It was the end of a student night,my flat mates and I were pretty drunk it was our first night out all together since starting in our second term at college.

While making my way to the exit of the club I bumped in to this tall,dark good looking guy he smiled down at me and our eyes locked..I was instantly attracted to him,we started chatting while people around us was making there way out of the club pushing passed,I didn't care I wanted to keep chatting to Dan,he was so hot.

flatmates were making there way out of the club so Dan and I followed slowly behind chatting in the que for our jackets then continuing to chat outside.

My flatmates left to go to a party,I told them I would get a cab and follow on. Then Dan kissed me it was hot,people were passing by on there way from the club,heading home or on to party's but we just stayed there kissing,we walked a bit further along the road then Dan pulled me in to a shop doorway and we kissed some more.

He put his hands up my top and cupped my breasts,I felt embarrassed being outside with people and cars passing us by. I knew they could see us.

He was getting right in to it,pulling my top up, hands in the cups of my bra until my tits were exposed to the passers by and the cold night air,I pulled at my top to cover myself but Dan brushed my hands away so his mouth could suck on my rock hard nipples while his head was at my tits I could see people passing by looking at us,at me!

lets go..... I whispered in Dans ear

I pulled my top down and we walked on,getting closer to my flat.

At the entrance to my flat we kissed some more,Dan told me I was making him hot,

I felt pretty hot myself our kissing was intense and it was making me wet.

He asked if he could come in. It took us ages to get to the 3 floor as we couldn't keep our hands of each other on the way,stopping to kiss, Dans hands on my ass and feeling my tits,it was hot.

I let us in,my flatmates were still out partying..we kissed in the hallway, Dan said he wanted to fuck me. I felt butterflies in my stomach, a mix of excitement and nerves.

I led Dan to my room and we kissed some more against my door.he ran his hands over my tits,then lifting my top up over my head so I was standing in my bra,then he put his hand up my skirt,brushed his finger over the fabric at my pussy,making me shiver with excitement and anticipation.

I knew my panties were wet.

He Pulled my skirt down till it fell to the floor.

now standing in just my underwear I felt exposed,Dan kissed my neck,then pulling my bra straps down my arms until my bra fell away from my tits,landing on the floor... he made his way to my nipples again sucking hard, first paying attention to my right nipple then my left. It felt good.

I had a secret though and I didn't know when to tell it.

Dan took his top off, I ran my hands over his firm,muscly body.

Then he opened the buckle of his belt,unbuttoned his jeans and let them drop to the floor.

He was so hot standing in his tight boxers I could see the outline of his big had cock...

Dan led me over to my bed, I sat down on the end

I have to tel you something,I said, as Dan muffled my words with another hungry kiss.

I'm a virgin........There I said it, It was out,I felt even more nervous though....

Dan didn't say anything,so I said it again,he shushed me.

put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down so I was lying on my bed,he Kissed my tits, sucked hard on my nipples,then kissing all the way down my stomach,he pulled my pants down over my thighs,I felt exposed.

I asked Dan what he was doing,

I'm going to eat your virgin pussy babe....I was so nervous

Dan parted my legs,and he took a good look at my pussy

You got one neat little pussy he said as he lowed his face down in to it.

I gave a gasp as I felt his tongue go inside me, It felt so wet, he licked all around my pussy lips and flicked his tongue over my clit, I felt warm and tingly,a intense rush came through me,my pussy was pulsing.....It felt so good,Dan spent a long time licking me out,until I felt my cum running to the crack of my ass.....then bam my first orgasm.

When Dan came up for air he asked if I was ready for my fist cock.....

Yes,Yes, I wanted it, I felt so good

He rubbed his finger over my pussy, he wanted to make sure I was wet enough to take his cock.

he leaned over me,my legs were spread,he got himself in to position for fucking me taking his hard cock in his hand he rubbed his end over my clit slowly teasing me getting me wet,then he pushed his cock deep in to my pussy.

I gasped as a sharp pain shot through my lower body,it felt like I was being stabbed.

The pain was so intense. Dans eyes were closed, he was pumping away at me, moaning breathing heavenly.

baby your so tight,your wet and tight baby

your virgin pussy's loving my got such a tight pussy

Dan was clearly enjoying this more than I was....

He thrust in and out until I felt his hot cum fill my pussy

When he pulled out of me, he wiped his blood cover cock of on my bed sheet,which was covered with cum.

It didn't feel like I thought it would,I told him It felt better when he had his face in my pussy.

He said it was the best fuck he had in a long time.

He told me to relax and he slipped his finger in to my pussy, this felt better.

he finger fucked me until I felt cum dripping from my pussy again.

Dan asked if I wanted his cock hurt so bad though.

Dan spread me legs, wider this time and gave me his cock a little at a time until he was fully inside me again, fucking me a little harder this time sucking on my tits as he pumped my pussy...It didn't feel as sore this time,I took his cock and moved in time with his thrusting,he put my legs up over his shoulders so that he could go even deeper in to my virgin pussy I could feel his hard cock fill me right up,he fucked me for longer this time,crying out

yes.....I love your tight pussy,take it you virgin..... my pussy felt sore.

when he left I took my cum soaked sheets to the wash,my flatmates were still out.


felt good,I wasn't a virgin anymore....there was no stopping me now....

The next day I went in to town and got my first vibrator.... 14 inches of plastic for me to practise with.

I waited until I had the flat all to myself, I lay down on my bed in my underwear and thought about the night before with Dan.

I felt my Big 34DD tits...... cupping them with my hands,I pulled my bra off and rubbed my nipples until they became hard under my fingers. I pinched one then the other then I pinched them a little harder they were a direct link to my pussy.

I felt myself getting wet,I took my new toy and slipped it in to my pants down between my legs, parting them a little...I rubbed the tip of the vibrator over my clit until I felt my pussy was wet enough to take it.

I pushed the vibrator deep inside my pussy my hips rising up as It went inside me.

it felt so good, I slipped the vibrator in and out of my pussy until I got a good rhythm going...Then I flicked the switch that tipped me over the first the buzz was loud in the silence of my room, but I didn't care, I was in heaven I didintl ast long before I felt my cum dripping from my pulsing pussy....This was one toy I was going to enjoy using on my non virgin pussy!!!!

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