When Emily Macy angrily left her boyfriend's car that night in the city, she had not planned to find herself in deep trouble. She and her boyfriend Jim had gotten into an argument over another girl he had started seeing on the side, and she had thrown his class ring in his face and jumped out of the car at a stop light. He had followed her as she strode angrily down the street and begged her to get back in. However, she refused and finally he gave up and drove up yelling insults at her.
She realized that in her anger she had gotten lost in a bad part of town and began to look for a taxi. She had a change purse in the pocket of her jeans shorts with a phony I.D. It was her picture and vital information except that it showed her to be 21 instead of 16 so that she and Jim could go to the clubs. She might have passed for 18 easily with her mature looking body. She had fairly large breasts that had been well developed by the time she was 13. She wore a 35 C bra and her breasts thrust out teasingly against her tight tee shirt and bounced as she walked. She was a trip 35-25-34 and her ass was round and firm. She was 5'3" tall and had beautiful legs as well as a face that was the envy of the other girls. The male teachers at her school all lusted after her, and the high school coach had once suggested to her that she might come around the locker room after basketball practice and entertain him and the team. The boys at her suburban high school considered the brunette a real hottie, and they all envied Jim because they knew he had fucked her at least twice in the past year.
She stopped and looked around her, wondering if she would find a taxi in this part of town this late at night. She cursed realizing that she was totally lost. There seemed to be little traffic, but a car drew up beside her and loud rap music blared from its open windows. One of the occupants called to her.
"Hey, hot pussy, you want a ride?"
She felt threatened and broke into a run, her sandals hurt her feet as she tried to get away from the boys in the car. She felt an arm grabbing her, and one of the boys pulled her into the car.
"We got us a hot young bitch here, dude," the boy said his hands tight around her waist and clutching her breasts.
"Her tits are fantastic."
"Let me go," she screamed.
The boy holding her squeezed her right tit harder and she cried out in pain.
"No way, little hot bitch, not before me and my buddies fuck you. You're going to enjoy tonight's ride."
They drove her to a dark playground a few blocks away. The boy pulled her out of the car and forced into playground surrounded by a tall chain link fence. There they found six other gang members waiting for them.
They called themselves the Sharks and ranged in age from 15 to 18. They gathered in a circle around Deacon their leader and the girl.
"Now listen, cunt, you can either cooperate with us and give us what we want or things could get real rough. We all got weapons. Alls we want is to fuck you a couple of hours and then let you go. You gonna cooperate, bitch?"
Emily struggled to loose the boy's hold on her arm, but he pulled her back against him and held her by her breasts squeezing them hard through the flimsy tee shirt. She felt his cock harden against her ass as he held her and rubbed up against her. Soon hands were grabbing at her tight jeans shorts and pulling them down around her knees.
"Man, look at that ass, ain't that a fine piece of ass," said one of the boys pulling his hard dick out of his jeans and stroking it."
The speaker put his hand down the front of her bikini briefs and she felt his hand stroking her shaved pussy lips.
"And she's even shaved her cunt for us," the boy said as he pulled her panties down below around her thighs.
He forced her legs apart and began to finger her vagina.
"She's tight, but she ain't no virgin. She's been fucked a few times."
"Let's see her tits," said a third boy and ripped her thin tee shirt off her well shaped young body to reveal her bra.
The leader pushed his hands under her bra and slowly stroked he nipples and began to rub his hard prick against her round firm butt cheeks as he stroked and pulled her nipples.
"Jesus, she's got a body. Come on Deacon, let's fuck her before the cops come around and break up our party. You take her first."
Deacon held the girl and pushed her toward the swings. He had two of the boys raise one swing to the right height and then pushed Emily on to the swing. She felt the cool steel of the swing seat against her belly and knew she was about to be raped and raped hard by all the boys.
Two of the boys pulled her arms back and raised her chest and using some duct tape fastened her wrists to each side of the swing's chains. Her fine young breasts were now thrust out and two of the boys wasted no time in playing with her tits while the leader Deacon positioned her so that he could fuck her from behind while he stood with his feet firmly on the ground. He pulled her panties and jeans shorts down below her knees and parted her round ass cheeks and showed the others her pink pussy opening. Her pussy lips were like rose petals and he pushed two fingers through them and began to finger fuck her. The kneading and now the sucking of her firm tits and their pink full nipples along with Deacon's fingers in her tight young cunt had the effect of arousing the girl. She didn't want to get excited, but she had been fucked before and she was easily aroused by the boy's probing of her tight pussy. Deacon pulled his already wet fingers out of her young twat and announced,
"This bitches pussy is already wet as shit, brothers. I'm gonna show her what its good for."
Holding her butt cheeks apart he shoved his hard 6 and 1/2 inch cock into her tight hole and holding the swing he began to ram her brutally. She couldn't believe that anyone could fuck that hard. He chanted as he penetrated her tight twat again and again thrusting the full length of his cock into her as if he were desperate for a piece of her fine ass,
"I'm fuckin' you bitch. I'm gonna push my cock completely through your tight sweet pussy and ram the shit out of you. I'm fuckin' you like you ain't never been fucked before."
"Fuck the goddammed pussy, fuck her Deacon," the boys joined in.
He came in her and she felt the hot slimy ooze squirting into her enflamed pussy as he groaned. She wanted to be fucked more. Deacon pulled out and stroked his cock back to hardness while the second boy penetrated her slick tight cunt and began to hump her like there was no tomorrow. Deacon went around to her and raised her up by her fleshy but firm tits and told her to open her mouth.
"I'm going to fuck your throat now, baby," he said pushing the head of his newly erect penis into her mouth. He grabbed her roughly by the back of her head and shoved his dick into her mouth. She felt his cock hit the back of her throat as he forced it deeper into her formerly untapped orifice. She had never taken a man's cock in her mouth and now she was being forcefully raped in the throat by Deacon while at the same time having her cunt violated one after another of the 8 boys. They were using her cruelly, and yet to her horror she was enjoying their violation of her tight young petite body. Deacon continued to ram his rod brutally down her raw throat and finally reached a climax forcing her to swallow his cum. Another boy took his place and neither her mouth nor her pussy were neglected in the violent rape as each boy took at least one turn of each. Deacon left for a few minutes, and when he returned he told the gang.
"Take that duct tape shit off her wrists and bring her over here to this fence. It's time for some new fun. We'll fix her up so she won't never forget the Sharks."
They soon had her body pushed against the steel linked fence. Deacon spread her arms wide and forced them as far as she could reach upward tying her wrists so that she could barely reach the ground with her toes.
"Now, Ripper," he told one of the gang members, "you push her tits through the fence as far as you can, see, and then I'm gonna fix her up real good with these shish-ke-bob spears I brung with me."
Deacon was a sadistic leader who enjoyed seeing the girls they raped suffer as much as possible. On the other side of the fence he watched as Ripper pushed each of Emily's full breasts through openings in the fence. By this time Emily was half out of her mind, and kept whimpering for the boys to fuck her some more. She wanted cock in her ravished cunt all night. She couldn't get enough. However, she would soon enough change her mind.
She felt her full young tits squeezed brutally by the steel of the fence as Ripper got about one half of them through the hole. She moaned with the sharp pain as the squeezed through through the fence.
"What are you doing to me?" she complained, "I just want you to keep fucking my pussy."
"We're gonna fuck you, but first we want to fix your tits up so it will hurt a little more," Deacon said.
He pulled the sharp steel slender rod out of his jeans and heated it with his pocket lighter until it was burned and then told Ripper to get her panties and stuff them in her mouth and wrap it with the tape.
"She's gonna scream when I shish-ke-bab her tits," he explained.
Emily struggled against her bonds and her eyes widened in terror, but her breasts were already racked with pain as they were held tightly in the grip of the steel wire openings. Deacon smiled cruelly as he pushed the sharp steel rod through her breasts just behind her erect pink nipples. He skewered both of her breasts through the brown areolas and pressed them tightly together. The slender rod held the tips of her breasts and she felt severe pain as her body hung there suspended by her skewered tits and taped wrists.
Next Deacon took a steel base ball bat and pushed the big end against her pussy lips as she writhed in agony against the fence.
"Damn, I can't get the meat end of this bat in her pussy lips," he said.
He inserted the handle and she felt the knob of the bad push into her still tight but slick pussy and moaned as it rubbed against her fully aroused clitoris. Deacon positioned the bat firmly against the base of the fence so that her buttocks was forced backward and her feet barely reaching the ground. Her ass cheeks were fully open and Deacon began to finger fuck her anus. Her muffled screams could not be heard through her tightly gagged mouth as Deacon soon took advantage of her rear hole by pushing his hard cock through her brown eye and splitting open her tight sphincter.
"Goddam this slut is tight. She's never been ass fucked before."
"She's too dry," Ripper suggested."Put some thing on your cock or something in her hole to make it easier
to fuck her."
Cum was still leaking out of her raped vagina, so Deacon put some of her cum and cunt juice on his fingers and spit on them and then rubbed it into her tight young ass hole. He then forced his cock into her sphincter once more and forced it into her tight rear entrance. He soon was reaming her ass brutally with his hard cock forcing screams out of the beautiful Emily as he butt fucked her. He came for a third time and then each of the boys took turns fucking her in the anus, and after at least two hours of having their cocks ramming her back hole they had stretched it wide open. It gaped and drained their cum. As they fucked her she felt the bat handled being forced deeper into her vagina. She wondered if they would ever stop. Her breasts were being horrible tortured as her body lowered on the bat's steel shaft stretching them. She thought they would be torn off her beautiful body as the bat impaled her tortured cunt deeper and deeper. The boys drifted off and soon she was left alone. Blood dripped from her anus and tits and she fainted from the excruciating pain.
Sometime before dawn two policeman drove their patrol car by and spotted her naked tortured body on the fence. They took her down. She was rushed to the nearest hospital.
Six months later she was fully recovered--at least physically. However, she harbored both a terrible hatred for the boys who had ravished her that night with a yearning to be taken again. She became a willing visitor to the coach and his boys in the locker room where she is often taken by the whole team and the coach. They don't mind the healed scars on her full breasts. She gets even more aroused when they fondle and squeeze her beautiful orbs of flesh as they butt fuck her and deep throat her lovely face.
"Damn, I can't get
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