My sister was a cheerleader and always had her choice of guys. During the beginning of her senior year Cheryl was dating the quarterback of the varsity football team. I heard them fucking a few times after school while our parents were still at work. This wasn’t the first guy I heard my sister fucking while my parents weren’t home. Cheryl was quite the moaner and I loved jerking off listening to her sweet voice. I didn’t realize how infatuated I had become with her until one night after a party. There was a pep rally Friday after school for the Homecoming Parade and Dance the next day. I found myself staring at Cheryl while she did her cheers, ignoring all the other pretty girls. After the pep rally everyone met up that night for a big party. The football team had to be home for a nine o’clock curfew on game night, so my sister’s boyfriend Trevor left early.

By midnight a group of guys had gotten Cheryl drunk playing a variety of different drinking games. I knew a couple of the guys at the table with her and their M.O. was to get girls drunk, then fuck them and brag about it Monday morning. When I saw the two guys escorting Cheryl towards the door I decided to follow them. I should have stopped them but I really wanted to see them fuck her.

I followed them in my car until they pulled into an empty lot behind a chain of stores. I waited and just watched their car from a distance for over fifteen minutes, but I couldn’t see anything. Knowing they were probably fucking Cheryl got me very excited and I pulled out my cock and started jerking off right there. When I saw the two guys get out of the car with one moving to the front seat while the other climbed into the back seat with Cheryl I figured I had to sneak up on foot if I wanted to see any of the action.

I very carefully and quietly approached the car. I peered in and that’s when I saw my sister in the back seat sucking on the guy’s cock. She was topless and her head was bobbing up and down on his hard cock while he held her hair back with his hands. I was mesmerized and just watched as my sister continued to suck on his cock like a pro. It was such a major fantasy of mine to watch my sister have sex that I thought I would cum in my jeans right there! Then after a few minutes she suddenly pulled her head up, removing his erupting cock from her mouth. I then got my first full view of her bare tits, which were being covered with cum. They were absolutely amazing! She had a glazed look in her eyes as cum dripped from her mouth onto her chin. As I watch this guy cum on my sister big tits I couldn’t resist stroking my hard cock through my jeans.

Then the guy in the front seat saw me and said, “What the fuck!”

I nearly jumped out of my sneakers! I was always quick with comebacks and I yelled, “Hey that’s my sister! What the fuck’s going on!”

They seemed to buy the concerned brother act, but they didn’t seem threatened by me at all as I’m not that physically opposing.

The guy in the back seat replied, “She’s giving me a blowjob dumb ass! Your sister is an awesome cock-sucker, so why don’t you just leave!”

I was tempted to leave Cheryl with them, even if I couldn’t watch. Just knowing those two were going to fuck her and probably rub it in my face Monday by telling me all about it was good enough. Cheryl though looked so ashamed that I caught her as she tried covering her big tits with her arms. I knew she was going to regret this night so much that I decided to rescue her from these two assholes.

I said, “Cheryl’s coming with me or else I’m telling Trevor.” I knew they were afraid of him.

One of the guys responded, “I’m sure Trevor will love Cheryl when he finds out she sucked our cocks!”

Cheryl jumped in and said, “No please! I don’t want Trevor to know what happened tonight!”

I said, “Either way he kicks your ass!”

The other guy says, “Fucking take her! What do I give a fuck! She already finished sucking our cocks!”

They called my sister a slut and laughed as they pushed her out of the car half naked. She pulled her cheerleader’s uniform up over her cum covered tits without even cleaning herself off or putting her bra back on, which the guys kept as a souvenir. I had to help her back to my car because she could barely walk she was so drunk. On the way home she passed out and I had to carry her to her room. When I got Cheryl to her room I laid her down on her bed.

My first thought was to get to my room as quick as possible because I was dying to jerk-off like a maniac. Then I decided to change Cheryl for bed. I reasoned I was doing my sister a favor because if my Mom caught her in her cheerleader’s uniform tomorrow morning Cheryl would get the third degree. My sister seemed to always be getting in trouble for breaking curfew, the way she dressed, going through boyfriends like water or anything else my parents felt like getting on her case about, so hey no harm in undressing her. Right? I grabbed a pair of pajamas bottoms and a cotton t-shirt from her dresser draw and took them over to her.

I whispered, “Cheryl…you have to get dressed for bed”, as I removed her sneakers.

She didn’t respond, so I reached around her and unzipped her uniform in the back. I then grabbed her uniform with each hand at her shoulders and slowly pulled it down. My hands were trembling as I exposed her perfect tits and pulled her uniform passed her flat stomach until her panties came in site. I didn’t stop until her cheerleader’s uniform was completely off and she was lying there wearing only her panties. I wanted her completely naked and stood there for a minute as I mustered the courage to remove her panties.

I shook her very lightly and whispered, “Come on Cheryl you got to get dressed.”

When she didn’t respond I very gently removed her panties. My cock was already hard, but when I saw her well-groomed bush I immediately pulled it out, without thinking, and began stroking it over my sister’s naked body. I was a virgin and never saw a girl completely naked before, especially one as perfect as Cheryl. For the first time I thought about how I wanted to fuck her. Then I lost control and blow my load all over my sister’s naked body. I prayed Cheryl wouldn’t wake as I continued to spay her with my cum. It was one of the biggest loads I’ve ever shot and by time my last stream of cum spattered onto her she was dripping wet. I didn’t know what to do, but when she didn’t wake up I figured it was safe to take this further without her waking.

I removed my clothing and got on the bed next to her. I was nervous and felt very guilty for taking advantage of my sister like this. I just want to feel her up and then I promised myself I would stop. I gently began to massage my sperm around her tits. Her skin was so soft and I rubbed my fingers in a circular motion around one of her nipples while my other hand rubbed my cum that was on her flat belly. She seemed to be out cold so I decided to suck on her tits even though they were covered with another guy’s cum and my own cum. I really didn’t mind the taste, as I was so thrilled to being sucking on Cheryl’s incredible set of tits. As I sucked on her nipples I would lightly tug on them with my lips. That’s when she let out a small moan.

I immediately froze and looked up at her. She turned her head, but her eyes were still closed. I waited a moment and then I got brave and decided I wanted to taste her pussy. I didn’t hesitate as I spread my sister’s legs and position my head right in front of her juicy pussy. I spread her cunt lips apart with my fingers and just looked at her fuck hole and her round clit above it. It was so great being able to study a pussy so close up! I thought about how many cocks were where I was about to put my tongue and it made me really horny.

I leaned in and began licking her entire cunt. I started at the skin between her two holes and licked up until my tongue went over her clit and hit her bush. Her pussy tasted so good! I continued licking it and then Cheryl began to moan. I was enjoying myself too much to stop and surprisingly my sister didn’t stop me, she just continued to moan. After about five to ten minutes I noticed Cheryl’s pussy had become really wet and sticky. The whole time my cock was rock hard and then I stopped eating my sister’s pussy. I looked up at Cheryl; her head was tilted to the side, her eyes were still closed and she had a pleasurable look on her face. I knew exactly what I wanted to do next.

I said to myself, “I can’t believe I’m gonna do this! This is so wrong!”

Yet I climbed on top of my sister and pushed my long hard cock into her tight wet pussy. It was and still is the most amazing feeling I have ever felt! I didn’t stop until my entire length was buried inside her warm vagina. My arms were at her side lifting my body off of hers. I started fucking her; Cheryl’s tits began rocking back and forth and her head arched all the way back. Her pussy felt so tight stuffed with my thick 8.5-inch cock, I know its length because I measured it after my only ex-girlfriend saw it and said it was freakish big. Being thin, at only a 125 pounds, it looked even bigger than that when it was fully hard.

After about five minutes of fucking and with us both moaning I started squirting my seed into my sister’s cunt. My orgasm was the best I ever had! Cheryl must have felt my seed flowing through her body because she opened her eyes and stared at me as I continued pumping her full of my cum. Our eyes were locked together as I was fucking her pussy very fast now. We didn’t say a word to each other as I fucked her like that for another ten minutes. Then Cheryl scrunched her nose and grunted awkwardly. I never heard her make that sound before while I listened to Trevor fucking her.

She squeezed her hands tightly around each of my extended arms and said, “I’m gonna cum!”

She lifted her head off the pillow as she said that then slam it back down. I felt her cunt tighten around my cock like a vice-grip. It was having spasms and I just fucked her harder. Soon I was empting my balls into her pussy once again. We were both cumming together!

Cheryl moaned, “Damn your so big!”

Those words just made me fuck her even fast and harder. I didn’t know how much longer I could keep up that pace and I felt another orgasm building. I had to cover Cheryl’s mouth because she was moaning out of control and I didn’t want her to wake our parents. I felt a sense of pride knowing that Trevor probably never fucked her as good this. Finally, as Cheryl’s orgasm started to subside I was hit with another one. I pulled my cock out of her worn out cunt and sent streams of gooey white cum into the air that landed on her pretty face. I especially liked that the first burst landed in her mouth before she could close it. When I finished giving my sister a facial we both collapsed in exhaustion.

Cheryl slowly caught her breath and then went to sleep without saying a word to me. I was spooning her from behind and dozed in and out. I felt so entirely content. I began caressing her body after awhile and my cock got hard again rubbing up against her firm ass. I was like a dog in heat and was ready to start humping my sister from behind. I lifted her leg and slide my cock into her pussy once again. I guess being filled with cum and stretched out from fucking her before my cock slide into her pussy much easier this time. Cheryl immediately woke and once again allowed me to fuck her without protest. Being positioned behind her I was able to penetrate her much deeper this time. Her pussy still felt so tight and was making squishing sounds as my cock moved in and out of it.

She said, “Damn you’re fucking me so deep!”

I asked her, “Do you like it?”

In between moans she replied, “OOOHHH YESSS!”

I then asked her, “Do you want me to go faster?”

My sister answered, “Not yet…this is perfect!”

So I kept the steady deep strokes consistent for over fifteen minutes. I was able to last much longer even though it felt so incredible to be inside my sister tight little cunt. I was also so happy she was enjoying this as much as me. I thought how great it would be fucking her whenever we were home alone. While I fucked her I squeezed her tits and kissed her neck. I felt Cheryl’s cunt begin to go into spasms and I knew I was making my sister cum again. Her moaning got much louder, so I covered her mouth with my hand and then started fucking her much faster. This sent her over the edge. Her cunt seemed to be milking my cock as it clamped around it and I knew I on the verge of another huge orgasm myself.

I whispered in Cheryl’s ear, “I’m going to cum in your pussy.”

My cock then exploded in her cunt, sending wave after wave of semen inside her fertile young body. I started biting her shoulder as I was ejaculating and pounded her pussy so hard. Cheryl reached her arm behind her and placed her hand between us to try to soften the impact of my inward thrusts. I would have none of that though, so while still covering her mouth with one hand I grab her wrist with my free hand and pulled her arm in front of her and held it firmly against her chest. She tried to resist, but I was stronger than her. I then continued to use my big cock as a battering ram and pounded her pussy unmercifully. When I finally finished fucking her I removed my cock and my semen gushed out of my sister’s stretched out fuck hole, pouring all over the sheets. Cheryl rolled onto her stomach and panted. Looking back I shouldn’t have been so rough with her. I stared at that great ass of hers and her pussy looked so inviting from the way her legs were slightly spread. My cock was still hard, so I couldn’t resist. I grabbed her by the hips and lifted her ass in the air. She got up on arms and was on all fours as I entered her used cunt from behind.

Cheryl wined, “No more…I’ve had enough…I just want to go to sleep.”

As I fucked her I said, “Just let me cum one more time.”

She responded, “No…please…I’m really sore.”

With my hands on her hips I ignored her pleas and continued to fuck her sore little pussy as fast as I could. She as grunting and moaning differently than before and I knew she was in pain, but I so badly wanted to cum again. In fact it was an ego boost that I wore out my slut sister!

She begged louder, “OH PLEASE STOP…PLEASE NO MORE!”

Then I asked her, “If I stop will you suck my cock instead?”

She answered, “Okay.”

I never got a blowjob before, so I got real excited. Plus from the stories I’ve heard about my sister and seeing her in action she was really good at sucking cock. I got off the bed and stood next to it while Cheryl sat on the bed in front of me. She took my cock in her hand and just stroked it slowly at first while she looked at it. She seemed mesmerized by it. I don’t think she’s seen a cock as big as mine; at least that’s what I like to think. Then she held it at its base and began licking up the shaft until she reach the head. She would twirl her tongue around the head when she got to the top. This sent shivers up my spine and she continued this process a few times. Then once after she finished twirling her tongue around my helmet she opened her mouth wide and took my cock in her mouth. She was amazing! She would take about two thirds of my cock into her mouth before pulling back until her lips reached the tip of the head. Her soft lips continued to slide up and down my thick cock and she gradually increased her pace.

I said, “Cheryl you’re so good please don’t stop!”

She didn’t let up for one second. If this had been earlier I would have blown my load in a minute or two, but I had cum so much that I was able to hold out for over fifteen minutes as my sister gave me such an incredible blowjob. Cheryl seemed really into it and didn’t complain that she was sucking my cock for so long. It was so hard to control my moaning as I desperately tried to keep the volume down so I wouldn’t wake our parents.

When I finally knew I was going to cum I placed my hands on Cheryl’s head because I wanted to cum in her mouth. Without giving her any warning I started ejaculating. She seemed startled by the sudden burst of warm semen jetting into her mouth and she tried pulling her head off my cock, but I held her head in place. She used her hands to push against my hips to try and pry my cock from her mouth. It was useless though and she quickly gave up and had no choice but to start swallowing my thick gooey cum.

I told my sister, “Yeah Cheryl swallow my cum…AAARRR…I want all my cum in your belly.” I didn’t remove my cock from her mouth until I was positive I didn’t have one more drop of semen left in my balls.

When I took my cock out of her mouth she seemed annoyed. She looked up at me and said, “Now go!”

Cheryl then lay down on her bed. She was lying on her side with her naked body curled up into a ball. Her back was towards me and I wanted so badly to hop into bed with her so that I could hold her. I looked at the time and saw it was 4 o’clock in the morning, so I decided I better go back to my room instead. I covered my sister’s gorgeous body with a blanket and I gathered my clothes in my arms. When I got into my bed I just lied there naked massaging my balls thinking about every detail of what I just did to my sister. After a while I finally drifted off to sleep.

The next morning when I woke up my balls were sore and I imagined how sore my sister’s pussy must have been. Cheryl was already gone by time I went downstairs, being a cheerleader she had to leave early. She was gone all day and returned for dinner. We didn’t say two words to each other at dinner and afterwards she headed to the shower to get ready for the dance. When I heard my sister go into her room after her shower I quickly ran to her door and knocked on it. Our parents were busy downstairs and I was dying to talk to her about last night. She answered the door wearing only a towel. If our parents weren’t right downstairs I would have pulled her towel off and started fucking her.

She said, “What do you want? I gotta get ready.”

I told her, “I need to talk about last night.”

She let me in and quickly shut the door behind me.

She said, “Look last night was totally out of control…I got so drunk that I blacked out.”

I was surprised to hear her say that, she was definitely drunk, but seemed very aware while I was fucking her.

She continued, “The last thing I remember was Sal and Mike offering to take me home. So if you’re going to tell me that I did anything stupid that I’m going to regret I’d rather not even know about it.”

I was speechless! I couldn’t believe Cheryl didn’t remember our magical night together as she escorted me to the door. As she shut the door behind me I thought that she must be saying that because she regrets letting me fucked her. Then again how could I be sure, either way though it was clear she didn’t want to discuss it with me?

For the remainder of that school year our relationship was awkward at best. It was obvious that Cheryl was avoiding me and she didn’t talk to me much anymore. I concluded that she did remember the night I fucked her and she must be mad at me because she enjoyed it so much. At the end of the summer Cheryl went away to college in Boston and since then our relationship is almost non-existent. I’ve made numerous efforts to become closer with her when she returns home, but she seems very uncomfortable around me. I still want her so bad and to this day I often masturbate while thinking about fucking her.

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