My Dirty Whore of a Mother

By: Wolf Man ReX

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The Story- My name is Andy Westwood. I am a twenty-four-year-old bartender working in a small bar in an insignificant little town called pecan wells.

The story which I am about to narrate to you happened when I was thirteen years old. Back then, I was living with my mother in Springdale, which is about two hours north of pecan wells. Springdale was a quite little town back then with a very few people around. My mother had recently divorced my father and had started to date again. My mother won full custody of me during the divorce. My father never really cared for me and was a sadistic alcoholic. My parents were never happy as far as I could remember. Infidelity was a thing, which occurred with both my parents a lot. My parents had met in high School when they were fifteen years old. My pop got my mother pregnant on the first date itself. They decided to drop out of his school and get married.

As soon as the divorce was finalized, my father moved out of town with some woman. My mother who had no education at all took a job at the local post office. About two months after my parents got divorced my mother started to date again. She was dating men even when she was married but that was done in secret.

My father always called my mother a whore but I had thought it was just because he hated her. I later found out my mother actually was somewhat of a whore. As I said, my mother was dating again and now there was no need to be secretive anymore so she was a little more ostentatious. We moved into a small shack of a house taking what money we had.

I did not care much for school but because my mother forced me, I went. It was the middle of September when she started to bring men into the house. In the house, there was only one bedroom, which my mother and me shared. But whenever my mother brought home men, she would entertain them in the living room only as big about a public rest room.

It was almost midnight when I heard a loud and noisy pickup truck pull up in front of the house. The headlights flashed directly into my room and I knew mama had brought home another man. This was the third one this month and it was only the fourteenth. My mama would leave me home alone and go to bars after I was asleep. In the beginning, she would come home late and a man would always drop her off home at around three or four in the morning. I figured she went to his house but lately she was bringing men here into this small little shack of a house. I had not yet understood what sex was at that point and why people had it. I was only thirteen and had not gotten to sex yet.

Usually when a man came my mother and him would quietly sneak up into the house and then start off. My mama took extra care to make sure I did not find out what she was doing although it was quiet obvious even at that age. However tonight was different as soon as the car engine was turned off I heard them talking loud. I slowly got up out of bed and walked over towards the window. I pulled the curtains aside slowly and saw my mother get out with the man. My mother was laughing loudly and she was also walking awkward so I figured she was really drunk. The man held her hand and directed her towards the front door. She went through her purse and got the key out. She worked on the door for a while before opening it. I ran back into bed as soon as I heard the front door open. I pulled the bed sheets over my head and pretended I was asleep. About a minute or so later my mother came in to check up on me. She lifted the sheets up and shook me to see if I was asleep and then stood there for a while just standing quietly. I made some light snoring noises and pretended I was asleep. She tucked the sheets up until my neck and walked towards the door. I lifted my head slightly and saw her standing there lighting a cigarette. Her back was towards me so she could not see me. She was wearing a tight fiting tank top, which revealed more than it covered. She was also wearing a tiny little denim skirt, which was only an inch, or two below her ass cheeks. She stood there for a minute or two smoking the cigarette and then turned towards me and walked away. She closed the door quietly and walked towards the living room.

Though my mother had brought men home before I had never been awake or interested. Suddenly somehow I had the urge to spy on my mother. I walked towards the door and pushed it back slightly. I heard my mama and the man talking in the living room. I slowly walked out the door and started to crawl along the floor towards the living room. As I got closer, what they were saying became clearer. I was almost towards the end of the hallway when I heard the man say, “Ain’t your kid gonna wake up darling?”

“Don’t you worry about that honey. I put a little something in his dinner to make sure he stays asleep.” My mother said giggling.

My mother had drugged me just so that I wouldn’t bother her while she was fucking some random guy? I was starting to realize that some of the things my father said about my mother were true. I was outraged after hearing what she said. It was a good thing that I hadn’t eaten dinner I thought to myself. I was at the end of the hallway and had to turn to see what was going on. I stuck my head out into the dimly lit and tiny little room. I saw my mama sitting next to a short, bald and fat man. I hadn’t gotten a good view of him when he got out of the car but now I could see him clearly. He was sitting right next to my mama. They were so close that their legs were touching each other. They had a bottle of wine on the floor next to the couch. My mama had a glass with her and so did the man. They tapped their glasses together and started to drink.

For a long time all they did was drink and laugh but after a while, the man put his right hand on my mama’s lap. Though they were turned towards me, I was positive they couldn’t see me because I was lying real low on the floor and the room was really dark. The fat man started to rub his hand up and down her leg as she downed another glass. She put the glass down on the floor and said, “Wanna get busy honey?”

The man just nodded his head and pushed his hand into my mama’s skirt. She stirred a little bit and moved in to kiss him. The man had a rough beard, which covered almost all of his face. I couldn’t see all that well from where I was hiding so I looked around to find another hiding place, which would give me a better view. My mother was panting hard and the man moved in to kiss her harder. He grabbed her curly red hair and pulled on it as he kissed her. My mama gasped out loud like she was in pain but she didn’t stop kissing. I moved in closer to see if I could crawl into the living room to find a place to hide but it was no use. We had no furniture except a couch, an old wooden chair, a small table that held the TV and another small stool. I stuck my head and looked around and saw the ventilation shaft, which faced the couch directly. The vent was low down to the floor and was behind the TV set so it was well hidden. There was a vent in my room also so I decided to take a chance and crawl into it to see if I could reach the vent in the living room.

I crawled back slowly into my room but not before having another look at what my mama was doing. She was still on the couch with her head dipped back as the man licked her neck. I got up off the floor and walked back to my room quietly. I got into my room quietly and locked the door behind. If she came in, I’d have enough time to crawl back from the vent and unlock the door. I got down on the floor by the vent and slowly pulled the cover out. I looked through the vent and saw the light coming out through from the living room. It was only about six or eight feet away. I was fortunately small enough to crawl into it the shaft with any problem. I crawled down as quietly as I possibly could. I moved in slowly and as I reached the end, I heard my mama gasp and moan. I was about half a foot away from the end when I stopped. I knew the shield of the vent would pop off easy so I kept my distance from the end. I stuck my head out and got the perfect view. My mom was sitting only three or four feet away from me on the couch.

She was sitting on the couch with the man who was running his fat stubby hands all over her legs. They were still kissing there sitting on the couch just a few feet away from me. I had an amazing view now a whole lot better than the one I had before. The man had one of his hands inside my mother skirt and another one was running over her tank top. For a while, they kissed like this. I saw them kiss and fondle like that a lot. The man who had been running his hands over her top had now stuck her hand inside her top, which was not that difficult. My mama started to moan louder and harder. She took her hands off his neck and put it on his penis. He shook suddenly as soon as she put her hands on his penis, which must have been swelled up. She rubbed her right hand up and down his pants fast and hard. He began panting louder and louder.

The man released his face off her face and took his hands off her. He fell back on the sofa and my mother started to unbutton his pants quickly. She took his pants off and then she pulled his briefs off. I saw cock, which was not that long or hard. It was sort of fat and swollen but not hard. She held it in her hands and pulled the skin back. The head was swollen up and red in color. As she pulled the cock skin back and forth, he was removing his shirt. After removing all his clothes my mother got up off the couch and stood up with her back to me. She looked at him for a while and he got up along with her. They stood only two feet or more away from her. I was sweating really bad it was a good thing that the heating didn’t work because if it did then the walls of the vents would have been burning hot. They stood close to each other and kissed for a while. After kissing, the man sat back on the couch as my mom stood up right in front of him.

“I wanna see how you move.” The man said as he spread his legs flashing me his cock and balls. The cock, which wasn’t hard, rested on his tights just above his large hairy balls.

“You wanna see me move?” my mama said and started to sway slowly to some imaginary music. Her hips moved from side to side and as she did this, I got a really good view of her ass jumping up and down. The man seemed pleased by seeing this. He had a freaky smile on his shaggy and perspiring face. My mama danced like that for about five minutes.

“Enough.” Said the man as he moved forward and held my mama by the waist. He tried to pull her belt off and push her skirt down. My mama got back a little bit and took her belt off. She threw the belt down on the floor and moved onto taking her skirt off. She pulled it off slowly and there I got the first view of her ass covered by some big ass white cotton panties. It wasn’t like some hot lingerie it was like those period panties. She pulled her tank top off and since her back was to me, I saw her bare back. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She moved in closer to the man who was smiling flashing all his teeth to her. She swayed her hips around again and then got down and took her panties off. As she pulled them off her legs and bent, I saw her pussy lips from the rear. Her ass was huge and had underwear lines and marks on them. After pulling her panties off, she threw them just at the vent face. She turned around there it was, my mothers vagina. She had these large puffy pussy lips, which were covered with bushy red hair.

She got down on her hands and knees and swayed her head around once for the man. Her red hair swayed around as she made her head spin. As she bent down, I got an amazing view of her pussy from the rear, the further she got down the more of her I got to see. She once got down on her elbows, which made her ass cheeks spread up. I got to see her big puckered asshole, which seemed to be swollen and brown in color.

She crawled along the floor and got down towards the man. He moved to one end of the couch and spread his legs. I was really young so I didn’t know what it was all about back then, all I knew was I was some how intrigued and aroused by it. My mama got down near the mans penis and put her hands on his thighs. Since she was slightly turned, I got to see her right breast, which was huge. Her boobs though big were not firm. They were more saggy than firm. She was in between his widely spread legs. He was not sitting straight; he was resting his back on the armrest so I could see a lot clearer. My momma put her hand on his cock first and then she started to run her hands down up and down slowly. She ran her fingers along the fat but limp cock of his. He had his tongue stuck out as she did this. After a while, just playing like that my mother brought her left hand and started to scratch his hairy and sweaty balls with her long red fingernails. He shook and stirred as she started to do this.

For a long time playing gently like this, my momma held his cock in her hands. It seemed so small that it was lesser in length when compared to her middle finger. She held the base of the dangling cock and pulled the skin back. Though the mans cock was tiny his head was big. It was almost like a small swollen strawberry. She pulled it up and down a couple of times. He jumped up and down on the couch as my mama did this. My momma slowly bent towards his cock and to my utter shock and surprise she put it in her mouth. Sex was new to me but still it seemed disgusting even though I knew nothing about it. I saw her bring her mouth out after putting it in and then she took out her tongue and started to lick his head. The act seemed so digusting to me that I thought my mother had gone mad. She licked it up and down and all around again and gain. The man had a freaky grin on his face as he jumped up and down. After my momma had gotten it all slick and wet she looked at the man and smiled up at him. He nodded his head and then my momma in one quick gulp swallowed his whole cock. She moved it in and out of her mouth making loud slurping noises. She bobbed her head up and down really fast. My momma even spat on it a few times and then went back to sucking it. She had been sucking for almost fifteen minutes and now his penis had become harder and bigger.

My mama took her mouth off it, looked up at the man, and said, “Well, Bob was that good?”

The man suddenly got angry and said, “Who the hell is Bob? My name is Leroy?”

“Ohh my god… Sorry sugar. I just don’t know why I said Bob.” My momma said laughing.

The man seemed to be outraged. And so was I. There she was my mother sucking on a mans cock whose name she didn’t not even know. And the thing that angered me most was she didn’t seem sorry about it at all. She still knelt there on her knees spreading her legs and jerking his cock in her hands.

“Look Leroy. I made a mistake I’m really drunk. I forgot your name. Does it really matter? Do you want me to stop just because of that?” she said falling back and sitting on her ass.

“Continue.” He said as he got back resting on the couch.

As soon as he was done saying that, my dirty whore of a mother was back on her knees sucking mercilessly on his cock. She shoved it deeper and deeper and as she did this the harder his cock got. It got harder and bigger but it was still less than five inches. They had somehow built a rhythm of it now. As my momma got in deep, he would fuck her face hard. They were working in unison for while till my momma pulled her mouth off. When my mama pulled her mouth off his cock I heard a faint popping sound. She opened her mouth and long strands of liquid started to pour out. Then I thought it was his sperm but it turned out to be her saliva.

My momma sat down in front of him for a while catching her breath. She then got up and turned around. She was now directly facing me. I was afraid she might see me being so close and so direct and all. She bent over and she was only a foot or more away from me. I wondered what she was doing but then soon figured it out when she said, “What do you think? You wanna fuck me now?”

She was flashing him her hole. As she bent over, I could see her heavy and huge tits dangle over just in front of me. All I had to do was push the vent lid off and my mama’s tits would have been in my hands. I had never felt arousal or excitement like this before so it was all so new and exciting to me. I knew some basic things but not much at all. My mama swayed her hips and smiled as the man behind her admired her vagina. She gasped and moaned now and then. Since I could not see, what he was doing all I could guess was he was touching her vagina. I could see my mother smiling as he touched her. She giggled and laughed as he did something back there to her.

After playing for a little while my momma got back up and sat down on the couch next to the man. They both kissed for a few minutes and then my momma lay down on the couch. She said to the man, “Fuck me.”

The man got up off one corner and my momma moved herself straight on the couch. He got on top of her and tried to penetrate her but there was no room there. My momma got up and lay down on her belly but still it was no good. Then the man said, “Lets do it on the floor. We can’t here.”

I almost crawled back out of the vent when I heard this but I was positive they couldn’t see into this dark little vent. I just had to be careful not to make any noise. I did move back a little just to be on the safe side. My momma got up off the couch along with the man and moved towards the TV. I just froze when she moved TV aside and got down right next to the vent. She was only a foot or more away from me now. She laid down on her back and spread her legs. The man was rubbing his dick for some reason.

She sat there just waiting for him. My mama’s legs were just beside the vent and her open vagina was only a few inches away. I knew I shouldn’t have but I lost control. I moved closer to see her. There it was my mother’s open vagina in all its glory. I didn’t get a full view but only a partial and side view. I could only see her right pussy lip. Since her lips were bright pinkish color, it stuck out luridly. Her entire crotch area was covered with a thick coat of sort of light brownish or red colored pubic hair.

I moved in closer and closer to get a view. I was only six or more inches away from the vent shaft now. I could see her start to stroke herself as she laid there. The man was still rubbing his penis trying to get it to stand up. She lay there on the floor sticking her fingers inside one by one. I was so close that I could smell something faintly. It was sort of dirty and foul but still good. She took her entire hand in there to my amazement. She started to move it in and out fast and hard now. She had shoved her whole hand in there now. Her entire right fist was soaking wet and shining from her vagina juices. My mother started to shake a little bit and moan now.

Just as my mother was moaning, the man got down on the floor and moved in with his cock. They were just inches away from me but didn’t know it. I had an amazing view of it all. He moved down on his knees, raised my momma up, and positioned his cock there at her vagina entrance. She moaned gently as he pushed in slowly bit-by-bit. He pushed the head inside and the rest all eased in effortlessly. He pushed hard only a couple of inches and he was completely in. My momma began to move before the man did. She moved herself back and forth to nail herself. The man also began to fuck her now. They worked in unison just like the time she sucked his cock. It was sort of slow and gentle in the beginning but it became really fast a little while later.

For about five minutes they fucked like this then they changed positions. My momma got down on her elbows and knees and the man got down behind her. In this position, I could clearly see my mama’s dangling tits , which I was starting to crave now. I just wanted to jump out and play with them but didn’t have the courage to do it. Somehow, this position seemed better for them both. They could go in deeper and harder by the looks of it. My momma was also liking this position, she was moaning more and moving faster now. They did this for about ten minutes and then they changed positions again.

It was the same style but they changed the place. My momma was resting her hands on the couch’s end and the man was now in front of the vent. This was extremely disgusting to me. I now had a view of the mans sweaty and hairy ass. He clenched his buttocks as he fucked my momma who was half way on the sofa half on the floor. The mans ass was so damn close to me I felt like vomiting then and there. They kept fucking for almost five minutes. My momma was being slammed into the couch pretty hard by the man. Every time he fucked her, the couch shook making a loud thumping noise. They almost knocked it off a couple of times.

It had now been ten minutes in this position. The man was moving faster and was grunting more and so was my mama. The man suddenly jumped off my mother and screamed, “I’m Cuming…!!!Ohhh lord I’m Cumming…!!!”

I didn’t understand what he was saying… “Coming? Coming where? He was already there…” were the thoughts that passed through my mind.

My momma hearing him got up off the ground stumbling and knelt down in front of his cock. They were pretty close to me now about a foot or more away. I wondered why my momma knelt there with her mouth open looking up the man. It seemed funny to me at the time seeing her like that. He pulled and tugged on his cock and then suddenly he grunted out loud and then this sticky and gluey sort of liquid shot out of him. One after the other they kept shooting out of his pee hole. I had never seen anything like this. My momma had her mouth open but the first two landed on her face over her nose and eyes but she managed to catch the next two in her mouth skillfully. She took his cock in his mouth and sucked it dry.

I kept looking as they both stood there gasping and panting. After a while, the man fell back on the couch and my momma fell next to him. She still had that liquid on her face, which I later came to know as sperm or cum. I was expecting to see her wipe it off or something but she took her hand scraped it off and took in her mouth licking it all up. She licked her fingertips and fell down on the mans chest. They lay there silently for a while and then I heard snoring so I guessed they were asleep.

I watched for a few more minutes admiring my mother’s naked and sweaty body. After a while, I slowly made my way back into my room. I put the vent shield back on and walked towards the door to unlock it. I went back to bed after leaving the door slightly open just like the way momma left it. I lay there in bed just thinking about what I had just witnessed. I still could not believe what had happened. I could feel something new and strange build up inside me towards my mother. It was about four or four thirty in the morning when I heard them talking gain. I was still not able to asleep. I tried to make out what they were saying but could not achieve that. After a few minutes, I heard the front door open and then close. I opened my eyes and saw the headlights of the mans truck drift off as he drove away. I knew my mother would soon come and join me in bed so I tucked myself I and pretended to be asleep.

I lay there pretending to be asleep for about five minutes when the door opened and my mama stumbled in. I had my head turned so I did not actually see her. I heard her cough and make some noises a couple of times and then she closed the door. She walked into bed bumping and running into a few things on the way. She jumped down on the bed next to me. She got under the sheets and snuggled close to me. It was then that I found out she was completely naked. I could feel her warm skin pressing against my back. Her pointy nipples were pushing at me like eraser tips. She wrapped her legs around mine and then drifted off to sleep. I could feel her naked legs as they wrapped around me. She had her arms around me tight as she hugged. I lay there in total shock for god knows how long. After a long time my momma let go of me and fell on her back. I slowly and cautiously moved to look at her and there she was my mother sleeping next to me completely naked.

We had slept in the same bed a lot in the past but I do not ever remember her being completely naked. I turned towards to get a better look and man was she sexy. She had the sheets only until her belly so her top was completely exposed. I looked at her tits for a long time and then decided to get a feel of them. This could have been my only chance so I decided to go for it. I moved my left hand slowly over her right boob and touched it with my index finger. I poked it and it felt amazing, sort of like Jell-O. I poked it a couple of times and ran my fingertips over the surface of her large bulky breast. Her nipples were not standing up like before but still they seemed nice. I took my index finger, thumb, and gave her left nipple a little pinch. Suddenly mother shook and turned to her side. Her back was now towards me. I had screwed my chance up but not before a getting a decent feel. I looked down and saw that she was not completely naked after all. She had put her underwear back on. The smell of alcohol was really strong as she took breaths filling the room.

The rest of the night I spent running my hands over her back until her ass cheeks. I was sad that I did not get to touch her more but was hoping for more chances like this in the future. I must have drifted off some where I do not remember but the next thing I remember my mama was waking me up to have breakfast.

It was around 9:30 or something when my mama was shaking me telling me to get up. She was wearing an oversized T-shirt and nothing else hopefully. I never looked at my mother the same way again. My entire life changed after that night. I was actually hoping that my mama would bring more men home and she did two or more every week. I did not miss a single show ever again.

My mama sadly passed away three years ago. But before she died, I got what I was looking for. We spent the last year of her life together having a very intimate relationship but that is another story…

In loving memory of Katherine Leigh… I will not forget you Katie…

“Infernus specto”

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