I met Tammi in a bar one night and she took me home to her place at closing time. I spent the night with her and we dated for about three months before she moved in with me. We were together for around a year when she told me how she had fucked the family dog when she was younger. She wanted a dog of her own and for me to give in I insisted that she had to fuck the dog regularly for my entertainment.

  We chose a dog that we both wanted and we went to pick him up. He was the smallest puppy of the lot but showed the most interest in Tammi. On the way home I told her to start getting him used to her as the Mommy. She pulled her shorts off and slid to the edge of the seat. The puppy being on the floor started to sniff her pussy and then lick it. I said that's the way get to know your Mommy and he kept licking her for another five minuted or so. I knew she was wet or the pup would have not kept licking her. I asked are you wet and she said yes. I asked if she liked him licking her and again she said yes.

   I reinforced our agreement that she will have to train him to lick her and fuck her as he grows. Tammi said don't you worry about it, I will take care of it. When a week had gone by, I asked her how it was going and that I would like her to give me a show . With that she striped and layed on the floor and the dog came over and licked her like he had not eaten all week. I asked how often has he been licking her? Tammi said about two times a day. This made me happy and I could tell that she was liking it also.

  I told her to keep up the good work and she could quit and get dressed now. Tammi said, he is not done yet. I asked what do you mean? She said as long as I am wet he will lick it all up before quiting and at that time she climaxed from rubbing her clit with her finger. The dog kept licking for another five minutes or more. By the sixth month she had him starting to hump her and one night when I came home late I seen the dog humping her when I walked in. I asked how long had she been fucking the dog, she said for a week or so. I watched as he kept humping her than climaxed in her. He than pulled out and the show was over.   I asked her if they had knotted yet? Tammi said she had not worked on that yet. I told her I wanted a show tomorrow night.

   After coming home and eating I told Tammi that it was show time and the dog knew something was up as he was jumping up on her. She took her shorts off and spared her legs a bit standing, as she did this the dog started licking her pussy as she pulled off her top. Good boy she said as she stood letting him lick her pussy. Then down on the floor on all fours and with in less than thirty seconds the dog mounted her and had a bit of a time finding her pussy with his cock. She guided it in and he humped the hell out of her.

   I was pleased with the show and told her she had done a good job with him. This was three years ago and I still get the show when I ask. The show now includes her taking the knot and this lasts about twenty minutes or so. She fucks the dog almost daily and I encourage her to do so. Some times I walk in on them and make her suck me when this is going on. I call her a cock slut and she agrees that she is one. I never thought she would have gone through with it but I am glad she did. I do enjoy watching them go at it.

  Dog humper!

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redo2 avatar it's erotic to have a woman that is able to sexually arouse an animal and then be used by them.
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