She bent down slowly and the tip of her tongue started licking inside my foreskin. She did this slowly and softly. I had never had this done to me before and I suddenly felt as if was about to orgasm. My body started tingling so I thrust my cock forward into her mouth and started fucking her face. She was so sexy and I had been waiting for this moment so long that I just cummed straight away. I pulled my dick from her lips and jerked all over her, my hot cum spilling over her face. I had never cummed so much that literally her whole face was covered. She smiled and started licking her lips for all of my thick and creamy spunk.

She looked so fuckable whith her big tits, nice round ass and a perfectly tight pussy, so I still had a hard erection. I rubbed by cock against her face until my cock was covered in my own spunk. Then she started licking off all the cum and then started sucking my dick. She sucked it faster and faster and deeper and deeper. then she squeezed both my massive balls into her mouth and started sucking on them.

I had never summed twice in a row before but I had never felt so horny before and I couldn't resist ramming this little bitch . So I pulled by balls out from her mouth and turned her around and bent her over the bed. "Fuck me, fuck me now," she screamed, her round ass jiggled on the bed.

I didn't hesitate to stuff my big cock right up her sexy little ass hole and fuck her hard. My balls where swinging against her body so fast that they made a loud slapping noise. "Oh, fuck me harder, fuck me faster" she sighed as I pulled my cock out of her ass and turned her onto her back.

Her tight pussy was just lying there looking so beautiful and tight and I shoved my cock right in then and pounded it. I went so deep and it was so tight that it pinched my ball bag and my pubes but I didn't care because it felt so good.

Then I felt her hot cum all over my did that lubricated it all up and I went faster and faster and then pre-cum flowed from my penis. I was so turned on that I pre-cummed more than I usually cum and it sent a mini-orgasm up inside me.

We fuck harder and faster until we were both covered in sweat and were panting. But she still screamed, "Yes, yes yes! Give it tome, that feels fucking good, oh yessss!". We had been going for about half an hour until I finally felt my body tingling with the sense of an oncoming orgasm.

I pulled out my dick and knelt over her face. She grabbed my throbbing cock and started jerking me of so fast. She rubbed my balls with one hand and worked my cock in the other so that that my long foreskin was a blur.

Then my whole body felt as a lighting og orgasm had been sent through it and I cummed even more than I did before. I felt like a hose of cum as it sprayed all over her face and tits.

She lay there covered again in my hot cum and it was my best fuck ever.
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