Hello, I`m a women of early thirties, and single. Living with my teenage son of fifteen.have a normal job and , hope that i am a good mother. Since last year or so i happen to notice as we went for swimming he had got a huge penis.it was very large more than a grown up man. The first day i thought it was an erection. And i was feeling shy fro him. But since then i have seen he permanently had this bulk in his trousers. I would have seen it in natural. But my son is grown up and i dint think he would let me just look.
So few days later , i really dreamed of having my son doing things with his monster thing with me, and i got up rubbing my pussy , and where i came i felt so guilty. And felt very bad of me. I was even wondering if i am gone sick. But didn't tell anyone. But it went on i have rubbed every time that i thought about my son. Then one day in the afternoon as he was away i was Honey of him again and this time i entered his room looking for his undies and sniffing it i was rubbing my cl it, and saw his PC and came on to the idea to switch on and see which porn he is watching and so, i think its normal at this age that the boys watch porn. Finally i found a file says sexy. Op end it it was many films. So i watched this film and , guess what? The actress was me. Wiping my self in front of the mirror and shaving my pussy. My jaws felt wide open. Now i was not horny at all but very exited watching all the films. And could see myself doing everything. I ran to the bathroom and tried to find the cam. At the first sight i didn't see any, then as i moved the mirror, there it was.
I thought to my self you son of a bitch. Although i was shocked , i still found it very normal.
But now my thoughts which i was controlling.started to control my self. And that evening , i pretended everthig was normal, and i told him i was going to take a bath and disappeared in the bathroom inside , and my son told me hes going to sleep and disappeared. I was smiling to my self and as i entered the bath, i started making my self naked, but in a very erotic way. Massaging my boobs in front of the mirror, and then removing my panties also rubbed my pussy in such a way and took bath. After the bath when i came out i happen to now shave my pussy but very closer than ever to the mirror. I could guess , what was my son up to now.as i finished i creamed my self there and inserted my favorite dildo inside and fucked my self, and smiling to my self. Then i left it there first i wore my panties but then removed it again , And came out with my bathrobe. As i sat and watched TV with a cup of coffee my son came there too. I asked oh you couldn't sleep , he answered no.but now he sat right in front of me but on the floor, and i happen to notice he was trying to look between my legs every time it open. Although the entire time i pressed my legs together finally i parted it a little. And pretended to watch the film i could clearly see , my son was now looking at my pussy clearly and even touching his self. Now the large thing grew in to huge thing. Which was too much for me.i got up and left the room and as he realized that i was entering his room he came running but i was fast enough. To sit at his PC and found this file sexy was still open. I quickly switched on the film as my son trying to stop me by pulling my hands and holding it. But i was tonger and the film was playing so i asked him if he could explain this to me. He was almost at the crying point and told me sorry mom sorry. As i told him now stop crying like a child. I find its OK , because its a compliment that my son finds me sexy. As i told him i saw his face become easy. He asked me you are not mad at me, i said no way, i was just as Honey as you are , as i was an teenager and even now you dint know how Honey i still am. Finally things eased then he told me he would erases all the films of me. I said no way, don't do that. And switched on to days film and said that's a gift for you. It was just for you. He only smiled but , i could say he didn't believe me. Then looking through the films i saw a norther file „worded out“ dint know what it was i just opened. I couldn't believe what I saw there. These were still outs ( pics)of me in the bathroom. And my son have printed them out and had bean wanking over it. This was the first time i saw one doing this cumming on pics and the first time i saw my sons monster cock spraying on my pics, he also has written comments like My slut mom, i love to lick her and so on the pics before he came on them. Looking at these i had to now touch my self . My son looked at me confused he was pleading me mom stop.it. I will erase it now. But i held him tight until i finish looking at them , and reading the comment's too. Fuck this bitch's mouth. Gang bang hole all sort of things. Once again i started to loose my mind and looked at my son as if hes one a fucker. I now asked him what will you do to mom if she stands naked. And he replied nothing it was only for the time being i really love you as mom.
Sorry for everything. But i didn't leave lose, stood there removed my bathrobe, posing in front of my son. Asked him and now.? Then i pulled my dildo out and threw in the bed and asked him how dose your slut mom look like now? He didn't answer, he was in panic he didn't even look at me properly but i saw his cock growing again , i asked him are you going to fuck this slut or not. He was shocked. And i quickly realized that i am not getting any far with this. And i dint worry and started pull his short down , what i saw there made me blind. What a beautiful large cock with purple knob. I told him you don't have to look at me. And made him lye down and mounted him at 69 position and told him do every thing you like to do. it didn't take long my sons mouth vacuumed my pussy and licked me like his life depended on it. , i was crazy after this monster cock i was looking at, and went down like a whore, greedily sucking his balls and letting it in my mouth. I really had problems getting his knob between my lips. And as i sucked him i was choking as he entered my throat.. he was telling me mom I'm cumming take it out. I told him do so the next shot will last long. The next i let was he shot his huge load up my throat and i didn't get any breath. Where i was trying to release my mouth from his cock but he was so filling in my mouth where it pained to open my jaw make it come out, i even got scared. And was in panic. Now we sat and i held his cock. In my hands and said son. Did you like it., he just looked at me didn't answer, i told him lick me lick me once more. And he did so now i enjoyed how his tong really penetrated me , then i asked him son do you want to fuck this slut. He told yes but i hardly heard him, so i got up, and told him, you were dreaming of a slut mom aren't you now heres your slut fuck this slut to scream. He said yes, but it was more like a girl talking. I knew there i had to train him and said call me slut didn't work. So i made him to sit again in front of the PC and opened the pics of mine and said now wank and forget that I'm there. Now he was wanking , and he was now in his normal way, finally as he was wanking harder i told now this bitch needs you give this dirty whore what she needs, he turned to me , and held me on my hair and pushed me on my knees, and said sorry, i said go on,go on, this bitch needs it. Call me a whore. He did, this time it was clear-and i said are you gay or what cant you hurt me, say whore, hit me, final i got a shot with his hands on my ass-cheeks and he said be quiet you bitch. I am about to stuff my cock up your throat. Did it like a small girl and became a slave to my son, and i saw him grow bigger and bigger in front of me, he was like a man, he held me on my hair and pulled me to his cock. And very brutally fucked my mouth, i thought my jaw is now finished. I became very silent now. Then he pulled it out, and pushed me on his bed,so hard i had to struggle to fall soft on the mattress. I knew he was now very mad, then all i can feel was his hands parting my cheeks and his cock entered me up to my womb. Oh god it, now i became very small and cramped i thought hes going to kill me now, the fuck was soo loud and my pussy got sore.he didn't release me he banged me calling names. You my mom, dirty bitch , i knew you would do anything to have my cock.your pic it's not only on my PC its in the Internet, one day i will ganging you , i will fuck you till you cry to stop he said.was now almost awake, and i couldn't believe its my son who was fucking me.
Now adays he is the man about the house, and me the little bitch girlfriend of his, and we have tried very new direction where i have done before. Like he fucks me and comes in me, keeps my cunt locked and pees in me. Then i had rub my self and cum and my cunt explodes, with cum of his and pee, pushing his massive cock out and i get an orgasm where it becomes dark in front of my eyes, also he takes me out to disco, then i get fucked in the parking place, where i feel like a teenage girl again. He loves it when the other girls looking at us,
from the day i fuck my son, i never went out to other guys i get enough cock now, more than before, at-least once a day he fucks me, then imagine what how he earns his pocket money! I am the whore for his friends. He sells me to his friends, and i do anything , and he gets rich.
What a lucky mom slave i am now. My holes are battered even when i cook or clean the house, and you know what, my son PC is full of films and pics now, not that he films me in the bathroom. These were what i posed for for him. Any way i want to know from you ll what else i can try to do with him, any more ideas?
With love Karin.

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