This is the second installment of a trio of completely fictional stories. If you haven’t read ‘Little Ana’ yet, you may want to check that out first here:


A few days had gone by since my experience with Ana and life had continued normally. Ana confirmed that Allina heard us going at it, but hadn’t said anything yet because she couldn’t figure out exactly what was going on between us. Although Allina was younger than her sister, she’d seen enough TV to understand the value of leverage. Allina assured me that they’d talked and worked it out and that she wouldn’t be saying anything to anyone. Curiosity had me by the balls…I really wanted to know what went down between the two of them, but Ana wouldn’t reveal anything to me…only that I’d be very happy. Shit, at this point, anything that didn’t involve the authorities would make me happy.


My sister-in-law and mom-in-law had come over after a Pop Warner football game earlier in the day for lunch and brought the girls. No swimming today, though. Not quite sure what was going on, but little Allina kept looking at me funny…anger?...disappointment? I couldn’t quite place it. Regardless, it was a nice, although short, lunch. Reina, the sister-in-law, asked me if I could watch Allina while she took Ana to a dental appointment. Mom-in-law would be going as well to do some shopping while they were at the dentist. Allina didn’t want anything to do with a dentist office or shopping for old-lady clothes so she decided to stay with me. How incredibly convenient… a fantasy loomed, but so did the football game. I hadn’t decided how hard I wanted to work at getting Allina into the sack…especially since she seemed angry with me. I finally decided I could just record the game and watch it later. With my wife returning from Mexico within the next month or two, I wasn’t sure how many more opportunities would arise for me to spend with the girls.


After the other girls had been gone for about thirty minutes, Allina moved closer to me as I was stretched out on the couch. I was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans that showed off my athletic body. Allina, being a Pop Warner cheerleader, was still wearing her super cute, white cheerleader uniform with blue trim, white sneakers (the ones that look a little too big, but are really sexy on little girls), and very short socks that were hidden by her shoes. She was 4’6” and just shy of 70lbs and would be no match for me at 6’2” and 205lbs. Her thick, silky black hair hung loosely down to her knees. She was very proud of the fact that her hair never been cut. She was stunning for a eight year old..well, as stunning as a twelve year old girl can be. I especially loved Allina’s very shapely legs…they were solid, but not fat. I often fantasized about having them wrapped around my head…today could be the day. They were trim and softly muscular, with well defined calves and narrow Achilles’ tendons that disappeared into her shoes. Her skin was darker than her sister’s, and she had put on some fancy makeup on her face, arms and legs that made her skin shimmer.


As she lay down next to me, she wasn’t very shy. She nudged and adjusted her way in tight next to my body. I just lay there, waiting to see where this was going to go. After a few minutes, she whispered quietly, “Can you make me feel as good as you did Ana?” I asked her what Ana had told her. After confirming everything, I realized my fantasy was about to come true.


We didn’t waste any more time…even though Ana was going to the dentist, I didn’t want to risk running out of time with Allina. We both shed our clothes, except Allina left her top and her shoes and socks on as I asked. She had sexy little tan lines. I had…well I had an incredibly athletic body, hairless and flawless tan skin and a thick, heavy, eight inch cock.


I couldn’t wait to explore this child. Picking her up, I carried her to a big, soft chair. I moved between her legs quickly, bringing my favorite fantasy to life. Reaching underneath her and cupping her firm, round butt, I used my wide shoulders to spread her legs apart. She squealed with girlish joy as I stuffed my face into her crotch. I lapped at her little pussy and happily sucked on it as she squirmed. I let my saliva coat her pussy as I tried feverishly to jam my tongue inside of her. Her giggling stopped and gave way to moans of pleasure. My cock was growing in size and as I held her thighs far apart, I almost came immediately as her legs quivered and snapped tightly against my ears. I pulled her firm thighs against my head while I fed. I’d thought about this moment on almost a daily basis for over two years. I couldn’t believe I was ready to come, but I had to hold off – I had to see how far I could take this. I wanted her to come again and again on my face. I shoved my face deeper into her little pussy. I was licking and sucking at a feverish pace, shaking my head back and forth, trying to get deeper. Her hips started vibrating and she bucked her hips viciously, her thighs slamming down on my head tightly, trying to twist my head off. I lost control, and it was totally worth it. Sitting and leaning backwards between my legs, I grabbed my cock and aimed it up towards her as I spasmed and jerked several loads of thick white ropes of cum up onto her tiny body. Stretching from her crotch to her neckline, my semen and sperm covered her fully. She jumped down and licked my cock enthusiastically, keeping me rock hard.


Apparently, Ana really had told her everything as she jumped up and ran to my bathroom to get the body oil and met me on the bed. Running back, she poured an excessive amount into her palm and started running her hands all over my smooth, tight body. She ran her hands slowly over the smooth skin of my pecs and abs. Her fingers traced their way across my lower abs, making me flinch, and twitch, my cock jumping up and down excitedly. She moved her hand to my cock and started stroking it with well-oiled tiny hands. Up and down she went, covering the whole thing until it glistened obscenely. Taking the bottle away from her, I took my time rubbing her tiny body with the oil, up and down her back, covering her arms and legs, and slid my slick hands between her thighs and butt cheeks.


I had her lay on her stomach while resting on her elbows. As I straddled her, I reached underneath her arms and held her small wrists to use as anchors and keep her from sliding away from me. My cock started throbbing uncontrollably as it rested on top of her smooth butt. The urge to start sliding it back and forth was irresistible. She was so small, that at the top of my stroke my cock was almost halfway up her back. I might have to rethink the whole idea of actually fucking her after all….what a buzz kill.


She reached behind her back and used her hand to massage my cock with more oil. The feeling of her hot, silky smooth skin and the friction of our lubed bodies rubbing together was quickly becoming unbearable. I was thrilled to see her dark tan body glistening with oil. I lay back down on top of her, taking up the same position as before. She turned her head slightly and we kissed fully before I moved forward, instinctively sliding my cock between her tight round butt cheeks. Her head was resting on a pillow and barely reached my chest. She was so little, but her body was warm and heat from the friction was amazing.


As I moved faster, she started raising her butt up a little more, creating more pressure between us. I could feel my cock catching a little before releasing and sliding free again. I wasn’t entering her, but the added friction felt incredible. I idolized this little girl, the fact that she had no idea just how beautiful and sexy she was. As I slid forward, she’d raise her hips and then drop back down. I rose up on my hands so I could get a better view of our bodies moving together.


She rose up on her elbows, her tummy still on the floor, her hips raised up high. The sight of her shoulder blades and her slight frame underneath me as I slid forward was thrilling. I lifted her hair and laid it out as far as it would go. It stretched all the way down past her butt and ended around the bottom of her knees. I felt my cock moving between her strands of long, silky black hair, the feeling of it against my skin was making me burn with anticipation…


This was almost too much. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer and I wanted to feel closer to her when I was ready to come. I reached down and slid her hair off to one side of her lithe little body, skin against skin. I could feel cum welling up inside of me as I wrapped my arms underneath her neck and abdomen. She was pushing against me harder as my strokes became longer and more intense. I started driving harder and faster, our well-oiled bodies slapping against each other loudly, and then with three involuntary, powerful thrusts I came violently-the blazing hot streams of cum shooting up onto my abs and chest and onto her back and the side of her face. Thick, heavy cum was hanging down off of my torso and dripping onto the small of her back where it pooled with body oil and sweat. I continued to jerk uncontrollably. I lengthened my strokes and shoved even harder between her cute little butt crack until my cock slid down and pressed up against her pussy. She was too small to take me and cum kept shooting out from all sides, coating the inside of her thighs and arcing up onto her butt. I didn’t enter her, but stopped abruptly. She stiffened, but didn’t make a sound except for her quick little breaths…testing, I pushed a little more. She winced with pain, but still didn’t object. I used my knees to spread her legs apart and I moved between them. My cock, amazingly, was still as hard as a steel pipe, so I went back to sliding on her backside, and tried to enter her again. The combination of body oil and semen provided just enough lubrication for me to enter her about an inch or two. Allina stiffened again, and whimpered with pain, but raised her hips a little more and pushed back against me. It was too much to bear and I forcefully invaded her as she cried out in agony. I fucked her recklessly, “Hmmph, hmmph, hmmph, ohhhh shiiiit!, ohhh..I’m cumming!!!, I’m cumming again, sweetie!!”, I grunted as I slammed deeper inside of her and she started yelping loudly. I finally paused as loads of cum surged inside of her. She was breathing in quick, shallow breaths and my cock remained swollen and rigid because I wanted to keep fucking her.


Rising back up on my hands to give her some relief, she began to grind against me slowly. She turned her head and looked up at me, smiling sweetly. I’m no dummy, so I kept at it. I hadn’t been able to get all eight inches in as I had with her sister, but it wasn’t due to a lack of effort and I’m no quitter…


I turned little Allina over and admired every inch of her cum-drenched tiny body – what a fucking mess. Pulling her forward and holding her by her ankles, I spread her thighs wide and stuffed my cock back into her immediately. She only took five inches or so, but her tightness more than made up for it. The primal urge to breed was more than I could handle and I started driving into her more forcefully. She started sliding back towards the end of the bed, but she couldn’t reach my neck, so she reached up and wrapped her arms around my waist instead, hanging on for dear life, digging her fingernails into my back. Again, I could feel an ungodly amount of cum building and ready for release.


Fucking her furiously for what seemed an eternity, my entire body finally went rigid as I arched my back wickedly, breaking her hold on my waist. Leaning back and driving my cock as far as it would go into her little pussy, my cock swelled to epic proportions and my muscles started contracting repeatedly. I watched in fascination as my cock, buried a little more than halfway inside of her, started spewing incredible amounts of scalding cum inside of her. Anchored firmly inside of her, I held still and just watched as my cock jerked and pulsated forcefully with each powerful release. Allina started thrashing and flailing wildly… my sperm must’ve been scorching inside of her. Only problem was it wasn’t coming back out – where the hell was it going? It just kept pumping into her rhythmically.I could actually see the loads of cum pulse through my cock and enter her body, but she just absorbed it all.


That’s when her breathing slowed to quiet wheezing sound – the calm before the storm... She gripped the sheets tightly as her legs and hips started to quiver violently. I started to slowly move in and out of her again. I could see a little semen seep out. She held her breath, her eyes rolled back and her back started arching up and down spastically while I was still inside her. She started writhing around in a bed of her own soft hair. She finally bucked upwards so violently that she dislodged my cock and all the cum that had disappeared inside of her was ejected in one massive eruption. As the torrent of super-heated sperm blew back out of her pussy, she continued to flop up and down in cry out in ecstasy. Holding my cock at the base, I continued to jettison more geysers of cum onto the smooth, dark skin of her little tummy, where at first it pooled, then ran over the sides of her tiny body, leaving steaming rivulets of semen in its wake. I’d wrecked the poor girl. She rolled over on her side, breathing deeply, twitching and shuddering.


I lay down next to her, holding her close, my cock softening and landing heavily in between her thighs. We started to doze off into a light sleep. Before I could doze off completely, I felt a warm body slide up behind me and wrap a slender arm around my waist. It was Ana…she’d come up while Reina walked her mom back to her apartment down the street. The only thing she said to me was “I think you made Allina feel special… maybe now the three of us can do it together…”

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