Just to start out. I have always liked older women. Not talking too much older but between 5 and 15 years older than myself. They seem to know what they want and are not afraid of showing or telling you how bad they want it at the time. This is a story of my first time with an older woman.

We met thru an adult dating site and found out we had a little in common. Most notably that her son and I had gone to school together. This was a few years after high school and i was a late entry into the sexual forays of life. And, found out over time that my favorite past time was going down on a woman. To feel her body contort and move as she was getting closer and closer to cumming. I got side tracked there remembering part of this story. MMMMMMM she tasted so good but we will get to that in a bit.

We finally agreed to meet up at her house since i was "safe" I showed up on my motorcycle as I was trying to impress in riding pants jacket and boots. I knocked on the door and who what a knock out. I hadn't remembered her as such a beautiful woman. She was in her mid 40's about 5'7" 135lbs with DD's she looked amazing wearing her black high heels in a knee length tight black skirt with a printed top that was V cut down to her bra strap in front. I am sure my eyes bugged out as i looked at her. I walked thru the door and making sure she was up for what was to Cum. I set my helmet down and wrapped her in a tight hug. Whispering in her ear "damn your sexier than i remembered and trust me i was hard just thinking about you before, but mmmmm you look Delicious" Then giving her a quick peck on the lips and watching her eyes light up.

We had agreed that the first night would be a movie and see how the chemistry was between us. We sat on the couch both of us nervously fidgeting not knowing how this was supposed to go. She slid over close to me. At which time i slid my arm around her shoulders pulling her in close she fit so well against my shoulder and her hair smelled of lilac. As i began to massage her upper arm as we watched the movie. She slid her hand down my leg and began to rub my thigh as i leaned down and kissed her forehead. She looked up and our eyes caught each other. She slid her hand farther up my thigh as I leaned down to kiss her letting my hand slide from her shoulder down to gently graze across the front of her shirt over her breast. Letting my fingers flick across her nipple thru her shirt and bra. As she began to slide her tongue into my mouth while we kissed letting her hand slide up and over my hard cock.

I used my other hand to slide thru her short pixish hair and look into her eyes as i whispered "are you ok with this" she looked back at me as she squeezed my cock firmly and then let her hand go to my zipper of my riding pants and slowly pull it down as she kissed down my neck. I slid both hands to her shoulders sliding them up both of her arms as i looked into her eyes as she slid a hand inside my pants to pull out my hardening cock (I had never been this hard just from the touch of a lady for the first time) As she pulled my cock out i lifted up letting her pull my pants down to my knees as i leaned back against the arm of the sofa with her leaning down into my lap just circling the head of my cock with her tongue. I ran one hand thru her hair and the other was sliding down between her lovely soft breasts.

I began to slide my hand in her shirt pulling her bra cups down and her breasts free of her shirt. When she leaned up from licking the head of my cock and let me pull her shirt and bra off over her head with this amazed look in her eye as she sat there on the couch naked from the waist up in front of me. As i pulled my shirt off too. Her hands went to my chest as I kicked off my riding boots. And lay back on the couch pulling her beautiful hard body against mine feeling her nipples graze my chest as we began to kiss i let my hands slide down and pull her ass against me grinding her against my hard cock as she was tongue fucking my mouth. I sucked on her tongue and told her how sexy she was as I let my hands slide between us and began to pull and twist her nipples with both hands. She moaned for the first time. Nice and low as i was sucking her tongue. She looked up feeling it was getting tense and said "I bet you never thought you would be here with me about to get the ride of your life when you were in High School did you"

I had her lean up as i squeezed her breasts and looked into her eyes and asked her "Did you ever think about having my nice hard cock pressed against her hot wet pussy" to which she replied "its not there yet" and with that she stood up facing away with her heels and skirt still on as i unzipped her skirt she bent over pushing it to the floor as she was wearing no panties i took this time to look at her wet glistening pussy lips and her tight ass as i leaned forward and slid my tongue up the back of her thighs pulling her to my face as i began to lick softly over her pussy lips as she held onto her ankles. Then the doorbell rang.

Forgetting we had ordered pizza she was now naked except for her heels standing in her living room with my hard cock sticking straight up in the air. She looked at me as said "let me go get a robe" as she had just moved to this town and wasn't where we had lived for 18 years before. I said "why not just answer the door naked" to which she replied "why not". The delivery guy about fell over with the pizza when she opened the door. Standing beside the arm of the couch I was leaning against. I slid my hand up the back of her thighs causing her knees to go weak as she was trying to get the pizza. She voluntarily spread her legs just a bit as she said just sit it down over there on the coffee table to the delivery guy. At which time she pressed her ass against the side of the couch so he could step by. And i took advantage of the situation by sliding my fingers between her legs rubbing over her pussy lips. Softly caressing them as she stood there trying to count the money i handed her to the delivery guy. I began to slide a finger between her pussy lips looking for her clit as she finally just handed him all the money in her hand and pushed him out the door as she sat down on my fingers as i continued to massage her clit in little circles with my finger tips.

She began to moan as i pulled her into my lap and laid her back on the couch. and began to kiss down her neck. Licking and sucking softly as i let her slide her legs apart under me placing one on the top of the back of the couch and the other on the floor as i pushed a finger softly in her hot wet slit. I sucked on her nipple nice and slowly pulling it with my lips and i lifted my head to look in her eyes. I slowly began to finger fuck her with one finger then pressing a second finger in as i began to lick between her breasts and under them. Looking at her for approval as she bucked her hips against my hand. I began to lick lower and lower down her nice hard abs and just to that soft skin between her hip and pussy. Letting my tongue slide down that soft skin beside my fingers as they slid in her pussy coming out nice and wet. I pulled them completely out and and sucked one of my fingers and testing her limits slid the other wet pussy juice covered finger up her body trailing it softly over her skin up between her breasts circling her nipples and up her neck to her lips. Which she readily accepted. She sucked my finger clean as she moaned. At which time I leaned down and took my first long slow lick of her hungry pussy. She slid her fingers thru my hair as she pushed her hips up pushing her wet pussy onto my tongue. As i began to lick harder and faster bringing her to her first orgasm of the night. She pushed my head in deep as she clamped her legs around my head.

I slowly let my hands slide under her legs placing them on my shoulders as I slid my hands up the back of her thighs and to her tight little ass. Mmmmmmm she felt so good pressed against my hands. I slowly took one finger and traced it up her sweet little crack. Letting a finger press against her little brown hole. Then sliding it up to her pussy lips getting it nice and wet i slowly slid it back as she pulled up quickly and said "I have never done that" I asked her why she said it has always been off limits. I just kept rubbing it softly as she told me this as she pushed back against my finger pressing against me. I continued to lick her pussy as i did this sending her into many different emotions trying to figure out if she really wanted this. I told her we wouldn't do that the first night anyways. At this point she was worked up. She stood up

And said "I'm going to the bed, and if you want any more join me there"

I'm no idiot. So as i got up I pulled my pants the rest of the way off and walked in to find her on her knees with he tight little ass pointed at me. She said "I prefer doggy style, and I am your slut to do with as you please" I knelt on the bed behind her and started kissing her at the small of her back letting one hand slide up her back to her short hair pulling her head back as i kneeled behind her lining my cock up with her wet slit. Teasing her by rubbing the tip over her clit and then up and down her pussy lips to her little brown hole and back to her clit. I pulled her head back and told her that this pussy was mine now. As i pushed in hard and deep the first stroke. Pushing her pussy lips in with my cock in the first deep thrust. Then pulling back as I leaned down holding her head to the side kissing her. Telling her she was the hottest little slut I had ever seen as i pushed in again. this time letting go of her head and sliding my hands to her hips. As she got wetter than I have ever felt a woman get. I held her hips and pounded her pussy hard and deep for a few strokes then let my hands slide up her sides to her breasts. Holding them tight as i pulled and played with her nipples. Then pulled her up so her back was against my chest. and the full weight of her breasts were in my hands. I squeezed them firmly. As she turned her head to kiss me. I asked her if she wanted to be my dirty slut. as she ground down on my hard cock. I let one hand slide down and rub her clit as she raised and lowered herself onto my cock.

She pulled her self almost off then slid down hard trying to get me deeper into her pussy. As i squeezed her breasts harder and continued to pull on those nipples. I asked her if she wanted to suck my pussy juice coated cock like the slut she was. She whimpered as i pressed my fingers hard around her clit pinching it. I then slowly took one of my pussy juice coated fingers and trailed it up her body again as i had done before for her to lick. Which she sucked completely dry and i told her to lick it so it was nice and wet. as i began to rub her pussy with my other hand. She got it nice and wet as i pushed her back to her hands and knees and trailed the wet finger over her back and down to her tight little ass. Holding her hips with one hand as i slid the other finger down her crack to her little brown hole. As i began to massage it again she continued to push back with every thrust of my cock into her wet pussy. As i held her tight at the bottom of each stroke. I slowly pushed my saliva coated finger into her ass just a little and pulled it back out only to push it in again. She started grinding onto my finger more than my cock. as my other hand went from her hips to her hair and pulled her head back. I asked her "do you like that Donna" to which she replied with a whimper and a thrust back onto my finger pushing me in to the second knuckle of my finger at which time she sighed and pulled back off only to push back again. I let my finger slide in and out of her tight little ass as my cock slid in and out of her wet hot pussy. As i held her head pulling her back with each stroke as she wiggled her hips. I continued fucking her like this for a while till i told her it was time for her to lay down on her back

I pulled out of her as she lay down on her back. I placed her knees on my shoulders lining my cock up with her pussy and thrusting in deep and hard as i leaned forward over her pressing her knees into her DD's squeezing them as i pounded her pussy deep. Looking in her eyes leaning down and kissing her as i wrapped my arms around her. Continuing to slide into her pussy hard and deep. I asked her if she was my slut now. To which she replied yes yes yes as she came all over my cock as i emptied my seed deep in her pussy. I collapsed on top of her.

Knowing I had tested some of her limits i rolled off of her and then pulled her over onto my chest. As i played with her nipples as we lay there she noticed i was still hard. She then slides her leg over me and slides onto my hard cock leaning over me as she begins to rock her hips hard and fast back and forth on my cock rolling her hips. I leaned up and sucked her nipple into my mouth as i slid a hand down to her thigh and up to her pussy. Letting my thumb slide over her sensitive clit. She stopped and told me to be gentle as she had just cum. I looked in her eyes and pressed hard on her clit at which time she started cumming again. I flexed my groin muscles as her pussy contracted again harder than the last time as she came almost pushing my hard cock from her pussy. I had to slide my other hand to her hips and press her down hard to keep her from pushing me out. As she came again. I thrust up into her and hold her there as she leans her head back and screams as she cums. I continue to rub circles around her clit with my thumbs as she looks down at me with that "fuck me again" smile as i would come to call it later. And I rolled her onto her side as she was spent from cumming again and straddled one of her legs as she put the other one over my thigh. I pushed in deep into her pussy as she pulled her knee that was over my thigh up to her chest. I then proceeded to slide in hard and fast for a few good strokes. placing my hand under her knee that was up to her chest.

I held her knee as I began to pound her pussy hand and deep letting my balls slide up her inner thigh. We continued to fuck in every position we could think of even having her stand up in front of her window as the neighbor and his wife watched with her pressed against the window as i slid into her wet pussy from behind as she spread her legs and had her hands on the window with me holding her hips as i pounded her from behind. We had the shade down so it just covered her head and all you could see was her getting fucked like the slut she wanted to be. We eventually passed out around 9am the next morning she had to be at work at 12. And I woke up and had her join me in the shower. Her pussy raw and sore from all the fucking we had done and her nipples sore from me sucking and pulling on them.

My cock was raw and sore too as we had gone bareback all night. She was safe and so was I. She had not had sex in years and I could tell from how hungry she was for it. Anything went. We got into more exhibitionism as we dated longer. And eventually i got her anal cherry about a year and a half later. She was on her knees doggy style and reached back and placed my cock at her ass and begged me to fuck her ass. She wanted to be totally my slut. And she pushed back so hard i went all the way in the first time.

If you liked this let me know. This is my first story. And its all true. I can tell you about some of our other adventures or the ladies i have dated since. I must say older women truly turn me on. If you have pics or suggestions for stories let me know. And ladies feel free to send naked pics always love looking at them.
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