Suck-Loving Mother
Kathy Andrews
       "Mom, you gotta wash my back!"
        Debra knew her son would call her. But she stayed where she was, 
trying to calm her breathing. She didn't want to wash Jerry's back. 
Rather, she did, but she was afraid to. She had been washing his back 
for as long as she could remember, and she had always enjoyed it. But 
the past few times, Jerry had a hard-on. Washing her son's back was no 
longer a mother with her son in a shower, not for Debra. Jerry was 
older now, and his cock would become hard as she scrubbed his back. 
Jerry had tried to keep his hard-on hidden from her, but she always 
seemed to see his swollen cock-head.
       The first time she had decided it had been purely accidental. 
Boys often got a hard-on, especially if someone was in the shower 
touching them. But now Debra knew it was no accident. Jerry had a hard-
on every time she washed his back the past few days. She wasn't sure he 
tried hard enough to hide his hard cock from her, either.
       "Mom, are you gonna come and wash my back?"
       "In a minute, honey!" she called, just loud enough for her voice 
to carry over the sound of the shower.
       Debra folded her hands and pressed them against her lower 
stomach. If she refused, Jerry would think something was wrong, and if 
she did wash his back, then she couldn't trust herself.  She just knew 
if her son kept having a hard-on all the time, she would grab his cock, 
feel it, play with itÂ…jack him.
       Tremors rippled abut her as she sat in confusion. If only his 
cock had not become hard, she told herself. If only she could keep 
washing his back as before. If only her inner hunger would not torment 
her. If only... 
       "Mom, come on!"
       Debra shivered, hugging herself. Jerry had a hard-on right now, 
she told herself. His cock was hard and long and sticking out and his 
cockhead was round and smooth and his balls were so full and young. Her 
hands itched and she felt her cunt pulsate.
       "Damn, damn, damn!" she whispered, and realized she was no longer 
hugging herself, but was cupping her tits. As if her hands had been 
burned, she jerked them away.
       When she stood, her legs felt rubbery. The crotch of her panties 
felt uncomfortable. She took a step toward the hallway then stopped, 
trembling. Her cunt had clenched inward, and her cit pushed at the soft 
nylon of her panties. Debra gasped softly, then held her breath.
       That had never happened before.
       Debra almost had an orgasm.
       She clenched her fists, pulled in a deep breath, and walked 
determinedly toward the hail bathroom. Fighting against her rising 
desire, she entered the bathroom and walked to the shower doors.
       "Okay," she said, trying to keep the strain out of her voice, 
opening the shower doors.
       She came face to face with her son's cock. Jerry was facing her, 
and his cock swelled out in hardness, angled at an upward tilt. Debra's 
eyes immediately became glassy as she stared down at his prick. Her 
legs shook, her cunt tightened. It seemed to her that Jerry took a very 
long time before he turned his back to her.
       With a shaking hand, she took the bar of soap and began lathering 
his shoulders. But her eyes didn't follow her hands. Her burning eyes 
were looking at his young ass. She stared at his tight ass-cheeks, the 
crack between them, her hands working the lather about his shoulder 
blades. She saw her son clench his ass then loosen his ass-cheeks. She 
swallowed a soft moan. Her knees were getting weak.
       Working her hands down his back, she carefully kept them above 
his waist, but her gaze devoured his ass. Jerry had the most beautiful 
ass she had ever seen on a boy, or man. Seeing his ass like that naked, 
his ass-cheeks clenching almost overcame her struggling fight against 
desire. Her hands trembled as she washed his back, and she couldn't 
stop staring at his ass.
       Her hand moved lower, and she watched it with stricken eyes, 
trying to force her hand back up, but her hand refused the frantic 
demands of her mind. She watched her hand move down ward, slowly, then 
it moved over one cheek of his ass, a slow, light, caressing movement.
       "That's not my back, Mom." Jerry giggled. But he didn't move.
       And Debra didn't move.
       She palmed the cheek of her sons ass, and gave it a squeeze. 
Then, very quickly, her hand obeyed her mind, and she began to scrub at 
his back harshly.
       "You're getting big," she said lightly. "You're getting to be a 
man, Jerry" 
       "I'm growing up, Mom."
       "You sure are," Debra replied, her voice hoarse. She scrubbed up 
and down his back, and her eyes kept drifting to his ass. Then, before 
she could stop her hands, she cupped his ass and squeezed with both her 
       "Ahhh!" Jerry moaned as his ass-cheeks clenched in her palms.
       Debra was holding her breath, watching her hands squeeze and 
fondle her son's ass. His ass felt good in her hands, the tightness, 
the youth. Her cunt bubbled inside her panties, and the crotch was 
drenched. She listened to her son make soft sounds of pleasure as her 
hands caressed his ass, the backs of his thighs, then back to his ass 
again. Her tits felt as if they were about to burst from her bra, and 
her cunt was on fire and melting. She felt as if she were about to cum.
       A low moan escaped her dry mouth, and she cupped Jerry' s ass 
tightly, her fingers digging at his flesh. "Ohhh, Mom!" he moaned, and 
his ass arched back.
       He was standing just outside the spray of the shower, and his 
back ran with lather. Her hands were very soapy, sliding about the 
cheeks of his ass, her fingers dragging along his ass-crack. She almost 
felt his balls as her fingertip dipped between his thighs, but she 
jerked her finger away swiftly. She felt his body shake.
       "Be still!' she said, her voice a thick whisper. "I can't wash 
your back if you wiggle around so much."
       But it wasn't his back she was washing. She ran her hands about 
his ass, feeling, her eyes blazing. Her knees were weak, and they 
buckled. She had to kneel, on the floor outside the shower stall, and 
her ass swayed gently with bubbling desire. She ran her hands over 
every inch of her son's ass, slowly, caressingly, suggestively.
       Then Jerry turned around.
       "Jerry!" She gasped, seeing his cock throb before her face.
       Jerry giggled wickedly. "You gotta wash that, too, Mom!"
       "Jerry. I..." Debra paused, unable to speak, staring at her son's 
       Desire flooded her, making her mind numb to all thoughts, 
everything except her son's cock straining toward her. His cock lifted 
high, aiming toward a place just above her head. She saw that his piss-
hole was dripping, but wasnt sure if that was from the shower or not. 
There was a small tuft of hair at the upper base of his cock and his 
balls, dangling beneath, were hairless.
       Her hand moved, then her fingers wrapped about his cock. She held 
her breath, feeling the hard throb of his prick, the heat of his cock 
shaft burn her palm. She squeezed Jerry's cock, causing his smooth, 
satiny cock-head to bulge out toward, her.
       "Jerry," she whispered.
       "Wash it, Mom!" he pleaded, arching his hips forward. "You gotta 
wash that, too!"
       "Oh, God!" Debra whispered, her fist moving.
       She jerked her hand back and forth on his cock, knowing she 
couldn't stop, unable to turn the fiery hungers off now. She watched 
her hand move, her eyes bright in passion. She saw his balls jiggle as 
her fist pumped. She began to pound her son's cock with swift, short 
strokes. She was jacking him off, and she couldn't stop and she didn't 
want to stop. She pumped vigorously, her soapy fist sliding easily. She 
made soft, hissing sounds, her lips parted.
       Jerry pushed his hips forward, whimpering as he, too, watched her 
hand. Debra's other hand was digging at his thigh, her cunt swelling 
inside the wet crotch of her panties. Her eyes became smoky with desire 
as she worked her fist back and forth, slowly, then swiftly, watching 
his piss-hole open, the lather creating an erotic aspect to it.
       Debra pounded faster on her son's cock, her fist flying back and 
forth. The hard feel of his prick in her hand was good, her flesh 
tingling. She knew she was going to make him cum. It was too late to 
stop now she felt.
       "Oohhh, Mom! That's good, Mom!" 
       "Jerry, baby." 
       His gush of cum juice startled her. She saw his cock squirt, and 
before she could react, cum spattered the front of her dress. Her fist 
halted in surprise, but then she began to pump as fast as she could, 
watching the thick, creamy juice gush from his cock and over the front 
of her dress. Jerry gasped and shuddered, spurting powerfully and 
       She clung to his cock, feeling it deflate in her fist. She felt a 
little ashamed of what she had done, but not so much to stop the deep, 
searing pulsations of her cunt. As his cock softened in her hand, she 
pulled, watching a final drop of cum-juice drip from his cock-head. She 
slipped her fist off and over his cock-head, feeling the juice with her 
palm. Debra didn't think she could stand up she felt so weak, and her 
cunt seemed ready to explode with an orgasm.
       "That was good, Mom!" Jerry said. "I needed that!"
       Debra lifted her eyes to see his face. Jerry was grinning at her, 
not in the least ashamed.
       "It was... it was wicked of me," she finally said softly. "That 
wasn't supposed to have happened, honey." 
       "I wanted you to do it," he said, standing under the spray of the 
       Debra remained on her knees, watching the lather wash away. She 
stared at his cock and balls. It appeared as if he were pissing in the 
shower, but it was only the water streaming down his body, she was 
       She managed to stand, and her legs trembled. She gazed at her son 
a moment, then turned and left him. She clamped her hands together, her 
mind whirling with what she had done. She entered her room, feeling 
anxiety like never before. She closed her door quietly, and stood near 
her bed, her head bowed, eyes closed. She kept seeing her son's cock, 
kept feeling his prick in her fist, squirting cum-juice over the front 
of her dress.
       She looked down and saw the wet place on her dress, the 
glistening juice of her son's balls. She carefully removed her dress, 
and stood in bra and panties. His cum-juice had seeped through her 
dress and her bra was moist, so she removed that too. Since her panties 
were drenched with her own juices, she stepped out of them.
       And still she stood near her bed. She was only vaguely aware of 
her hands running over her body, stroking her full, straining tits, 
touching her tingling nipples, sliding over her hips and to the shapely 
swell of her creamy ass, then around in front and through the soft 
curls of her cunt. She shuddered when the tip of her finger touched her 
bulging clit. Her hips jerked and her cunt sucked inward.
       She came, swiftly and without warning.
       She stood, shaking, cumming hard, with only the tip of one finger 
pressing her clit. Then, as the spasms receded, she sank to her knees, 
then finally to her ass, leaning her head on the edge of her bed. Her 
eyes glistened with wetness, part out of shame, part out of passion. 
She knew she couldn't take much more, not after jacking her son off. 
She knew there was no way she could survive it if her hand touched his 
cock again. She would force her son to fuck her, force him to shove his 
deliciously hard cock up her cunt and fuck her and fuck her. In the 
past, Debra had never been all that passionate. She could take sex or 
leave it. But seeing her son's cock so hard changed all that. She 
wasn't strong enough to avoid fucking now. She felt like a different 
person, a woman who now had a raging hot cunt that made crazy demands, 
demands that Debra was slowly giving in to. Grabbing his cock was only 
the beginning, she knew.
       She rested her head on the bed, sitting on the floor naked, and 
the time passed. Her thoughts were deep, and she couldn't decide what 
to do. She couldn't stay away from Jerry, avoid him. She was his 
mother, responsible for his well being. There was no one in the family 
but the two of them. Debra was an orphan, and if it weren't for her, 
Jerry would be an orphan. There was no one she could send him to, no 
one for him to spend time with until she could get herself together.
       She thought how eager Jerry had been for her to stroke his cock, 
the way he had pushed his prick toward her, telling her to wash it. She 
had not expected him to do that. But he had, and she had washed his 
cock, washed it so fast he came all over the front of her dress.
       She heard a soft knock on her bedroom door.
       "Mom, it's time for dinner," Jerry called.
       "I'll be out soon," she replied, not moving. She fingered the 
bedspread, picking at it, her thoughts spinning in confusion. She 
didn't want to allow her deep hungers to dominate her, devour her.
       "Mom!" Jerry called again, and he opened her door.
       Debra heard the door open, but she stayed on the floor, her head 
resting on the edge of the bed. Jerry stood looking in at her. He could 
see she was naked, see her smooth back and the curve of her ass. He 
could see the thrust of one tit, but not her nipple. His eyes 
brightened as they gazed about his mother's naked body.
       Debra knew she was naked, knew her son was looking at her, and 
yet she didn't move. She kept picking at the bedspread, but inside her 
body, she was a ball of hot, raging desire.
       "Mom, are you okay?"
       Jerry came close and she could almost feel him, smell his scent. 
She lay still, quietly, not looking at him. 
       "Mom," Jerry said, squatting down and putting his hand on her 
       Debra's breath caught in her throat as she stiffened up.
       "Aw, come on, Mom!" Jerry said soothingly. "It was only a hand-
job. It doesn't mean anything."
       Debra shuddered, taking a deep breath. She lifted her head and 
looked into his face. Her hand darted for his crotch.
       "A hand-job!" she hissed. "It was only a hand-job, was it? Jerry, 
I want more than some goddamn hand-job!" She squeezed his crotch, hard.
       Jerry gasped.
       "I don't want to give you a hand-job, Jerry!" she said, fighting 
to keep from screaming her hungers at him. "I don't want to jack you 
off, do you hear me? I want... I want... "
       She grabbed his shoulder with her other hand, holding his balls 
inside his pants with the other, and smashed her mouth onto his. She 
kissed her son deep and hard, then pulled back, but left her palm 
holding his balls.
       "That's what I want, damn it!" she hissed. She began working at 
his pants, trying to open them. But he was squatting down, and it was 
difficult. "Stand up!"
       Jerry stood, watching her with startled eyes, but making no move 
to prevent her from opening his pants. Debra jerked his belt open, then 
grabbed the zipper of his pants and pulled it down swiftly. She reached 
into his pants and pulled his cock out, squeezing his prick tightly.
       "I want more than just giving you hand-jobs, Jerry," she said, 
her voice low and husky. "I want it all, every bit of it!" 
       "Mom, why didn't you tell me?" Jerry asked. 
       "Because... because this is wicked, Jerry!" she replied. "You're 
not supposed to... I'm not supposed to do this. But can't help it! I 
want to! I want to feel your cock, see it hard, play with it!"
       Jerry stood with his cock in her hand, grinning happily. "I don't 
mind, Mom." Debra pulled at her son's cock, stretching it, feeling his 
cock-shaft stiffen.
       "Damn you!" she hissed.
       She feverishly jerked at his pants, dragging them to his knees. 
He stood with his cock and balls showing, looking very erotic to her 
with his pants down that way. She clutched at his balls, feeling the 
heat of them in one hand, her other pushing and pulling on his swelling 
prick. Her eyes flashed hotly, her lips parted as she made excited, 
hissing sounds of pleasure. She had turned on the floor, sitting with 
her feet drawn beneath her ass, and Jerry was staring down at her tits 
as she fondled his cock and balls.
       "Damn you for being a horny, little bastard! Damn you for saying 
that! Damn you for making me so hot I want this cock!"
       Her fist jerked furiously on his prick, her cunt dripping. She 
clung to his balls, squeezing and twisting them, making little gasps 
from deep her throat.
       "Don't you cum!" she cried softly. "Don't cum this!"
       Jerry shoved his hips forward, his cock swollen into hardness 
now, his cock-head satiny smooth, beads of juices showing at his piss-
hole. His hips jerked with her hand as he rested his palm on her naked 
shoulder. He stared at her naked tits moving, her nipples jutting up 
with rubbery hardness.
       "Why did you have to get a hard-on!" she said harshly. "Why do 
you get a hard-on and ask me to wash your back? Is it because you want 
me to do this, jerk this cock off? Or do you want something else from 
       Jerry dug into his mother's shoulder, his eyes burning at her 
naked, swaying tits.
       "Answer me!" she demanded, tugging on his cock. "Do you want 
something from me, your mother? What do you want with me, Jerry?. Damn 
you! You want to put this in me, don't you? You want to fuck me, your 
mother! Isn't that right, Jerry? You want to fuck Mother with this hard 
cock? Is that why you get a hard-on... to fuck me with it?"
       Debra turned his cock loose and stood up before him. She put her 
hands on her hips aggressively, staring him in the eye.
       "Okay, take a look at me! Take a real good look at your mother! 
See... my tits... my legs... my ass... Mother's pussy!" Debra touched 
herself with each word, making sure her son looked. When she pointed at 
her cunt, she jutted her hips forward and spread her soft cunt curls, 
exposing the swollen, pink lips of her cunt, the straining tip of her 
clit. "Yes, that's Mother's cunt," she said. "You want it, don't you? 
You want to fuck it, don't you, Jerry?"
       The words tumbled from her mouth and Debra couldn't cut them off. 
She kept talking touching her tits, her hips, her cunt. She gazed at 
his cock, watching it jerk up and down, then she gabbed it, pulling his 
swollen cock-head to her skin, feeling the wetness. She shot her other 
hand behind him, clutching his ass and pulling him close to her naked 
body, sliding his cock between her thighs.
       "There how does it feel?" she demanded. She felt his cock throb 
along the lips of her cunt, and smashed her thighs tightly about his 
prick, clutching his ass tightly.
       There was no stopping Debra now. The heat of her son's hard cock 
between her thighs, her sensitive clit resting on his throbbing cock-
shaft made her feel as if she were lost. She squeezed his young ass 
hard, making her son moan. For a startled moment, Jerry could only 
stand stiffly, feeling his mother's pussy sear the shaft of his cock. 
Then, quickly, he wrapped his arms about her waist, hugging tightly.
       "Ohhh, baby!" Debra mewled, one hand pulling his face against her 
tits. She moved her hips, sliding her thighs along his cock. "Ohhh, 
Jerry, Jerry!"
       Her son pushed his face against her tits, hugging tightly. He 
inhaled the exciting scent of his mother's naked tits, and kissed into 
her cleavage. Debra trembled and her cunt dripped, smearing the shaft 
of his prick, making his cock slippery. Jerry was mumbling, but his 
words weren't clear. Debra wasn't listening closely; anyway.
       Debra was feeling... feeling his lips kiss at the soft, creamy 
flesh of her tits, his cock slide along the mouth of her boiling pussy, 
her cunt. Running her hand from his head down his back, she clutched 
the cheeks of his ass, digging her fingers hard. She moved her cunt 
along his prick, and suddenly gave a little gasp. Her pussy came 
slightly, bending her knees just a little, then her son's cock was 
buried completely inside her fiery cunt. 
       "Damn it, Jerry! I want... ohhh! I need it!"
       Jerry's hands moved down her back, curling around the swelling 
sweetness of her naked, beautifully shaped ass. Debra groaned as she 
felt him pull her forward, straining his cock into her cunt. She 
whimpered, and her ass moved. Clutching his ass, she humped her hips 
back and forth, her drenched pussy riding his cock, the friction making 
her tingle from head to toe.
       "Help me, she cried out. "Baby, help me!" 
       Gripping his mother's ass tightly, Jerry lunged his cock in and 
out of his mother's fiery cunt, meeting her thrusting pussy with his 
hard, stabbing cock.
       Standing at the side of her bed, Debra fucked her son with wild 
cries of ecstasy, her pussy burning deliciously, her clit scraping his 
hard cock-shaft. She pulled his face to her tits again, churning her 
ass powerfully. Her knees wobbled, but she held herself on her feet, 
taking the excited thrusts of her son's cock into her cunt.
       "Ohhh, Jerry, it's wonderful, baby!" she sobbed, her ass 
clenching as she humped faster and faster. "Ooooh, it is, baby! God, 
you're so hard and it feels so good."
       Her naked tits rubbed at his face, and Jerry opened his mouth, 
catching one of his Mother's rigid nipples. When his hot, wet mouth 
closed on nipple and began to suck Debra gurgled pushing her tits hard 
at his face, her ass twisting wild. Jerry squeezed his mother's jerking 
ass, more to keep his balance than anything else. But it sent Debra 
into wilder excitement. She twisted her ass while pumping her cunt back 
and forth, squealing through clenched teeth. She could feel every bit 
of his young, hard cock, even the ridge behind his swollen cock-head. 
Her pussy sucked and gripped his cock desperately her clit aching with 
knotted hardness.
       Jerry sucked vigorously at his mother's tit, drawing her stiff 
nipple almost to the back of his throat. The tugging on her nipple sent 
a greater heat to her twat. She could feel the slippery juices of her 
cunt on her inner thighs, even the curves of her ass. Her pussy 
squeezed hard at the base of his cock, squeezing as they each pulled 
back, then her cunt seemed to expand as he stabbed forward. Debra felt 
her chest swell, her tits hardening. Her nipples were stiff and 
straight. She lifted her face toward the ceiling, her eyes closed, 
mouth parted. She gasped as she pounded her hairy cunt onto her son's 
cock, the rapture overwhelming her.
       "Jerry. Jerry!" she wailed. "Oh! God, baby! It's so damned good, 
so damned fantastic! Ahhh, baby! Ram it to Mother! Ram your sweet cock 
deep inside Mother!"
       Jerry lifted his mouth from her tits, burying his chin between 
them, straining hard against her naked body. His eyes were glazed in 
passion as he clung to her frantically churning ass.
       "Inside your cunt, Mom!"
       "Yes, in my cunt!"
       Jerry's balls were tight, so tight they didn't swing anymore.
       "Fuck me!" Debra screamed. "Ohhh, fuck me! You're going to make 
me cum, Jerry! Fuck me... fuck Mother!" 
       Jerry grunted as he whipped his young ass back and forth, ramming 
his cock into her hairy, juicy cunt in a frenzy. His balls hurt 
slightly, and he was close to cumming, too.
       Debra wasn't aware of her son's problem. Her cunt was twitching 
and swelling. Her hairy cuntlips were puffy, and her clit seemed a mile 
long. She shuddered as she felt her orgasm burn hotly deep inside her 
cunt, gritting her teeth with the exquisite sensation. She made no 
effort to stop the explosion.
       She screamed as her cunt convulsed.
       Her rippling orgasm was tight, closing her cunt about her son's 
cock hotly. The waves of the orgasm pulled at his prick, pulled and 
rippled and massaged. Debra kept screaming as she came, her ass tight 
as she strained her cunt against the base of her son's prick.
       "Mom!" Jerry yelped, and his cock gushed. Debra's orgasm was so 
strong, so all consuming, she wasn't aware that her son was squirting 
his cum juice up into her contracting cunt. She clung to his ass with 
tight fingers, her cunt sucking and rippling along the shaft of his 
spewing prick, sucking cum out of his balls. Her knees wobbled as her 
strength faded. Jerry, too, was shaking as he squirted time and again 
into his mother's juicy cunt.
       Debra's knees finally gave out. She pulled away from her son, his 
cock dropping out of her cunt wetly. She sat on the edge of her bed, 
gasping, her naked tits heaving up and down. She tried to focus her 
eyes, but found it hard to do. She sucked in air greedily, her hands 
behind her. She sat with her knees slightly parted, her cunt very 
sensitive and still pulsating deliciously.
       Jerry remained on his feet but he was shaking badly. His cock 
drooped, glistening wetly.
       Debra's vision cleared, and she gazed at Jerry. His pants dangled 
about his feet, his t-shirt just above his waist. She saw the curls of 
hair at the base of his cock, his balls now empty and loose, his prick 
wet from her cunt. She stared hard, as if she were puzzled over what 
had happened. There was a pink flush on her face, all the way to her 
tits, but it was not a flush of shame; it was the radiant glow of a 
satisfied woman.
       "Jerry," she finally whispered.
       Jerry looked at her body, from her tits to the hair of her cunt, 
her flat stomach, her velvet like flesh.
       "Jerry," she said again, her voice trembling. She stared at his 
cock and balls, her tongue moving over her lips slowly. She felt her 
cunt twitch between her thighs, felt the juices seeping from her 
       Debra sat up straight, sucking in another deep breath, and moved 
her hand outward to his cock. Jerry's eyes followed his mother's hand, 
and Debra closed her fingers loosely about his prick, puffing gently. 
His cock was very slippery, and her fist slipped off. She giggled 
softly, and took his cock in her hand again.
       "Again?" she whispered. "Jerry, do it again!"
       Jerry's cock started hardening in her hand.
       Debra slipped her fist back and forth, watching his cock-head 
push outward, then sink between her fingers. She felt his cock harden 
and her pulses raced again. She watched his hairless balls move with 
her fist and cupped them in her other hand. She manipulated her son's 
hot balls and stroked his cock until his prick stood up stiffly once 
       "Do it again, honey," she said in a soft, almost pleading voice. 
"I want it again!"
       She turned him loose, lying back. Her tits swelled upward with 
stiff nipples, flattening out the way most women's did. Her hard 
nipples were almost an inch long. While Jerry stood there, she spread 
her legs, her ass resting just on the edge of the bed.
       His eyes focused between his mother's thighs. He stared a long 
time at her cunt, seeing the puffy pinkness of her pussy-lips, the 
curls that framed her cunt, the throbbing of her clit. Her cunt was 
soaked, and the insides of her thighs gleamed.
       Debra placed her feet flat on the floor, and lifted her hips, 
offering her naked cunt to her son. Her eyes smoldered in tiny slits as 
she waited for him to ram his hard cock up her cunt. She placed her 
hands on her tits, squeezing her nipples wantonly and writhed her hips 
with wanton invitation.
       Jerry, staring into his mother's cunt, gripped his cock tightly, 
making his prick-head bulge and drip.
       "Do it again!" she whispered. "Jerry, put your cock in me again, 
please! I want more, baby! Ohhh, God, give Mother more! Fuck me! Fuck 
me again, Jerry!"
       Jerry moved between her spread legs quickly, anxious to feel his 
mother's hot cunt wrapped about his hard cock again. When his cock-head 
touched her pussy, Debra gasped loudly and thrust her crotch forward. 
The head of his cock slipped into her cunt. Jerry held his breath as he 
watched her cunt stretch, feeling the thrilling heat of her pussy close 
about his cock again.
       "Debra wailed, grinding at the base of her son's cock. "Fuck me, 
Jerry! Oooooh, please, please, fuck me!"
       Jerry grabbed his mother's hips, shoving his cock deep, his eyes 
blazing as he watched her dig her fingers into her swollen tits. He 
felt her pussy grip his cock again and with a moan, he plunged back and 
forth. Debra cried out with the lunges of his cock. She released her 
tits and grabbed the edge of the bed, holding it tightly, humping her 
hips up and down to meet his cock.
       Her tits jiggled each time Jerry rammed his prick into her pussy, 
and made her grunt as the air flowed from her lungs. The wet slapping 
of his cock fucking into her cunt added a lewd music to the heat of her 
body. She dug tightly at the edge of the bed, pounding her ass up and 
down, feeling Jerry's balls slap at her naked ass. She twisted her head 
from side to side, wild-eyed with the intense ecstasy.
       "Ahhh, baby, baby!" she whimpered, her hips whipping up and down. 
"So good, baby, so good! Oooooh, your cock feels wonderful inside me! I 
love this, don't you, Jerry? Don't you love to fuck, baby?" 
       Jerry grunted a reply. He was watching his mother's hairy cunt 
slam up and down, her fiery, slippery cunt-lips riding his cock. His 
young body was shaking again, the sensation on his prick unbelievable. 
His balls bounced against her naked ass. He was fascinated by the thick 
shape of her pussy-hair, by the pink wetness that held his cock so 
       "I want to cum again!" Debra hissed. "I want to cum and cum and 
never stop cumming! Ooooh, fuck me, darling! Fuck Mother... fuck Mother 
in the cunt! Right in the hot, wet cunt!"
       Jerry's eyes darted from her devouring cunt to her jiggling tits. 
He realized if he fucked hard into her pussy, it would make her tits 
jiggle, and he watched them bounce and dance with each forward thrust. 
Debra could barely see his excited, young face, but she saw his 
pleasure there. With the fierce edge of her passion slightly sated, she 
felt his cock better, felt the throb of his cock as he went deeply. Her 
clit rubbed along his cock-shaft as before, thrilling her. But now she 
could feel his hard, young cock stab into her hungry cunt. She was 
focusing on her son's pleasure as much as her own.
       "Is it good, baby?" she asked huskily. "Do you like it?"
       "Oh, Mom, it's the greatest!" He gasped, lunging deeply.
       "Do you like fucking me?"
       "Yeah, yeah!"
       "Is Mother's cunt hot and wet for your lovely cock?"
       "Ooooh, Mom!"
       Debra wasn't expecting much of an answer from her son but was 
talking to increase his excitement. She had learned that men seemed to 
love hearing a woman talk that way, and she was more than willing to 
help keep her son excited, keep his cock hard.
       "Ooooh" she moaned, her eyes starting to bulge. "Baby, it's going 
to happen again! I'm about to cum again! Ohhh, God... fuck it! Fuck me, 
Jerry! Mother is about to cum again!"
       Debra's cunt rammed onto her son's cock, and she twisted, 
grinding furiously.
       "Now I'm cumming!" she shrieked. "Ohhh, Jerry, can you feel me 
cum? Can you feel Mother's cunt cumming? Cum with me... cum in me!"
       Jerry gritted his teeth as the fire roared inside his balls. His 
cock lurched inside her cunt, and he spurted his boiling cumjuice up 
her greedy pussy.
       Debra felt him cumming. She felt his hot spurts of juice wash 
along the satiny walls of her tightly gripping cunt. She screamed out 
her ecstasy as her pussy clutched and sucked on his prick, his balls 
pressed against the split of her hot ass. She dug at the side of her 
bed until her knuckles were white, her head twisting again, her hair 
flying about her contorted face. She strained her cunt onto her sons 
spewing prick, as if draining him of the most precious juices in the 
       "You're not ashamed, are you?" she asked softly.
       They were lying on her bed, side by side. Jerry had removed his 
pants, but still wore his t-shirt. Debra was holding his hand at her 
hip, her foot toying with his.
       "Not me!" he said.
       "Honey, you're going to have to wash your own back from now on 
Debra turned on her side, facing him. "I can't wash your back any 
       "Why not?"
       "You saw what happened," she said softly. "You're big enough to 
use a back scrubber."
       "But... what about, you know, down there?" he said, feeling shy.
       "You mean this?" Debra asked, cupping his cock and balls in her 
hot hand. Jerry nodded.
       "I'll wash this," she giggled. "You wash your back from now on, 
and Mother will wash this. 
       Jerry let out a whoosh of air. "You had me scared for a minute, 
       "How did I scare you?" she asked, kissing his shoulder and 
massaging his balls gently.
       "I thought I wasn't gonna get any more!" 
       "Any more what?" 
       "Any more pussy!" He giggled. Debra sucked at his shoulder and 
rested her thigh over his, twisting his young balls tenderly. "You can 
have all the pussy you want. In fact, you'll probably get more pussy 
than you can handle!"
       "Wanna make a bet, Mom?" He grinned and pushed his crotch upward.
       "Mmmmm, I can drain you and drain you!" she murmured. "You don't 
know what you're getting here, young man!"
       Jerry's cock tingled as his mother manipulated his balls.
       "I... I get a little kinky, honey," she said softly. "Your mother 
can be very, very kinky!"
       "So can I," he said, cupping her tit.
       "What do you know about kinky?" she asked, lifting her head and 
looking at him. "You never even had a piece of ass until now."
       "I know kinky," he said. "What do you think I am, just a little 
       "Well, you're certainly not a man!" she replied.
       "I still know kinky," he insisted.
       "And how to fuck a girl, too!" She giggled, leaning down and 
licking at his lips. "You know how to fuck a girl real good, I'd say!"
       "My cock is gonna get hard if you keep playing with my balls, 
       "Mmm, I won't complain," she purred licking a hot circle about 
his tiny nipple.
       She glanced at his cock. His prick was stirring, thickening. She 
watched his cock awhile as she fondled his balls. His prick was 
slippery with their juices. She kissed his chest, then his lips, 
squeezing his balls. Sliding her hand to his cock, she took it in her 
hand, pumping softly and slowly. Dipping her tongue into her son's 
mouth, she was delighted when he sucked it, his tongue licking hers.
       "Ooohh!" she purred as she pulled her tongue out of his mouth. 
"You taste sweet, honey. I bet you taste sweet all over!" 
       Jerry giggled. "Wanna find out?"
       "Silly," she whispered, squeezing his cock. His prick was almost 
hard again. "I know you taste sweet all over. What are you trying to 
do, make me put your cock in my mouth to see if it's sweet, too?"
       "Why not?" he whispered, his eyes hot.
       "You want Mother to suck this?" she teased, knowing very well 
that was what she wanted to do. "You want me, your mother, to take your 
cock in my mouth and suck it? I bet you wouldn't ask another girl to 
suck your cock."
       "I would," he said. "You bet I would!"
       "But they might not suck you," she replied.
       "But you will!" he said.
       "Oh, I will, will I? What makes you think I would suck your 
       "Because you said you were kinky, Mom." 
       "I guess I did say that, didn't I?" She squeezed his cock, 
watching his cock-head bulge. "But if I did, you know what that would 
make me! dont you?"
       "A cock-sucker," he said, pushing at the back of her head, urging 
her down, wanting to feel his cock in her mouth. "It would make you a 
cock-sucker, Mom!" 
       "You want a cock-sucker for a mother, darling?" she whispered, 
kissing his belly button. She swished her tongue into his belly button. 
"You want me to be a cock-sucker?"
       "Yeah, Mom!" he cried.
       "You want me to be kinky with you?" she asked softly, drawing her 
thigh up and down his legs, watching his cock that was now a few inches 
away from her face. "You want Mother to be real kinky?"
       "Yes, Mom!" Jerry groaned.
       "You may not enjoy it," she warned.
       "Try me!" Jerry hissed, pushing at her head. Debra dipped her 
tongue at his piss-hole, tasting the juices. She swirled her tongue 
about the smooth head of his cock, purring softly, her cunt heating up 
wetly. She kissed the head of his cock, then rubbed her parted lips 
along his cock-shaft, feeling the wetness of their juices. Debra rubbed 
her lips to his balls, nuzzling them a moment, then rubbed back up the 
shaft of his cock. She made soft sounds of pleasure deep in her throat. 
The feel of her son's hot cock against her lips excited her, made her 
pussy throb. Her mouth tingled, her tongue eager.
       "Suck me, Mom!" Jerry cried, lifting his hips and pushing at the 
back of her head.
       Debra allowed his prick to enter her mouth, and the taste of his 
prick almost made her cum then and there. She ran her tongue about his 
smooth, swollen cock-head, her lips just behind the ridge. She rested 
her cheek on his quivering stomach, and let her son fuck the head of 
his cock slowly, along her lips.
       "If you don't suck my cock, Mom, I'm gonna fuck your face!"
       "Ooommmmm!" Debra gurgled, excited by his words. She pulled her 
head along his stomach, out of reach of his cock. "I wouldn't mind that 
at all! You can fuck my face... fuck my mouth. Use my mouth like my 
cunt, baby! Fuck myface!"
       Taking the head of his cock between her lips, she twisted about 
on the bed until she was on her hands and knees, her face above his 
cock. She held her head still, and Jerry fucked up and down, watching 
his cock penetrate his mother's mouth. 
       Debra held her lips lightly on his prick, letting him fuck 
between them. Even when he lunged deeply, his cock-head brushing the 
back of her throat, she purred with pleasure. Debra pushed her tongue 
against his throbing cock-shaft, making her mouth tight for him. She 
waved her naked ass in the air, making soft gurgles as Jerry fucked her 
mouth. She let him stab up and down awhile, then placed her hand on his 
stomach to make him stop. When his hips stilled, she began to bob her 
face up and down, sucking his cock with tight, hot lips. She tried to 
swallow his cock into her throat, but his cock wasn't long enough for 
       Debra bobbed her head up and down, her eyes glancing up at his 
face, feeling even more wanton because he was watching her suck his 
cock. It made her feel good to have him see his cock in her mouth, 
being so lewd. Her tits dangled, and Jerry shot a hand to one tit, 
squeezing it.
       Debra twisted her hips toward his shoulder, and Jerry turned 
loose of his mother's tit and slipped his hand between her creamy 
thighs, feeling her hot cunt. He ran his hand about her pussy, then 
worked his fingers into it. Debra whined and rocked her naked ass 
suggestively. She spread her knees, giving her son room at her cunt, 
letting him touch and feel and probe any place he wanted.
       The juices on his prick seemed to enhance the taste, and Debra 
gobbled her son's cock hungrily, darting her lips up and down, from his 
swollen cock-head to his cock-base. Her tits jiggled slightly as her 
mouth rode up and down his cock, her nipples standing almost an inch 
long in stiffness.
       "Like this?" she purred as she lifted her mouth. "Do you like a 
blow-job, Jerry? I bet you love having your cock sucked, don't you?"
       "You suck long enough, Mom, and you'll make me cum!" He gasped, 
watching her rub her lips about his piss-hole. "You wanna make me cum?"
       "Mmmm, you bet." she gurgled throatily. "You better aim for 
       "I will," he replied, stabbing his fingers into her juicy cunt.
       Debra wiggled her uplifted ass and swallowed his throbbing, hard 
cock once more. She sucked vigorously, her tongue lapping. She closed 
her eyes, savoring the hot, hard taste of her son's cock. She loved the 
hot throbbing of his cock between her lips, and she loved the way his 
pre-cum dripped across her tongue. She moved her ass closer to his 
shoulder, and Jerry turned his upper body so he could play with her 
smooth ass while fingering her cunt at the same time. 
       "Ooooh, Mom, it's so good!" he cried out, squeezing the cheek of 
her ass and bringing her thigh to his face. He kissed her thigh, 
licking her flesh with his tongue, up and down. "Suck me good, Mom! 
Your mouth is so hot and wet and feels so good! Suck me off, make me 
       Debra sucked greedily, shivering as her son's wet tongue licked 
about her thigh. She drew her knees under her body, her ass spreading 
against his shoulder. She listened to the juicy sounds his fingers made 
in her cunt and she began to suck fast at his cock. As much as she 
delighted in the hardness of his prick, she was now wanting him to cum, 
to spurt his hot, thick fuck juice past her tongue and down her throat
       "You're gonna make me cum! Mom!" Jerry yelled, his fingers deep 
inside her steamy pussy.
       He lifted his hips to her mouth, his body shaking. Debra felt his 
cock swell, felt his prick jerk in her mouth. She scraped her tongue 
across his piss-hole hotly, urging him to spew his juices down her 
       "Now, Mom, now!"
       Debra felt her son push his cock into her mouth, but she pulled 
her lips upward until she had them wrapped only about the head of his 
cock, her tongue flapping wildly about his piss hole.
       Jerry gave another grunt, then squirted.
       Debra sobbed as she tasted his hot cum-juice spray across her 
tongue. She sucked hard on the head of his cock as her tongue flicked 
his piss hole, her mouth filling with the creamy sweetness of his young 
balls. She didn't swallow, but let him squirt into her mouth while she 
licked his piss-hole. The taste of her son's cum juice sent her cunt 
into tight contractions.
       The final spurt came out of his piss-hole and into her mouth, and 
when Jerry's body relaxed, his ass falling back to the bed, she let his 
cock slide from her lips, then she swallowed his cum juice. She ran her 
tongue over her lips, her eyes glassy. She felt him pull his fingers 
out of her cunt as he breathed noisily. She leaned down and licked at 
the head of his cock again then sat up, her face glowing.
       "You like that, Mom?" he asked.
       "Do I like it?" she purred. "Honey, the thing that makes your 
mother happiest is a hard cock cumming in my cunt or mouth! You better 
fucking believe I like it! I told you I was kinky!"
       "Almost any girl will suck a cock, I bet," he said. "I don't see 
how that's kinky, Mom."
       "This is," she replied. She lifted his hand and sucked and licked 
her pussy-juices from his fingers. "See, that's kinky. I like the taste 
of my own pussy!"
       Jerry giggled. 
       "Yeah, that's kinky, all right!" 
       Debra curled around her son, after removing his t-shirt. She held 
him close to her body, her tits smashing at his flesh. She pulled him 
close and rested a thigh over his hip, one hand holding the cheek of 
his ass.
       "Let's get some rest," she murmured softly. "You'll see kinky, 
that's a promise."
       She cuddled her son against her naked body as they dozed off. But 
it was a restless sleep for Debra. Her mind was spinning, and she knew 
there was only one path for her now. Even if Jerry was ashamed of her, 
there was no turning back. As she tossed at his side restlessly, she 
hoped her son would enjoy fucking as much as she would.
       She turned her back to him, pressing her naked ass against his 
stomach. She felt his cock rest at the crack of her ass, and she 
wiggled very gently so as not to awaken him. She pulled his arm over 
her waist and up to her tit, curling his fingers about her tit. She 
finally fell into a restful sleep.
       "I'm gonna spend the whole day with you, Mom," Jerry announced 
after breakfast the next morning.
       "That's nice," she replied.
       She had awakened earlier than he and found him pressing his young 
hard-on against her ass. The feel of his cock throbbing there made her 
feel good. Debra enjoyed waking up with a hard cock next to her body, 
pressing at her flesh. There was something comfortable and homey about 
it. While Jerry slept, she had wiggled her ass against his hard-on, 
shifting her body to make his bulging cock-head slide into her ass 
crack. She rubbed the-split of her ass along the shaft of his cock, 
feeling his prick-tip brush against her asshole.
       She had taken his cock between her thighs and placed his cock-
shaft against her cunt, rubbing there for a while. She moved very 
gently, not wanting to wake him up yet. She enjoyed playing with his 
hard-on as he slept.
       She closed her eyes as she wiggled her ass, fondling her tits and 
nipples. She pulled and stretched her long nipples, twisting them and 
watching them untwist. She became mildly aroused. She caressed the soft 
hairs of her cunt, rubbed a feathery light fingertip on her cunt, 
purring softly.
       Debra enjoyed his hot breath fanning against her back as much as 
she enjoyed the touch of his hard cock on her ass and cunt and thighs. 
While stimulating herself, she relived the fucking they had done, and 
she felt that Jerry would be a good partner for her, Jerry was a dream 
come true, she felt.
       Jerry's cock was the most perfectly shaped prick she had ever 
seen. His cock was long and straight, with a shaft that would become 
thicker as he grew, and a lovely cock-head. His piss hole attracted her 
carnal hungers like none other. His balls were young, without hair 
still, and fit into her hand so sweetly. His balls were always hot and 
full, it seemed, and his cum-juice was so hot and thick.
       She recalled some of the things Jerry had said last night, about 
how wet and hot her cunt was how he liked to finger her soft pussy 
hair. What made her very pleased was when he told her she had a tight 
cunt. Boys loved a tight cunt, a cunt that gripped them like a fist, 
and Debra's pussy was that kind.
       Jerry enjoyed sucking on her extra-long nipples, pulling them 
deep into his mouth. He had explored her body, probing her pussy and 
feeling about, squeezing the cheeks of her shapely ass and stroking her 
long, slim thighs. She had let him touch and feel and see every part of 
her shapely body, just as delighted as Jerry had been.
       It wasn't that Debra was an exhibitionist. Anyone seeing her 
would think she was the most modest woman on earth, but once they had 
her clothes off, she was a different story. That was no such thing as a 
fetish or perversion for Debra. Sex was all fun.
       Debra had rubbed her hot ass about her son's cock as he slept, 
thinking about those things. She positioned her ass to feel the head of 
his cock against her ass hole, and squeezed his prick tip with her 
soft, smooth inner ass-cheeks. She pressured her asshole against the 
head of his cock just enough to feel good, and clamped her ass-cheeks 
about his cock-head, feeling his cock smear the pucker of her asshole 
when he began dripping.
       Debra dipped her finger to her clit and rubbed it slowly and 
gently as she felt his cock pulsate against the tight ring of her ass. 
She sighed with pleasure. She produced an orgasm, but it wasn't very 
strong. Still, any orgasm was delicious for Debra.
       She heard her son moan as he slept. Smiling to herself, she 
gripped and loosened her ass on his cock, squeezing, holding his cock-
head against her asshole. She managed to slide her hand between her 
legs and feel his balls. His balls were full and hot, just as she knew 
they would be. Feeling him writhe she clamped her hot ass-checks tight 
about the head of his cock, and giggled softly when she heard her son 
suddenly come awake.
       "Mom!" he cried.
       "Shhh!" she whispered, squeezing very hard. The hot spurt of cum-
juice spattered the ring of her asshole. She felt the rapid spurts burn 
the ring of her asshole and she pushed her ass against his cock-head. 
She moaned softly as his cock-head barely fucked her ass, still 
squirting as her son gasped, cumming hard. The feel of his cock just 
barely fucking her asshole made her want to push, take his cock deep, 
but she didn't. Her asshole closed about the very tip of his cock, and 
she felt his jizz flow into it. 
       "You came all over my ass!" She giggled, pulling from him and 
turning to face Jerry. "You must have been having a very good dream."
       She hugged him against her naked tits, shaking with pleasure. Her 
ass dripped with his cum juice, and it felt very good to her.
       "If I could have just got it in your cunt in time, Mom," he said, 
laughing, slightly embarrassed about cumming in his sleep. 
       "I thought it was very good," she purred and pushed him away when 
he started to pull a long nipple into his mouth. "Hey, guy... no tit 
sucking right now! I'm hungry and breakfast is what I want.'
       "I got your fucking breakfast, Mom!" He laughed and wiggled his 
cock at her when she swung her legs over the bed. 
       "And a very delicious breakfast it would be," she said softly as 
she stood up. "But it happens that I want eggs and bacon right now. How 
about you?" 
       Jerry wiggled his cock playfully at her, and Debra leaned down, 
placing her lips over his piss-hole and sucking, drawing out a little 
cum juice into her mouth.
       Then she straightened up, pretending shock. "That cock was on my 
asshole! What am I doing kissing it now?" 
       "Because you love it, Mom," he said.
       "You're so right!" She giggled, cupping his cock and bails and 
shaking them. "I'd kiss your cock no matter where you had it!"
       Debra showered, lathering herself up. She showered quickly, not 
washing her hair as she usually did every morning. She pulled on a knee 
length robe and, naked under it, prepared breakfast for them as her son 
       "I hope you have some nice things for us to do!" she said to him 
as she cleaned up after breakfast.
       "Don't you have any ideas, Mom?"
       "You should," she said, leaning over the dishwasher so her thighs 
were exposed under her robe. "You want to spend the day with me, and I 
sure don't want to sit and look at the walls, that's for sure. She 
wiggled her ass to show him what she meant.
       Jerry watched his mother's thighs, watched her ass. He shot his 
hand under her robe and cupped her hairy cunt quickly. "That's a 
handful, Mom!"
       Debra leaned a little farther, looking back at him. "A handful of 
       "Cunt!" Jerry exclaimed. "A handful of hot, hairy cunt!"
       "Now that you've got it, what are you going to do with it?"
       "Oh, I could fuck it, I suppose," he said, rubbing his palm along 
the hairy lips of her pussy. "But I bet it sure would feel good in my 
       Debra stood and faced him, her eyes glowing. "Really? You want to 
suck my pussy, baby?"
       "I'll give it a good try!" He grinned. 
       "But honey, thats Mothers cunt," she said. "You'd really lick 
your mother's cunt?"
       "Try me!" be said, grinning wickedly. 
       Debra opened her robe and looked down at her pussy. "But it's 
such a hairy cunt, baby. Are you sure you want this hairy pussy in your 
       He nodded, his eyes gleaming.
       "But it's wet, too!" 
       "That's the best kind of pussy, Mom!"
       "And hot!" she said. "Mother's cunt might blister your face, baby 
       "So, blister it!"
       Debra leaned against the kitchen counter, her robe hanging open 
and loose. She parted her slender thighs, bending her knees slightly. 
She pulled her curly strands of pussy-hair away from her pink, puffy 
cunt-lips, offering her cunt to her son. Jerry slipped to the floor in 
front of her, his hands sliding up and down her satiny thighs, her 
round hips. He pushed his face to her flat stomach, kissing it. The tip 
of his tongue licked at her flesh, making Debra quiver with eager 
pleasure. She watched her son kiss and lick at her stomach, his tongue 
sliding through the soft hair of her cunt. Jerry caressed her hips with 
his palms, then cupped his mother's naked ass. He lowered his face and 
flicked his tongue about her clit, causing Debra to squeal and jerk.
       "Oooooh, that's the spot, baby!"
       Jerry's eyes flashed up at her, dancing brightly as he swirled 
his tongue about her inflamed clit. The taste of his mother's cunt sent 
his cock trembling. After his shower, he had come to the table with a 
towel wrapped about his hips, nothing else. Now his cock was starting 
to harden. 
       "Ohhh, you're making me shake so badly! Suck me, Jerry! Ohh, God, 
suck my cunt hard. I dont care if I fall... suck my pussy!"
       Debra was pushing her cunt against her son's face so that she had 
to move her feet forward. That caused Jerry to lean back, but he clung 
to her ass tightly, sucking and licking and tongue fucking, his eyes 
glassy with pleasure. Debra kept her hand on the back of his head then 
Jerry was leaning so far back, and she was straddling his face so much, 
he went back the rest of the way.
       Jerry lay on his back, his cock throbbing up against the towel, 
and Debra squatted wantonly on her son's face, grinding her juicy, 
dripping cunt on his mouth frantically. She placed her hands on her 
widely spread knees, gasping as she watched his face. She rubbed her 
hairy cunt back and forth, feeling his tongue slide into the crack of 
her pussy, then over her inflamed clit, then back into her cunt again.
       "Ahhh, your tongue is so sweet, baby!" Debra whimpered. "I love 
to feel your tongue up my cunt! Ooooh, suck Mother's hot cunt, lick 
Mother's wet pussy!"
       She bounced up and down onto her son's face, and Jerry accepted 
it with pleasure. His hands still cupped the spreading cheeks of her 
       Suddenly she froze, her eyes popping.
       "That's my ass! Jerry!" she squealed. "That's Mother's fucking 
       Jerry made a grunting reply, his tongue swirling about his 
mothers asshole. Debra couldn't see her son's eyes now. Her hairy cunt 
was in his face and her soft pussy-hair covered all the way to his 
forehead. But she could feel his tongue. It was licking furiously at 
her asshole, the sensation fantastic. Debra began to wiggle again, 
gurgling with a very delicious sensation in her asshole.
       "Oooh, God!" she moaned. "You're licking my asshole, Jerry? 
That's Mother's asshole, not my cunt!"
       Jerry's hands on the cheeks of her ass held her in position when 
Debra tried to squirm back to get her bubbling cunt on his mouth again. 
His tongue flicked at her tightly puckered shit ring.
       "You want to lick my asshole?" she squealed. "You want to suck 
Mother's asshole? Suck it, then! Ohhh, God, suck my asshole all you 
want! Baby, baby, that feels so good!"
       Her mind spinning with passion! Debra pressed her ass onto her 
son's face. Jerry didn't hesitate; he pushed his tongue past the ring 
of her burning asshole, shoving his tongue as deep as he could. Debra 
wailed with pleasure as her asshole gripped his tongue. Her nails dug 
into her knees as she vibrated excitedly above his face. When Jerry 
began to stab his tongue in and out, fucking her up her ass, Debra 
thought she would faint, his tongue-fuck felt so good.
       "Tongue my ass! Tongue my asshole!" she cried, urging him by 
wiggling onto his face. "Suck Mother's hole, you sweet baby! Tongue-
fuck me in the ass... suck my ass?"
       Jerry licked and sucked hard, his nose pressing onto her wet 
clit, cutting off his breathing. Every time his mother shifted her ass, 
he sucked in air quickly before his nose pushed at her clit again. His 
tongue darted and flicked at the ring of her hot, squeezing asshole as 
he tried to pull her rounded ass-cheeks farther apart. His tongue 
darted around her asshole as his tongue plunged upward. His cock jerked 
beneath the tented towel, and his balls were hard and swollen.
       Debra screamed.
       "I'm cumming! Ohhh, you're making my asshole cum! I don't believe 
it but my cunt is cumming and my asshole is cumming too!"
       The contractions of her cunt caused her asshole to squeeze his 
buried tongue, and Jerry pushed his open lips around her shifter as 
tight as he could, sucking her asshole while tongue fucking it. The 
orgasm burned through Debra, making her tremble as she squatted in his 
face, her head lifted upward, eyes clenched as she came in strong 
       "Ooooh, baby, baby!" she cried as her orgasm faded. "God, you 
tongue-fucked my asshole, Jerry!"
       She managed to lift her ass out of his face, scooting back, her 
cunt leaving a trail of hot juices on his chest. His face glistened 
from nose to chin with pussy-juice, and he was grinning wickedly up at 
       "You little shit!" she said softly. "You stuck your tongue up 
Mother's asshole!"
       "Nice and hot!" he said. "I think you have a nice asshole, Mom." 
       She started to reply, then noticed his eyes starting to glaze. 
"What's wrong?" 
       "I think I'm gonna cum!"
       "Ohhh, no!" She gasped, twisting from him and jerking the towel 
away from his hips.
       His cock reared up, jerking, and just as Debra lowered her mouth, 
his creamy cum-juice gushed, splattering on her lips before she could 
get her mouth around his cock-head.
       With a cry, she swooped down swiftly, grabbing the head of his 
cock with her lips just as his second cum-squirt boiled out.
       "Nice ass, baby!" she purred.
       She watched him walk out of the room, then got to her feet. Her 
legs were wobbly and she leaned against the sink a moment.
       Then she followed him.
       She walked into the bathroom as her son was starting to piss. She 
heard piss tinkling into the water, and stepped up behind him, pressing 
her tits at his shoulders and her hairy cunt on his ass. Running her 
arms around him, she took hold of his cock and balls.
       "Let me hold it," she whispered.
       Looking over his shoulder, she watched him piss, the golden 
stream splashing into the bowl. She released his balls and placed the 
tip of her finger in the stream.
       "Mmmm, nice and hot!" she purred. She squeezed the base of his 
cock, cutting off his piss, then releasing it, making him squirt in 
quick bursts. She giggled. "Do you mind if I play a little, baby?"
       "Me? Why should I mind?"
       "Turn around7 she whispered in a throaty voice. "Turn around 
toward me."
       She held his cock tightly so he couldn't piss. Jerry turned to 
face her, looking up at her with a question in his young eyes. Debra 
ran the head of his cock through the hair of her cunt, leaning her 
shoulders back so she could look down.
       "Piss on my pussy-hair," she whispered.
       Jerry giggled. "Really?"
       "Really" she murmured hotly. "I want to feel you piss on my 
       She held his cock in the soft curls of her cunt, releasing her 
fingers at his cock-base. Hot piss gushed into her cunt-hair and Debra 
moaned softly as she felt it run down to her clit. She lifted his cock 
to the top edge of her fan-shaped pussy-hair and moved his cock about, 
making him piss over her cunt until the hair was matted. She felt his 
piss stream down, to her cunt hole, running along her inner thighs. She 
cried out in pleasure, spreading her legs and trying to place the head 
of his cock against her clit.
       "Obhh. it feels good, Jerry!" she whimpered. "You're pissing on 
me. You're pissing on Mother's cunt! Look, see how wet my pussy hair 
is? I can feel your piss on my cunt! Oh, it's so hot and I love the 
feel of it! Piss on Mother! Piss on Mother's cunt!" 
       Her pussy was drenched in his hot piss, and the feel of piss 
running down her inner thighs to her feet sent quivers of delight about 
her body. She lifted his cock to spray his piss over her trembling 
stomach, watching it run through her soaked cunt hair and down her 
thighs. She was holding his balls again, her hand and wrist as wet with 
piss as her lower body. Her eyes sparkled with pleasure as they both 
watched his cock piss in a slower stream.
       "Oooooh!" she moaned, pushing the head of his cock against her 
clit as her son squirted the last of his piss. "God, I bet that could 
make me cum!"
       Jerry giggled, closing his hands about her tits, pulling one of 
her long nipples into his mouth. He sucked her nipple as she ran the 
head of his cock through the wetness of her pussy hair. 
       As wild as she was for her son's cock, Debra found it a little 
uncomfortable going around the house naked. She wore a bra and panties, 
but still felt uncomfortable. She had never walked through the house in 
panties and bra, or naked before. It felt somewhat wicked to do so, 
deliciously wicked, though.
       Jerry had no problem with being naked,, she noticed. He took to 
it very well, without embarrassment at all. Debra loved being naked in 
bed, in her bedroom, where she could be herself.
       But wandering about the house made her feel depraved. She kept 
thinking someone would see her, someone passing the window or her son 
opening the door to a knock. But, as uncomfortable as she felt, it also 
made her excited and all tingly. She had showered again after he pissed 
on her pussy and was fresh and sweet smelling. Jerry, however, had not. 
He had a faint scent of piss lingering about his body, but Debra found 
that intoxicating. Every time she was close to him, she inhaled deeply, 
finding him exciting to smell. She also found being pissed on by him 
was most enjoyable.
       She stacked soiled clothing into the washing machine, and as she 
turned it on, Jerry slipped up behind her, unhooking her bra and 
pulling it from her tits. Pressing his body against her, he played with 
her tits and Debra cooed, leaning back against him.
       "You want something, honey?" she asked softly, wiggling her ass 
at his cock.
       "Now what would I want, Mom?"
       "Oh, I don't know7 she teased, pressing her ass back. "Pussy, 
maybe, or a nice blow-job, perhaps?"
       "You know me! Mom!' he replied, pulling at her long nipples. 
"I'll take what I can get." 
       She turned in his arms, shaking her tits in his face as he ran 
his hands down, cupping her pantied ass. "That's what I like about you 
most, Jerry. You don't show favoritism. You'll stick that cock 
anywhere. I like that in my man!"
       "Show me how you piss, Mom," he said, nuzzling his face between 
her tits. "I wanna watch you piss!" 
       "Okay!" she said, with a giggle. "How about right here?"
       "You'll make a mess," he warned.
       "That's easy to clean up," she said. "I know... I'll piss with my 
panties on."
       "Yeah!" Jerry gurgled.
       "Piss in my panties!" She giggled.
       She lifted her ass and sat on the top of the washing machine, 
spreading her legs and leaning back. Jerry stepped a foot or so away, 
gazing at her crotch. The thin, nylon panties stretched over her cunt, 
strands of curly cunt hair showing along the side.
       With her ass the edge of the washing machine, Debra began to 
strain. She and her son gazed at her open crotch, then a dribble of 
piss soaked through the panties. Jerry sucked in his breath as his eyes 
started to gleam, watching closely. The piss soaked through her 
panties, dripping down the side of the washing machine. Then she began 
to piss strongly. 
       The golden piss sprayed from the sides of her panties, drenching 
her inner thighs and Jerry gurgled with pleasure as he watched. It was 
exciting to see piss coming through her panties, and he put his palm 
close to her crotch.
       "Ooooh, Mom! It's so hot!"
       "Feel my cunt and I'll piss in your hand!" she suggested hotly.
       Jerry cupped her cunt and piss sprayed outward. Debra wiggled her 
ass, giggling lewdly. Jerry fondled her cunt as she pissed, then pulled 
the crotch of her panties to one side. Debra stopped pissing as he did 
so, then started again with her hairy cunt exposed. The hot gush of 
piss sent a stream splashing about his lower stomach. Debra gasped with 
       "I'm pissing on you, Jerry!" she mewled. "Like you pissed on my 
       "Yeah, and I like it. Mom!" he said, his cock lifting upward.
       He moved back a step, and her hot piss spurted over the head of 
his cock.
       "Ooooh, that feels real good, Mom!" He began to jack his cock as 
she pissed, her piss drenching his balls and running down his legs.
       "Ohhh, baby, pound that cock!" she urged hotly. "Jack that hard 
cock while Mother pisses on it! Oooh darling, squirt your cum-juice on 
Mother's pissing cunt!" But Jerry didn't try. He didn't want to cum 
jacking off.
       Debra's stream of piss slowed, and Jerry moved the head of his 
cock with it. When Debra clenched the muscles of her cunt, she sprayed 
a final gush of piss about his stomach.
       "That's all, honey," she said. "I can't piss any more right now."
       "I liked it, Mom!" He grinned, squeezing his cock and making his 
cock-head bulge. "I bet if you could piss just a little longer, I'd cum 
on your cunt!"
       "I've got better ways to make you cum, I bet," she whispered as 
she dropped off the washing machine, her piss-drenched panties covering 
her cunt again. She peeled her panties off, and started to toss them 
into the machine.
       "Let me have them," Jerry said, taking her panties.
       Debra watched him stuff the crotch of her panties into his mouth. 
Jerry sucked them, his eyes rolling.
       "You like that?" she asked, her voice soft, with a slight quiver 
in it.
       "Mmmmm!" he replied, nodding his head.
       She stood and watched her son suck her piss wet panties, his fist 
gripping his cock hard. Her cunt lurched, and her clit throbbed with a 
tight, hard knot. She lowered her face to his, and brushed her lips 
across the soft panties dangling out of his mouth. She tasted her own 
piss, and her cunt sucked inward with heat. She opened her mouth and 
sucked at her panties too. Her eyes burned into those of her son as she 
tasted hot piss, her hand shoving his hand off his cock and gripping 
his prick herself. She pumped his cock, feeling it throb sweetly in her 
       Debra pulled the panties from their mouths, hissing hotly, "I 
want to do something to you, baby!"
       Pulling him by his cock, she led him to the living room, shoving 
him onto the couch. She went to her knees and shoved his legs open, 
then pulled him forward until his ass hung over the edge. She lifted 
his knees and pushed them to his chest, her eyes smoldering as she 
stared at his hard cock, his young, hot balls, and the spread of his 
ass. She gazed at the tight pucker of her son's asshole, and lowered 
her face.
       Debra breathed in the scent of piss, her body vibrating with lewd 
hungers. His inner thighs were wet with piss, and she brushed her lips 
along them. With her eyes slitted with wanton desire, she licked at her 
son's thighs, tasting her piss. She ran her tongue down to the cheeks 
of her son's ass swirling wildly, going from ass cheek to ass cheek, 
her nose rubbing his hairless balls.
       "Lick my hole, Mom!" Jerry urged, drawing his knees back, lifting 
his ass to his mothers face. "Suck my asshole the way I did yours!"
       "Mmmm, yes!" Debra hissed, pushing her open mouth around her 
son's asshole.
       She tasted the piss-wet heat of his crotch, sucking at his 
asshole. Her tongue flicked, tasting his shitter, and her eyes closed 
as a hot flash of wild desire flooded her body.
       Debra buried her mouth into his ass, sucking and licking his ass-
pucker, her nose nuzzling his hot balls. She grasped his cock with her 
hand, pumping his prick as her tongue moved past the ring of his 
asshole and penetrated it. Jerry yelped with pleasure and pushed his 
ass against his mother's face.
       Debra ran her tongue deep into her son's asshole, and stabbed it 
back and forth. She loved the tightness of his shit-hole, the heat in 
her face. She worked her fist up and dawn his cock as her tongue fucked 
his hole, her cunt bubbling with wetness. She drew her tongue out of 
his shithole and licked his hot balls, tasting piss on them. She pulled 
his balls into her mouth, sucking softly, moaning with delight. Letting 
his balls fall out of her mouth, she ran her tongue up the shaft of his 
cock, running it about his dripping piss-hole then back down to his 
balls again. She lapped his balls, then plunged her tongue into his 
asshole once more.
       "Ohhh, Mom, that feels good!" Jerry groaned. "Pump my cock... 
fuck my asshole! Oooh, suck my ass, Mom!" Debra moved her tongue deep, 
then pulled it back, only to shove her tongue up her son's asshole 
       "I'm going to stick my tit up your ass, Jerry!" she whispered.
       "You can't do that, Mom!" he said.
       "Watch me!"
       Debra squeezed one of her tits with both hands, making her long 
nipple stand out with rubbery hardness. She rubbed her nip against her 
son's asshole, up and down, then pushed her stiff tit-tip upon the 
pucker of his asshole. She pushed, her chin tucked down, her eyes 
bright as she watched her nipple at his asshole.
       Somehow, she managed to get her nipple inside his asshole.
       She cooed as the tight heat of his asshole gripped her nipple, 
and Jerry gasped. She began to work her nipple back and forth, fucking 
him in the ass with it. She drew her hand up to his cock again, jacking 
him and working her nipple in and out of his hot ass.
       "See! I can do it!" she hissed. "I can fuck your ass with my tit. 
Jerry! Can you feel it?"
       "Oh, can I feel it? Mom, I can feel everything!"
       Dipping her face, Debra ran her tongue about his piss-hole, 
licking up his seeping juices as she fucked her nipple in and out of 
his ass.
       "See? I can even suck your cock at the same time," she purred, 
twisting her tongue around his satiny cock-head. She closed her lips 
about his cock and sucked, keeping her tit buried into his tight 
       The hot feel of his asshole on her nipple and his cock in her 
mouth. Debra began to suck, her tongue flicking, her eyes glazed in hot 
       Jerry moaned with the sensations shooting about his young body. 
He felt his mother's nipple fuck his asshole, watching her suck at the 
head of his cock. He held his knees tight against his chest, wiggling 
his hips.
       "Oooh. Mom, good!" he grunted. "Ahhh, suck my cock, Mom! I can 
feel your tit up my ass... suck me! Make me cum in your mouth!"
       Debra loved her son's excitement. She rolled her tongue about the 
head of his cock, sucking hard with her lips just behind the ridge. She 
squealed with wicked delight when she felt his asshole squeeze her tit. 
Sliding her free hand up and down his thigh, feeling his trembling 
flesh, her cunt boiled.
       Debra rolled her eyes dreamily, making soft, purring sounds deep 
inside her throat. His cock was hot between her lips, and his bubbling 
juices were delicious. She pushed her tit as far into his tight little 
ass as possible, and lowered her mouth on his cock until she had half 
of his prick inside. Her tongue swirled wetly about his prick-tip.
       "Ahhh, it's so good, Mom!" Jerry gasped, his eyes wide and hot as 
he stared at her stretching lips. "You suck me so good, Mom! My cock is 
so fucking hard... and your tit is up my asshole! I bet you make me cum 
hard, Mom!"
       Debra's eyes flashed at his excited face. Her lips tingled 
sweetly as she slipped them up and down half his cock. She could almost 
feel his scalding, creamy cum-juice spurt now, eager for it.     
       Her mouth watered up constantly, causing her to swallow. It felt 
as if his asshole was pulling at her tit. His shit-hole squeezed hard 
around her stiff nipple, and Debra was glad she had such large nipples.
       When she felt his cock throb the way it always did just before he 
came, she lifted her mouth and very gently pulled her tit out of his 
       "Mom, don't stop now!" Jerry complained. "I was about to cum!"
       "I know you were," she mewled, sliding her tit up and down his 
spreading ass, probing at his hot balls with her nipple. "I want you to 
cum, too, but let me play a little
       She pulled his hard cock down, rubbing her nipple over his 
dripping piss-hole, feeling his juices burn her tender, stiff nipple. 
She closed both her tits about his cock, rubbing up and down, jacking 
his prick with her creamy, smooth tit-flesh. She hissed in pleasure as 
the head of his cock brushed beneath her chin.
       "Maybe I'll just jack you off with my tits!" she whispered. "Jack 
your hard cock off with my tits and make you cum all over them!"
       "Aw Mom, in your mouth, please!" Jerry whimpered. "I wanna cum in 
your mouth!" 
       "Or my cunt?"
       "Or your hot cunt!"
       "Or my... ass?"
       "Mom! I'll cum any p1ace you want me to!" Jerry cried out, his 
cock about to burst. "My fucking balls are on fire, Mom, and I'm gonna 
cum pretty fucking quick!" 
       "Ooooh, I'd like that!" she purred, and lowered her tit again.
       She pressed her stiff nipple into his asshole, the flesh of her 
firm tit smashing into the crack of his ass. She pulled his cock toward 
her face, and ran her tongue about his cock-head as she stared into his 
blazing eyes. Her eyes twinkled with wanton pleasure as she closed her 
lips about the head of his cock again. Now, carefully moving her tit in 
and out of her son's asshole, she began to suck with vigorous strength.
       Jerry wrapped his arms behind his knees, hugging them against his 
chest, watching his mothers lips slide up and down on his cock, feeling 
her tongue lap, her nipple slide in and out of his asshole. He began to 
gasp and grunt, his balls fiery with tightness.
       Debra felt her son's cock swell thicker inside her mouth. The 
heat of his prick tingled her lips as her tongue licked his smooth 
cock-head rapidly. Her cunt tightened, her hairy cunt-lips sucking 
inward as her cut throbbed. Purring throatily, Debra sucked, her eyes 
twinkling into Jerry's contorting face. When his young face screwed up 
that way, she knew she was making him feel as good as she could. She 
pushed her lips down onto his cock as far as she could and still keep 
her nipple inside his asshole. As she sucked upward, her tit pulled a 
little way from his asshole, moving back in when she pushed down with 
her face.
       She had to hold her tit with one hand to keep her nipple there, 
but her other hand moved about his trembling thigh, hip, his spreading 
asscheeks and balls. Each time she drew up on his cock, her lips were 
as tight as she could squeeze them. She was trying to make him cum now, 
knowing how tight his balls were.
       "Mom! Oh! Mom!"
       Jerry's teeth were gritting and his eyes clamped shut. He was 
straining his ass upward, his cock jerking inside her mouth, his 
asshole starting to grip her nipple reflexively. He wailed as the mind-
shattering ecstasy grew in his young body. 
       "Mom!" he shouted.
       Debra's mouth flooded with thick, sweet cum-juice. Jism spurted 
from his cock with force, drenching her throat. She sucked hard, her 
tongue circling swiftly about his spewing piss-hole. She made gulping 
sounds as she swallowed the juices, her cunt burning hotly. She felt 
his asshole clamp about her nipple with waving, trembling heat. Jerry 
was still cumming inside her mouth when her cunt contracted with 
orgasm. Debra's eyes closed and her face turned pink with the exquisite 
       "Swallow it, Mom!" Jerry moaned. "Swallow my cum-juice! Suck up 
my hot cum juice! Eat my cock and swallow my cum-juice!'
       Debra swallowed hungrily, her cunt twitching as her orgasm 
receded, but her son's cock was still spurting into her mouth. The hot 
taste of his jizz sent shivers racing up and down her satin-smooth 
       Lifting her lips from his cock when she was sure he wasn't 
cumming any longer, she swished her tongue about his piss-hole, then 
licked her lips slowly, her eyes shining. She pulled her nipple out of 
his asshole, and helped him lower his legs.
       "I didn't think I could do that, but I did!" she gurgled.
       "You can do anything, Mom!" Jerry said. "You can do anything you 
want to do!"
       "I'm not a contortionist she replied, flicking his soft cock with 
her fingers, "and that almost broke my neck." 
       "You liked it, though," he said.
       "Wrong, you little fuck-face!" she said. "I loved it! There's a 
       Debra thought of her son taking her wet panties and stuffing the 
crotch into his mouth. He had done so without her suggesting it. The 
fact that Jerry had ideas of his own thrilled her. It told her Jerry 
had an erotic mind in that young head of his.
       She made the bed, knowing any plans she tried to make for the day 
were useless now. Since she had started fucking her son, she had no 
need to come up with ways to stay busy.
       Jerry was keeping her busy, busy fucking him, or sucking him. She 
grinned. At least she only had to make up one bed now, since he slept 
with her.
       Finished with the house work, she bathed. She stayed in the tub 
for a long time, the oils and scented bubbles smoothing out her already 
smooth flesh. Debra took very good care of her body, and always had. 
Her body gave her enjoyment, gave enjoyment to her son, and it was 
essential that she take care of it. She didn't want to think of Jerry 
finding her unattractive, and start going after some hot, little piece 
of ass. If she thought of that, she became depressed. And Debra didn't 
want to be depressed. She wanted to stay on her high forever.
       Finished with her bath, she wrapped a toga like robe about her 
naked body, and stood before the bathroom mirror, brushing her hair. 
She wondered what was taking Jerry so long. She had sent him out to get 
bread and milk, but that had been a long time ago. Maybe he met some 
friends and got to talking, maybe playing some boy's game and 
forgetting about the time. But she set no time limit on him. He seldom 
stayed away long, no matter if it was school or a movie, or running an 
errand for her.
       Debra was learning to be comfortable in the house without being 
dressed. She could now walk around in her skimpy robe and be naked 
under it without discomfort. She giggled softly, the thought of 
becoming bold enough to go outside naked under her clothing. She 
imagined the wild fantasy of progressing to the point where she would 
even go into the back yard in her panties, her tits naked, then perhaps 
open the front door to pick up the paper, absolutely naked.
       She would never go that far she knew, but it was fun to 
       Sitting on the couch, Debra crossed her thighs. She had shapely 
legs, she told herself as she looked at them. Her legs were long and 
slender, yet strong. The flesh of her body was her best feature, she 
felt. There wasn't an inch of flesh that wasn't like satin to the 
touch. Jerry loved to run his hand over her flesh, feel it.
       Debra giggled.
       Jerry had told her a joke as he sat next to her the night before, 
while she lay on the bed. He had been fondling her tits, sucking her 
nipples and playing with her cunt. 
       "Mom, you know a guy comes out of this cunt, then he spends the 
rest of his life trying to get back in it!"
       She had laughed, knowing how true that was. Rocking her foot, she 
felt her thigh flex against her cunt. Her nipples pushed against the 
thin robe, making attractive peaks. The hem of the light robe rested in 
her lap, with a few teasing hairs of her cunt showing. She thought of 
her son's cock sliding so eagerly into her fiery cunt, of the taste of 
his cock, his hot balls. She thought of the pleasure it gave them both 
when she sucked and licked his asshole. As she thought, she caressed 
her thigh, knowing she was teasing herself, making her cunt hot and 
wet. She had no need to stimulate herself any longer, yet she still 
kept up the long-time habit.
       She opened her legs and looked down at her cunt-bush, sliding her 
fingers through the soft hair. She pulled up on her cunt, seeing her 
clit bulge from her pink pussy-folds. She stroked her clit slowly and 
lightly, feeling the heat build. Slipping her other hand into her robe, 
she massaged her tits.
       With a soft moan, she lifted her ass and slipped her middle 
finger into her cunt, a soft hiss of pleasure escaping her mouth. She 
ran her finger in and out of her cunt, slowly, her hips writhing. She 
leaned her head on the back of the couch, closing her eyes and finger-
fucking slowly. She whined as the pleasure increased, purring like a 
       "Ooooh, Jerry," she whispered softly. "Mother is so hot, baby! 
Hurry home and fuck me! I need you, Jerry. Mother's cunt needs you, 
needs your sweet, hard cock!"
       Her hips lifted, a tight squeal bubbling from her mouth as her 
cunt grabbed her finger, contracting in mild, hot waves. She pressed 
her finger deep as she came, gasping deliciously. She pressed her hand 
hard against her cunt until the spasms passed.
       Then she slowly fucked herself again.
       Pulling her drenched finger out of her cunt, she lifted it to her 
mouth, her tongue licking the juices from it. She loved the slippery 
taste, pretending it was her son's cum-juice. She darted her finger 
time and again into her cunt, then sucked it clean. She could see why 
her son enjoyed licking her hairy cunt. If she were a boy, she would 
love to, suck on a hot cunt, too. Some women licked pussy, Debra knew, 
but she didn't want to taste a cunt, feel the softness against her 
mouth, taste those delicious juices, and delve her tongue inside.
       After Jerry fucked her, Debra had started taking his cock into 
her mouth, tasting their fuck-juices. She figured she wouldn't refuse 
to lick a hot, wet pussy if it were offered to her.
       The sound of the door opening made her look up. She had her legs 
wide open, her middle finger buried into her cunt, her other hand 
inside her thin robe and holding a firm tit.
       Jerry stepped in, closing the door behind him quickly, a grin 
spreading over his face. He carried a small bag, with the bread and 
milk inside.
       "Couldn't wait for me, Mom?" he asked, his eyes watching her hand 
at her cunt.
       "I can wait," she purred throatily. "I just wanted to play with 
my cunt while I waited."
       "Want a cock to play with?"
       "Love it!" she purred.
       Jerry quickly put the bread and milk away and when he returned, 
he was wearing only his t-shirt. His cock was half hard, and Debra's 
eyes devoured it. "You never take your t-shirt off, do you?"
       "Why? Everything I have is below it," he said.
       She leaned forward when he stood in front of her, her tongue 
taking wet swipes at his cock. She wanted his prick in her mouth for a 
little while, and sucked him deeply. She loved the way his smooth cock-
head brushed her throat as she pressed her lips hard at the base. She 
sucked his cock for a while, then licked at his hot, young balls, 
caressing and squeezing the cheeks of his ass.
       "Turn around," she whispered. "Now, lean over."
       Jerry leaned, and Debra pushed her face onto her son's ass, 
licking his asshole, her tongue swirling hotly and wetly from his balls 
to the base of his spine. Jerry wiggled, gasping in delight. Placing 
her hot lips around her sons asshole, Debra sucked hard, her tongue 
darting against his hot shit-ring.
       "Oooooh, Mom!" Jerry groaned.
       Debra lowered her face and sucked his balls into her mouth, 
burying her nose into his hole. She reached in front of him and grasped 
his cock, pumping it, feeling his cock so hard in her fist. Letting his 
balls go, she turned him around once more, and gobbled his cock hotly. 
She ran her tongue over his seeping piss-hole, taking the juices and 
rolling them in her mouth before swallowing.
       Pulling from him, she ran his cock about her cheeks. "I wonder 
what it would feel like, taste like, if you pissed in my mouth." 
       "You wanna do it, Mom?"
       "Would you?"
       "You know I'll do anything you want." he said.
       "We have to take care of this lovely hard-on first!" she purred, 
kissing his piss-hole. "Want to fuck me first, baby?"
       She leaned back on the couch again, spreading her slender legs 
wide, her hairy cunt offered to her son. Jerry pushed his cock 
downward, and Debra met it with her pussy. While Jerry ran the swollen, 
head of his, cock through the hair of her cunt, she pulled at her fiery 
pussy-lips, opening her cunt for him. Jerry enjoyed seeing Debra open 
her cunt, and it made her feel deliciously wanton.
       "Fuck it, baby!" she moaned. "Ram your cock up Mother's cunt and 
fuck it good and hard!"
       The head of Jerry's cock thrust into her pussy and Debra, with a 
squeal of pleasure, slammed her cunt onto his prick. 
       "Ahhhh, give it to me!" she wailed. "I want your cock, Jerry! 
Mother wants your hard cock all the way! God! I can feel you throb 
inside my fucking cunt!"
       Jerry gripped his mother's hips, and pounded his cock in and out 
of her cunt, watching her cunt-lips squeeze him. He grunted as he 
rammed back and forth, his cock making wet, slapping sounds. Debra 
gasped in delight. Humping wildly, she jerked her robe open and dug her 
fingers into her swollen tits. She twisted her head from one side to 
the other, the exquisite ecstasy of her son's cock driving her wild 
with lust desire. Straining get his cock behind them, she arched her 
pussy as high as she could to his lunging cock. He fucked deeper now, 
and her ass opened up to feel his hot balls slap upon the crinkle of 
her hole.
       "Ohhhh, God, this is great, Jerry!" she cried. "Ram me hard, 
baby!" Ram my fucking cunt hard! Bruise Mother's cunt!" She screamed.
       "Oh my God! You're making me cum already?"
       Her cunt clamped about her sons cock, squeezing with wet heat as 
the convulsion flooded her. She lifted her ass high, shaking it wildly 
as she came. Jerry's prick buried deep inside her gripping cunt.
       "I feel it, Mom!" Jerry groaned. "I can feel your cunt! Your 
pussy it sucking my fucking cock!"
       "Yes, baby, yes!" she replied in a groan. "Mother's cunt loves to 
suck a hard cock!"
       Her orgasm went on for some time, and Debra could hardly believe 
the power. Her pussy tingled and burned, as if it were melting into 
liquid around In son's cock. As the contractions faded, she realized 
her son's cock was still as hard as ever, that he had not cum.
       "Jerry. I need you to cum in me!" she moaned. "I need to have 
your cum-juice in my cunt!"
       "I wanna stick it up your ass!" Jerry said. 
       Debra stopped wiggling, staring at his face. "Up my ass?"
       "You mentioned it, Mom," he reminded her. "You said it the other 
day when yow had your tit up my ass and sucked me off." 
       "I did, didn't I?" Debra said softly. Her eyes burned as she felt 
his cock throb in her cunt. "Well, why not? You've fucked me every 
place else, right? Why not fuck me in the ass, too?"
       "Can I now, Mom?"
       "Of course!" She giggled, feeling very depraved. "You're hard, 
and I already came, so go ahead and fuck my asshole!" She held her 
breath as her son pulled his cock out of her cunt. Her pussy felt 
suddenly empty, a coolness that soothed the burning wetness of her 
puffy cunt-lips and sensitive cit. She held her knees tightly at her 
tits, her ass lifted to him, peering down at the fan shape of her 
pussy-hair, wishing she could see his cock slide into the pucker of her 
asshole. She felt so open and vulnerable that way, but it was such a 
lewd, delicious feeling.
       "Be easy," she whispered. "Don't just ram your cock in me. Go 
slow so it doesn't hurt."
       Jerry's eyes glazed as he looked down at his mother. He saw her 
hairy cunt as he pushed the head of his rounded cock to her tight 
asshole. Her ass burned his swollen cock-head, and he pressed forward 
slowly, watching her asshole stretch and give.
       "Be still," Debra said. "Let me do it."
       Jerry stiffened, waiting and watching her asshole pushing at the 
head of his cock. Debra shoved slowly, feeling the pressure but no 
pain. She bit her bottom lip as she pushed a little harder. She felt 
her asshole stretch, and hoped ass-fucking wouldn't hurt.
       Jerry, feeling the pressure of her asshole on his cock, began to 
push inward.
       "Wait!" she hissed. "Let me do it!"
       Jerry was shaking with eagerness, watching the head of his cock 
push at his mother's asshole, her cunt above it. He placed his hands on 
her thighs. Debra held her breath and pushed against his cock. A soft 
moan came from her throat as his cock-head fucked her asshole. She 
paused, gasping, eyes wide.
       "I have it in!" she said, pleased. "Oh, your cock-head sure fills 
my ass, baby! It feels like my asshole is stretched a mile!"
       She lifted her ass, taking her son's cock deeper. She felt her 
asshole open easier now. When she had half his cock up her ass, she 
stopped pushing.
       "You can do the rest," she said in a tight voice.
       Jerry pushed, watching his cock slide into his mother's asshole, 
feeling the heat burn his cock shaft. Then his cock was all the way in. 
Debra could feel his cock throb, feel it as though his cock were inside 
her stomach. She whimpered, but with the sound of wicked excitement. 
Her asshole clenched his cock, squeezing the base.
       "Do you like it, Jerry?" she hissed in a thick voice.
       "Oh, yeah, Mom! It's very hot... very hot!"
       "Fuck me there!" she moaned. "Fuck my ass, Jerry!"
       His cock up her asshole felt better than she had thought it 
would. There was no pain, only a stuffing sensation that excited her. 
She loved the tinging way her asshole grabbed his cock, loved the 
stretched sensation.
       Jerry pulled his cock back, but left his cockhead inside. Debra 
squealed with unexpected pleasure. He shoved his cock back in, then 
pulled back once more, fucking his mother's asshole slowly, watching 
       "You can fuck faster!" she urged, it feels wonderful! You don't 
have to be careful now, baby! Ohhhh, fuck that hot asshole! It's great, 
It's wonderful! I love it in my ass! Fuck me faster! Jerry! Ohhhh, 
baby, fuck Mother in the asshole as fast as you want!"
       Jerry began thrusting swiftly and Debra cried out with the 
friction of his hard cock. Her asshole pulled and pushed on his prick 
as he fucked, and she slipped her hands down the backs of her thighs to 
her cunt. She opened her pussy wide, her pink, wet cunt gleaming as his 
cock stabbed into her ass. She smashed her hairy cunt-lips together, 
then rubbed at her intensely swollen cit. Jerry watched her fondle her 
cunt, seeing his cock plunge into her asshole below. His balls swung 
back and forth.
       "Fuck yourself, Mom!" he groaned. "Finger-fuck your cunt! Fuck it 
while I fuck your hot asshole!"
       "Oh, yes! Jerry!" she yelped, stabbing her finger into her cunt 
and darting it up and down. "Anything you say, darling! Mother will do 
anything you say!"
       She whipped her hand at her pussy, smacking it wetly, fucking her 
cunt-hole with her middle finger then smashing her swollen clit. Her 
eyes blazed in erotic ecstasy as her son fucked her gripping asshole 
faster and faster. The excitement made her mind spin, and she began to 
dart her finger into her cunt then shove it between her lips, sucking 
the juices as her other hand rubbed and darted into her cunt. With her 
son fucking her burning asshole, she had a pussy-wet finger in her 
mouth and one in her cunt at any given time. Her emotions soared as she 
arched her ass to his cock, her body vibrating with wild rapture. 
       "Taste your cunt. Mom!" Jerry shouted. "Suck your finger... fuck 
your cunt! Ohhhh, your asshole is squeezing my cock and you're gonna 
make me cum in it!"
       "Deeper! Jerry, deeper!" she shouted, thrashing her uplifted ass 
frantically, ramming upward as her son's cock came stabbing into her 
shit-hole. There was a delicious, burning sensation in her asshole, her 
shit-ring clenching his cock without any effort from her. It seemed as 
if her asshole would expand as her son pushed in, grip tightly when he 
pulled back, just the way her cunt would do. His cock felt bigger, 
longer, thicker, inside her asshole than it did in her cunt, though. As 
she kept ramming a finger into her cunt, then to her mouth, she felt 
her pussy swell, tightening, a strong orgasm threatening her.
       "Oh, God! baby!" she sobbed. "I'm going to cum! I'm getting 
fucked in the ass, and my cunt is about to cum!"
       Jerry was plunging wildly now, his balls swollen and his cock 
tingling. His eyes were glazed as he stared down at her cunt and seeing 
her asshole grip his cock at the same time.
       "Now!" Debra screamed. "I'm going to cum now!"
       The steaming ripples of her cunt exploded. She had one finger 
deep inside her cunt, the heel of her hand smashing her knotted cit. 
and her sons cock was plunging into her asshole furiously. She screamed 
again as her orgasm increased with wet heat.
       She heard her son grunt through the roaring in her head, then she 
felt the scalding spurts of his cum-juice. She felt jism splash deep 
inside her asshole, and it made her cunt contract even tighter. She 
rammed her ass hard onto her sons cock, squealing with intense ecstasy, 
feeling his cock throb and squirt into her ass.
       "Ohhhh, shit!" Jerry groaned weakly. His legs shook and he leaned 
over his mother's body, resting his weight on the backs of her thighs, 
his cock softening inside her asshole.
       Debra, still breathing hard, stroked his back, pushing her hands 
under his t-shirt. She caressed his ass, sliding the edge of her hand 
into his ass crack and down to his balls. She cupped his balls, giving 
them a loving squeeze.
       "You drowned my ass, baby," she whispered. "You flooded Mother's 
asshole good!"
       Jerry lifted his face and grinned down at her. "You like getting 
fucked in the ass, Mom?"
       "I love it in the ass!" She giggled. "Darling, you can fuck 
Mother in the ass any time you feel like it! And, I hope you feel like 
it every fucking day of the fucking week!
       The following day, Debra was lounging in the tub. Her asshole had 
a throbbing in it. Her shitter wasn't sore, but throbbed in a pleasant 
manner. She leaned her head on the rim of the tub, her legs parted so 
the hot water soothed her asshole. When she had told her son he could 
fuck her ass every day, he had taken her literally.    He had fucked her 
in the ass twice more, the final time in bed, with her on her hands and 
knees, her ass pushed into the air for him.
       She was surprised her asshole wasn't blistered from so much 
heated friction. Shed felt as if she had a gallon of his hot cum-juice 
in her ass by the time she went to sleep.
       She knew, that morning, that getting fucked in the ass was 
something she should have done long ago. How she missed out, Debra 
wasn't sure. It certainly wasn't because she was adverse to it. Taking 
her son's cock up her asshole told her that much.
       She wondered if perhaps boys had changed since she was young. 
Jerry seemed to want to try everything with her but she didn't remember 
any boys in those days so eager. They were more interested in sticking 
their cocks into her cunt, stabbing quickly, and cumming off, and to 
hell with her pleasure.
       But Jerry was interested in making fucking feel as good for her 
as it did for him.
       Waking up that morning, she found her son with a hard-on once 
again. It seemed he woke up every morning with a hard-on. She didn't 
recall her husband ever doing that, except once in a while. At first, 
Debra had thought her husband was after her pussy, but he explained to 
her that his cock was hard because he had to piss so badly. But her 
son, when he woke up with that cock so hard, didn't seem in such a rush 
to take a piss. Maybe men were different, she thought. Maybe her 
husband hadn't been as interested in fucking her as her son was.
       In the beginning, her husband was hungry for her, and Debra was a 
very enthusiastic partner, always available to him. In the beginning, 
her husband loved her eagerness, loved her wanton positions, loved it 
when she sucked him off. But then, somehow, he seemed to have lost 
interest in her. Not knowing why, Debra had tried everything she knew 
to hold his interest, willing to degrade and humiliate herself for his 
pleasure. But even that had failed. Her husband had been married to his 
       She had not felt a loss when he finally left her. She had felt 
glad to be alone. She had spent hours playing with herself as he lay 
beside her in bed, reading business reports and dictating into his 
bedside machine. She had played with herself openly and even sucked at 
his cock and he would brush her away.
       When she was finally alone, she found it more pleasurable even if 
she did to have to finger-fuck herself in her room without him nearby.
       She hoped her son wouldn't lose his interest in her. She hoped 
Jerry would not turn out like his father. Debra could understand it if 
her husband had wanted another woman, but she didn't understand his 
passion and devotion to business. She could have understood his desire 
to fuck a different woman, and would have had gone along with him if 
that was how he wanted it. She would have joined him and another woman, 
but how could she join him in his work? His job was his interest, his 
mistress, his blow-job and fuck. She was simply the person who cleaned 
house and cooked for him.
       Jerry, now... 
       She smiled as she thought of her son. Her asshole kept throbbing 
under the water and she wondered if her son would ever fuck her cunt 
again. He seemed too excited about sticking his cock up her ass, she 
thought he might enjoy that better than her hot cunt. Debra didn't 
really mind, she loved his cock in her ass as much as he did.
       "You're gonna get water logged, Mom!" Jerry said, coming into the 
       "I have to smell good for you, don't I?" She grinned at him.
       "You always smell good to me he said, sitting on the toilet and 
watching her. He had carried in a glass of iced tea for her and Debra 
sipped it.
       Jerry was in a pair of jeans, and she noticed the bulge his cock 
and balls made in them. She ran her tongue over her lips as she gazed 
at his crotch, recalling every detail of his cock and balls.
       She set the glass on the floor of the bathroom and lifted her 
cunt-lips above the water line. Jerry watched her pussy as she smoothed 
her wet cunt-hair away from it. Debra began to squirt short streams of 
piss. The golden piss arched high and dropped back to the water. She 
squirted, then stopped, squirted again, stopped. She peeled her cunt as 
open as she could, and sent a long, arching stream of golden piss into 
the air.
       Jerry grinned, sliding his hand into the stream.
       "Do you always take a piss in the bath, Mom?"
       "Only when you're in here watching like some sex-crazed maniac!" 
she replied. She finished pissing, then lowered her hips back under the 
       Jerry pulled his drenched hand to his face, licking the piss from 
his palm. That reminded Debra.
       "Baby, you were supposed to piss in my mouth," she said softly, 
almost shyly. "What happened?"
       "I got tied up in your ass, I think!" He giggled.
       "I know. My asshole is still throbbing from it, too
       "I can do it now," he offered.
       Debra's eyes took on a smoldering expression, slitted slightly. 
She picked up the iced tea and sipped, looking at him over the rim. 
Jerry, without waiting for her to answer, stood up, opened his pants, 
then fished his cock out. He waved his prick, thrusting his hips toward 
his mother's face.
       "Take your pants down," she said in a husky voice.
       Jerry pushed his jeans to his feet, and Debra gazed heatedly at 
his prick and balls, just as excited by them as she'd been that first 
time. She swallowed, anticipating what she was about to do with him. It 
seemed so depraved, something a very wicked woman would do.
       She sat up in the tub, tilting her face toward his dangling cock. 
She kissed the tip of his prick softly, then swiped her tongue over his 
piss-hole. She gazed up at his face with glazed eagerness, giggling 
       "You know what this makes your mother, dont you?" she asked.
       He shook his head. "I just know you like my cock, Mom!"
       "It makes my mouth your toilet, Jerry," she murmured. "You piss 
in the toilet, don't you? Well, if you piss in my mouth, then my mouth 
becomes your toilet."
       "Yeah!" he said with excitement.
       "This just might be fun," Debra purred, opening her mouth wide.
       Jerry's cock was about a foot away from her face. She watched his 
prick body, her mouth wide and her tongue out, waiting. Jerry looked at 
his mother's tits, seeing the soap bubbles on them, then at her face. 
There was a soft, pink glow on her face. He squirted quickly, then 
       The hot piss missed her open mouth and splashed just beneath her 
chin. Debra moaned softly as she felt it, but her mouth remained wide 
open. Her eyes seemed to burn with a greater heat as his piss ran down 
to her naked tits.
       "Missed," Jerry said, his voice soft with fascination.
       He adjusted his cock and sent another squirt. That one spattered 
between Debra's lips, across her tongue and to the back of her throat.
       Her cunt immediately clenched as she tasted his hot piss. She 
waited for him to piss a long, strong stream, but Jerry played.
       He squirted time and again, starting and stopping, pissing into 
her mouth, then over her tits. Debra sat with her head tilted up to his 
cock, mouth wide open, her cunt on fire with excitement. Her long 
nipples stood out stiffly, and his hot piss sprayed over them, making 
them tingle. She lifted her hands and placed them on her son's hips, 
drawing his cock closer to her face.
       Jerry aimed his cock at her open mouth, and sent a hot stream of 
golden-colored piss into it. He didn't stop. Debra's eyes closed as his 
piss filled her mouth, running out of it and down her chin to her tits. 
She trembled with weird sensations of pleasures, tasting his piss on 
her tongue, enjoying it. She clung to his hips while he pissed into her 
mouth, her ass-cheeks writhing on the bottom of the tub, her cunt 
gripping tightly as her clit knotted and throbbed. She would cum, she 
knew, if her son pissed long enough.
       Jerry gazed down, watching his piss flood into his mother's open 
mouth. Piss streamed from the corners of her lips, down her neck, over 
her rounded tits. He lifted his cock, spurting about her nose and 
closed eyes. He pissed across her forehead, into her hair, then back to 
her mouth again.
       Debra sat with her head up, taking it with pleasure, feeling 
deliciously depraved. The taste and feel of her son's piss sent tremors 
of unknown ecstasy through her She gripped his hips tightly, inching 
her open mouth up along his golden piss stream.
       Debra enjoyed the way his piss splashed at her throat, the way it 
felt running from her mouth. She touched his cock with her tongue and 
closed her lips about his piss-hole as the stream lost strength. Now, 
with her lips wrapped about his piss-hole, she began to swallow easily. 
She drank the piss out of his cock, moaning softly, her cunt ready to 
burst beneath the surface of the water.
       Jerry sent a final gush of piss into his mother's mouth, and 
Debra whimpered, pulling his soft cock completely into her mouth and 
using her tongue to work on it. She felt his cock swell inside her 
mouth, and Jerry had a hand at the back of her head. He pulled her face 
close to his body, her lips crushed at the base of his cock, his balls 
resting on her chin. Debra twisted her lips and tongue, sucking 
powerfully as his cock throbbed in a full hardness.
       "You're making me hard, Mom," he said. ~Are you gonna suck me off 
       Debra flashed her eyes up at him, sliding her hands to his ass, 
cupping his ass-cheeks as she pulled his cock against her throat. She 
purred with contentment as his cock throbbed between her lips. Jerry 
pulled back, sliding his cock in her mouth, then pushed in, fucking her 
in her mouth slowly.
       Debra gazed up at him, her eyes twinkling as she clutched the 
cheeks of his young ass. Her cunt was still in a turmoil of wet heat, 
her clit bulging outward. The taste of his piss lingered in her mouth 
as his cock stretched her lips. Feeling his cock stab back and forth on 
her hot lips made her gurgle softly. She was hungry for his cum-juice 
to fill her mouth now, to taste it along with his piss.
       "I wanna fuck you in the ass, Mom!" Jerry said, pulling his cock 
       Debra closed her lips tightly as if wanting to keep his cock in 
her mouth, but she let it go when his cock-head was just past her 
teeth. She gave his young balls a quick squeeze, then grasped his cock 
and jerked it a few times, grinning.
       "I have places besides my asshole, honey!" she said. "Are you 
getting tired of Mother's mouth and cunt so soon?"
       "I just take turns,' he said. 
       "It's like having three girls, isnt it?" She said. 
       "One, that's you, Mom!" He laughed as she stood in the tub, soapy 
bubbles streaming down her creamy flesh.
       "Don't forget my hand," she teased.
       "Aw, that's for little kids," Jerry sneered. "I don't need hand-
jobs anymore."
       "They can be fun," she replied, turning in the tub and leaning 
against the far wall. She arched her dripping ass towards him, giving 
it a few cute shakes.
       Jerry rubbed his hard cock about her wet ass, over her ass-checks 
and between her thighs. He probed at her cunt a moment or so, then 
tried to open her ass wide, but his hands slipped on her wet ass flesh.
       "Just hold my hips, darling, and push your cock in," she 
suggested, scooting her ass back farther.
       Jerry put his hands on her hips as be slipped his cock into the 
wet crack of his mother's ass. Debra had to put her hand between her 
thighs and place the head of his cock against her asshole. She felt the 
now-familiar pressure, and held her breath with expectant delight. 
Since her ass was wet and soapy, his cock slid in easily.
       Debra let out a sigh of pleasure as her asshole stretched about 
his hard cock, pushing back to him, feeling his sweet prick go deep 
into her asshole. She decided she preferred him fucking his cock up her 
ass without lubrication. She loved that short, sharp stab when her 
asshole was first fucked by his cock.
       "Ohhh, God, baby!" she cried out softly when her son began to 
thrust back and forth. "Ohhhh, that's so good! You spread my ass 
deliciously! Ahhh, fuck it, baby! Fuck it for me! Pound your cock up 
Mother's asshole. Mother's hot, tight asshole!" 
       She listened to his grunts, felt his fingers clutch her wet, 
slippery hips. She twisted her ass against him, lunging back when he 
came forward, squeezing her asshole about his cock. Her feet slipped on 
the bottom of the tub, but she kept her balance. She shoved her ass 
back as far as she could and held herself upright. The way he fucked 
his cock in and out of her asshole made her tits jiggle and dance, her 
nipples strain out stiffly. She arched her ass, trying to feel his 
swinging balls slap at her hairy, juicy cunt. The soft smacks of his 
body pounding on her naked wet ass-cheeks enhanced her ecstasy.
       "I love to fuck your ass, Mom!" Jerry hissed. "I love how tight 
your hot ass is! I like to feel my cock in your asshole!" 
       "I love your cock up my asshole. Jerry!" she sobbed, twisting and 
grinding, hoping she could stay on her feet until he came in her ass. 
"l love it throbbing there, stretching my hole wide! Ooooh, give Mother 
that hard cock, Jerry! Give Mother's asshole that sweet, hard cock!"
       Jerry rammed harder and faster, panting in his efforts, watching 
her shapely ass dance for him.
       "Cum, baby!" she groaned, feeling her cunt open and close, juices 
running along her inner thighs. "Ohhhh, God, cum in Mother's ass! My 
pussy, my cunt... ohhh. I'm going to cum, too! Fuck that's it... ram that 
asshole! I'm about to cum, darling!" 
       Jerry fucked faster. Debra made choking sounds, then she 
screamed. Orgasms burned through her like a blow torch, making her clit 
knot almost painfully. As her cunt contracted, it sent squeezing 
ripples of tightness about her son's cock, gripping it very hard. Debra 
shot her naked ass back.
       Jerry gave a shout, his hands sliding up in front of her, 
grabbing her tits with both hands.
       Debra wailed with pleasure as she felt his cock gush, sending 
wild squirts of thick cum-juice into her asshole. The rapid spurts 
splashed the soft walls of her ass, increasing the strength of her 
orgasm. When she felt that orgasm starting to fade, she was startled to 
find herself going through another... then another.
       Over and over, Debra came, her legs wobbly as her cunt melted 
with fantastic sensations. Even when her fiery orgasms finished, her 
asshole seemed to keep pulling and sucking at her son's cock. She felt 
his prick soften inside her asshole while he kept hold of her naked 
       Debra's legs shook and her hands slipped on the far wall. But she 
stayed there, with her son's cock deflated inside her asshole. She 
clamped her shit-ring tightly, and his cock was slowly pushed from her 
       Finally, she sank to the tub again, drawing her knees up to her 
tits and looking at her son with soft eyes. His cock looked well used, 
and she pressed her lips to it, kissing his cock-tip tenderly.
       "I love that cock," she whispered, pulling his prick into her 
mouth to suck a moment.
       She didn't care that his cock had just been inside her asshole. 
She tasted a drop of his cum juice seep from his piss-hole, and she 
eagerly sucked it up.
       "Mmmm~ she mewled. "Now get out of here while I finish my bath. 
The only thing I do when you're with me is suck or fuck"
       She turned him around and patted his ass when he leaned down to 
pull his jeans up.
       Debra thought she was foolish to stay so modest.
       All around her, she saw girls and women wearing revealing 
clothing, especially shorts. She had been almost shocked the first time 
she saw a girl in cut-offs with half her ass exposed. Then she realized 
many pretty girls were wearing the same thing.
       She saw one woman about her age in the supermarket with faded 
cut-offs and her panties showing. Jerry thought it was delightful, and 
pointed the woman out to Debra.
       "I think she's shameless," she had said, but she had seen the 
passion on his young face as they followed the woman about the store, 
watching her bend, showing more of her ass and panties each time. "I 
don't know how a woman can do that."
       Debra was dressed as usual, in an attractive skirt and blouse, 
with short heels on. She was, however, naked beneath her clothing. When 
they were alone near the deli section, Debra was startled when her son 
shoved a hand quickly under her skirt and gave her cunt a quick feel. 
She had jumped and squealed, her face turning pink as she looked about 
quickly. "Not here!" she hissed at him.
       A young girl came by, and she, too, was in those revealing 
shorts. But the girl's shirt was half open, and her creamy tits could 
almost be seen. Debra noticed her son's hot eyes, then realized he had 
a hard-on.
       "I can't take you shopping with me any more, it looks like!" she 
said to him as she placed a gallon of milk in the basket. "All this 
flesh makes you too excited."
       What she didn't say was that it made her excited, too.
       Hurrying home with Jerry sitting close to her, his cock straining 
inside his pants, Debra decided she was going to have to follow with 
the crowd, so to speak. She didn't feel jealous that her son looked at 
those women. She felt pleased that he was drawn to them. She wasn't 
concerned, very much, that he would get them, any of them. At least not 
in the near future. He was still a little young, at the age most boys 
thought girls were only a nuisance they had to put up with. But the 
time was coming, she knew and very soon, when he would start looking at 
them as something different.
       At least, she thought, Jerry would have plenty of experience when 
it happened. He would know more than to fumble between a girl's legs 
when he began to date. That would make some of those girls happy, she 
thought. Too many boys didn't know what to do at first, and usually 
left the girl frustrated. They often came too fast, or were 
embarrassed, yet driven by bubbling, young passions. Boys usually 
thought of their own pleasure at that age, seldom thinking a girl need 
just a little more time.
       As soon as they were in the house, with the food put away, Debra 
was on her knees, with her son's hard cock in her mouth. She sucked him 
off with his cock sticking out of his fly, not taking time to lower his 
pants. His cock had gushed down her throat, and he had cum very 
quickly. Debra wiped at her mouth as she stood up.
       "I'm going to have to change a few things, I think," she said. 
"You get too excited seeing those half-naked girls "Change what, Mom?"
       "I think I should wear shorts like that."
       "Yeah!" Jerry said. "You'd look great, Mom! You'd really look 
great, the cheeks of your ass showing, maybe a little pussy hair... "
       "Hey, wait a minute" She laughed. "Let's not get carried away 
with this. I'm not going out with my cunt showing, so you can forget 
       "Well, just little ass, then?"
       Debra looked at him. "You don't care if other boys saw your 
mother's ass, do you?"
       "Look, but don't touch7 Jerry said. "You're mine."
       She laughed and hugged him, then pushed him away. "Put that cock 
back in your pants before I get some ideas." There was some value in a 
little exposure, Debra knew. Since she had finally grown accustomed to 
walking about in her panties, then going outside the house naked under 
her skirts and dressed, it was a simple step to cut up a pair of jeans. 
She hacked at them until she bad hardly anything left, and when she 
tried them on, her ass showed more than any she had seen so far. The 
seam cut up into her cunt and the split of her ass, and she knew her 
son would love them.
       "Hey, that's nice, Mom!" Jerry said as she walked out to the 
living roam. "Those are better than any I've seen yet." 
       "I won't go outside in them,' she warned. "In the house, I'll 
wear them for you, but not outside."
       Jerry followed her everywhere, his eyes on her exposed ass. Debra 
loved it, shaking her ass wantonly for him. She bent over a lot, just 
to show her ass to him. Jerry took pleasure in dropping to his knees 
and kissing her revealed ass-cheeks, sliding his tongue over them. He 
even tried to lick her cunt through the seam, but that didn't work very 
well. She sat with her legs open, facing him, so he could gaze into her 
crotch all he wanted. His cock stayed hard all afternoon, and he would 
stare at her crotch and pump his cock now and then.
       "I guess I have to take care of your cock for you, don't I?" she 
murmured. Debra pulled her son to the floor, pushing him onto his back. 
He was naked, and his cock stuck up in hardness. She sat on his thighs 
and fondled him, twisting his bails as she stroked his prick. She 
rubbed her crotch on his flesh, the seam of her shorts cutting into her 
cunt, her cunt-lips along each side of the seam.
       "She scooted upward, rubbing his cock against her thighs and 
along the puffy lips of her revealed cunt. Jerry watched her, breathing 
deeply. Debra's eyes glowed hotly as she ran his dripping cock along 
her inner thighs and ass-cheeks, enjoying the slippery wetness. Lifting 
her cunt a few inches above his cock, she began to piss on him.
       "Ooooh, Mom," Jerry gurgled.
       I'm going to piss on you, baby!" she whispered. "I'm going to 
piss all over your cock and balls, then I'm going to lick it off!" 
Jerry watched her golden piss drench his cock and balls, feeling the 
heat. His mother's piss spurted away from the seam that cut into her 
cunt, making two streams really. She soaked his young cock and sweet 
balls thoroughly, then cut her piss off. She scooted back down his 
thighs and lowered her head, her tongue lapping about his piss-wet 
balls and cock, sliding up and down his cock-shaft. She pulled his cock 
into her mouth and sucked, pressing her cunt against his foot.
       She didn't suck him off, she just wanted to suck his cock with 
piss all over it. Lifting her face, she scooted up his body again to 
squat over his face, her knees wide.
       "Now in your fucking face!" she mewled, and began to piss onto 
her son's face.
       Jerry made a whimpering sound, lifting his head and smashing his 
face into his mother's cunt. Piss sprayed outward, and Debra giggled 
       "Piss on you, you little mother-fucker!" she giggled.
       "Cock-sucker!" he replied in a muffled voice.
       "Piss-drinker!" Debra giggled.
       Jerry was trying to pull the seam of her shorts out of her cunt, 
wanting his tongue inside. They were too tight. 
       "Let me take them off!" she hissed hotly, standing up. Piss ran 
down her inner thighs as she opened the shorts and peeled them down. 
They turned inside out as she stepped from them. She dropped them onto 
her sons face, who smeared them about his mouth, his eyes gazing up at 
her naked cunt and ass.
       Debra squatted again, and Jerry shoved his mouth against her cunt 
quickly, his tongue darting into the satiny softness. Debra wiggled, 
squealing in pleasure as his tongue plunged in and out of her cunt, 
then at her asshole. She twisted her ass about, placing first her cunt, 
then her asshole in his mouth. Jerry didn't care which he tasted, he 
licked and sucked greedily. Debra ran her hand behind her ass and 
clutched his cock, pumping it a few times.
       "I'm going to turn around!" she said, twisting in his face. She 
drew her knees up, pushing her hairy cunt onto his face as she lowered 
her mouth to his throbbing hard-on. Sucking at his cock, her hands 
under his ass, holding his ass-cheeks tightly, she squirmed her cunt 
onto his sucking mouth.
       Jerry cupped his mother's waggling ass, his tongue sliding in and 
out of her cunt, then her asshole. Debra moaned and cried out with 
ecstasy, filling her mouth with quick up-and down darts of her head. 
His cock burned her lips, his juices coating her licking tongue. She 
thrashed her cunt up and down, slapping his face with her pussy wetly, 
and Jerry clung to her hungrily. He stuck his tongue out, and let his 
mother fuck up and down on it.
       With his cock deep in her mouth, Debra lifted her ass until her 
cunt was a few inches above his face, then began to piss again. She 
sprayed her son's face with hot piss, listening to his moan in delight. 
She felt his mouth close about her cunt and she had a little trouble 
pissing, but finally managed. She pissed into her son's open mouth, and 
Jerry swallowed as his tongue flicked. She pissed until there was no 
more. Jerry lapped up the last few squirts, then began licking and 
tongue-fucking his mother swiftly.
       Debra bobbed her mouth up and down his cock, devouring his prick 
as she wiggled and writhed her wet pussy on his mouth. She lifted up on 
his hips, trying to swallow his cock. She slipped a finger into the 
crack of his ass, rubbing his ass-pucker. Jerry grunted into her cunt 
and Debra fucked her finger up his asshole, her eyes fixed with a 
glassy look as she sucked frantically on his cock.
       With a squeal, she rammed her cunt hard against his mouth, spasms 
exploding along her pussy-lips and cunt-walls, her clit bursting with 
delicious sensation. Her orgasm lasted a long time, and as it began to 
recede, she found her mouth filling with his sweet, young, hot cum-
       "Mmmmm, very sweet!" she mewled, lifting her mouth..
       With his cock still gushing, she licked her tongue about his 
piss-hole, feeling and tasting his cum-juice. She purred happily as she 
rammed her finger hard into his tight asshole, her other hand holding 
his writhing balls. She smashed her convulsing cunt onto her son's face 
as he kept sucking in a frenzy.
       Grinding her hairy cunt hard on Jerry's face, Debra closed her 
lips around his cock again sucking with hot lips, her tongue swirling 
about his smooth cock-head. She pushed her lips to the base of his cock 
and pulled his young balls upward, rubbing them at her nose, watching 
the ring of his asshole grip her buried finger.
       The scent of hot piss sent her mind spinning, and she pulled off 
his cock and lapped about his crotch, tasting his piss. She squealed 
when her son pushed her pussy up from his mouth, his tongue licking the 
soft, inner flesh of her thighs, tasting her piss, too. It was wild, it 
was exciting, and Debra couldn't get enough.
       Debra smashed her face onto his crotch and pulled her finger from 
his asshole. Whimpering, she kissed, sucked, and licked from her son's 
cock to his balls to his asshole, all the time wiggling onto Jerry's 
face with her hairy pussy. Using her mouth in such a frenzy kept 
Jerry's cock hard, much to her delight. She probed her tongue deep up 
his asshole, stabbed it in and out, licked a hot circle around his ass-
pucker, then back to his balls.
       "I want this, baby!" she moaned. "Mother wants this beautiful 
cock forever? Ohhh! I need it in my cunt now, Jerry. I want to fuck 
you! Fuck you right now!"
       She jerked her cunt from his face and turned around, swinging her 
knees over his hips. She drew her feet beneath her body, squatting 
above his cock.
       "Mother is going to fuck you, Jerry!" she hissed hotly. "Mother 
is going to get your hard cock up her hairy, wet cunt and fuck you 
good! Oooooh, baby, you can cum in my cunt this time!"
       She slammed her crotch down, taking her son's hard cock deep into 
her pussy with a single, downward plunge. She squealed as his cock 
spread the lips of her tight cunt, her clit smashing against his cock-
base. With her shoulders straight, she grabbed her tits, squeezing 
them, then began to rock her hips with Jerry's cock clamped inside her 
       Jerry gasped as his hands shot underneath her body, cupping the 
cheeks of her spreading ass, his thumbs pulling at the hair-lined lips 
of her pussy, seeing his cock inside. He lunged his hips upward, 
bringing a squeal from his mother.
       "Ohhhhh, God, it's good!" Debra sobbed, lifting her ass so Jerry 
could fuck up and down, drive his cock into her greedy cunt. "Ooooh 
baby, ram it to me! Rip my cunt open! Fuck Mother's hot cunt hard! Beat 
it with your sweet cock! baby!" 
       She held her ass up, twisting as her son lunged his cock up and 
down, fucking her with wet, slapping sounds. She felt the lips of her 
pussy being smashed from his upward thrusts, her eyes rolling with 
       "Be still!" she cried, then began pounding her cunt up and down 
her son's cock. She stabbed herself in the cunt furiously, crying out 
with rapture. She swung her ass about, always dancing up and down, the 
muscles of her slim thighs and flat stomach rippling. She lifted her 
head toward the ceiling, her hair fanning her shoulders as she sobbed 
and mewled in exquisite delight.
       "Fuck me, Mom!" Jerry groaned. "Fuck my cock? Your cunt is so 
fucking wet and hot... ooooh, fuck me, Mom!"
       "I am, baby!" she gurgled hotly. "Ohhbh, Mother is fucking you so 
good! Mother's hot cunt is going to fuck your cock off, make you cum 
again, right in my wet cunt! Fuck you... fuck you... fuck you, fuck you!"
       Jerry drew his hands off her ass and caressed her inner thighs, 
running his fingers through the soft hair of her cunt. His hands moved 
feverishly, his eyes darting from her cunt to her two hands crushing 
her tits. His cock throbbed and burned inside the slippery walls of her 
devouring cunt, his balls tingling with fullness again.
       Debra was pounding her son's cock with her cunt so furiously, the 
juices frothed up at the base. She twisted her head, crying out as if 
feeling excruciating pain. The sensations grew and swelled inside her 
body, making her believe her cunt was expanding big enough for two hard 
cocks. The friction on her sensitive cunt-lips, the smashing of her 
inflamed clit was about to make her go mad with ecstasy.
       "Ahhh, sweet fuck!" she moaned. "Sweet, sweet fuck! Hot, wet 
fuck! Oh, baby, baby! My pussy... Mother's cunt... is burning up! Oh, I 
want your cock is my cunt, fucking me forever and ever and ever!"
       Jerry gritted his teeth, his eyes rolling as he felt himself 
getting ready to come. He strained his cock upward to his mother's 
pounding cunt, gasping hotly. His fingers dug into the softness of her 
widely spread inner thighs, close to the curls of her cunt.
       "Ohhhh, Mom!" he groaned. "I think I'm gonna cum! My cock... I'm 
about to cum in your cunt, Mom! My balls... my cock... I can't hold it 
back! Ahhhh, Mom! Mom!"
       Debra heard her son's pleading voice through the roaring in her 
ears, and slammed her cunt down onto his cock hard, holding it there, 
grinding her hot ass. The lips of her pussy clutched and pulled on his 
prick, a low wail boiling out of her throat. Her cunt was on fire, 
thirsty for his cum-juice. Her satiny cunt-walls sucked at his cock as 
her pussy-lips squeezed. Jerry let out a yelp, his head and shoulders 
lifting from the floor, almost doubling up with the power of his 
orgasm. Debra screamed when she felt his cock spew into her fiery cunt, 
then she screamed again. Her pussy convulsed with tight contractions 
about the base of his straining, spurting prick, pulling the juices 
from his tight, precious balls. She sat on top of him, knees spread, 
back rigid, digging brutally into her swollen tits as she came hard.
       Debra managed to squat on his prick until everything seemed to 
suddenly go loose, all her strength gone. Her head and shoulders 
slumped as her hands fell from her tits. She gave a final shudder, and 
fell slowly onto her side next to her son. She felt a soothing coolness 
on her cunt as if it left his cock, one leg draped over his stomach, 
the other bent double beneath her.
       "God, you're a fantastic fuck!" she murmured, toying with one of 
his tiny nipples. "You're the best fuck ever, Jerry!" 
       "You're a hot piece, too, Mom," he said, still heaving and 
panting. "You're the best fuck in the world, I bet!" 
       Debra giggled. "I'm the only fuck in the world as far as you're 
concerned, you shit-face! I sure don't see you sticking your cock up 
any other cunt around here."
       "Maybe you're right!" he said, grinning at her. "But I heard the 
best fuck in the world is the one a guy is getting at the moment."
       "How right it is," she purred, scooting close and nibbling at his 
neck. "But you don't know that yet and I do. I've had a cock or two, 
and you're still waiting for your second pussy."
       He poked her in the ribs, making his mother squirm away, 
       As the days went by, Debra found she could go out with less and 
less clothing. She still wasn't bold enough to wear her shorts as high 
as most girls and women, but she could wear a t-shirt with her tits 
naked. She found that her long nipples drew attention when she and 
Jerry were in the shopping center, and at first it embarrassed her. Now 
she enjoyed being looked at, knowing the eyes following the jiggle of 
her tits were interested, wishing they could see her tits naked.
       Showing affection for her son in public didn't bother her. Anyone 
looking at them knew they were mother and son, and a mother could hug 
or kiss her son in public and get away with it. She liked walking 
around with Jerry's arm about her waist and would playfully pull his 
hand back up every time he playfully let it fall over the swell of her 
       When Jerry first began trying to feel her ass when they walked 
side by side, she would blush, look around shamefully, but now she 
didn't mind at all. Still, she wasn't going to let him get away with 
feeling her up in public. Wearing shorts to show off her exquisite, 
long thighs required more courage, but now she enjoyed that, too. It 
was silly to be so modest, she felt, when every other woman she saw 
revealed more than most did in their bedroom.
       They placed their packages on the floor near the small table in 
the shopping center, and Debra had a cup of coffee while her son sucked 
up a milk shake. It was a hot day, and she was wearing a white t-shirt 
and a pair of shorts. The shorts were a good two inches below her 
crotch, the only way she would wear them so far, but her pussy and ass 
were molded and outlined by the tightness. She crossed her legs, 
swinging one sandaled foot as she sipped her coffee, feeling the 
racking motion of her thigh against her cunt. "You know what I'm doing, 
Jerry?" she asked softly.
       Jerry looked at his mother, seeing her eyes soft and moist, a 
little smile on her face. "I'm going to make myself cum!" she 
       "Girls can do that," she answered. "We can tighten our thighs 
against our cunt and cum anywhere. Boys can't, but we can, and no one 
knows anything about it."
       "I know!" he said.
       "I just told you," she replied, "or you wouldnt
       "Do it, Mom!" he encouraged. "Make yourself cum right here!"
       "Mmmm, it feels good," she purred softly, her eyes glancing 
around at the strolling people. She rocked her foot, the pressure of 
her thigh agitating the lips of her pussy, making her clit throb. She 
made soft moans, so soft no one could hear them but Jerry. He watched 
her, his eyes shining, a smile on his mouth.
       "Let me know when you need any help, Mom!" he said.
       "What do you mean, when?"
       "Well you always need help when you're hot," he said. 
       "I can do it myself right now she said, her voice lowering as the 
sensations grew between her thighs. The better the feel became, the 
faster she swung her sandaled foot. Soon she was paying no attention to 
anyone but what she felt. She tilted her head, her eyes half closed, 
her face radiant, lips parted slightly. "I wish I had your cock in my 
pussy right now, baby!" Then she moaned very softly, clamping her 
thighs tightly together, smashing her cunt as it went through ripples 
of contraction. She held her thighs tightly until the spasms passed, 
then she relaxed them, uncrossing her knees. 
       "There, I did it she said with a grin. "I came!"
       "I wish I could do that," he said. "But I have to hide when I get 
       "Not at home!" she said, finishing her coffee. "Are you finished? 
I think home would be a very good place to be right now." 
       Jerry made a loud noise as he sucked the last of his milk shake 
from the straw. When he stood up, Debra saw his cock was half hard, and 
grinned to herself when he held her hand, walking along proudly, 
without shame that his cock was so evident. The desire to grab his 
prick and squeeze was strong, and she had to resist the crazy urge 
until they were in the car. Then she had to grab his cock, squeeze it 
hard before she started the car. "I think I better hurry home she said, 
pulling into the traffic. I don't want you to waste anything." 
       "Waste what, Mom?"
       "You're hard, baby, and that means your balls are loaded. I don't 
want you to waste that sweet load in your fucking pants!"
       "Why not?"
       "Because Mother has better places for it when you cum, that's why 
       He giggled and scooted close to her, shoving his hand between her 
thighs and cupping her crotch. Debra drove with her knees spread, 
letting him feel and rub at her bubbling cunt, not caring now if she 
drenched her panties and shorts. She even allowed him to shove his hand 
under her t-shirt as she drove and play with her tits.
       She kept her eyes darting around to make sure no one noticed. It 
was early afternoon, and most of the drivers were women, but there were 
a few men. When she saw some young boy sitting close to a woman driver, 
she imagined the woman was being felt up the way she was, and it made 
her feel good.
       She wiggled her ass on the seat when her son pressed and rubbed 
at her cunt. She wanted to pull his cock out and hold it as she drove, 
but her knuckles were white on the steering wheel. She gasped and 
panted in pleasure, her eyes squinting to focus them on the road ahead.
       "Are you trying to make me cum?" she asked, her voice low and 
throaty. "Because if you are, you just might do it!" 
       Jerry giggled, pressing his hand harder at her cunt. "You wanna 
cum, Mom?"
       "Oh, God, not while I'm driving! I'll wreck the fucking car!"
       Jerry pulled his hand from between her thighs and Debra dropped 
her hand to pull his back.
       "Just a minute, Mom," he said.
       Jerry opened his pants, fishing his cock out. Debra glanced down 
at his prick, then jerked her eyes back to the road. "Ohhhh, baby, you 
know I can't stand to see your cock so hard! I'm driving, honey. You've 
got to put that cock away while 1m driving!"
       But Jerry paid no attention to her. With his cock sticking out of 
his open pants, he shoved his hand back between her thighs, rubbing at 
her cunt again. Debra panted, her eyes darting from the road to his 
cock. She took a chance and lowered her right hand to his prick, 
squeezeing it hard, steering with her other hand. She pumped his cock, 
the car weaving slightly.
       "Ohhhh, God, Jerry!" 
       "Jack me off, Mom!
       "Jerry, I'd love to, but I'm driving!, damn it!"
       "Then pull over!" he said, pressing hard at her crotch. "Pull 
over and jack me off, Mom!"
       "No, baby, no!" she sobbed, holding his cock tightly. "It's 
light... someone could see... oh, your cock's so hard!" 
       Jerry raised her t-shirt, exposing her tits, and Debra hardly 
knew it. Fortunately, they were almost home, and there was no traffic 
on the street. She pulled the car into the driveway, wobbling the front 
wheel over the edge and onto the lawn. She stopped with a jerk, and cut 
the engine with her left hand.
       "Ohhh, baby!" she cried out.
       Right there in the driveway, she thrust her face down, sucking at 
his cock wildly. She raced her hot lips up and down his throbbing, hard 
cock while her son leaned his head on the back of the seat, scooting 
his ass forward. He rested his hand on the back of her head as she 
bobbed her face up and down.
       Debra didn't think about being in the car, in the driveway, with 
the sun bright and hot. All she thought about was the hard, hot taste 
of her son's cock, sucking him off, getting those balls to unload in 
her mouth quickly. She sucked him frantically, her tongue licking. She 
squeezed his thigh with her hand, the other at his lower back. She 
sucked wetly and noisily, gasping in her throat.
       "Suck it, Mom!" Jerry groaned. "Suck my cock! Oooooh, Mom... suck 
me off! Make me cum... cum in your mouth!" 
       "Mmmmmm!" Debra whimpered as she sucked in a frenzy, banging her 
lips against the rough fly of his pants, but feeling nothing but his 
hard cock.
       Jerry pushed his free hand beneath her, clutching at one of her 
naked tits, arching his hips up, pushing his cock into her mouth when 
Debra came down. She sucked greedily, her throat burning with thirst 
for his cum-juice.
       She felt hungrier for her son's cock than ever before. The hard, 
thick way his cock stretched her lips sent wild tingles to her pussy, 
and if Jerry had dragged her naked from the car and to the front lawn 
at thattime, Debra would have knelt before him and sucked his cock off 
with every neighbor on the street watching.
       Eager to suck him off, Debra twisted on the seat, pulling her 
knees beneath her body, her tightly clad ass sticking past the steering 
wheel. She twisted her ass heatedly as she sucked up and down, striving 
to bring the sweet, creamy juice out of his hot, young balls. She 
wasn't thinking of where she was, or of her ass in the air or sucking 
him off in the car, only of that exquisite taste of his hard cock 
pushing toward her throat.
       She squealed and sobbed as she sucked, her ass shivering. 
Mouthing in a frenzy, her tongue scraped up and down his cock-shaft, 
from his open fly to his swollen cock-head. She bobbed swiftly, 
gobbling with greed.
       "I'm about to cum, Mom!" Jerry wailed. "Ohhh, you suck so hard! 
I'm gonna really cum strong! Mom! It feels like you're gonna suck my 
fucking balls through my cock!"
       "Mmmm!" Debra sobbed.
       Debra slid her hand up his thigh to his crotch, trying to feel 
his balls through his pants. She pushed her hand hard at his crotch, 
her finger at the seam of his pants where his asshole would be if he 
were naked. She sucked faster and faster, her face moving up and down, 
stabbing her mouth with his very hard, throbbing prick.
       "Ahhhhh, Mom!"
       Creamy cum-juice boiled out his cock and into her mouth. Debra 
went wild with the taste, gulping and swallowing in hunger. Her throat 
burned sweetly as his thick cum-juice spurted down it. She arched her 
uplifted ass, her thighs pressing together as her cunt bubbled with 
wetness. She choked daintily, but didn't lose any of her son's sweet 
cum-juice. She rammed her stretching lips down to his cock-base, 
holding his spewing cock deep inside her mouth, letting him squirt 
directly into her throat.
       Even when he finished cumming, she clung to his cock, her tongue 
swirling. To her delight, his cock remained hard, still throbbing. 
Then, suddenly aware of where they were, she jerked her mouth off his 
cock and lowered her ass, looking around the neighborhood with a pink 
flush on her face.
       "Oh, my God!" she gasped. "What's wrong with me? Suck your cock 
off here in the fucking driveway!"
       She opened the door and scrambled from the car, then remembered 
her son sitting there with his cock out of his pants, as hard as it was 
before she sucked him off.
       "Put it away before someone sees it!" she hissed.
       While Jerry was stuffing his hard-on into his pants, the woman 
next door came out, saw Debra, and waved a greeting.
       Feeling embarrassed, Debra waved back, not calling out because 
she didn't trust her voice. Her lips were puffy and she was sure they 
glistened with Jerry's cum-juice. If the woman had came out a few 
seconds earlier, she thought frantically, she would have seen her ass 
in the air and probably knew she was sucking Jerry off.
       "No more of that shit!" she hissed to her own son as he came 
around the car. We have to be more careful!" 
       "Maybe she needs a little cock, too, Mom!" Jerry laughed.
       "Her? Jerry, shame on you! She's old enough to be your mother!" 
Then she realized what she had said. "Oh, shit! I am your mother! And 
she isn't more than a few years older than I am!"
       "Well, what's a guy to do if he still has a hard-on, Mom?"
       She saw his cock bulge inside his pants.
       "I'll show you!" she giggled, taking his hand and pulling him 
quickly to the front door, leaving the packages in the car.
       Inside, she feverishly opened her son's pants and pushed them to 
his ankles, his cock lifting out and almost slapping her in the face. 
She giggled and kissed his cock-head, then opened her shorts and pushed 
them to her knees. Leaving her t-shirt on, she turned around and, on 
her hands and knees, waggled her shapely ass at Jerry.
       "Now do you know what to do with it, baby?" she giggled lewdly. 
Jerry gazed down at his mothers naked ass, seeing the crinkle of her 
asshole, her hairy cunt pooching toward him.
       "Cunt and ass!" he said. "A guy has to make a choice sometimes, I 
       "Oh, shut up and fuck me, damn you!" she urged, straining her ass 
toward him. "You know I don't care where you stick that cock, as long 
as it's fucking me!"
       Jerry dropped to his knees, rubbing the head of his cock about 
his mother's creamy, satiny fleshed ass, the backs of her thighs. He 
dragged the head of his cock along the hairy slit of her cunt, then 
rubbed the pucker of her pink asshole. Debra cried out softly with 
urgency, lowering her head and shoulders to the floor, sticking her 
naked ass into the air to make it easy for her son to fuck his cock 
into her asshole or cunt, wherever he decided to put it.
       Jerry lowered the head of his cock to her cunt again, and pushed 
his cock in.
       "Ohhhh, yes, baby, yes!" Debra cried softly as she felt her cunt 
stretch for his cock.
       Jerry pushed his cock all the way into her pussy, his balls 
swinging. Debra spread her knees as far as her shorts allowed, pressing 
her ass to him, trying to get his cock deeper and deeper. Jerry gripped 
her naked hips and looked down through the crack of her ass, past her 
asshole, seeing her wet, hairy cunt hold his prick.
       When he started fucking her, he rammed powerfully, causing the 
smooth flesh of her asscheeks to ripple. Debra gasped and held her ass 
high in the air for him, wantonly taking his stabbing cock into her 
cunt. She shot a hand between her thighs and felt his hot balls slide 
across her palm.
       "Ohhhh, give it to me hard!" she urged in a tight voice. "Ram 
that hot cunt, Jerry! "Ooooh, ram that cock up Mother hot cunt! Fuck 
Mother in that wet pussy, that cunt! Ooooh, it's so good! Pound my ass, 
       The wet sound of his cock fucking her cunt was loud.
       "I'm gonna pound your fucking cunt, Mom!" he gasped, digging his 
fingers into her hips and jerking her back as he thrust forward. "I'm 
gonna pound your fucking cunt raw! I'm gonna fuck your pussy raw, Mom!"
       "Ohhh, do it, do it!" she squealed, shaking her ass in a lewd 
frenzy. "Ram me... fuck me!"
       With each plunge of his cock, her tits jiggled, her long nipples 
scraping through the t-shirt on the carpet. She shoved her hand above 
her head, clawing the carpet as she clung to his balls with the other. 
The wild thrust of his cock sent her into ecstasy. She churned her 
uplifted ass with abandon, dancing it erotically as his cock rammed in 
and out of her wet, hairy cunt. Every inch of her crotch was on fire, 
demanding, hungry for harder, more brutal fucking.
       Jerry was fucking swiftly, and his cock pulled from her cunt, all 
the way out, only to ram back in. The sensation made Debra's mind spin 
with rapture. The way his cock pulled free of her gripping cunt-lips, 
then speared through them again made her cunt bulge with exquisite 
sweetness. If he kept doing that much longer, she would cum, she knew. 
She had never been fucked that way, not with a cock pulling all the way 
out of her cunt then driving back in, and she found it intensely 
       "I wanna fuck your ass, Mom!" Jerry groaned.
       "You are fucking my ass!" she squealed. 
       "I mean in your ass, Mom!"
       "You dont have to ask, darling!" she cried. "You can fuck me any 
place you want!"
       Jerry pulled his cock from her clinging cunt and slipped his wet 
cock-head to her asshole. With an excited gurgle, Debra shoved her ass 
back, feeling her son's hard cock stretch the tight, hot ring of her 
asshole. She gasped in pleasure when she felt his cock-head throb deep 
inside her asshole, his balls smacking at her puffy cunt. She wiggled 
her ass with wanton desire, breathing hard.
       "Fuck it, fuck it!" she squealed. "Fuck that tight asshole, 
       His cock, slippery from her pussy, fucked back and forth. Jerry 
stared at the way her asshole pulled at his cock as he drew back, then 
her shitter sank in when he stabbed. Debra squealed while her asshole 
gripped his cock very hard, then loosening.
       Her asshole burned with the friction of his cock, burned hotly. 
Debra sobbed out her ecstasy as she tried to hold her ass up in the 
air, tried to hold still so her son could ram hard and deep, but she 
couldn't. She waggled and danced her naked ass about lewdly. The 
slapping of his balls against her juicy cunt only enhanced her rapture.
       "Oh, Mom, your asshole is so fucking tight!
       So fucking hot! Ooooh, it holds my cock so good!"
       "Fuck that ass, Jerry!" she cried out. "Fuck Mother up that 
ass... ram that hot asshole and cum in it and fill me up!" 
       "Ohhh, I just might do that... any second now!" Jerry whined, 
feeling his balls twitch into hardness. "You're so fucking hot and 
tight. I can't wait long!"
       "Oh, cum, Jerry! Cum in Mother's hot asshole!" Jerry thrust 
deeply, grunting.
       Debra cried out as she felt his cock gush, his balls unloading 
his hot, deliciously thick cum juice. She felt each squirt along the 
smooth walls of her ass, and her shit-ring tightened as if trying to 
suck his cock off. Her asshole drained his young balls but Debra was 
moaning with the desire to cum. She had not cum when her son did, and 
her cunt was making wild, twitching demands.
       She felt his cock soften inside her ass, and she began to moan 
with frustration. "I didn't cum, baby! Ohhh, I have to cum!" 
       "I... I had to cum then, Mom."
       "I know," she said, some of the heat leaving her voice. Don't 
worry about it. I'll cum, don't worry."
       She felt his soft prick inside her asshole. His cock had 
shriveled up until only his cock-head was gripped by her shit-ring and 
Debra clamped her ass tight.
       "Piss in it!" she whimpered. "Piss in Mother's ass! Give me a 
hot, piss enema right from your cock!"
       Jerry was trembling with weakness, almost sitting on his heels as 
his mother kept the head of his cock inside her asshole. He strained to 
piss into her ass and found it slightly difficult to do.
       "You can do it!" she urged. "Try hard! I want you to piss up my 
fucking asshole! That will make me cum. I know it will! Piss in 
Mother's ass, Jerry!"
       Jerry managed to squirt, and hot piss gushed along the smooth 
walls of her ass. Debra moaned.
       "Keep it going, Jerry!" she cried softly. "Fill Mother's ass with 
hot piss! Piss hard and strong!"
       The stream shot up her ass. Debra wailed as she felt his cock 
piss into her asshole. His piss felt just like an enema, only better 
since it was from his cock. She closed her eyes as he pissed into her 
asshole, and her cunt clamped, then she squealed as she came. Her 
orgasm wasn't really strong, but the sensation of having her son piss 
into her asshole was just as good as a powerful, body-shaking orgasm.
       "Ooooh, nice," she purred when he finished. She felt him pull his 
cock from her asshole, and she had to squeeze her shit-ring tightly as 
his prick dropped out.
       She got to her feet weakly, one hand holding her ass, grinning 
down at her deeply breathing son.
       "I have to sit on the toilet now," she said in a low voice. If I 
don't, I'm going to drip piss out of my asshole, all over the floor!"
       She walked to the bathroom, holding her shorts up with one hand, 
her other hand cupping between the checks of her lovely, naked ass.
       Debra knew she was falling into a depraved state with her son, 
but she didn't care. It was the way she had always wanted to be. It 
felt good to act depraved and wanton with Jerry. The lewder she could 
be with him, the more delicious it felt. Inside the house, she was 
totally without inhibitions, more than happy to assume any position her 
son wanted, and even some ideas she came up with herself. Jerry seemed 
to particularly enjoy seeing her on her back, with her ass lifted and 
her knees drawn to her tits. He could spend a long time gazing into her 
crotch, looking at her cunt and asshole.
       Once, while in that position, he had stood above her uplifted 
crotch and jacked off, cumming over her cunt and asshole, making Debra 
cum too, and he had not touched her once.
       They were developing a habit of Debra in that position with her 
son pissing into her crotch, watching his piss stream along her stomach 
and over her naked tits. They tried it with Jerry in that position, and 
Debra would turn her back to his face, spread her legs over his 
uplifted ass and piss all over his cock and balls, even on his asshole.
       The crazier they became, the more they enjoyed sex. Pissing 
became part of their excitement, even if it wasn't used to bring them 
to orgasm. Debra was always with her son when he had to piss, and she 
often took his piss into her mouth. Even Jerry would ask her to squat 
over his face and piss into his mouth more than he had in the 
beginning. He seemed to enjoy licking her asshole while she sat in his 
face and pissed over his forehead and into his hair.
       The more sex ideas they came up with, the better they liked it.
       Late one evening, they were in the back yard, where Debra had 
cooked steaks on the barbeque grill. They were content, full of good 
food as they watched the sun go down. They sat on the soft lawn, close, 
talking quietly. Jerry wore cut-offs, and Debra had slipped her hand 
between his legs and pulled his cock from the fringed legs so she could 
look at his cock-head.
       She sat with her legs crossed, her dress pushed between her 
thighs, covering her crotch, but leaving most of her slender legs 
exposed. The fence between the houses wasn't all that high, but Debra 
didn't think any of the neighbors were interested in peeking at them.
       Jerry playfully tried to pull her skirt from between her thighs, 
and Debra just as playfully tried to prevent him from doing it. She 
tickled the head of his cock, slapping at his hands every time he 
grabbed for her skirt. She twisted from him, rolling across the lawn, 
her dress hiking up her thighs. Jerry grabbed her and jerked her dress 
over her pantied ass before she could stop him.
       Debra felt her son's cock probe at her panties, pressing as if 
trying to bore a hole into them to get up her asshole. She wiggled 
playfully, squirming to get away from him. Jerry lay flat across her 
back, his hands under her body and clutching her tits through her 
dress, pushing his cock into the split of her ass.
       "You can't fuck me through my panties!" She giggled.
       "I can try," he said.
       "Come on, you're going to tear them!" Debra replied, twisting her 
ass beneath. "At least pull my panties aside." 
       "You do it for me," he said, rolling from her. Debra turned onto 
her back, her skirt hiked above her waist. She didn't mind being 
outside that way. It felt good, very good. She pulled her dress up 
until she had it bunched about her waist, then exposed her tits.
       "You never did this outside before, Mom," Jerry said, his 
excitement gleaming in his eyes.
       "I feel adventurous," Debra answered, drawing her knees up to her 
naked tits. "Want to eat a little pussy, baby?" 
       "Through your panties?"
       "I don't care," she said, waggling her uplifted crotch.
       Jerry moved to his mother's ass, on his knees, his cock pushing 
from the leg of his cutoffs, hard and throbbing. He settled on his 
heels, and placed his hands on his mother's pantied ass. He gazed into 
her crotch a long moment, seeing her cunt clearly despite the twilight. 
He lowered his face and licked along the wet crotch of her panties, 
pushing his tongue against them to her asshole, then dragging the flat 
surface of his tongue along the bulging lips of her cunt.
       "I can taste pussy-juice through your panties, Mom," he said 
softly, wiggling his tongue about her tight panty crotch. "Suck on 
them!" she hissed.
       Jerry pulled her panties into his mouth, sucking at them. Curls 
of soft cunt-hair came from the edges of her panties and he stretched 
them away from her pussy. She stared into his hot eyes, sliding her 
hands down her thighs to his head. She pulled her son's face down into 
her cunt, then hooked a finger into her panties, pulling them from her 
       "Lick it, baby!" she hissed. "Lick Mothers cunt and get a good 
taste of that juice!"
       Jerry buried his open mouth onto his mother's hairy cunt, sucking 
and pushing his tongue deep into her satiny cunt-walls. Debra wiggled 
her upright ass, grinding her cunt at his face, her knees hard on her 
naked tits.
       "Oooooh, fuck me with your tongue!" Debra moaned, her voice loud. 
"Tongue-fuck Mother in the cunt, baby! Ahhh, I love a hot tongue job!"
       She wrapped her arms around the backs of her knees, holding them 
back tightly, her ass up in the air as her son buried his face into her 
juicy cunt. She wiggled wantonly, moaning and whimpering as his tongue 
went deep, then twirled about her elongated, intensely inflamed, clit. 
       "Oh! baby, I could piss in your mouth!" Debra sobbed out with 
ecstasy. "Mother could piss in your fucking mouth and cum in it at the 
same time!" 
       Jerry held her ass high, his face buried in her cunt, his tongue 
fucking in and out, licking at her wet pussy-lips. His tongue darted 
in, moving up to her cunt, which he sucked greedily.
       "Hold your cock!" Debra hissed loudly. "Hold your cock and suck 
my cunt! Play with your prick, Jerry! Oooh, play with your hard cock 
and suck Mother's cunt! "I'm gonna cum and piss and cum and piss and 
cum and piss in your cunt-licking face!"
       The sound was soft, but enough to startle Debra and Jerry.
       "Let me help you came the throaty voice. 
       "Oh, shit!" Jerry yelped, jerking his mouth out of his mother's 
cunt and trying to shove his hard cock into his shorts.
       Debra couldn't do anything but squeal as she tried to shove her 
dress down and cover her tits at the same time. The woman who lived 
next door was coming toward them. It was the woman who had waved a 
greeting to Debra the day she had sucked her son off in the driveway. 
Debra knew nothing about the woman except she was a widow who lived 
alone, with frequent visits from her teenaged niece. Debra felt she was 
going to die of humiliation. That was what she had been afraid of 
getting caught. 
       "Let me help you," the woman said again as she came closer.
       Debra stared wide-eyed at the approaching woman. The woman was 
totally naked, unabashed. Her rounded tits jiggled slightly as she 
walked, her cunt-hair a thick triangle between slim thighs. She held 
her panties, twirling them around suggestively. Debra couldn't speak as 
the woman stood above her, feet slightly parted. Jerry was gazing at 
the naked woman with big eyes, and Debra saw the desire on his young 
face. The widow was pretty, quite pretty, Debra decided. When the woman 
knelt at her side, pulling Debra's dress up her hips, Debra couldn't 
move. She felt frozen, shocked at being caught with her son. Yet she 
couldn't stop the woman. Jerry wasn't any help, either. He was grinning 
wildly, and had pulled his hard cock from his shorts again, bravely.
       The woman began to pull Debra's panties down, and Debra found 
herself cooperating by lifting her hips. Her eyes stared into the. 
woman's face, trying to understand what was happening, why she couldn't 
stop it. The woman dropped Debra's panties to the lawn. The woman 
spread Debra's legs wide open.
       "Beautiful!" the woman whispered as she looked at Debra's cunt. 
"Such a lovely pussy. I knew you would have a lovely cunt!"
       The woman stretched a hand out, taking hold of Jerry's cock, 
feeling it, squeezing it.
       "And such a nice young, hard cock too!" 
       "I... how long have you known?" Debra managed to ask, unable to 
close her thighs.
       "You should learn to make sure your drapes are always closed," 
the woman said. "I've been watching from the first." 
       The woman jacked on Jerry's cock, and moved her other hand to 
Debra's cunt, feeling her pussy and dipping a finger into the fiery 
wetness. Debra's hips moved by themselves, lifting upward.
       "You knew about us from..." Debra murmured, feeling the woman's 
finger slide in and out of her cunt.
       "Oh, yes," the woman replied throatily. "My niece and I have 
enjoyed the show you and your son put on."
       "You niece... "
       "Of course!" the lovely widow answered. "My niece and I have been 
doing it for years! My husband, too, rest his soul, particularly 
enjoyed her hot, little cunt. I'm sure Jerry is going to love it so 
       "We aren't going to..." Debra stopped. The woman was urging her 
to pull her knees to her tits again, and Debra was cooperating. She 
pulled them all the way back, arching her hairy cunt into the air as 
she had with Jerry.
       "My niece and I have been waiting for this," the widow said 
softly. "You see, as much as we love to suck each other off, we need a 
lovely, hard cock like this young man has. Now, after watching his 
performance with you, I'm sure he can handle all three of us!"
       Jerry was grinning from ear to ear, and while she held her legs 
back, Debra noticed her son was feeling between the widow's thighs, 
playing with her cunt. The widow was stroking his cock with her hand, 
caressing Debra's uplifted cunt with the other.
       "Now, let me help you both," the woman said.
       Debra made no protest when the widow pushed her mouth to her 
cunt, licking it. Debra grabbed for the woman's head and pushed her 
pussy at the woman's mouth, wiggling and gurgling.
       "We cant forget about this cock the woman purred, lifting her 
mouth out of Debra's cunt and leaning down to suck at Jerry's cock.
       Debra watched, finding it arousing to see the woman suck her 
son's cock. She shifted her body a bit, and ran her hand up the woman's 
thigh to feel her hairy cunt.
       "My niece will be here for a visit again tomorrow," the woman 
said as she sucked off Jerry's cock. "She's going to love this hard-on, 
and your deliciously wet cunt. And... we just love to have someone piss 
all over us!"
       "Oh, God!" Debra moaned, twisting about and shoving her head 
between the woman's parted thighs, licking swiftly at her neighbors 
dripping cunt.
       "Oooh, lovely!" the widow cooed. "Suck my pussy... it's been a 
long time since I've sucked a lovely, hard cock off, and that's what 
I'm going to do first, then fuck you good, Jerry?"
       Debra drove her tongue into the widow's juicy cunt, knowing the 
woman was swallowing her son's cock. Debra could hardly wait until the 
next day, could hardly wait for that teenaged girl... for her son... for 
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[#44] Sire1961 ( 671 days ago )
Sire1961 avatar Oh to be young again! I love the way You wrote how Jerry could keep getting hard and fucking Mom! To have Mom with her knees buried in her chest is my All time personal favorite position! It keeps the Lady all exposed for any type of action. Swallowing all the cum then piss! I think you were trying AND successfully gave me a Hard Attack!!! hahaha WOW!!! Excellent story and of course I voted for you, Sire
[#44] Sire1961 ( 633 days ago )
Sire1961 avatar Thank You for a story that really keeps the readers attention. A True Masterpiece!
[#20] varunpal89 ( 645 days ago )
varunpal89 avatar I appeciate it Sire!
[#20] varunpal89 ( 675 days ago )
varunpal89 avatar Thank you people for your support and Janey have control and learn to hold it inside you for as long as you can and then let it all go in an instant that would just blow you off and it is more potent that any drug abuse you may be able to do in your life.
[#623] Marti ( 679 days ago )
Marti avatar An erotic masterpiece.
[#347] phantom123 ( 680 days ago )
phantom123 avatar Love it. Very sexy.
[#19] janey1113 ( 685 days ago )
janey1113 avatar Oh shit. I have never cumed so much in my life. I could only get through 2 or 3 chapters, and have to stop because my pussy, and asshole were so sore.

Any time you got the cock stuck somewhere, I would put me dildo the same place. I went from my small one to the large one, and I mean large after awhile. I have one vibrator that is 9 inches long, and I can run it all the way down my throat. (I tried turning in one that way once, but that is a no, no). You sucked a cock, I sucked a vibrator.

I have laid on my back, put my feet and legs up the side of the tub, and pissed in the air. I usually have to be half crocked to drink all I can hit my face with.

If you write part 2, or more of this story, I may have to have the paramedics on stand by.

You write so well that you make a reader know that you have lived these stories. You also wrote of all the things that turn me on, except you need to fuck at least one dog, then you would want more......Janey
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