A Slut's Diary- The Next Day

Hello, my name is Amy, and I'm a brand new slut. I don’t know why I get so turned on posting these stories, but I’m having a blast! The truth is, it's both exciting and terrifying sharing my diary with you and telling you such intimate details about myself on such an explicit and personal level. I have no way of knowing don't even know who is is reading the stories, but it's tremendously erotic imagining that they make your penis hard or your pussy wet and that you're masturbating, or sharing them with your husband, your wife, or your other lovers.

On the other hand (pun intended), if you're reading this, you probably already know how potentially sublime free and open sex without limits can be. You don't know me. You have no other knowledge of me except that I am a slut, and that’s the only way I want you to know me. For you to know me only as a sexual being that can't get enough cock is wonderfully joyous, liberating and exciting. It's as though you know the real me, the essential me, unencumbered with any other information or expectations.

I believe that sex has the power to transform. Think about it. I can be transformed by something as simple as just having my nipples touched. I adore having them touched, pinched and pulled, sucked and nibbled. But it’s much more than that it just feels so good. I adore it. Whenever a lover looks into my eyes and pinches my nipples, I start to change. I start to glow with erotic energy and will do absolutely anything for him my lover desires. I become a total slut, a sexual being with absolutely no inhibitions left. I am transformed by my lover’s touch into a complete sex toy to be used any way he likes, with absolutely no inhibitions left. When my nipples are pinched my need for cock or pussy becomes overwhelming. I feel that I might go crazy if I don't get the sex I crave, and it seems like I have a real physical need for a hard cock. When that happens, I am compelled to be a slut, I must become a whore! 

God, I love being a slut ! I can't believe how much fun I'm having! It's fantastic how incredibly free and light and full of energy I feel since I shed my burden of monogamous prudery and allowed myself the joy of being a slut. Just last night I became a slut when I fucked my new lover Tom for the first time, and then came home covered with his cum and joyfully confessed everything to my husband. Will was delighted that I had fucked another man and joyously licked Tom’s cum from my pussy . He was thrilled that I had become a slut , and we laughed all night long as we fucked , talking about my naughty adventure with Tom .

This morning we awoke in each others arms. Will was already hard and he was gazing at me adoringly. " Good morning, my love. I love you, Amy, my wife . I’ve been lying here watching you, remembering a lovely dream I had last night. I dreamed that you told me you fucked another man and came home with your pussy full of his cum last night. Was it only a dream? Please tell me it wasn’t really a dream! Is it too good to be true that my sweet little wife really has become the a delicious slut I’ve always wanted you to be? Are you really, truly my sweet whore now? "

I gently squeezed his lovely erection. "Yes, my love, it’s true. It wasn’t a dream. I am a slut! I did fuck another man. I fucked Tom last night, and your wife is now your whore. I loved his hard cock and the way he fucked me so wildly! Are you still OK with that? Are you sure you are happy that I am a slut?"

In case there was any doubt, Will’s cock was now rock hard and throbbing . "I'm ecstatic! Look at my cock ! Just thinking of you sucking Tom's cock has me hard and horny ready to fuck you again. But I want you to suck my cock, first. Suck my cock now, my sweet slut. Show me how hungry you are. Show me how my sweet little whore loves to suck cock in the morning ."

I hungrily began to give Will a slow morning blow job, sliding his cock down my throat, looking up into his eyes to make sure he could see how whorishly I devoured his sweet penis. We laughed as I gradually sucked harder and deeper to make Will’s hips involuntarily begin humping my face. As I said, sex has the power to transform. My new sense of confidence and freedom as a slut made me suck wildly, with complete abandon.

“Oh, God! Yes! You’ve never sucked my cock like that. It’s incredible! Yes! Suck it, slut! Suck it, you cock-sucking whore!” I smiled naughtily into my husband’s eyes and swirled my tongue around the head of his cock. Plunging it his lovely hard cock deep into my throat, I nuzzled in his pubic hair, tracing circles in his curls with my nose.

I couldn’t wait for my own release. My fingers had found my clit, and I soon was approaching my first orgasm of the new day. I wanted to cum with my husband, so pulling back from his lovely penis for a second, I licked a finger and lubricated my husband’s asshole. Will moaned as I slipped it in and gradually increased the motion of one finger, then two, finally finding his prostate. As I massaged his sex gland, Will bellowed with the intensity of his orgasm and exploded with a delicious load of cum in my mouth.

The excitement of his semen splashing into my mouth drove me over the edge, and I collapsed onto his penis, driving it deep into my throat as my own orgasm swept over me. I swallowed spurt after spurt of his delicious hot cum, keeping the last of his cum in my mouth. Naughtily, I let just a dribble run down my chin and leaned over to kiss my sweet husband. Licking the dribble of my chin, he shared his own cum with me as I snuggled into his shoulder .

We dozed contentedly for awhile, before Will got up to bring me coffee in bed. We sat in bed and smiled over the steaming cups, laughing and giggling as we talked about our new swinging open marriage. After our coffee and my yummy breakfast of Will's sweet cum, I was ready to fuck again, but Will had a few Saturday morning errands that had to be attended to. While he was gone, I toddled into the bedroom, took a quick shower and luxuriously returned to bed.

The warm morning sun poured through our large bedroom windows and fell across my naked body. I rubbed lotion all over my body as I lay in bed and dreamily recalled the events of the last 18 hours. Leisurely, I began to play with my nipples and finger my clit. Thoughts of Tom’s and Will’s sweet penises whirled through my mind, and I passed into a blissful Zen-like erotic trance.  

I reached for my favorite toy, my vibrator which has a special g-spot stimulator. I can hold it at just the right angle with my thighs and still play with both nipples. The warm sun soon had me in another world, suspended by erotic visions of lush foliage, tropical beaches, waterfalls, and my two favorite cocks. Soon, I was riding rolling waves of gasping orgasms, until I no longer had the strength to hold the vibrator in place between my moist thighs.

Usually I feel calmer after I cum, but since I fucked Tom last night, my orgasms were leaving me feeling even hornier, so I got the wicked idea to call him. I wanted to tell him how happy I was this morning and how much I had enjoyed being his slut and fucking him. I couldn't wait to tell him how excited my husband had been about my becoming a slut whore!   

I dialed his number, and had two fingers deep in my dripping wet pussy when Tom's voice, thick with sleep, answered the phone. "Good morning, lover. How is your sweet cock this morning? He was so hard last night! Is he hard again now? I loved sucking him last night and he felt so wonderful in my pussy. He tasted so delicious. I loved his cum! Is he hard and ready to fuck yet, this morning? Mmmmm, I want him in my pussy again!"

I laughed as Tom groaned in frustration at my teasing. “I always wake up with an erection, you bitch! But even if I didn't have one before you called, I'd certainly be hard now, with you talking like such a slut. It’s hard as a rock!”

It was my turn to moan at not being able to touch his penis. “Mmmm, I want your cock. I want him in my pussy. I want to fuck him right now …” I told him I had just sucked my husband off a few minutes ago, and that I could still taste his cum on my lips. I told Tom that he had to go out and run to the bank before it closes, so he wouldn’t fuck me.

"I’m here in my bed naked, horny and all alone. I’ve been lying here in the sun masturbating, thinking about your sweet penis and how good you fucked me last night. It’s no fair, I want him now! I want him in my mouth! I wish I was with you right now, so I could to wrap my lips around your sweet his cock to give you him a wake-up blow job, too. I’m still hungry. I didn’t get enough cum to eat this morning!”

I giggled, and said that after last night, my best fantasy was that more than anything, I wanted to taste his cum mixed together with my husband's.

“You bitch! You’re such a slut! How can tease me like that, when I can’t even be there to fuck you? If I was there right now, I’d give your cunt such a pounding you wouldn’t walk right for a week!”

“Ooooh, Promise? I’d love that! I want your cock again, lover. Soon!”

Tom moaned in frustration when I said that I couldn't wait to fuck him again, and that it was OK with Will for me to be a slut , and that it was OK with Will for me to be a slut, as long as I followed the rules we had agreed on .

It was true. I couldn’t wait to fuck my new lover again, so I took a step up to a new level of slut-hood. I made a date to go fuck my lover. I didn’t want to have dinner with him. I didn’t want to go out dancing. I just wanted to go to his house and fuck like a whore. “I would be free to fuck you when my husband will be working late Thursday night. I want to fuck you again while he is working. He gave me permission to come over to your house and fuck you while he is busy. May I? May I be your sweet whore again? Will you please fuck me again? Will you please give me your sweet penis? We can suck and fuck for hours Thursday night. I want your big hard cock inside me again. I want you to pin me to the bed and ram you cock in me! Do you want to fuck me, lover? Do you want to bang your cock in my tight hot cunt? My pussy is gushing wet and hot just thinking about it, lover. ”

Tom said that he was stroking his hard cock while he was talking with me, and that we should have sex right then over the phone. “I’m so horny from talking to you, that I’m pouring lotion all over my cock. I’m making my hand almost as slick and slippery as your hot pussy was last night. I loved fucking you, and I can’t wait to fuck you again.” His words had me writhing on the bed, trying to feel his imaginary cock in my cunt.

He said that no woman had ever been such a slut or so wild with for him or fucked him so hard. “I’m pumping my cock, now. Put your fingers in your pussy. Play with yourself while we talk, slut. Tell me what a whore you are and what you want to do with my cock. Make yourself cum for me!”

As if he needed to tell me that! My fingers had been in my pussy the whole time we’d been talking, and I was on the verge of cumming any second.

We were talking about how we had fucked the night before and how much fun and how erotic it had been. “You fucked me so hard! I loved being your whore. You made me feel so wonderfully wild when you slapped my ass!”

My robe had fallen open, and I was slumped in the chair I lay naked in the warmth of the morning sun shining across the bed as we talked . “Your cock felt so good in my pussy, and I loved the way you fucked my ass! I want you to do that again!” I was playing with my nipples, my legs were splayed lewdly open, my fingers were squishing were up in my juicy cunt, and a wanton look of pure lust was was on my face, when my husband Will walked in.

Will grinned in appreciation and excitement when he saw the phone propped against held to my ear. "Don't stop, my pretty little slut wife. You are such a beautiful whore lying there. I love to watch you when you’re being naughty like that. It's Tom on the other end, right?” I smiled in a fog of lust and nodded. “Is he masturbating, too? Did he like sticking his cock in your pretty little cunt? Is he telling you how much he enjoyed fucking my little slut last night?”

Near orgasm, I moaned. “Will’s here. He’s watching me masturbate as I talk to you. He knows I’m talking to you, lover, and that you’re rubbing your beautiful hard cock that was fucking my pussy last night. It makes me feel so fucking nasty, masturbating for my lover, while my husband watches!” I shoved another finger into my pussy.

“You look like such a fucking slut. Your pussy is so wet.” Will unzipped his pants and began stroking his penis. “Did you tell Tom him how wet your pussy is, and how hot you are for his cock?”

I nodded, yes and he slapped my face with his erection. “Tell him again. I want to hear my naughty slut-wife tell her lover how much she wants his hard cock."

It was so thrilling and wicked to be caught like that by my sweet husband. “Tom, my husband is here . He is watching me masturbate while I talk to you, lover. Oh! I feel so nasty! Will, spank me for being such a naughty whore. Slap my ass while I cum!”

Now, I had all four fingers in my cunt, and I couldn’t do anything but just shudder and moan as I rubbed my clit harder faster and  jerked in orgasm. "Yes! I want it, Will! I want Tom's cock ! I want to be a whore for him! Tom, I want your hard cock deep in my pussy ! I love your cock! I loved the way you fucked me! I want him you to pound your big fat cock into my cunt, you fucker! Oh, shit! I'm cumming! Yes! Yes!! I want your cock! I want your cock!! FUCK MEEEEEEEE!! ” I writhed on the bed in orgasm.

“My husband just watched me cum while I was talking to you, Tom. Isn’t that incredibly hot? Oh, God! He's going down to lick my pussy! He’s going to make me cum again, while he listens to me I tell you how I loved fucking you and sucking your sexy cock! His tongue is deep in my pussy. Oh, Tom, you made me feel so good when you fucked me! You fucked me so hard, and your strong cock made me feel so good! My husband is kneeling between my legs, sucking my clit. Oh, I’m in heaven! Tom, your cum is so delicious! I love the way it tastes! I know my husband can still taste your cum mixed with his own cum from last night. Oh, God, I love it! This so nasty! It’s so much fun! I love being am such a slut! I am such a whore! I loved how your delicious cum slid down my throat. I loved how you fucked me, Tom, how your cock filled my pussy and pounded my ass! Oh, Will, Tom, you both fucked me so good last night, you fuckers! Oh! God! Here I go agaaain! Yes! Yes! Yessssss! Fuuuuuuuck!!" I yelled as another huge wave of orgasm washed over me.

Will immediately pulled me and the phone down onto the floor shoved his cock in my pussy and began to fuck me. “Here’s another cock for you, bitch! You love hard cocks in your pussy, don’t you, slut?!” He pounded his penis into me as I continued to cum in a series of rolling orgasms. “Take my cock! Fuck me! Take it you whore!!”

Will hits my G-spot just right, and I came in wave after wave. Tom could hear me grunting, moaning and screaming as Will  fucked me. ”Yes! Fuck me! I’m a whore! Fuck me! Use me! Use my cunt!” I held the phone down by my pussy so Tom could hear the squishing smacking sounds of my husband’s cock fucking my cunt.

“You were such a good slut to suck Tom’s his cock so well and swallow all his cum. I love you, my slut-wife! I love you, my little cock-whore for how good his cock had felt in taking his hard cock deep in your pussy and fucking your lover so well! I’m going to cum in your pussy now, too. Tell Tom, I'm about to cum. Tell him I’m going to fill my whore’s cunt with cum! Tell him to jerk that slut-fucking cock of his and cum with us together. Tell him, bitch!"

For another 20 or 30 seconds couple of minutes the sounds of fucking crescendoed in the room. “Oh, Tom! My husband is fucking me so good! I feel like such a fucking slut while I talk with you as he fucks me. He’s about to cum! Come on, Baby! Cum with us! I’m going to cum, too! Come on, shoot that lovely goo from your beautiful cock! Spray it for me, Baby! Yes! Yes! Shoot it! Fuck me, Will!” As Will and Tom both started to cum I was blinded by another orgasm. 

Afterwards, I could barely speak. "Bye, lover. Bye my sweet cock. Thank you. I'll fuck you on Thursday!"

Will I hung up the phone and I lay snuggled with Will him on our bed. I have never been happier in my life!

Happy Fucking! It is good to be a slut!

To be continued

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