Unsatisfied Lusty Horny Bhabhis

By Loverboy.



One day I went downstairs and knocked the door, after some time the door was opened by Baby’s son, both the children were ready to go to school and Prakash had already left for Morning shift, they asked me to sit down since their mother was in Puja and left, as the children went out  I entered the Pooja room to see that Baby had only a piece of cloth around her she was totally naked, she was surprised to me and shouted at me to go away, she got up when the piece of cloth she was covering fell off showing her lovely assets, this made me mad and I just embaraced Baby and started kissing her and started roaming my hands on all her body, at first instance she allowed me to caress her but after some time she shouted me to get out of the house, I had to leave but knew that she was on heat and sooner or later she would be in bed with me.


Next day again at the same  time went down and knocked the door, it was open and went inside and heard Baby taking bath, pushed the bath room door and saw the sexy damsel naked taking bath, she turned and asked me to go away, I was almost 2 feet away, Standing this close to her, I could smell the fragrance of her hair, the light scent of her perfume, sense her warm body against me. For several more seconds we stood there looking into each other's eyes. Unable to read her expression I slowly lower my lips to hers softly letting my lips press against hers as she embraced me fully, letting me feel her generous boobs crushed against my chest. Not wanting to break contact with her, I started stroking her neck and head, running my fingers through her hair, massaging her tense muscles. I felt her start to relax and loosen up under my ministrations. Feeling a little bolder, I nuzzled closer in her neck and gave her several little soft kisses behind her ear. I felt and heard Meena moan softly, and her hands and arms started to subtly change their motions. Instead of just clinging to me, she started to return her stroking and massaging.  She kissed back with the experience of a hundred women. I stood still as her tongue worked its magic in my mouth, licking the insides of my oral cavity, tasting my breath until I was panting for her. When we broke the kiss, she moved her head back a little and we searched out each other's eyes. There was fire in her eyes, something I had not seen before  She pulled my shirt out of my pants and unbuttoning it pulled it off me as I kicked off my shoes and socks. Loosening my belt unsnapped my pants and let the zipper down letting my pants drop to the floor. My cock was pushing out past my underwear and she massaged my erection with her hands, looking into my face and said, " I want to do this."   I pulled her and buried my face between the valley they create and inhaled the warm sweet scent as my mouth slides across and licks around. She gasp and throw her head back, savouring the feel of my teeth gently biting them while her hand held me close to her, no pressure, just a light touch to know she wanted this too I gently sucked a nipple into my mouth flicking it with my tongue. Her deep moan told me I found one of her spots. I attacked her boobs with fury. Sucking, nibbling, biting, trying to pry and probe every pleasure spot around her breasts. With a grunt, Meena’s hand slid downward, her fingers stopping at the waistline of my underwear. I held my breath a moment, as she slipped her hand, palm flat against my skin, under the waistline and between my body and my cock. She stopped moving then without a word, she slipped her hand around my shaft, getting a tight grip almost squeezing it. I felt warmth throughout my body, and I groaned low in my throat. She held me in her hand, while I continued suck and nibble her nipples. We just stayed that way, neither of us changing our position, for a few minutes enjoying the moment. I could feel every bit of her movement, I was feeling her rub, every bit of it and it was giving me a monster erection, the kind people refer to as 'throbbing'. My left hand travelled over her belly and down between her legs -- her thighs parted as my fingers inched closer to find her already wet pussy. I stroked my finger over her wetness, sliding up to press against her clit then down over her wet lips. "Please," she gasped, "Yes, there, right there," as my fingers moved. I dipped the tip of my finger into her, she moaned loudly. "Oh yes, put it inside me. Finger me!" I slowly slid my finger in and out of her wet pussy.
Every time I pulled my finger out, I would circle her clit giving it a couple flicks then dipping my finger back into her pussy. Her breathing became heavy and I kept teasing her until she started begging. Her breathing became heavy and I kept teasing her until she started begging. "Just do it." Meena(Baby) almost pleaded. "I want to feel you inside me." I smiled back at her and said, "What is the hurry, "I want to take it slow and easy. " She dropped on bed pulling me with her.   fuck me now, I can not wait." she huskily instructed. Placing my lips against hers, I sucked her tongue hungrily into my mouth. Meena’s moans and pleading now lost inside my own throat as we continued grinding our bodies against one another. Breaking the kiss she began breathing noisily through her mouth... "Oh   fuck me now" She ordered with fire in her eyes as she reached down and grasped my dick in her hand. I traced my mouth over to her ears and whispered, "I can't believe this is happening, I want to taste you," I said, "I want to lick you and tease you with my tongue and my lips."   Her chest was moving slowly up and down; I found it exciting just to watch her breathe. I wondered how her lucky Prakash was to have such a sexy pleasureable wife.   I used my hands to pull her up in sitting position. With her feet's touching floor, I pushed her gently back and spread her legs. Kneeling on the floor between them, I placed my arms under her legs & lifted her knees so they are resting lightly over my shoulders. I looked at her pussy; I found the smell of her womanly aroma mixed with some lovely fragrance rising from her pussy very invigorating. "You have a very pretty cunt" I told her. "You like it? I am happy," she said. Setting the position right I carefully spread the lips of her shining pussy. She raised her head, stared at me as I slowly lower my head, and extended my tongue to lightly lick around her inner lips. At the first contact of my tongue her hips lifted off the bed almost as if hit by a bolt of lightning. "Uhh... ohhhhhh... oh god... I'm... I'm going to come," she moans. I licked up and down both sides of her pussy before gently circling the erect nub of her clit. "Ohhhh... ohhhh... what are you doing... what are you doing to me?" she wailed. I lightly pull her clitoris between my lips and suck on it gently. Baby begin to vigorously rub her pussy against my mouth... her hips rising several inches off the bed... "Unhhhhhhh... Unhhhhh... I'm... I'm Noooooooooo!!" Baby yelled as I continue sucking her clit into my mouth.   Let me taste you fully." Her shouts continued as my head returned to her pussy she used both her hands to pull my head against her pussy... bouncing her ass several inches off the bed as she rode out her climax. "No more... no more... I can't stand any more," she pleaded as she used my hair to pull my mouth away from her drenched pussy. Not giving any consideration to her shouts I reached for her g-spot moving my finger alongside of my tongue as I continued sucking on her lips and clit. Her whole body arched up off the bed, and she pushed my head into her wetness and she came with a massive shudder and a squirt driving my fingers as deep as they could go in her pussy with the combination groan/scream that came from her mouth. I could feel her pussy muscles clench and release on my fingers during the initial orgasm and then several 'aftershocks'. Her chest rises and falls rapidly as she strives to get her breathing under control. Raising her head slightly she looks down at me... my head lying against her thigh as I stare back into her eyes. "Come hear," she breathlessly pleads. She pulled me up to her and whispered, , come fuck me now." "All good things come to those who wait." I replied gently pulling her over bed and positioning her properly. We both looked at each as I positioned myself over her, my cock lying just against the opening of her warm, inviting pussy. I looked up at her face, she was getting anxious. Not wanting to disappoint, with one strong stroke, I plunged deep inside her steaming, wet pussy. I started pumping slowly, bringing myself out so that just the tip of my dick was inside her, and then plunging back, deep and hard inside her. After few minutes of slow pumping, I paused, lowered my mouth slowly to her breasts, and began to lick and tug at her nipple. Baby drew in sharp breaths with each flick of my tongue against her hard nub of flesh, moaning and quietly whispering and began to slowly rock her hips... the stimulation of her clit rubbing against my pubic bone caused her to close her eyes from the intensity. at that moment someone knocked the door and called Baby, immediately we covered ourselves and I hid under the bed, in the hall, Meena (Baby) opened the door it was Shyam her first lover, she welcomed him inside and took him inside the bedroom making my safe exit out of the house.


For next few days was busy with work going early in the morning and coming home late, but in evenings Baby or Sridevi would be watching for my return and would come to me and request for some time to be spent with them.


One day Baby called my office and asked for me and asked me to come home earlier since her children and husband had gone to their native to attend a urgent function and would be arriving late in the night so the coast was clear, I reached home around 7 instead of daily 9 o clock.  I knocked the door Baby opened it I asked her to come upstairs and went. Baby came to me and hugged me and said

That the session the other day was incomplete and was not satisfactory since Shyam had come.

 I want to fuck your sweet cock again. I saw the glazed look in her eyes, fierce with determination that she was about to give my cock a good hard ride. "Come on Baby ride my hard cock.”" Can I taste it first?" she asked. I'm sure it was just a rhetorical question, as she took my cock into her mouth again. "Do you like that?" she asked, looking up at me." It feels amazing," I said. Baby bent down again and my cock jumped when I felt her tongue lick the very tip of it, then slide around the head coating it with her saliva. I felt her tongue trail down to the base and onto my balls before retracing her route to the head of my cock taking it into her mouth and gave a moan gulping my cock into her mouth. She made currents pass through my brain as she sucked my cock with a lot of care and kindness. She treated me like a child. I pushed my hips upwards to help her take my cock deeper into her mouth. She apparently didn’t need any help as her mouth slowly sank further onto my shaft. Her mouth began a slow rhythm up and down, tightening her grip on my pole then lathering it with her tongue and lips. My hips bucked faster as the sensations of her sucking coursed through my body. The sensation is getting to me now I knew if she continued for couple of more minutes I would come so pushing her head I instructed “that's it , slide that pussy up and down my cock" I saw the glazed look in her eyes, fierce with determination that she was about to give my cock a good hard ride as she reached between her thighs and guided my cock to the entrance of her pussy. I looked down at her hand, watching it grasp my hardness and rubbed it lightly over her slit. I moaned again from the feeling of my cock sliding over her slippery skin. As she teased her cunt with my cock, I grabbed her breasts in my hands, squeezing them lightly before placing them on her hard nipples. I saw her eyes close and her head roll back as I fingered each nipple. As I pinched each protruding bud, she moaned loudly and began to slowly insert my cock into her tunnel. As her tits were hanging in front of me, I buried my head into them, almost suffocating. God they were huge!! As I roughly handled them with my hands and tugged on her nipples with my teeth, she sank all the way down on my cock. She leaned back, chest out, with a look of total pleasure on her face. Slowly working her way up and down, her cunt gripped my cock like a vise. Getting in a good rhythm, she got her feet under her, squatting over me and started bouncing up and down furiously on my cock. Those huge tits were bouncing so violently, they could have knocked somebody out! Up and down her body bounced, moaning with each thrust of her cunt back onto my member. I saw one of her hands move between her thighs, rubbing her bouncing pussy lips. Her head rocked back and forth as she moaned and groaned continuously, breathing heavy from the heavy fucking. Her body stiffened, hips pumping up and down, head thrown back as her body was overcome with her orgasm. I grabbed her stiff nipples and held them, watching her body gyrate above me. My cock throbbed and erupted into her warm moist pussy bouncing above me. My eyes shut tight as a few more spurts came out. She collapsed in my arms, her body still shaking. I felt her nipple’s bore into my chest, her head resting on my chest under my chin. My hands lightly stroked her back, feeling it rise and fall from her heavy breathing. Both of our bodies, drenched in sweat, began to return to some normalcy.  

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