The family friend went to work one Saturday so I called the dog into the bathroom. I had heard stories about girls putting dog food inside of them to make the dog lick there cunt deeper, me I got a raw sausage and pushed it as hard as I could up my hole.

I lay down on the hard floor and inserted the sausage and the dog immediately came over and sniffed. I became aroused instantly and spread my legs and lips open as much as I could. Dane started licking at my ring, his tongue going deeper trying to reach the meat. He then began to bite at it as it slowly emerged from my throbbing pussy and as he did so he rubbed against my clit. After the meat had gone the dog seemed to be more interested in the juices now flowing between my legs so he nudged his head in and started to lick at my hole.

I was so horny, I put my fingers either side of my flaps and spread my pussy as far open as I could, feeling the thrashing tongue sliding in and out. It was rough and I could feel myself starting to bleed but I was so turned on that I accidentally started to pee. The dog seemed to get excited and lick harder and faster at the taste of my urine. I started to urinate more and more and Dane licked deeper and deeper into my pussy.

I then parted my pee hole as much as I could and let him lick in there and it was painful but it felt so good. I got up and got on all fours resting my head on the ground and used my hands to spread my pussy lips as much as I could. I let more and more piss come out and Dane licked harder.

After what seemed like hours I finally couldn’t hold on anymore and I came. As I stood up juices ran down my legs and Dane licked them all up. I was still horny so I went inside and pulled out my double anal dildo and straddled the chair with it sliding up and down while masturbating.

I didn’t realize that while I had walked into the bedroom, Jeremy the family friend had come home. I was groaning and sweating like a bitch on heat when I heard a knock on the door and Jeremy’s head popped around the corner. The look on his face was priceless, but within a couple of minutes his cock was bulging through his shorts.

He seemed embarassed at catching me in this horny position, but soon realized he had a swollen cock that was throbbing and wanting in on the action. I ushered for him to come over, by sticking my two fingers in my hot pussy, pulling them out and then placing them on his lips.

We fucked for over an hour and after when we were relaxing he admitted that he had wanted to fuck me ever since he came over to stay.

Over the next few days Jeremy and I got to know each other more and more.

One afternoon when I got home from school I arrived to see his van parked out back so I undressed and snuck up on him in his room, I was shocked. There he was his cock swollen and dripping with cum and the look on his face was utter sexual pleasure and there in front of him was Dane licking his balls. I gasped and Jeremy jumped realizing he had been caught doing one of the most forbidden things a person could do, fucking a K9.

I walked up to him naked, laying on the bed and spreading my legs I called for Dane who ran over at my command and started licking at my pussy. Jeremy watched in shock as he discovered we had more in common than he thought. While Dane licked at my wet cunt, Jeremy straddled me with his throbbing wet cock ramming in and out of my warm mouth.

I didn’t know who I wanted to fuck more, Jeremy or Dane Jeremy I could Dane I couldn’t as he was Neuted. I asked Jeremy if he had ever thought of trying it with Chief, the miniature stallion. He said he had at times stroked his huge cock but had done nothing else.

After fucking we dressed and both went out into the paddock to get Chief. We led him into the private yard and I once again took all my clothes off. I could see Jeremy once again getting a stiff cock. My cunt was wet and I was a bit afraid at what was going to happen.

Chief was about as high as my waist and was always trying to fuck the mares in the paddock but he couldn’t reach. He was extremely horny and always smelling at the mares and rearing up trying to fuck them but he just couldn’t reach. I began by stroking him and talking gently so he wouldn’t be alarmed when I started to touch him. He turned his head and stiffed at me then turned around.

"What's he doing?"

"I’m not sure," said Jeremy.

He came towards my crotch and sniffed, then out came the tongue to get a taste of my juices. I looked underneath Chief and his cock had come out of its sheath. It was long and I began to worry if I could take such a length. Jeremy began to stroke Chief and both their cocks grew harder and more excited. He then ventured underneath and began to lick the horse’s cock with his tongue. This turned me on so much I thought I was going to explode.

"Get him in me! I want to fuck him now!" I screamed.

"I don’t know if he knows how to, with us," said Jeremy. "How can we keep him supported while he stands up?"

We looked around and all we could find was the picnic table which was about the height of my waste. We tried everything we just couldn’t get him to stand up and keep his front legs up. Finally I went and lay on the hill thinking all of this was pointless and it just couldn’t happen and as I got up on all fours to tease Jeremy Chief reared up trying to mount me nearly whacking me with his front legs.

Jeremy ran over and said to get on all fours again and placed a big blanket over my back and once again Chief tried to mount me. About the fifth time round Jeremy caught his legs and held them as he mounted again this time I felt his hot horny cock brush my ass. It was dripping and I could see and feel that horse wanted to fuck me. Jeremy struggled to keep his front legs up and chief taking advantage of me on the slope kept thrusting trying to get his big cock into my hole.

Finally he found it, I felt a push and then he just rammed it in, he was so horny. I was tight and close to orgasm and it hurt but Chief was determined. He pushed harder and harder and I could feel my cunt swallowing at least 15 cm of cock. I wanted to reach down and stroke my clit but I couldn’t as I was holding myself up as Chief fucked my pussy.

While Jeremy was holding up Chief his hard prick was in my face so I opened my mouth and lip fucked it. It exploded quickly and I was covered in wet juices. Chief fucked me for a good two minutes before exploding with what seemed like 3 litres of cum. He dismounted me and then turned around and walked off.

Jeremy had another hard on and I knew he wanted to fuck me as well. "I need to pee," I told him.

"Go ahead," he said.

"I will be back."

"No," he insisted, "come here."

I went over to him and he lay on the grass on the hillside with an enormous erection and a cheeky smile on his face.

"I want you to pee on me," he said. I laughed and thought he was kidding.

"I’m serious," he said. "I've never tried it, but have always wanted to."

I thought back to the days that I had peed when Dane was licking me and it used to get me horny as hell so I agreed. I straddled across his stomach and began masturbating letting a bit trickle out. Jeremy got excited and began to tug on his large erection using my piss to lubricate it.

I grew aroused again and began to pee freely all over him. "Put your cock in me. I want to feel it while I'm pissing," I said.

"You can’t urinate when having sex," he replied.

"Watch me," I said and I grabbed his cock and thrust it inside. In between it thrusting in and out I squeezed as hard as I could and when his prick left my cunt I would shoot out a massive spurt of piss that would soak his body. We fucked so hard that Dane came out to see what all the drama was about and when he smelt piss over he came.

As we were fucking and I was dispensing piss all over Jeremy the dog was licking it up and trying to lick my cunt when he could. We rolled over and I got on all fours with Jeremy fucking my asshole from behind and Dane licking my cunt from underneath. I pulled Jeremy in so far so he could fuck me hard and I rested my head on the ground so I could use my fingers to spread my cunt as wide open as I could. While Jeremy fucked my asshole from behind, Dane licked my open pussy hard and fast and in between thrusts I pissed as much as I could so Dane would lick harder.

Finally Jeremy blew his hot cock all over the place and Dane turned to lick it. We both showered afterwards and couldn’t quite make out what to think of what we had both done that few days but I knew one thing was for sure, I definitely would be having some more horse cock and puppy cunt licking again in the future…

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