"mike what's taking you so long?" Crissy whined from the bed.
"shut up bitch. do you want to wake up mom and dad??" i whispered.
"you take to long to undress you know that?" Crissy complained.
"if your so impatient start without me sis"
"i was hoping you would say that." with a gleam in her eye Crissy
pulled out from under her pillow a big red vibrator.
i watched from the corner as she slowly turned it on half way and started
running the tip over her all ready wet clit.

before this week i never would have dreamed of sleeping with Crissy.
she annoyed the hell out of me every hour of every day with her
constant complaining.but that changed Monday morning.

see i had gone into the bathroom for a shower.before getting in
i stopped and looked in the mirror. starring back at me was the reflection
of a 5 foot 8,sandy haired 18 year old.as i was admiring my self i heard
one of the worst sounds you can hear when you are standing fully naked.
i heard the door creak open.i turned and there standing in the door way frozen
in shock was my sexy 17 year old sister Crissy.

i tried to cover myself but the towel i grabbed off the rack just slipped right through
my hands and pooled around my feet.i expected Crissy to scream or run but she wouldn't move.
she looked frozen like an ice sculpture.suddenly she crumpled to the floor.

she fainted! i made her faint! i rushed to her side, temporarily forgetting the state i was in.

"Crissy! Crissy! are you ok?? please be ok!!" i practically screamed at her.slowly she opened
her eyes and looked up at me.

"i thought i saw....."
i cut her off.
"you did see" i said blushing
"mike your....your"
"i know naked..."
"your huge!!"

i stared down at my cock and was very much surprised to find it at full attention.
next thing i knew Crissy had her hand wrapped around me and was jerking me off!!
ever since then we had been having sex every night of the week and this Friday night
was no different.

"all right baby sis give me that" i said as i walked over and took her red vibrator from her.
taking the toy i turned it on high and layed down on the bed.i placed the tip at her pussy
and started to push it in slowly. then pulled it back out. i continued to do this for a few minutes.
i loved teasing my sister!

"ooooooooo!!"Crissy moaned

suddenly i shoved her vibrator in full force.her scream would have woken mom and dad up for
sure if i hadn't muffled her with my hand.

"hahaha you liked that didn't you?"

"mmmmmm more ....more mike" Crissy moaned

"as you wish Crissy,baby."

I started to pump her vib in and out,watching as her sweet juices started to flow.
i couldn't take it any more.leaning down i licked at her pussy.she tasted soooooooo good!

"enough play time sissy"
i pulled out her vib and grabbed my already hard cock,giving it a few rubs before
lining up with her hole.i gave one hard thrust and my rod slid into her wet sweetness.
i started to pound her with all the strength in my body.she started to scream but i covered her mouth
until her screams turned into moans of pleasure.

"fuck bitch your tight!' i moaned as i pounded her pussy.she tried to reply but all that came out of
her was another moan.

i was reaching my limit and i knew i was going to shoot soon.pulling out i grabbed my cock and
started to stroke it.suddenly i burst with pleasure and my hot cum shot out of me and all over
my sisters perfect C cup boobs.

i collapsed on the bed panting.fuck that was the fastest yet.i rolled over and looked at Crissy who
was also panting as her juices flowed out her cunt and puddled on her bed sheets.

"ok I'm going to bed bitch.clean yourself up."i picked up a cloth from the table and passed it to her
then without another look back at her i left her room, went down the hall, into my room and fell on my bed.
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