I had been having sex with my mother and sister for quite a while now but it had never grown any further than that.
We were so used to eachothers bodys that we had grown tired of fucking eachother and had stopped doing it.
One night the entire family were sitting at home,me,my mom,my sister, and my dad and we were all watching tv.
It was late and the sexy commercials started to come up onto the tv.
I had not had sex for quite a while so i felt a tingle start to happen in my cock,i tried to hide it but my sister had seen it and gave me an evil looking smirk.
The ad finally stopped and the show we were watching came back on and the tingling went away.
We were all getting tired so we decided to go to bed.
A few hours later i heard a bouncing sound in a bedroom,so i went to take a look.
The sound was not coming from my sister as she was asleep,so i went to my parents room and i heard moaning.
I was still drowsey at this point so i didn’t fully understand what was going on.
I stood there listning until i finally realised what was happening.
It didn’t bother me that much,as i had heard this all before and had gotten off from it.
“MORE MORE MORE RICK,FILL ME UP!!” i heard my mother say
Then the pumping got faster.
I then had a hand touch me on the shoulder and my sister was standing behind me i her pyjamas.
“What do you want to do?” i asked
“lets listen” she replied
So we did
Only for a few minutes or so,until...
“i wana fuck them to” my sister said
“wait!!!” i begged
But too late,she flung open the door and just as they were trying to conceal themselves under the covers,my sister took of her top and grabbed our fathers dick.
At first he tried to resist but after a few seconds of tugging,he relaxed
“Come and fuck me then chris,seeing as how your slutty sister stole my husband” mum said
“ok,where?” i asked
“Wherever you want” she replied
I grabbed her by the ass and picked her up and placed her on my cock
“Oohhh my big strong baby boy” she said
I stood up and held her by her ass and lifted her up and put her on my cock,again and again faster and faster each time until all that was heard was slapping sounds and her tits hitting me in the face.
I looked over to see my sister sucking my dads cock and him just watching us.
He seemed to take little interest in what his daughter was doing.
I kept pumping mom for a few minutes until my father tapped me on the shoulder with something metallic.
I turned around and there i was,staring down the barrel of a gun
“put her down!!” he said
I dropped mom and stood there staring at the gun
“get on your knees” dad ordered
And i did as i was commanded
The three of them were all staring at me with grins on there faces,so i knew that they were all in on it.
“im guna tell you to do some stuff,and you WILL do it,otherwise you will die,UNDERSTAND!!” he screamed
And i just nodded
“Get on your hands and knees and stick your ass in the air “ i was told
And i did so
My father went over to the chair and sat down spreading his legs,and my mother and sister were fumbling for something in the drawer
“come here” he said
I crawled over
“suck my dick” he told me
“WHAT???!!??!” i screamed
He pointed the gun in my face
“gotta problem?”he said
I shook my head
I leant forward and grabbed his cock and he put his head back facing the cealing.
I opened my mouth and inserted the cock and began to suck
At first i thought it was disgusting but then i started to get into it,i ywirled my tounge,i deepthroated and began to moan.
I felt like a woman,and i had always wondered about fucking a guy.
My mother and sister returned and knelt down behind me and i knew what was coming
I heard the strap and the squeeze of the bottle.
I then felt the runny oil and a hand over my asshole as one of them was massaging oil into my asshole
A finger then entered as they pushed the oil inside.
I stuck my ass higher in the air
“This one likes this,i don’t think well have a problem” my mom said
“ohhh no,good,ohh yeah don’t stop,it feels soooo good son!!” my dad said
I then tasted a faint salty liquid and i knew that this was my dads pre cum oozing out onto my tounge,and i quite enjoyed the taste.
I swallowed what came into my mouth and kept sucking
Then i felt an enourmous pressure on my asshole and i knew the strap-on was going in
“mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” i moaned as i had my dads cock in my mouth
Deeper and deeper the cock went into my ass,and i loved the feeling of it.
My sister then grabbed my cock from underneath and started to tug me
This went on for a few minuted until....
“im guna cum,im guna cum” dad said
I kept on sucking,wanting to taste the cum at full strength
My head bobbed up and down only for a few moments
“AARRGHHHH” my dad screamed
And i tasted thick,warm gobs of cum land on my tounge
I kept sucking,making sure that there was none left in the cock
Finally i stopped and took his cock out of my mouth and showed him what he deposited in me
“don’t swallow yet,wait till you cum and your mum and sister,then do all four at once” he said
“ok” i replied
“why don’t you swallow your fathers and swallow yours,then we will fuck again and we can cum in a cup for you” mom said
“i don’t care,i just want more cum” i said eagerly
So my sister kept jacking me until i finally came in her hand and she put it up to my mouth and i licked off what was on it.
When all was off her hand,i swallowed both loads that were in my mouth.
“that was awesome!!” i said
“good,do you feel like a girl now?” asked my sister
“yes,and i liked it” i replied
“good,then get up and follow me” my sister demanded
I did as i was told.
I got up and followed her to her bedroom and she gave me a large pink vibrator
“use this in your ass,i did,and it feels great” she said
“ok” i replied
“taste it,theres still some of my ass juice on there” she said
I did as she asked,and i faintly tasted her sweet ass juice.
“now,lets go back,and i want to taste your ass the fuck it,i wana see how many cocks can fit in your mouth and ass” she said
We went back to the room and when we went back in,dad was stroking the tip of his cock and my mother was rubbing her massive tits.
I went back in and my father got up and i lay down on the floor and he knew what i wanted,so he got on top of me and put his face above my cock and his cock over my face.
“wait” i said
“i want to be on top”
“fine” my dad said
And we swapped,i stuck my ass up in the air and i took my fathers cock in my mouth and he did the same
Then the pressure of the strap-on pressed onto my asshole and also the vibrator entered.
They both pumped me hard,stretching my asshole to the limits.
This went on for a few minutes and then i stopped and got up and my father got behind me and my mother went infront.
Dad pushed his cock in my ass again and i started to kiss my mother and groped her tits.
He pumped me harder than ever until he blew his load in my ass
He pulled out and my sister stepped in,she put her tounge to my ass and licked the cum out,sticking the tounge deep inside
When i felt i was empty,she spun around and spat it on my mothers face
This sent me over the edge,and i stood up and blew my load over her face
She sat there and watched as i started to tounge fuck my sisters cunt and she was already close to an orgasm and she blew all over my mothers face aswell.
We all sat there licking the cum off of moms face for the next few minutes before we all fell asleep in eachothers arms.

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