I crossed my legs. We started watching t.v. when I noticed he wasn't looking at the screen at all. His eyes were glazed over. Staring at my thigh and up my leg to the small crack where if you looked hard enough, could almost see a glimpse of my pussy. I watched him for minute. I looked down at his crotch noticing the slight rise in his pants. I remember feeling giddy for a moment. Suddenly he looked up at me and redirected his vision at the t.v. It wasn't long before he made a joke about my outfit. I got up to give him a playful pinch or hit like I always did. I sat down next to him legs uncrossed and grabbed a hold of his arm. He kissed the top of my head and we continued to watch t.v.

About 15 minutes later I noticed his hand that had been on my knee slowly inching up my thigh. Before long his hand was right between my upper thighs. His fingers brushing against my pussy lips.
My breath began to increase and my legs gently started to shake. I felt his grip strengthen on my left thigh. I slowly spread my legs about an inch apart. I was curious just how far he's go. His hand moved more so that his hand was barely touching my thighs at all. I let out a whimper as he then cupped my snatch. He jumped back and apologized. He immediately got up and went up stairs to his bedroom. He kept apologizing all the way up the stairs.'' I'm so sorry. It's been a while. Your aunt and I... we don't... I'm so sorry!'' I sat still for about 10 minutes. I didn't want him to feel guilty for what he's just done. I raced up the stairs to find him sitting on the edge of his bed. He looked as though he was pouting. I knelt down in front of him. I grabbed his chin and told him not to worry. It happens and that he has nothing to be ashamed of. He started to smile a bit. He said '' do you hate me?'' '' Of course not. how could hate my favorite uncle''. I went to hug him and as I started to pull away from his embrace he kissed me. At first the kiss was innocent. Then the second kiss was suddenly so different. He kissed me with such passion and desire. I kissed him back thinking'' are we really gonna do this? is this really happening?'' I stood up and he took his hand and traced down my neck, across my breasts and down my stomach. He slid his hand up my skirt and pulled my thong to the side. He rubbed my sweet, wet lips for a moment. I leaned my head back as he pulled me closer. My tits now brushing against his face. He gently parted my lips and began rubbing my clit which was now hot and hard. He kissed my hard nipples through my tank top. They were hard like bullets and I was quivering with every touch. He separated my legs even more and slid his finger inside my tight dripping wet snatch. His finger went deep inside me. With his other hand he peeled down my tank top so my big tits were bare. He was began sucking and biting me so softly. Just enough to make me shake more intensely then before. He stopped only for a moment as my cum was dripping down his fingers. '' I won't hurt you. I promise. I am going to make love to you.'' He pulled off my shirt kissing each area of bare flesh he uncovered. He then pulled off my panties and slid down my skirt. He laid back down on the bed, crawled between my legs and spread apart my moist slit. He began sucking on my clit. Licking up and down, side to side. I started moaning and grabbing a hold of his head. Without even really noticing I was shoving his head deep into my snatch, making him take all of me in. '' YOU TASTE SO GOOD MY SWEET'' he said. He then began fingering me at the same time. I couldn't even control it at this point. My cum came gushing out of me like a flood. Squirting into his mouth as he lapped it all up. i was tired and exhausted from the excitement as he climbed on top of me. He pulled out his throbbing cock and rubbed it against my wet lips and clit. His cock forcing it's way inside my already sore cunt from his fingers being inside me. I clung to him, desperate for the pain to stop yet begging for more. I wanted him inside me . Deeper and harder he began to impale me with his rod. I felt incredible. I started to moan again. He couldn't keep quiet. ''You like your uncle's cock baby? Does that
make my little niece feel good? oh let me take that sweet cunt. Wrap it around my thick cock. Fuck I'm gonna cum!'' He started ramming me harder and faster as I screamed he blew his load inside me. '' FUCK YA FUCK YA''. We laid in silence for a while he asked'' what time do you have to be home?'' I said'' They know I'm here so it doesn't matter. He got a huge grin on his face and said'' good, ROUND TWO!''

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