Daily I used to go for walking and with me a lady named Geeta who was my neighbor and also a close friend of Baby,we were introduced in the function of arshna kumkuma and after that Geeta  used to smile whenever we passed ways, then when she knew that I used to go for a walk, she also started giving me company, she always would always wear   silk or chiffon sarees especially green or blue which was her favourite colour   She used to cover her up and downs completely   but still she will look damn sexy. Sh-e ha-d ma-inta-ined- her- s-tructure., surely all the men in the area had a attraction as people would wait and watch when she used to move out.


  She would always wears saree deep below her navel.   Her breasts are very big, round and stiff. She always wears perfectly stitched jackets and with low cut in the back. Her boobs will stand like a thunder coconut inside her blouse. Her saree will cover her breast and ass completely and tightly so that they can be looked best at any time.  I used to wait to get a glimpse of her sexy moon hip to get a chance to see her deep navel over her saree. she always wore silk or chiffon sarees especially green or blue which was her favourite colour, She wore gold bangles, a diamond ring on her finger with matching earrings, but a small gold nose-stud, was a perfect complement on her long nose.   we used to discus various topics while we used to walk, our friendship was blossoming and there was a feeling of nearness, she used to invite me to her house for tea or breakfast,. after breakfast or lunch she  would take all the plates inside the kitchen and start  washing them that is when I would go  to the kitchen and help  her to put the utensils and plates in the right place, this made her more free with me and she started coming close to me & was taking keen interest in me and intentionally engaged me in talking to her. When we talked about her husband she said he works with the government and has been transfeered to Bangalore he comes on every Saturday and Sunday.  I had met him before in the party given to the three ladies and their hubby in Tirumala Classic

I became close with her sons who always wanted me to play with them Carrom, since carom required 4 persons Geeta also would participate and then we used we used to sit next to each other, We were coming closer to each other but she always maintained her self respect, but at times she would crack a joke and slap my thighs, to touch her on some pretext or the other would crack jokes and would give her a clap on her hand or thighs, while playing she would bend so much that the whole protruding boobs could be seen, at times she would wear silky nighty which would show almost all her sexy curves, this was exciting me more and my urge to have her was also increasing.


one day she asked me to  teach about investments in trading I agreed and said have to charge you for teaching she agreed and said whenever you ask for I gave her lessons and taught her on my computer in my house, she wanted to learn the operation of computers properly without which she would not be able to trade on the net



She started coming to my house daily, she used to help me clean the house, she started helping me arrange things in proper place.I started to teach her how to operate the computer by holding her hands and to operate the keys while doing so had to bend down, my face would be touching her face and would explain Geeta would be so engrossed in learning she would have forgotten the pallu which would have fallen down and would show the valley of bliss her sexy boobs, Her boobs were fully developed and ripe. Her fleshy haunching hips below her narrow waist were also well projected back making big curves there, enough to make her look sexier.


This went on for some days, one day while coming to my house she slipped on the staircase and had sprained her leg, she came upstairs crying of pain, I asked her how could help her, she asked whether I had some pain balm, had moov and asked her to sit on the bed so that I could apply I asked her where actually it had sprained she lifted her saree upwards till her knees,   was magnificient to see her sexy, soft thighs and legs full of hair  wow I exclaimed and said to Geeta that she had hidden treasures under her saree, she had the most beautiful legs and that too with so much hair, she was shy, her sexy legs were making me mad My fingers kneaded the muscle which was very tight from the yard work. I massaged and worked the muscle until it started to loosen and relax, & gently stroked my fingertips up and down the calf, slightly scratching her skin with my fingernails. 

I moved up to the area behind her knee and then up to her thigh.  She stopped me and said do not go ahead the knee, I asked her sweetly please tell where it hurts you she said it hurts me everywhere then I told her to keep cool and  I started by wrapping both hands around the back of her thigh and pushing them up towards her buttocks. The tips of my fingers just barely grazed the lower part of her ass, and also touched her pussy area, I thought I heard her giggle softly. I pulled my hands back down the thigh and repeated the motion over and over. The thigh muscle relaxed and loosened under my massage.  I could feel my cock harden and by the time I was done with her legs I knew she was comfortable under my touch, I    rubbed her  shoulder muscles  I used long, deep strokes across her muscles. she was so relaxed I thought she would slide off the table.  My hands went on Geeta’s long and shapely thighs, gently massaging and kneading the smooth creamy flesh    You are killing me", she moaned, her eyes close and head going from side to side. My face and hands began to play between the innermost areas of her legs and while massaging her asked her to lie down and massaged her till her waist and touched her navel, I asked Geeta how it felt then asked her to move on her back and gave her a nice back massage and started twisting her waist and pinched it she was aroused and said uncle what are you doing. I was massaging her without stopping   You are killing me", she   after some time she got up and said she was feeling better, then she said lets start on learning computer, as I was teaching her she came from behind and was bending on me and watching her boobs were smashed on my backnear to me from the back and press her boobs on my shoulders or arms, this would make me want her and would fantazise fucking her,that is when an idea struck me and went to the porn section showing her all a blue film, she was  excited when I asked her to sit and stood  up she said why are you straining yourself standing and teaching me why don’t you sit next to me, that is when sat on the chair like a pillion  driver teaching two wheeler, this way my throbbing cock  was touching her bum, I knew this babe was also on the heat while teaching her she carelessly  had placed her hand on my thigh. This had an instantaneous effect on me. It started making my cock grow hard. I too casually placed my hand on thighs and continued chatting. I slowly kept my hand on her sexy waist and was feeling it, my hands started feeling her naked waist and moved my hands towards her sexy navel and tickled it, she was also on fire, I pulled her to me and She snuggled closer and hugged me. Now she could feel my hardness, feel what I had to put into her. The heat of her body was divine. We embraced tightly, caressing each other's bodies for a moment, just quietly enjoying our intimacy. Each moment a moment treasured.

  I gently started pressing my hands on her saree over her crotch. We continued sipping our drinks while we rubbed each others crotch. I pulled her closer and kissed her. She responded with the same ardor as that with which I was kissing her. She broke the kiss and whispered, "Thanks, I really needed this."

She bit my lower lip. While kissing her I pushed her towards the wall. My hands felt her chest as it heaved under me. The touch was like cream. The smoothness made me push my cock against her harder. I was leaning against her now. Undoubtedly she could feel my erection against her leg.

She was stroking my hair. The looks in her eye confirmed what I had always suspected: She always wanted to give herself to me.

I could feel her breath on my neck and chest. She pushed my hair away from my face again.

Once again we started kissing, and this time we were kissing like to horny lovers! We explored every part of each other's mouth with our tongues. We also licked each other's tongues! It was the best bit of kissing I had done in my life! We must have kissed for about few minutes, while my hand was roaming all over her body.

 You have a very proportionate figure. You have not bore any extra flesh on your sexy body. Your boobs and hips are simply marvelous. You have maintained your boobs very well though you have two children. Your boobs are quite shapely. In spite of the fact that your boobs are fully swollen and very fleshy, they have stood firm even without the support of any bra. The roundness of your boobs is still there without bra. They are still bulging and opulent. I have rarely seen such heavy boobs in such a good shape even without bra. I like such breasts very much, Geeta." And I continued by adding, “Geeta, your hips are also killing. They are quite heavy and are projected backwardly so much that it is enough to ignite a young man. Yes, your hips are very inviting. They are simply arousing." She just smiled and said, “Thanks for the compliments, dear

 . Remember, you used to ask me about the fees    This is the beginning of the pay back”, she said with her eyes twinkling. And left for house asking me to join her for lunch and also asked me to come home and repair her mixer which is giving problem, but I had to go to work and informed her that will be there at lunch time



She stopped me saying Please don't, I can't do that to my husband and to your wife. It would be wrong. We're family. We're friends." she appealed. "Your wife is my friend and my husband is your friend, I don't want to break off my friendship with your wife because of this. You have your wife and you're her and she is yours. I've my husband and I am rightfully his, hope you understand." Said Geeta. "Agreed, we've our spouses but we like each other, I know you like me," "No, I don't like. And my husband, or anyone else for that matter, wouldn't forgive us for doing this." She could feel my rigid cock pressing against her belly and my warm breath onto her neck. A tingle ran through her entire body

"Don't worry Geeta, we are friends and will remain to be friends. Neither would I tell my wife about this nor do you have to tell your husband about it. I know your husband loves you, and I also know that you want me to make love to you," Whatever happens between us will be a close guarded secret.



"Geeta exclaimed I am afraid, I have never done it with any other man besides my husband," she stammered and looked at me like a frighten deer, then laid her head against my shoulder.  I could feel now By the flush to her cheeks and the quiver and sudden hoarseness in her voice, that she was either embarrassed by my closeness or was getting aroused.



I just pulled her to me and held her tight. She felt incredible. I could feel her breasts pressing against me, her stomach pressed against my now hardening cock, and I could smell the sweet fragrance of her hair. I held her like that for a few minutes, not wanting to let go. I slid my hands down her back and softly rubbed her ass. She inched closer to me, pressing herself against me, making my cock harder still

Tears now filled her eyes, as she pleaded, "No we can't do this, stop please."


"Listen Geeta we have come too far to stop now. You are mine, you know."


Her husband was the only man she had kissed in her life, and she had gotten used to the way he kissed, always one-sided with his head on her right shoulder. And now she was being kissed in a totally new way. I knew by instinct that this woman would satisfy my sexual hunger, not that Sunitha had not given me the satisfaction but was yearning for more.    I was kissing her lips, her neck, her cheeks, squeezing her hard boobs with one hand and caressing her tight ass with the other. She started moaning with lust and pleasure and rubbing her hand on my hard-rock cock. Her body was irresistible and reminded me my sweet wife who has the same attractive figure which can make anyone mad.     I was continuously kissing and hugging her and she was getting hotter to the hottest. Her breaths were getting heavy and unbalanced.   her lustful bosoms were in full swing inviting me to eat and chew her erected pink nipples, and I did not miss a single minute and took her right nipple into my mouth and started sucking it heavily.. Her lust made her shouting and she started whispering in my ears.. oh   .. suck it with all your strength.. I am enjoying uhhhhh ahhhhh mmmmm and so on and it made me more horny and my hands picked more speed to bring her to peak of lust and pleasure. I moved my hands from her bust to her flat belly and then slipped it downwards to her pussy where her erected clit was desperately waiting for my finger to touch and rub.

A 1000 volt current traveled through her body as I touched her clit with my finger and she started kissing all over my face wildly and hugging me with her full strength. I removed her panty and her shining, shaven pussy was In front of my eyes. I laid her down on the bed and started licking the juicy lips of her pussy. I licked her clit and her moaning increased with each and every lick then I moved my dick to her mouth and asked her to kiss, lick and suck it. It was a new thing for her and she seemed to be a bid reluctant but I made her agreeable to do so. She hesitantly started licking my dick and it sent a great wave of pleasure in my body.. My dick was fully erected and throbbing into her hand. I forced my dick into her mouth and she gradually started sucking it..

While sucking my dick, she was looking up at my eyes and her eyes were filled with lust, joy, pleasure and satisfaction. Since I was meeting a woman after many months and my anxiety and sensation was so high,, I was not able to control myself. The continuous movement of her lips on my dick build a quick and strong orgasm and I discharged my load into her mouth. A sudden pressure of my discharge did not allow her to understand what had happened and she had to swallow my salty liquid and remaining started spilling out of her mouth which she cleaned with a tissue paper. We laid on  the sofa in each other’s arms for a few minutes to bring our heavy and uneven breaths in control.

I lifted her in my arms and brought her into my bed room. We were licking and hugging each other.. I made her so horny by the special touches of my fingers and she was ready for a tremendous fuck. I laid her on the bed and opened her legs apart and had a full view of her shining cunt. She was moaning with pleasure and saying please   put your dick in my hungry and tight cunt .. please give me the taste of great fucking which I have been missing I put my dick tip on the opening of her juicy pussy and applied a little pressure and it slid inside and then I gradually increase my pressure until it reached deep inside her tight pussy. She was shouting with pain and pleasure as her pussy had not had such a cock in it and had not experienced the pleasure.

I was pumping hard and fucking her wildely. Her moaning and shouting made me more horny and I increase my thrusts into her pussy. Soon she recovered the pain and responding positively and started enjoying my dick into her deep pussy. I wanted to make my ever first extra-marital sex encounter an unforgettable event of my life and at the same time I wanted to give geeta utmost sexual satisfaction of her life. I wanted her to just remember me for the rest of her life, no matter where ever she lives.

Geeta was at the peak of her sexual pleasure. My lips were constantly busy extracting honey from her sweet lips, my hands were completing their basic and important task to ride and slid to an from her peaks and valleys and my throbbing iron-rod was making its way throughout her wet, hot and tight vagina, making her fly in the open sky of lust.

Her legs were resting on my shoulders and she was moving her ass upwards while I pushed my dick downward hence allowing it to make contact with her womb wall, giving her utmost sense of fucking. Then I removed her legs from my shoulder and put them together and brought in front of my chest and face, making her lye in an L shape. I held both legs close to each other and this position squeezed her pussy muscles and made it further tight.

Fucking her in this position for about a minute, I opened her legs apart in the air and in opposite direction from each other an it gave my dick a complete penetration in her deep pussy. Then I brought the legs in the same L position and pushed them back touching her breasts and stomach. I was getting heavenly pleasure whereas I can not express the lust and satisfaction she was experiencing. Suddenly, I felt that my orgasm was building inside me, but I still did not want to cum so I removed my dick out of her pussy to give it a little rest, while my finger was rubbing her erect clit to keep her warm and horny. I must say that she had already had two orgasms till I removed my dick out.

Then I asked her to lay on her chest and lift her ass upward. I rested my dick for about one minute out of the hot and burning atmosphere of her throbbing cunt before I reinserted it back into the wet waiting pussy hole. This position made her pussy muscles semi-squeezed and I was lying completely on her back and pulling my dick almost out and sending it deep inside with a single thrust . She was moving her ass faster and faster to get maximum taste.. Then I pulled her up making a doggy position but here I lost control over my orgasm and filled her cunt with my hot sperm and simultaneously she had her third and complete orgasm.

I was so happy and so she was. We laid on the bad, kissing and hugging each other. Her eyes were glittering with long awaited pleasure and satisfaction. I asked her how was the fucking session and she replied that it was and probably will remain in my memories an unforgettable fucking I have ever had in my life to date.


I asked her how about a three some with Baby, she reluctantly agreed, but said she wanted the same session again and again.  The next day she came to my house and gave me a gold necklace and said that your chest requires to be adored and it should not be empty.


 After that there was no stopping she asked me to come to her house daily at 7.45 to have breakfast except Saturday and Sunday when her husband who would come from Bangalore would be there.  Every day I went at 7.45 since her sons would go to school at 7.30 and she would be alone and I could feel my sexy damsel I had made it clear to her that when I would come she would be only in her petticoat and without any panties or bra worn, she adhered to and would be awaiting my arrival, since the festival of colors Diwali was nearing that is when I brought a Saree for Geeta and went to her house to give it to her I went from behind and caught her and started feeling her, smooching her and kissing her from behind, the lady stopped me and said what is this tht is when I realized the mistake that this was not Geeta but her sister Rukmini both were of same size and structure, that is when Geeta came running from inside and said I should have warned you before, Rukmini said Geeta is this the same person you told me about, she said yes that is when Rukmini introduced herself as Geeta;s younger sister who lives in Bagalkot, she said Geeta has told me about you and how you made love to her how about a threesome she asked, which was shocking for me to hear from a lady whom I hardly knew.  Then Geeta asked me why I had come that is when I gave her the saree and asked her to wear  this on Diwali with her other sarees, Geeta who took the saree from me said this looks costlier and said you brought such a costly gift for me, I said you are giving me the costly pleasures daily before that this is nothing. Rukmini said you may have to buy one more saree very soon   Rukmini who was from Bagalkot I was eager to know where in Bagalkot, she told me that she lived in Subashnagar opposite to State Bank, I intorudced myself telling that I was also from Bagalkot and stayed very close to where she stayed, I asked her whether she would be staying for the festival she said she will be in Bagalkot at the time of festival that is when asked her to come to our house and she also invited me to their house, but before that she said she wants to have a three some.

Geeta and Rukmini who were already seduced by me now wanted to make love to me together, but I was not of the idea since I enjoyed them sepratley,   I did not go to work had taken leave to enjoy Geeta alone, but never understood the women who had planned to rape me, we enjoyed here and there and and after a heavy lunch, I said will take rest  It could have been some where around 1.30 when I felt like I was jammed into some container as I was unable to move my body.  Different thoughts came in my mind since I had previously gone such symptoms where I felt like could not move any body. It looked like a dream so I just laid down doing nothing. It felt like some one or may be some people were manhandling me so I quietly opened my eyes. I saw nothing as the room was dark, I closed my eyes and tried to catch some sleep but in just a second the feeling of some one trying to pull my hands came up my mind and as I tried to stop it, I found that my right hand was tied up to the bed side. I was totally scared and instantly tried to pull my left hand and to my surprise if found that both my hands were tied up on each side of the bed. I was horrified, I sprang open my eyes and I tried to scream but it was too late. I noticed that both my legs and my hands were tied up and my mouth was masked with masking tape. I tried to figure out who it could be but the room was too dark to see any one. Soon I heard a voice whisper close to my ears and it said Satish, please don’t make any noise,  ,  “we promise we wont hurt you but to be honest, it is you Satish, it is you who made us want you,   We want to have a good time with you  ; we promise we will not say a word to your wife. Please don’t make any noise. I asked both of them as to why they should tie me instead we can still have the threesome, Rukmini said be quiet and just do as we say. I was horrified and scared and as my eyes slowly and sturdily adjusted and focused in the darkness, I saw geeta sit by my legs with only her panties and a bra and Rukmini by my shoulder again with only a panty and a bra. I swayed my head left and right and I pleaded them with expressions to leave me alone, fearing that my sister would come to know, but soon Rukmini started to run the tip of her fingers over my chest and over my belly. I never had the habit of wearing a shirt while sleeping so it was easy for them to reach my chest. Geeta sat motionless watching Rukmini and as I secretly enjoyed the sensations, with total fear, Rukmini bent down and started to suck my tits with the tip of her warm tongue. She cuddled and she caressed my right tit as she softly bit and she sucked my left tit. The feeling was amazing and I could soon feel my cock once again waking up to gain its full strength. I was feeling embarrassed as my long cock grew bigger and bigger creating a huge mount. I wore no underwear and it was obvious that they could clearly see in the faint light the mount I was building. Geetakept watching for a while and may be she must have got arisen watching my hard cock trying to escape its captivity in my shorts. Rukmini fondled, caressed, sucked and licked both my tits giving no intervals, She rolled and she run the tip of her tongue all the way down my belly button and send shivers up my brain twisting and turning her tongue buried deep in by belly button. Then came this awesome feeling, a feeling of utter relaxation and satisfaction. Geeta had knelt down besides the bed facing my feet, she started to softly message my feet, my ankles, my calf, and my knees and as she tickled my inner thighs with her slender finger tips, I soon felt her breadth over my toes and to my surprise she started to softly insert the tip of her tongue in between my toes, she soon started to suck my toes one by one. It is a feeling hard to explain, yes you need to experience this to truly know how wonderful the feeling it is. My cock was now at its hardest and I secretly wished they had their hands on it. I lay speechless and motionless as they both continued doing all they wanted.

Suddenly Rukmini came up close to my ears and whispered  , will you make a noise if I set your mouth free? I quickly nodded no and she soon pulled the masking tape off my lips. It hurt me as she pulled pulling my little grown mustache along with the tape but I made no noise as I wanted to enjoy this amazing feeling these two young girls were giving me. Rukmini I never thought you and Geeta will give me such bondage pleasure, infact I always dreamt of this Geeta soon got up and stood by the bed side and placed her knees one by on the bed, she knelt in between my spread out legs and soon reached for my shorts. She got to undo the button but quickly stopped and grabbed my fully 7” long thick erect cock over my shorts and softly said “Rukmini, you got to hold this to know how big and strong Satish really is.  . I laid motion less as Rukmini soon reached to hold my cock. They both looked at each other with total amazement and soon undid the buttons and pulled my shorts all the way down my ass. My fully erect, hard, thick and long cock sprang out in total freedom and without giving a second, Rukmini and Geeta grabbed the whole length of my cock with both their hands. It looked as though they had got something they have always longed for, they were hard on my cock, they squeezed it, they twisted it and they added pressure on it and I loved it. geeta soon reached for my balls and as she played her fingers softly over them, rukmini crushed, cuddled and fondled my cock. The feeling was awesome; I was at the seventh heaven and wished the night never ends. 

I wanted desperately feel the two gorgeous unsatisfied ladies and soon asked, could you please let loose my hands and my legs? Rukmini quickly said she was sorry and bent down to kiss me on my mouth. I hesitated at the beginning but soon loved the feeling of her warm mouth, her soft lips tasted like a plum and when she started to roll her tongue deep within my mouth she played her left hands on my big hard cock. Geeta was still playing with my balls and soon she started to suck them, she started to run her tongue on my inner thighs and just below my balls, she sucked in my balls one by one and sometimes softly bit them. I started to become desperate as I couldn’t wait to hold them and feel the warmth of their beautiful body. Rukmini kissed me and sometimes bit my tongue as I rolled my tongue deep inside her mouth and every time I got a break I requested them to set me loose. In the faint light I saw Geeta massage her pussy with one hand as she played her other hand over my balls still sucking and licking my balls. I longed Geeta to suck my cock and wondered why they both never did it. My cock stood high like a rocked set ready for take off and it ached with pain of not being sucked.

Standing besides me on the floor Rukmini soon reached for her Bra and quickly undid the hooks and flung her bra on to the bed and as she bent down to kiss me on my mouth she caressed her breasts with her hands. My mouth watered seeing her naked breasts at my hands reach and I softly said “can I please feel your breasts? Rukmini looked at me with sympathy, but asked me to wait and she soon started to rub her breasts over my chest. Her nipples were hard as rock and they rolled over my chest like two cherries. She rubbed her breasts over my face and soon pressed her nipples over my mouth. I had longed for this and I instantly opened my mouth wide and started to suckle on her nipple like a baby. Rukmini soon stared to moan. My face was covered with Rukmini full breasts and as I longed to see Geeta I suddenly felt this strange feeling, a feeling of heavenliness, a feeling of wontedness, a feeling of complete togetherness. Geeta had gulped the head of my hard cock deep within her warm, watery mouth. She circled her tongue left and right all around the head of my heavy sized cock and sucking it vigorously, she quickly undid her bras and her panties, she held my cock tight in her hands and rubbed the head of my cock hard on the two cherry sized nipples. I craved to see geeta stand by my side completely nude but Rukmini was still busy enjoying me sucking her breasts one by one. I knew that Rukmini was feeling at her highs as I watched her right hand rub her pussy up and down and soon she stood up straight and pulled away her panties. I wished the lights were bright as I longed to see these two young and beautiful ladies stand by my side completely nude and loving me. Soon Rukmini  started to climb up the bed, she spread her legs over my sides and sat on me adding no weight of her body, inch by inch she moved her body forward and soon I sensed the smell of her warm and oozing pussy. Geeta was busy with my cock and as she sucked me in and out rukmini holding on to the bed head brushed her wet pussy over my mouth, She tasted awesome and I soon thrust my tongue into her warm and oozing cunt, rukmini shivered in excitement and she moaned aloud. She got furious and she brushed her pussy up and down my face and I enjoyed the heavenly feeling. I requested rukmini to split open the walls of her warm cunt and as she did it pleasingly, I played my tongue vigorously up and down the walls of her delicate slit. Rukmini shivered and she quivered while my tongue played over her anal area and cried in ecstasy. The feeling of having her pussy pressed over my mouth was amazing and I hoped she never ever takes away her pussy from my face.

I kept requesting Rukmini  and Geeta to set me free but they never gave a ear, but continued sucking and fondling me. Soon Rukmini changed her position, She sat over me facing my cock and as she adjusted herself to allow me lick her pussy, she quickly grabbed my hard cock, Geeta got the message and soon switched to suck my balls while Rukminis tarted to suck my cock hard and breathless. I loved the feeling of sucking   geeta got over me wasting no time and with no hesitation shoved her boobs right up my mouth. They both tasted different and I loved Geeta’s breasts as they were a lot more firm and hard compared to that of Rukmini. I requested and I literally begged Geeta to set me free but in vain, I felt desperate not being able to hold those beautiful breasts but after a while I wanted to suck and I wanted to lick geeta’s pussy. I soon requested her and in a second she climbed up holding on to the bed head and placed her luscious cunt right over my mouth. I wished there was enough light in the room to enjoy the looks of her young pussy and I rolled the tip of my tongue all the way up and down the delicate walls of her cunt and inserted the whole length of my tongue into her warm cunt. Geeta  enjoyed with her eyes half closed, she squeezed her breasts with both her hands and then slowly bent back words placing both her hands over my thighs and started to rub her pussy up and down my mouth with my tongue still buried deep in her. Her pussy tasted delicious and I never wanted to stop sucking and licking her cunt, I pulled the walls of her delicate cunt deep within my lips and as I enjoyed the delicacy of geeta’s tight cunt, Rukmini stood up on the bed with her legs spread open and placed on both sides of my body.

She soon came forward and as she sat down over me, she bent forward and held my cock with both her hands and guided the head to the entrance of her warm and luscious, oozing cunt. I knew what she was up to and waited for it to happen. I could feel the warmth of her cunt over the head of my cock and she started to rub the head of my manhood up and down the whole length of her pussy, her pubic hair rubbed against me giving extra sensations. Rukmini moaned and soon started to press her cunt against my hard and erect cock. As I had mentioned earlier, I should once again say that my cock was exceptionally large, both length wise and thickness wise and Veena struggled as she tried to insert my cock into her cunt. She tried hard and she twisted and she swayed and as we adjusted ourselves trying, I kept licking geeta in and out her delicious cunt. My cock was now harder than ever and started to slowly enter Rukmini’s tight cunt. Her mouth was wide open and her eyes tightly closed, she gasped for breath and with a little bit of force she lowered half length of my thrusting cock deep in her oozing cunt. The room was filled with the sound of heavy moaning  . Rukmini was furious she behaved like a monster, wild and angry, she caressed and squeezed her breasts and with another hard push the whole length of my long cock penetrated its way deep inside Rukmini’s warm, hot and luscious cunt. She started to move up and down in a slow rhythmatic pattern as her moaning got louder and louder. This was the first time in my life and I don’t know how to explain the feelings I am going through. Rukmini placed her hands on my knees and as she moved up and down I started to get this feeling of utter satisfaction, the tingling in my spine reached its heights, I knew I was reaching a climax, I was afraid to come into Rukmini’s cunt but I dint know how to tell her that I was reaching a climax. Now she began to tighten her mouth of the pussy by holding her legs together. That was hard and great pleasure to me. It became more tight now and she got her orgasm. I sensed her she was bout to cum. Her whole body is stumbling and struggling with great happiness. With in few moments I felt her juices flowing in her already wet cunt. Now her pussy became like water filled tub. So whenever my cock entered in to it strange sounds started coming. Now I exploded my cum in her. Her cunt hole was filled with her juice and mine. It started overflowing and started falling ont the bedsheet Rukmini got faster with her front and backward movement and she moaned with total pleasure, she whispered she was coming and in just a few minutes she jerked her body and instantly pulled my cock out of her pussy. She was violent, she lowered her body down placing her pussy down on my bare legs and as she rubbed her wet pussy up and down her legs, she grabbed my hard cock and started to suck on it desperately, I couldn’t take it any longer and as I shrugged under the heavenly bodies of Rukmini and Geeta, I jetted out my come right into Rukmini’s warm mouth. She immediately spat out a little of my come and as I felt guilty of coming in her mouth she quickly cupped my hard cock with her mouth and started to suck until the last drop was delivered. She looked happy and thankful and as she slipped over to the side of me breathing heavy and looking totally satisfied geeta looked at Rukmini wearing a shy smile and commented “have you left anything for me? Veena laughed and soon closed her eyes feeling content. 

I was exhausted, tired and wished Geeta also stopped but instead she climbed down in between my legs and started to play with my half bent cock. It was a funny kind of pain that I felt then, but soon she knelt down in between my spread out legs and started to suck my cock heavy. I felt I that was being literarily raped but the funny kind of pain soon changed into pain of pleasure and my cock soon reached to its hardest erection. I once again requested Geeta to let me free but she was too much involved and engrossed in her activity. She sucked my cock in and out of her mouth and soon climbed over me and forcefully inserted my hard and erect cock deep within her tight cunt. I laid there with my mouth wide open while Rukmini watched Geeta with half closed eyes. Geeta moved up and down like a bouncing ball as her firm breasts swayed, she caressed and she cuddled her breasts with one hand and soon I heard her moaning get louder. I could feel the tingle in me by now and wanted to throw it all up Geeta’s hot cunt. Rukmini brushed her hand up and down all over my chest as she knew Geeta and I was reaching a climax and in a minute I shivered, I quivered and shot my come deep inside geeta. she grabbed my body forcing her arms around me; she moaned heavily and instantly reached her climax, Geeta still kept moving up and down but now my big, hard cock moved freely with both our come making her cunt over lubricated. She laid over me in total bliss with my cock still buried deep in her oozing cunt. Rukmini smiled and softly said “Geeta, you need to be careful, Satish has come inside you. They smiled once again and together, looking at me, said they were sorry for tying me up. They asked if I had enjoyed all they could do for me and as I nodded yes with total satisfaction, one by one they untied my hands and my legs. I requested them if I could hold them and they soon came into my arms, I felt their firm breasts and ran my fingers all over their pussy and softly said “next time please don’t tie me up. Together we laughed and thanking each other for the wonderful time and promising each other.  This all happened in my house in my bedroom under the scanner of 2 cameras which would be seen later on.  I was planning to Visit Rukmini in Bagalkot in Diwali vacations.


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