All in the title.

At 42 I'd been widowed for some while but was making the best of a bad job. I had a good neighbour who was also a widow,but we made out between us in the sense that we could have a mutual moan about our lack of sexual opportunity,plus most other things. We came and went between each others houses which included the comings and goings of her twenty year old son. This son of hers was a nice lad,but he was a bit slow shall we say. At times he'd caught me in the altogether by appearing just as I'd for whatever reason stripped off,resulting in a grin from ear-to-ear spreading across his face while he unashamedly ogled my nakedness.

I admit,this sex starved broad tended to linger naked as his eyes went up and down taking in all my feminine assets. On one occasion,he commented, - "My mum's tits look like yours,but your points are bigger. I like big points like yours" - Apart from making my nipples stiffen with this comment, he added, - "My mum's go hard as well when I look at them" - 'Course,over time his mother mentioned he tends to make comments if he in turn has seen her naked. Saying,I told him - "Don't you go telling anyone outside mind" - She said he responded, - "What,not even Iris?" I said, - "She's different" - He said, - "No mum,she's not,I've seen her"

Just after this incident,she'd mentioned that he'd told told her what he'd said about her nipples. - "I hope it didn't offend you Iris. Its a bit late I know,but his hormones are rising like mad,I don't see how I can control them. God you should see..." - At this point she changed the subject and flushed up as she did. Todd had just come through my door and clearly she didn't want him to hear what she was going to tell me.

The conversation got lost in other talk and that was that. - No more than a wek or so after this,Todd appeared thro' my door as I was working at my sink. Glancing and seeing it was him,I turned back to my chores and waited for him to say his piece as always. "Iris,mum sent me round to fuck you" Goosey pimples ran up my spine at his utterance. I swung round and my eyes were confronted with an enormous length of cock swinging half hard from his naked loins. It was all of ten inches and swinging about like a tail as he chuckled at my reaction. - "Take your knickers down so I can fuck you" - I tell you I shit. Where the fuck had this suddenly come about from?

Then my mind shot back to the abruptly ended conversation. - "Todd,pull your trousers up and put that thing away and we'll say no more about it" - Ginning widely he moved this piece of man flesh - although not menacingly - towards me. Then I really freaked as he picked up the kitchen scissors as he went past them on a side work top. "What're you doing? Todd,don't be silly now,don't hurt me" All at the same time pulling my knickers down around my knees. - I wanted to scream as I felt this now hardening cock slap against the back of me. - "Let your skirt drop off" - I done just that,then as I looked down,I could see the head of his cock dangling between my legs. - I cringed as I also saw the point of the scissors in the same area. - "I'd never hurt you Iris,no mum likes this part"

In panic,I watched as he cut the leg holes of my panty's and let them drop as a rag to the floor. My mind was whizzing at what he'd just said, - "Pam his mum,liked this bit" - Christ how many times had he cut her panty's off and had he fucked her like I was sure he was about to fuck me? I had not long to wait as he placed his hand on my now naked ass and used the other to guide his massive weapon between my now juicy treacherous vagina slit. Treacherous in the sense that with what had just happened that pussy of mine was now awash with anticipating love juice. God I was as wet as hell! Just as well too,because this cock of Todds was bigger than I thought,I only took in the length in my panic,now I had to grip the sink edge and spread my legs wider as he pushed in me from behind.

I felt myself being opened far deeper than I'd ever felt until I was amazed as I felt his balls slap at my clitoris. I would have never believed my quim could have taken all his length if asked. Now like a wild animal he pumped his hardon into me,before long it had his desired effect as I felt an orgasm rising in me and I pumped back on his cock in true abandon. Fucking hell he was waking my slutish inner self. as I pounded him to his orgasm. Like a bellowing bull he shot off inside my vagina as my own orgasm enshined his cock now pressed solid against my womb with his belly stuck against my ass cheeks.

I now felt him relaxing as he pulled this cock of his from my cunt. Grinning as I confronted him,he just said, - "That stuff runs back out of mum like it is from you Iris" Almost embarrassed now I looked as a huge amount of his sperm plopped on the floor in front of us. Then in shock,he tugged his clothes back up as I heard Pam call, - "Todd,you round there? - Oh god,you haven't You haven't I bet you have" - Pam came in panic through my door to be confronted with my pussy dripping cum. - "Oh fuck he has! Todd you stupid fucker. I never meant literally what I said" - Todd looked brow beaten as he realised his mother didn't approve of his fucking me.

"Christ Iris,you have to be so careful what I say to him. You alright,I can see what's happened,I didn't mean it too" - "Pam.its okay,I realise the problem,you started to tell me the other day" - She relaxed somewhat, - "Thank goodness for you,I hoped you'd understand if he'd got that far before I realised" - I got my skirt and pulled it back on as Todd still ogled my pussy. "I'll put some pants on later after I've washed his stuff out" - "Todd,go and wash that thing of yours" - He looked chastised as he went to go to his house, - "Its alright Todd,Pam let him clean up upstairs,no chance of anyone knowing that way" - "Thanks,go on Todd,do as she says" With a quickly made coffee,we sat and I let her run with it.

"No,I not thinking said to him, Stop being such a niusance,go over to Iris and give it to her" she went on, - "Let me explain. What I started to tell you the other day about his hormones. He's become sex mad, I was panicking after seeing him wanking himself like a mad thing. - You'd never guess how much spunk comes out of him and so powerful as it shoots and he's so big down there. - Silly me, you've just felt it,I forgot that. Yeah,so in fright of him going looking for a girl to fuck I decided to let him use me. That was fine at first,but as he had got to fucking me three or four times a day,just now I was trying to do something important and got my hair off with him as he kept on trying to put it in me. I just flippantly lashed out verbally saying,- OH if you must fuck go on over Iris's and let me finish doing this"

"It was only as I concluded what I had to do that it suddenly dawned that he may have misunderstood me and come over here to do to you what he wanted from me. God I'm so sorry I was right" - "Its okay Pam,I understand and putting it impolitely,that was a hell of a fucking I got just then. Look if its any consolation,I like it and if he's getting all to much with his need to fuck,I'm willing to take on some of the burden. I know it sounds sluttish but fucking hell Pam,you can't have all that cock for yourself. You're looking at a very hungry woman here. I bet you enjoy it as much as he does"

She broke into a grin, - "Well putting it like that,yes,I hated the thought of some young fluzzy getting all that knob while I'm at home ravenous for cock" - "Me too,we'll let him go at us without telling him he got himself two horny vaginas all to himself. Tell him he's camping in my bed tonight,I'll try and calm his hormones for you" - "Ha! Ha! I tried that,fuck my pussy was aching and he still came back for more an hour later having had it up me virtually all night,you should have seen the bedclothes,spunk everywhere"

Todd returned down the stairs,- "Let me see it,that's better" - I looked on at what I'd just enjoyed,yes,enjoyed. This was a new beginning,cock all the way,I'm sure we'll all finish up in one bed with him running out of cum sooner or later. - Todd had the last laugh, - "Mum I'm sorry for fucking Iris,but will you give her a pair of your knickers because I cut hers off like I do yours" - "Todd its okay now,no Iris has plenty of knickers of her own,you know that,you look at them evertime they're out on the line. Anyway,that's scissor stuff is called love play and Iris like me have agreed we both love you" - "Oh good,does that mean I can have another go now please while Iris hasn't any knickers back on" - "Iris,I'll just pop and get that sugar for you,Todd you can stay here with Iris while I'm gone" - As she passed thro' the door,I opened my thighs and said, - "Come on then,come and get it"
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