It had been over two years since Lisa had been properly cock slammed, and just over a year since the divorce when the first incident occurred several weeks ago. Her 10 year old son Derek was a beautiful boy, almost feminine, perhaps too feminine. Lisa had been a bit worried about this. 'Growing up with one's mother and sister could sissify the poor little guy. ' she thought. Lisa had nothing against homosexuality, having lapped more than her share of girl ass in her day, but she certainly did not want to unwittingly point her sweet baby in a possible wrong direction.

It was Monday afternoon, just past 3:00. The cold November sky sent torrents of rain down for over an hour now. Lisa was off work per her request. She needed a day off. "Great day to get smashed!" she said to herself as she gulped down another glass of sherry. She then added "Not to mention fisting myself later on. " This was a bi-weekly ritual. Suddenly the front door flew open and Derek stumbled in, completely drenched.

"Close the door sweetheart. " Lisa called from the kitchen. "Lay your things by the radiator. "

"OK!" came the frustrated response. "Is Mandy home yet? She still has my dollar!"

"Our little sneak had a half day of school today. She's at gramma's, but I had a long talk with her about taking your money. "

"Good!" Derek said aloud, then quietly adding, "Thieving little bitch. "

"What was that?" his mother enquired, knowing full well what he had said.

"Uh, nothing. " With his coat off Derek grabbed the treasured package he had found in the rain, stuffed it in his wet shirt, and made a dash for the bathroom. 'The perfect crime. ' he thought. 'I'll just drop it down the clothes chute when I'm done and hide it later!'

Once in the bathroom, the glistening wet girlie boy fumbled with the filthy plastic bag he found by the dumpster in the alley on his way home from school. The bag was somewhat see through and it's contents promised Derek one wild toilet ride. His clammy hands were shaking, not from being soaked but with burning anticipation as he removed it from the bag.

"Oh fuck!" he whispered as his young eyes looked upon the magazine's cover, it was like a doorway to a glorious hell. ANAL STUD was the name of the fag rag. Derek's eyes were glazed as he began flipping pages revealing pic after pic of grown men sucking each other and raping one another's shit holes.

Weak in the knees, the little boy leaned against the wall almost sinking to the floor. He grabbed at his eager crotch through his wet jeans. Lisa emerged from the kitchen to see a muddy trail from the front door to the bathroom.

"Damn it Derek!" she yelled. "Shoes by the radiator!" Wine in hand, she approached the bathroom. In his excitement Derek forgot to lock the door. Her voice was coming closer, he saw the door knob flinch! Not thinking of the clothes chute as he should have, Derek tossed the magazine behind the shower curtain. It flapped and clunked noisily into the porcelain tub. Lisa heard this but thought nothing of it.

The door swung open gently. Lisa wasn't mad really, just a little peeved. Derek was still dressed and standing. He looked up at his mom with a very guilty expression. Luckily, she would think it was for the mud he tracked through the house.

"Clothes off mister, I don't want you catching cold. " Eyes down, Derek began to unbutton his shirt as she continued her dutily banter.

"And you're gonna clean up that hallway, OK?" The cute little guy shook his head not looking up but staring at his mother's pretty legs. Even though it was her day off, Lisa always wore a dress of sorts. Today it was a short blue skirt with an untucked white blouse tied in a loose knot just above her exposed navel. She continued going on about chores and dinner and when Mandy would be dropped off from gramma's. 'Jeez, alright, alright!' Derek thought. 'When is she going to leave?!'

He handed her the wet shirt and kicked off the muddy shoes.

"Gimme your shoes hon, I'll shake off the mud in the tub. "

Derek felt his heart jump into his throat. "NO!"

His mother flashed a confused look. "What's wrong?"

"I,I mean I'll do it. "

"Well make sure you do young man. "Lisa then sat herself on the toilet after closing the lid. Derek caught a quick glimpse of his mother's cotton panties as her hands went for the buckle of his jeans. Having no time nor wish to rebel, the little boy let the tugging continue.

"These are the tight ones. " Lisa said "And there wet, which makes it worse, I'll throw em' in the dryer if I can get the damn things off. "

Derek was as scared of his magazine being discovered as he was horny for his goddess of a mother. Even though a self decreed queer at the age of ten, he often fantasized about her, her blowfish-like mouth, her fat little tits, with the hard nipples, the sloppy delicious mess her cunt must be like when it gets fucked, and of course, the promised land. . . two pale globes of firm ass meat to be spread by her own son's hands, revealing a pink hungry shitter, hungry for boy cock!

"Damn it, this is really stuck!" With one last yank the buckle was free, and like a horse retreating from the barn, Derek's rock of a penis, clad only in a thin cotton, sprang out. Lisa gasped and sat up against the back of the toilet. Derek looked down, afraid to move. It was then he realized something else.

'SHIT, I FORGOT!' his thoughts cursed him. Not only was his prick aimed at his mother's face, but it was also obvious that his underwear wasn't, well, wasn't exactly his. After what seemed like an hour of silence his mother spoke in a soft yet broken tone.

"Swee-sweetheart. . . she began. "Its OK, I-I'm not mad. "

Lisa's drunken eyes were wide and misty at the site of her boy's fine hard dick wrapped in her own pink panties. Her vagina began to swell. She let out a heavy rush of air and put a hand to her cheek. Derek froze in place. Finally his mother spoke again.

"Jesus baby, I guess I should be mad but. . . " she put her hands on either side of her sons bare waist and slowly pulled his jeans down to his knees as she continued,. . . "Its so fucking beautiful!" Lisa's trembling hands went to her little boy's dick, stroking it gently through the moist frilly panties. Derek's head swam as he watched his own mother unsheathe his throbbing genitalia from the undies. Looking into the crotch as she lowered them, she was even more delighted to see that her son had chosen a very soiled pair to wear. Lisa leaned forward and whispered in a voice unknown to them both.

"You dirty little girl, you've been in mommy's hamper haven't you?" Derek could only nod. "Well, if you really want to be this way, I guess we'll have to get you some new clothes, don't you think?" Another nod. "But for right now. . . I'm gonna blow you faggot!" And with that, Lisa lowered her drooling mouth on Derek's fat little cock. The world around them vanished as the sodomy between mother and son began.

Derek humped instinctively into his mother's face. Lisa slurped and moaned, enjoying his small size, taking his entire hairless pubic area into her mouth, balls and all! Derek grabbed fistfuls of his mother's hair pulling her hard on his dick. He was peaking.

"AW FUCK MOM!!" The boy's pace increased, slamming his tortured prick into her throat. All at once he came. A boiling froth sprayed from his cock. The first glob went straight down his mother's gullet. Choking, Lisa pulled it out, jerking the remaining jets of semen across her beautiful face. Derek almost collapsed in ecstatic shock. Heaven. It was over for now.

The two of them just stayed there for a while listening to the rain which continued to pour outside. Finally it was Derek who broke the silence.

"Your ass is mine whore. "

(To be continued)

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