How I made my mother in law my bitch part 13

If you read the other chapters you will remember where it last left off.

As I sat in the conference room next to the principals office I sat there reminiscing to how my year went.. In less then a year I fucked my mother in law and three of my four sister in laws. I found it ironic that I fucked them all more then I have fucked my wife this year.. But that was going to change and soon..

 As my cock started to become erect looking back there was a knock at the door and in walked Jessica.. She was wearing her schoolgirl uniform and carrying her books when I told her to sit down.

I wasn't sure what I was allowed to do or try so I started off slow.. I pretended I was from a university and was doing an interview for a scholarship. As I asked her questions she just sat there at the table. Every time I would come around her she would stiffen up. So I put my hands on her shoulders and told her to relax.. I wasn't going to hurt her. But she sat there looking either down or forward.. It was then that I figured it was now or never. One hand ran through her long blonde hair and I moved my other hand down her shoulder and under her little white bra till I felt her right breast. She breathed in just as I breathed out.. My cock was hard in a instant. As I stood over her my other hand lowered to caress her other breast. I pulled her back a bit and turned her around... I leaned over to kiss her but she didn't kiss me back so I told her she might enjoy it if she let it.  After a minute of me caressing her softly she started to kiss me back. I told her to unbutton her blouse for me and she did slowly. I wanted to pleasure her in a way I don't think the principle has. I am figuring he is fucking the hell out of her and rough to.. I wanted to taste all of this little delightful treat. I started to kiss down to her pert little firm breasts flicking her nipple with my tongue. I could feel her body respond to my touch as she let out a soft moan.. I moved back up to her mouth and kissed her again. This time she kissed me back without any thoughts..

When I looked down at her her blouse was undone and her bra unhooked from the front SEXY as hell to I might add. I reached down and spread her legs and ran my hand up her thigh.. I stopped when I felt her panties and they were wet.. I kissed her again and asked her if she always got this wet? Her reply was what I figured she would say. She said the principal usually just has his way and tells her to leave so she blocks out what she can till its over..

I told her I was going to treat her different and she kissed me again.. As I lifted her onto the table I had her lay so I could lick her young pussy. My hands lifted her schoolgirl skirt up and revealed her little black bikini panties.. I almost cum right there.. I leaned down and kissed her thigh working my way up to her pussy giving a little pressure on her clit with my tongue she shuttered.

I was enjoying her pussy when the principal walked in with his cock hanging out hard in his hand.. He walked right over to the end of the table and grabbed her head and forced his cock into her mouth.. I figured so much for romance. I pulled her panties off and spread her legs and pulled her towards me just a little so I could bury my cock into her perfect little pussy., My cock started to slide into her a little at a time as I watched the principal fucking her face. She wasn't even sucking his cock he was just face fucking her.. I thought to myself man what a waste.. I almost laughed as I remember doing the same thing to my sister in law Karen. After a few minutes the principal told me he wanted to fuck her so I pulled out and went to her face. I put my cock by her mouth and she reached for it and started to suck it herself. She looked at me and smiled and used her tongue on my shaft. On the other end the principal was just fucking her for all he was worth. slamming into her as hard as he can.. It wasn't long before he cum inside of her and pulled out pulled his pants up and left the room. Before he left he looked back and said for us two lovebirds to hurry up unless she wanted to be part of the meeting in 15 minutes.. I know it wasn't long before I was going to cum when she stopped sucking my cock and said.

Please fuck me I want you to fuck me like I should be not as a toy.

I leaned down and kissed her on the mouth and said you got it beautiful.. When I got between her legs I could see his cum oozing out which was hot as hell to be honest. Any cream pie is a good cream pie.

I started to slide my cock into her which was much easier this time with the other load in there. I looked up at her and she had her eyes closed. Watching her as she tensed up before she let out a scream. She was cumming all over my cock which made me explode as well..

I stood there for a minute with my cock still pumping into her for what felt like five minutes.

When it was over She gave me her number and said she wanted me again alone next time.. She said I cant wait to see you again daddy and gave me a kiss before putting her panties back on and leaving the room.. I thought Hey I like where this is going.. Sounds like another story.

When I left the room the principal looked at me and said she is just a fuck toy he has plenty of them if I ever want another one.. I told him I look forward to it... He said only if you give me something in return.. I thought about my mother in law right away and said I have one he would love to fuck..

When he asked me if it was my wife I told him I was working on that one and left..

I was at home and just got out of the shower when my wife came home.. She looked good as I watched her undress so I came up behind her and cupped her tits..

"Your a fucking pervert you know that?"

I thought oh shit I got busted. When she went off on me.. She said

" When all you do is grope me what do you expect me to feel I don't want you mauling me every time you see me why don't you go sleep downstairs"

I walked over to her and told her fuck it Im done even trying anymore I told her when she comes out of it and decides to put out to come and see me but till then Im done with her..

I thought to myself what a fucking waste of a hot little body.. She use to be a wild fuck before the kid and that was three years ago,, I just need her to get over herself and start fucking again. She wont suck my cock because its to thick and hurts her jaw.. Its missionary or nothing because she is tight and she said it hurts.. Yea well I'm going to make it so she has no more excuses and very soon.

Its time to get my plan in motion.

I picked up the phone and called my mother in law and said Its time.

To be continued.

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