This all happened on Halloween 2011, My daughter Christine is a good looking 20 year old hairdresser.. She always wears sexy clothes like miniskirts,low cut tops with no bra with a 'fuck me quick body,' Lastnight she was going to her works Halloween party with her boyfreind and she asked if I could drive them there and pick them up afterwards. I didn't have a problem with that.About 8 o'clock lastnight I drove them to the party, She was dressed as a Devil with a very short skirt with a tight t-shirt, I could see her nipples trying to pop through and I got an instand hard-on.. I thought. "If she wasn't my daugther, I would have screwed her on the spot.." I went home and waited for her to call me to come and pick them up.. It was about 2 in the morning the call came and I set off.. As I got there, they where both drunker than I've ever seen them, Her boyfeind was throwing-up in a bush and Christine was holding up a road sign up with both hands and failing by the looks of things.. It took them about 10 minutes to get in the car, David in the back and Christine on the front seat.. Dave was asleep straight away and Christine was looking for her smokes but couldn't find them so I gave her one of mines, then she started, 'That ass in the back was trying to screw that bitch Claudia in the cellar, he would have managed it to if I hadn't showed up.' I just grinned and she just kept on complaining about Dave and his chatting up of women.. I said to her,' Why don't you play the same game and fight fire with fire?? What he can do you can do better.' This got her thinking and she said,' not a bad idea, but with who? and where?' 'Well look at you now? You look sexy as you are, with you miniskirt, the lowcut T-shirt with no bra, you could give a corpse a hard-on,' I said. She stared at me with a funny look in her eyes, 'What about you?' she asked, ' Do you have one?' 'Nope, But If you wheren't my daugther and I was 20 years younger, I would be over you like a hungry lion on a zebra.' She laught and ask if I could pull over, she had to go for a pee.. I pulled into a wood road and she leaned over and planted one of the best French kisses I ever had on me, all I could do was return the kiss with her tounge halfway down my throat then she grabed my dick which was up like a flagpole, 'You have a hard-on Dad,' by this time I didn't give a shit,' Now I have and it's not going get any smaller if you keep on with that.' 'Well maybe I should do something about it then.' She pulled my zip down, got my dick out and started sucking on it as there was no tomorrow.. I felt my balls starting to swell up and I told her I was going to shot my load, she just sucked faster and I grabbed the back of her head and pushed my dick all the way down her throat, she pumped faster and I shot off, the first 2 squirts shot past her tonsils without touching them and she pulled my dick out of her mouth and the rest went over her pretty 20 year old face.. She was a monster who wanted more,'Now I want you to lick my pussy and stick 2 of your fingers up my ass because I want your dick up there when you've licked my pussy long enough.' I got down there and viewed her lovely shaven pussy for a few seconds and got down to work, she had one leg on the headrest and the other on the dashboard, she was open all the way with both her holes in view.. I started licking her clit with 3 fingers in her pussy, I needed to lub them for her ass, she went off like a rocket, Her juices just flowed out of her pussy as she came and I stuck 2 fingers up her ass as she wanted and 1 in her pussy, she went wild, I thought,'Jesus, she's gonna kill me.' Then she said,'Fuck me Dad, Stick it in my pussy all the way in and then shove it all the way up my ass, I want to feel you cum up ass.' Who could turn down such an offer? Not me that's for sure, daugther or not, I'm only a man and when I get the chance to fuck some woman in the butt I'll be in there like a rat up a drain pipe. I put her legs over my shoulders and aimed for her wet pussy and shoved it in ball deep, I fucked my youngest daugther for about 3 or 4 minutes in the pussy, took it out and placed it on her rosebud, I asked her if she was ready for it and she just nodded, I pushed just a little not to hurt her but she grabbed my ass and pulled me deep in her, I thought my fore skin was going was going to rip and hang over my nuts like an old rag, she was so tight I couldn't hold out to long, Her ass slapped against my balls and I watched as my dick went deep up her and she played with her clit, that was it for me. I told her I was going to cum but all she did was groan and sink her nails into the car seat. I shot my load up her ass and I think my balls went with it. That was the first time we had sex and I am happy to say she left Dave and came back to live with me and her mother.. We've had sex a few times since then but that is another story.. This is my first time writing so any comments on how it was would be thankful
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[#835] Vivi ( 730 days ago )
Vivi avatar No offense but paragraphs I loved it but u NEED paragraphs.

Oh and PLZZZZ make more
[#78] HappyPappy ( 789 days ago )
HappyPappy avatar If you're not going to write in paragraphs, I'm not going to bother to try to read it.
[#1046] EsmeraldaG ( 790 days ago )
EsmeraldaG avatar Paragraphs, dude. They are your friend.
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