It was about 11pm Sunday night and I was at my parents house watching TV in the living room. I turned down the TV trying to listen in on what was going on upstairs. At first it was a nagging creek that I managed to ignore. Over the past ten minutes the commotion and racket was very obvious. I got up from the couch and walked up the stairs to listen in. I expected to find my sister and her boyfriend locked in their room fucking like horny teenagers. I reached the top of the stairs and saw their door wide open. The thought of seeing my little sister get fucked by her boyfriends big black cock was enough to make me peek my head in for a look. The room was empty and the noise was clearly coming from another bedroom. When it dawned on my it was my parents fucking each other's brains out I was shocked.

My parents were both in their mid 40's and My mom was in really good shape for her age. I've caught a glimpse of her milky white tits a few times catching her on the way out of the shower. She was about 5'8" and a little heavier than average, but I'd play with her rounds ass and tits in a heartbeat.

I stood silently in the hallway outside of their door listening. I stayed out of curiosity not totally believing what was going on. After a few minutes I could hear muffled moans from mom and dad grunting violently as he fucked her into orgasm. Her screams of ecstasy echoed through the hall as I stood there grabbing at my dick. Another wave of screaming and moaning filled the air. Hearing mom cum so loud made my dick so hard. I slid my hand into my pants and started playing with my dick as dad continued to pound her harder. My arm flailed up and down on my dick picturing dad fucking mom from behind burying her face into the bed.

I could feel the cum building up in my balls almost ready to explode. My concentration was broken by a loud guttural moan as my dad beat me to the finish shooting his load inside my mom's pussy. I stayed put for minute or so trying to cum. I was so close, but got spooked when I heard one of them flush the toilet in their bedroom. I quickly gathered myself and scurried back downstairs.

I started to straighten up the kitchen and emptied the dishwasher nervously trying to keep busy. "Oh great!' I thought to myself hearing footsteps walking down the stairs.

"Hey hunny" mom said cheerfully winking at me before heading to the fridge.
"Uh hey mom" I replied.

I looked over my shoulder to see her standing in there wearing an old bathrobe. Her hair was a mess as I would expect after hearing them fuck. I went back to the dishes for a minute before she called my attention back to her.
"Hun do we have any of those fruity yogurts left?" she asked.

"Yea probably on the bottom shelf in the back" I said without thinking. I look back to her again hearing her dig through the fridge. She was bent over at the waist looking for her yogurt. Her robe pulled up to the bottom curve of her ass giving me a great view of her creamy white thighs. She leaned in closer to the fridge pulling her robe up just far enough to reveal her juicy pink pussy. Her legs parted slightly leaving a string of cum clinging between them. My dick got hard instantly as I watched more thick white cum drip from her pussy and run down her thighs. Her silky skin was coated in my dad's cum with more oozing slowly from her lips.

"I guess were all out of yo..." She said as she sprung up and turning around to see my eyes locked on to her still freshly fucked pussy.

"Umm yea I think Sarah had the last one" I said in a panic turning back to the dishes and almost breaking a few in the process.

I stood there closing my eyes tightly hoping she would vanish. I didn't think I'd ever be caught staring at my mom like that. I was mortified thinking she might have even seen my dick pushing against the front of my jeans. The kitchen was completely silent for what felt like an eternity.

I was startled when she finally broke the silence sneaking up behind me.
"Relax hunny it's no big deal' she said softly.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to..." I said before being cut off.

"Really baby I'm not going to get mad at you for looking" she cooed as she hugged me from behind sliding her hands around gripping my chest with her nails.

"Um ok I guess" I stuttered nervously not knowing why she is acting like this. Her hands ran back and forth across my chest holding me a little tighter as her hands moved lower across my abs

"I saw your jeans bulging before you turned around" she whispered into my ear sliding her hands down to my waist.
I gulped not saying a word feeling her hands tug at my belt.

"Did watching daddy's cum dripping out of my pussy get my little man all aroused" she said in a low sensual voice.
"I didn't really see" I said getting cut off again.

"You don't have to lie about it hunny. I knew you were watching me"
"What?" I asked puzzled.

"And I knew you were snooping around outside my room a few minutes ago" she said while digging her nails into my lower abs.
"I was just.."

"Listening to your father fuck my brains out" she cut me off saying exactly what I was thinking.
"I'm never that loud when we fuck but I heard you come up the stairs and stop. I figured you were listening so I made the extra effort to give you a good show." she said playfully.

"It was really hot hearing you scream and cum" I admitted.
"Mmm that's what I wanted to hear baby" she moaned.
"Seeing dad's cum leak out of your pussy and all over your thighs made my dick so hard" I say picturing it in my mind.

"Oh really?" she says as she grabs my swollen dick through my jeans.
"Oh god that feels good" I moan while she squeezes the head of my dick.

"Feels like you are ready to explode!" she laughs before unbuttoning my jeans and sliding them to the floor. I turn around to see her sliding her hand between her legs covering her hand in cum and pussy juice to slide up and down my cock. I thrust forward into her hand wanting to cum so badly. She takes me into her mouth sucking my dick deep into her throat. Her lips felt amazing around the head of my dick and watching her lick my dad's cum from my dick is incredibly hot.

She stands up and kisses me deeply, grabs me by the waist and pulls me towards her. My dick slides between her slippery thighs and brushes her clit as I pin her to the wall.

"I want to feel your dick inside my pussy" She moans in anticipation.
I life up her right leg and push the head of my dick into her soaking wet pussy. Already slick with dad's cum I enter her easily burying my dick deep in her pussy. She lifts her other leg up and wraps them around my waist allowing me to penetrate her deeper.

"Fuck your cock is amazing" She moans "Fuck me harder!"
I thrust deeper and faster slamming her against the wall as I pound into her pussy and squeeze her ass.
"Oh god yes!" she screams bouncing up and down on my cock. "Fuck mommy's pussy"

"yes mom your pussy feels so fucking good" I moan. I push her all the way up against the wall and pump my dick harder and faster with long steady strokes. Mom leans in and sucks on my neck biting me gently.

"Oh fuck mom" I groan feeling my dick throbbing inside of her pussy, fucking her deeper and deeper.
"Oh fuck baby I'm cuming!" She screams. Her pussy tightens around my shaft as I continue to thrust into her orgasming hole
"Oh god! Oh fuck here it comes!" I groan while burying my dick as deep in my mom's pussy as I can. My throbbing dick pumps my hot stick cum into her pussy.
"Fill me with your cum baby boy" she moans as her pussy contracts milking my dick.

"Oh fuck mom!" I scream again shooting another load of cum filling her pussy.
"Your cum feels so incredible in my pussy baby" she says as her pussy pulls the last drips from my cock.

My dick slowly slides out of her pussy letting a stream of cum leak out on the floor. Mom gets down on her knees wipes the cum from the floor with her finger and sucks it into her mouth.

"Mmm you taste just like your father" she smirked. I push my dick into her mouth making my dick throb again. Her plump lips wrapped around my dick as she sucked me dry cleaning her pussy juice from my shaft.

"Gotta get back to bed!" she said with a wink before walking down the hallway and back up the stairs.
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