by Masturbatin' Mel 2010

Warning: Contains themes of exhibitionism, chronic public masturbation, homosexual rape fantasy, anal play, teens, police, indecent exposure, public perversion, mud, pissing, humiliation, femdom, cuckolding, cbt, castration fantasy, cunnilingus...this has it all (almost)!!!

Going to the Lake
A few years ago in late summer, my wife (now ex) and I went to a local lake where people used to skinny dip all the time. It is now a public park and patrolled periodically by rangers and state police. The lake is circled by a trail in the woods and it takes around 40 minutes to walk around the whole thing.
After parking in the gravel lot where there were a few other cars, we walked around the lake to the far end where few people went and skinny dipping still occurred.
We could hear voices from across the lake and the sound of people hiking the trails near us, but the location we picked, a rock outcropping in the water next to mud flats, seemed safe.
We took off our clothes and I laid mine on the rocks after folding them neatly the way my wife always demanded. She picked them up and shoved them in her bag, smiling at me. "Now close your eyes tight," she said, "and turn away for a second."

I did as I was told and heard her walk off into the woods a short distance. "OK, you can open them," she said. She was completely naked now, too, and had hidden the bag of clothes somewhere. I was completely at her mercy, not knowing where my clothes were.
I should say here that she knew I was an exhibitionist,chronic masturbator, bisexual and pervert when we married and she got off on tormenting me in various ways. The look in her eyes and her already erect nipples told me I was in for trouble!
The fact that I was totally exposed made my cock start to get hard and I turned to enter the water to hide my growing shame, as well as the excitement over being without control over my clothes.
I hadn't planned on anything"kinky" today, just some old fashioned skinny dipping on a hot day, maybe a fast furtive wank in the woods. Apparently, my wife had other plans! As usual. And I had learned the "hard" way in the past that she always got what she wanted. Or else. This was starting to feel like an "or else" day and the anticipation made me both hot and nervous. More than once, she had put me into extreme situations that spiraled out of control.
"Hold it right there, Mr. Jerk Off!" she said, as I put my toes in the cool water. I paused and she dove off the rocks into the lake.
"Squat in that mud and jerk off! You're already hard. Oh, yeah, mister, you can't hide anything from me. Epecially your pathetic prick.You're such a fucking predictable pervert! Go ahead! Might as well get it out of your system. You will anyway!" she yelled as she stood dripping in the shallows about fifteen feet out.
Beside the rocks the beach was nothing more than thick, wet mud being lapped by the lake water. rI hesitated."Fuckin' now!" she hollered. "Squat and beat off, Mister! Let everyone see what a sick fuck loser you are!"
I squatted in the mud near the water's edge, my butt resting on my ankles, and struggled not to slip and land on my naked ass. Between my splayed legs, my hard dick was quivering only inches above the brown slime. A slimy string of pre-cum had already drooled out and hung from my cock slit to the mud.My asshole gaped open above the muck as I hunkered down and I felt like I was preparing to take a shit.
She swam out about thirty feet to where it was still shallow enough to stand on your tip toes. She turned back to face me, one hand paddling lightly to keep her afloat as her other hand was buried between her legs underwater, working her inflammed cunt. Her large wet breasts bobbed on top of the water, glistening in the late afternoon sun.

Mud Lube
"Now get busy, jerk off!" she yelled. I was so humiliated I swear I blushed. "Shhh," I said,"People can hear you."
"Then you better get busy unless you want to get caught," she said. "Maybe that's what I have planned! Better hurry and get squirting!"
My hand was already wrapped around my nearly purple erection and I started pumping, aiming its blind moist eye directly at her.
"Do it with the mud! Lube that thing up with slime and fuck your fist!" She held her hand above her head and made a fist. She jerked it back and forth to demonstrate how I should jerk off. I was mortified as she laughed.
I gulped and reached down between my shaking legs, grabbing a handful of the oozing, wet mud. It smelled terrible and was the color of runny shit.
I smeared messy, dripping globs of it all over my cock and balls and rubbed some on my asshole, slipping a mud-covered finger in there quickly, hoping my wife wouldn't notice, but hoping she would. She didn't and I pushed more brown slime up my behind.The wet slimy feel of the mud up my shit-hole made me want to cum right there. Some of the slimy mud escaped my sphincter and dripped off my balls, splattering beneath my quivering legs.
"That's it! That's it! Thatta boy! Good boy!" she yelled as my hips started bucking back and forth despite myself like a dog in heat, my muddy, dripping fist frozen in the air at asshole level to receive the pummeling fuck of my raging hard-on. I must have looked pathetic as I air-humped my fist for all to see, my eyes rolled back in my head, spittle dripping from my lower lip.
"Woof! Woof! Good dog," my wife yelled.

Jerk Off Fantasy
"Good job, jerk off! Pretend that wet, muddy hole in your fist is a tight wet pussy. No! Better yet! Some guy's filthy, hairy asshole! You like that, don't you, faggot? Do it! Fuck that boy's butt! Show us how you'd do him!" she yelled, loud enough to be heard across the lake.
I didn't need to pretend a hell of a lot. My fucking became nearly machine-like and brutal as I imagined fucking some cute young guy laying face-down in the mud beneath me as I held him down, one hand pushing on the back of his head, the other reaching around and pulling and squeezing the fuck out of his smooth, young balls as I hoisted his rear end up for my frenzied penetration.
I imagined pulling out of his trembling tight hole after grinding his helpless cock into the sloshing mud and spewing my jizz all over his smooth young ass as his thin legs kicked helplessly, his face and cock pressed beneath me in the muck.
In my mind, strangers watched and photographed as my milky white slime dripped down his hairless boy-crack onto the underside of his tight hairless red scrotum as he moaned. I leered into their cameras, mouth and cock drooling, stroking the last thick drops of man-cum from my shit-smeared fuck-bone as he shot his thick boy-cum despite himself into the mud where he still laid, face down, whimpering in humilation and surrender.
I couldn't believe this! Here I was, squatting and shaking like an depraved animal and masturbating, covered with filthy muck as my wife laughed and watched as I degraded myself. Publicly by jerking off and privately, in my filthy fantasies of homosexual, inter-generational rape.The mud made disgusting loud sucking sounds as I pulled at myself.

Giving a Show
I heard some voices yelling in the distance and glanced up from my busy hand, pulled out of my dazed fantasy. On the opposite shore right across from me, I could see the figures of maybe ten or twelve people. A sudden glint told me someone was passing around binoculars. I had been seen.
There were a couple of people with fishing poles and at the picnic tables, there appeared to be a family or two. Did this stop me? Scare me? I guess not 'cause I spontaneously squirted a rope of cum as I looked at my "audience". They were at least a twenty minute walk around the lake.
"Stand up and give them the whole show, you fucking jerk off. It's what you want, isn't it, to expose yourself to strangers and jerk off while they watch? Well, here's your chance!" my wife yelled, her eyes narrow slits, her hand in her pussy beneath the water.
I got to my feet on shaky legs as commanded and stood at near attention as I masturbated in full view of anyone nearby. The people with binoculars were guaranteed an eyeful.The mud was sloshing up to my ankles and slippery. I felt like I might slip and fall if I came too hard, squirting my useless jism in the air as I fell, wallowing on all fours in the muck like a pig, shit-colored mud dripping off my squirting hard-on.

Seen by Hikers
Just then, I heard some twigs snapping behind me and I glanced back to see a middle-aged couple of yuppie hikers walking by on the trail. The gray-haired wife whispered something in her balding husband's ear and he took a few steps closer, pushing aside some branches to get a better look.
From there, he could see only my back, busy right elbow and brown mud-smeared clenching ass cheeks as I approached the edge. "For God's sakes," he muttered as put on his glasses and realized exactly what he was seeing. Our eyes locked as I looked over my shoulder, his filled with disgust, outrage and fear.
I clenched my ass cheeks in near terror and nearly shot my whole load. His look had made my balls feel as though they'd been kicked and they ached to cum. I felt light headed and nearly out of my body. He looked like the type who regarded it as his sacred, civic duty to report sick animals like myself to the proper authorities and see that they were punished.
They walked away and I heard him speaking urgently to someone on his cell phone. Was he reporting me? If someone appeared, I couldn't even get dressed! The very idea made my head lighter and cock heavier.

Sex Crimes & Punishment
A couple of guys had been arrested this summer at the lake on various charges, including indecent exposure, public masturbation, sexual assault and threat to minors. Just for jerking off! They had been led out of the park handcuffed and naked to the jeers of witnesses and their names been reported in the local paper.
There had been trials, publicity. The police often swept the lake just to bust perverts like me. It was easier work than traffic patrol and yielded lots of publicity as well as scaring the public when stories about the pervs were printed.
I could end up in prison for this little escapade! Registered forever as a criminal sex offender, clinically diagnosed as a chronic and habitual masturbator, probably a long stretch in a state treatment facility, everyone now knowing of my secret perversion.
My personal effects searched and my jerk off toys, devices, porn, artwork and writing put on display, used to prove my perversion. My computer files of porn used to convict me.Exposed to friends, family and God knows who else?!! Laughed at in public. Whispered about everywhere else. Avoided at all cost. Ruined!
In the dark and depraved depths of my slimy sick exhibitionist perverted self, the very thought of this made me want to ejaculate and blow a load across the whole lake splattering everyone over there. I was near explosion and wanted, no, needed! everyone to watch! To know! To laugh! To point! To call me names! To see me jerking off in public! Take pictures! Me! Look at me! See what I really am? See what I've become? See what I fuckin' am?!! Tell me what I am! That's right! Go ahead! Fucking say it! Tell the whole world! Yell it! Oh, fuck, yeah....Mel is a fuckin' jerk off! A pervert! One sick fuck!!!!!

First Ejaculation
My wife pulled me out of my depraved trance by yelling for me to cum on the count of 1. As if I needed encouragement! She had trained me to cum on command and I wanted to please her.
I began jerking off so fast my hand was a blur and my cock was 1o inches of raw burning meat begging for release, for mercy.
She counted down from 10. As she yelled each number, I squeezed my dick-meat even harder, the way she had taught me, maintaining the increased pressure, so hard I thought it might burst like a sausage out of its tight skin.
"ONE!!!!"she shrieked at the top of her voice. "Mel is a fucking jerk off!" she screamed, making sure that everyone heard my name.
Mud flew everywhere as I tightened my muddy frenzied grip on my filthy trembling boner and started spewing a forceful stream of churning cum. My engorged swollen balls slammed up against my groin as they released and pumped their hot, built up load.
Spurt after forceful spurt ripped from somewhere deep inside my meat and very bones. My vision blurred and I was nearly blind as a huge roar filled my ears and head, drowning out the sound of anything else.
My naked exposed body twitched and contorted uncontrollably in the electric muscle wrenching spasms of my orgasm. I couldn't stop now even if someone threatened me with a gun. I couldn't think or remember who or what I was. I had always been this. It was all I had ever wanted and all I ever wanted to be.

I was just Fucking This!
I was Fucking Cock!
I was fucking spurting myself!
I was Hot Fucking Cum!
I was
fucking cumming
my fucking brains
fucking out!
"Ahhhhhh...Oh,fuckkkkk.....shitfuckyeahcum...Unh! Unh!Oh,fuckingJesus...cumcumcum...lookatmelooklooklook...cum....
My moans turned to loud grunts and senseless, filthy babble as strings of my sperm splattered in the mud and dissolved immediately. Some globs landed in the water with tiny splashes where they congealed into little pollywog-like shapes and appeared to swim away.

Filthy Jerk Off & Wife's Orgasm While I had been jerking off, mud had worked its way down my piss hole and my cum was brown as it dribbled out, a mixture of semen and lake filth. I could feel a steady stream of mud dripping and plopping out of my asshole as my sphincter clenched and contracted with each spurt of my orgasm.
I felt like I was cumming and shitting at the same time as people watched. It probably looked like it, too. I was totally out of control and the look of disgust on my wife's face let me know how far gone I was as the filthy mud from my throbbing asshole ran down my legs, smearing them with shit-like stains.
Despite her obvious disgust, I could see that my wife was making herself cum beneath the water as she watched me spurt, "shit" and shake. Her head rolled back in the water a bit and she started moaning loudly.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she said as she removed her hand from her pussy beneath the water and with both hands free, squeezed her large floating breasts, rubbing her palms roughly over her erect, distended nipples as she moaned. She floated onto her back as she came, her tits swollen and her legs wide open as she drifted, moaning.
I pulled slightly out of my trance and heard the echoing distant sound of laughter, outrage and jeering from across the lake. The people were gathered in a group near one of the picnic tables and looking my way.
The sun reflected off what must have been five or six pairs of binoculars (or long-distance camera lenses!) It was painfully obvious I had been observed exposing myself and ejaculating in public by witnesses and strangers, probably photographed I didn't think a man could sink any lower. I was wrong.
I grunted loudly as the last spasms shook my naked shaved body and the last few drops of semen dribbled out of my reddened piss-hole. I shook them off in the mud. As my cock softened somewhat, I got chilly as usual after a cum and asked for my clothes as my wife clambered on shore.
She was still breathing heavily from her own orgasm, water dripping from the brown tips of her still hard nipples, her pussy hair sticky and wet with lake water and her own cum juices. I was also getting pretty freaked out, wondering if cops were on the way as we stood there.

Hiking Back Naked & Hard
She only smiled and told me again to close my eyes. Again, I heard her rustling around in the woods. "Open them, she said. She stood before me, fully clothed, her bag slung over her shoulder.
"But my clothes!" I exclaimed.
She patted the bag. "Safe as can be," she said. Laughing, she started off for the trail back to the parking lot.
"You're the big fucking exhibitionist around here, Mel," she said. "You're gonna walk naked all the way back to the car. And don't rinse off the mud, either. I want to see that cock and right hand filthy. It'll be obvious to anyone what a pervert you are. And stay at least twenty paces behind me. Or else!"
She disappeared down the trail and I hurried to catch up, my cock still dribbling semen down my leg, my bare mud caked feet dragging over rocks and twigs on the rough narrow trail.
"Come on!" I said. "This is crazy. Someone's gonna see us. Give me my clothes!"
"Us?" she said. "Us? Oh, no, Mister Jerk Off, there's no fucking "Us"! All they'll see is a naked middle-aged pervert with a muddy drooling hard-on following an innocent pretty female hiker. I'll tell them you're stalking me and I don't know you. It would turn me on so much to see you arrested. I'd tell them later it was to get you into treatment. That way, I won't get arrested. But you? Oh, boy!

Prison or Castration?
"Or even better, if some of those guys across the lake caught up with you and decided to teach you a lesson about jerking off in front of their families and then threatening me. Maybe they'd tie you to a tree and cut your queer-ass balls off. If they could find them, that is. Which way would you prefer? Castration or prison?
"I sort of like the idea of removing your testicles. It might help with that dirty little "problem" of yours and keep you more docile. You know, they used to legally castrate sick fucks like you if you were arrested. Not that long ago. If you were lucky! That and a mental institution. Lots of hopeless jerk-offs got lobotomized.
"They use court-ordered chemical castration these days. You'd never be able to get hard and your balls would atrophy and shrink. I'd be in charge of the medication for sure! 'Honey! Time for your Limp Dick Pills!'
I can see it already! I'd make you take them in front of my friends and then make you strip and play with yourself in front of us. What a laugh it would be watching you trying to get hard. Especially if you started crying with your limp little noodle in your hand.
"Of course, the guys here would probably let me use their hunting knife on your sack after they tied you up to a tree and pissed on you for exposing yourself to their families. Those nuts would look real nice in a jar next to my bed.
"They're getting pretty small anyway from all the torture I give them. Plus your constant masturbation has shrunk them a lot, too. Not that they were that big to begin with! They wouldn't be missed. Not by me, anyway. I could look at them in their jar as I cum with a real man with big, meaty nuts who'd rather fuck tight, wet pussy than jerk himself off all the time hoping to get caught. Pathetic!"
The next twenty minutes were an hallucinogenic mixture of hell and heaven for a chronic masturbator and helpless exhibitionist like me as I followed her, my newly hard dick wagging in front of me, dripping pre-cum and slime.

Pissing All Over Myself
"I have to piss," I told her. Over her shoulder, she yelled back, "Then piss while you walk, pig. We haven't got time for more attention to your dick. No piss stops.I'm leaving. With you or without you."
I relaxed my bladder and began urinating all over myself as I walked, the deep yellow post-cum piss dribbling down my legs and splattering my feet as I followed my wife thirty or so feet ahead. She was going faster and I was having a tough time keeping up, being barefoot and so turned on. My cock, still hard as I pissed, bobbed up and down, spraying my nipples and belly with pungent urine.
I grabbed my cock and aimed it at my feet as I walked and tried to keep up with my wife. I knew she would leave me here if I didn't and I managed to hose off a lot of the mud on my toes. She looked back, shook her head and laughed.
"Fucking look at yourself, Mel! Look at you. Pissing on yourself through that filthy hard-on," she smirked. "Do you have any idea what you look like? How fucking sick you must be?"

The next two sections may contain themes objectionable to some readers. If this is the case, skip ahead to "Left in the Parking Lot." You other twisted fucks had better get your cum rags ready.)

The Teenagers
We were nearly at the parking lot. Just ahead was a small rise in the narrow trail and I saw three people, teenagers, a short red haired girl in a white bikini and two well-built boys in boxers headed toward us with a picnic basket and a cooler. One of the boys wore a colorful T-shirt, the other a tight white ribbed wife beater.
"Jerk off while you walk by those kids," my wife hissed back at me.
I was shocked and humiliated beyond all thinking by her demand. These kids had been mere children only a short time ago, the girl's flat chest only recently growing their small firm mounds of smooth girl-flesh, the boys' cocks and balls smaller and hairless. This was walking the line of complete perversion.
If I crossed this line and allowed it to turn me on, what had I become? What would I become?If I refused and tried to hide my shame, my wife would start yelling "Rapist!"
Either way, I was fucked. As well as incredibly turned on. It was too late for me. In a surreal haze, I stepped willingly across the line of absolute perversion and sanity, my hard cock in my busy hand as the young innocent girl approached.
"Oh, my God!!!!"
The teenage girl's mouth hung open in shock as they walked by me. My huge cock was rigid and drops of piss were still spurting out. I was now the kind of man her parents had been warned her about, probably that very day before she came to the lake with her friends. I was now the kind of man my parents had warned me about!
I groped my urine drenched cock and stared at her little smooth tits as she walked by me, only a foot or so away on the narrow trail, piss still running down my legs. I swear a string of drool hung from my lips as I beat off and made eye contact with her.
At that moment, I was truly beyond help, shame or control. The very thought of my absolute degradation and complete perversion made me, if possible, more aroused. Her hands flew up to cover her blue eyes, making her small young breasts jiggle ever so slightly, their hard tiny nipples straining against the little white bikini top.
But they jiggled just enough to make me squirt a sloppy glob of white cum between her tiny feet as she walked by. It narrowly missed her pink-painted toenails and instead, thank God, dripped over a rock and seeped away into the leaves on the trail as I watched in disbelief at the nearly criminal result of my behavior.
What if some of my semen had splattered on her crotch, soaking through the thin bikini bottom, smearing her virginal vaginal lips, moistening the wispy patch of recently grown red pubic hair between her legs? I shuddered to think even as the very thought of it made my pulsing boner swell even larger.
"Eeeew," she exclaimed, looking in horror and disgust at my slimy discharge between her feet. "I think I'm gonna throw up. Keep him away from me!!!"
"Fuckin' queer," one of the boys muttered as he pulled the girl ahead on the trail.The other boy, with a blond buzz cut, clenched his fists and glared at me.

Thick Boy Dick
"I oughta rip your sick old dick off,you filthy pervert," he said, staring hatefully at my throbbing member. My eyes were staring at his crotch, where through the thin boxer material, I could make out his semi-hard boy-dick swollen and swaying in excitement, pushing at the half open fly in his shorts. His hard nipples pushed at the tight white fabric of his damp wife beater stretched over his hard pecs. He saw me staring in lust at his tumescent young cock and advanced toward me, muttering, "You fuckin' homo! I oughta..."
Looking at my dick, he let loose a big gob of spit. It landed all over my busy right hand and dripped all over my cock and balls, mixing with my pre-cum and piss.
Still staring at his cock, I lubed my filthy boner up with his boy-spit. I nearly shot my load all over him as his spit dripped between my fingers onto my hard wet shaft. He was within range of my ejaculate if I squirted hard enough. At that insane moment, I wanted to!
His friends pulled him away just as he took an another step. Just in time, too, as I was getting ready to cum all over him.The tip of his cock was nearly poking out of the waistband of his boxers by now. My right hand, still muddy & cum smeared, dripping boy-spit, pulled at my swollen cock head as they hurried away, yelling threats at me over their shoulders as they ran down the trail and out of sight.
I nearly shot my load as I watched the young girl's sweet little ass jiggle in its tight bikini bottom as she hurried away. May God forgive me, I got an insane urge to spew all over her feet as she ran. Somehow, I managed not to run, a mad monster of masturbation, ejaculating helplessly as I chased them.
The boy's threat of violence, anger and outrage turned me on just as much as the girl's sweet young ass. The thought of him possibly punching me in the nuts and spitting on me made me even more aroused.
The very thought of him throwing me to the ground in front of everyone as I beat off, his hard angry dick flopping out of the boxers, dripping pre-cum, drove me to the brink of passing out. He'd probably squirt all over me without even touching himself as he wrestled me down in the dirt, dry leaves and sharp gravel for what he regarded as punishment.
He'd probably cum harder than he ever had in his young life, turned on beyond his wildest dreams by the primal sexual violence and brutal domination of another, older male in front of breeding age females. I was truly beyond help or reason, jerking off in public, and now...capable of nearly anything.

Left in the Parking Lot
"Hands off! Don't you dare cum yet!" my wife ordered as the kids were lost to sight in the woods. We were finally at the edge of the woods and I could see our car.
"Give me my clothes now," I asked.
"Not till we get home," she said. "Now walk to the car."
A couple of the cars had people sitting in them, talking, smoking, hanging out. A truck pulled into the lot just as I started walking across the open space, preceded by my muddy drooling erection.
I could feel all eyes upon me as I stood near the door, waiting for it to be unlocked. I was near full freak-out. A cop car could wheel in here at any second. Even this fear didn't soften my hard-on. It twitched spastically in front of all these witnesses.
My wife turned on the engine and grinned at me. "C'mon, open up," I yelled frantically, tugging at the locked passenger door.
Suddenly, gravel flew as she put the car in gear and roared out of the lot onto the main road.
I nearly fainted. I was standing there, abandoned,completely naked, smeared with mud and despite everything, dripping so much pre-cum a small puddle was forming in the dirt at my feet. My clothes and alibi were gone!
It seemed like an eternity as it sunk into me that my wife had set this up and was probably laughing and playing with herself again as she sped away on her way home. She had finally done it after months of threats! I felt like I had been thrown away like a piece of filthy trash.
People were beeping their car horns and flashing their headlights as they pointed and laughed in disbelief from their cars.
The truck had parked and the driver's door opened. An angry looking man jumped out and began striding towards me. He seemed to be calling me names as he pointed at my erection. I was in such a daze, it seemed like a slow-motion dream or bad acid trip. In his right hand, he grasped what looked like a wooden axe handle. The passenger, another big guy in overalls, followed, carrying a length of yellow rope.

The Ride Home & Cops
Suddenly, I heard the crunch of tires at the entrance. I was sure it was the cops, but there was my wife. She pulled up beside me and the door flew open.
"Get in, pervert," she said, laughing wickedly. "I'm not ready to get rid of you. Not yet anyway, I'll bet that shit actually turned you on, didn't it? You'd love to be left like that and humiliated by a bunch of red-necks. Well, that was just a warning of things to come.Did I tell you to stop jerking off? Get to it now."
I sat in shame as she drove us home, a ride of about thirty minutes. She made sure she stopped at all the red lights where several people looked over and saw me sitting naked with my mud caked hard-on grasped in my jerking fist.
Just before we got home, my wife said quietly, as she looked in the rear view mirror, "Don't look back, but there's a state police car right behind us."
"Let me get dressed. At least a towel! " I begged, my heart racing and my cock throbbing, on the very edge of squirting.
"Why?" she said. " I'll tell him you carjacked me and were attempting to rape me. Who's he gonna believe? I mean, fuckin' look at you. Christ. Who are they gonna believe?

Lecture and Threat from Wife
"Maybe you do need to be turned in. It's not a game anymore, Mel. Jerking off like an animal in front of families and nice people. I mean, Jesus Christ, you nearly jizzed all over that young girl! She was horrified! Looking at young boys' dicks while you beat off. Oh, yeah, I saw you looking at that boy's dick. Pissing all over yourself.Riding around naked. What's next?
"I thought I married a man, not a clinical pervert and criminal sex offender. I think I'll start looking around for someone to fuck me since you'd rather jerk off.
'You'd like that wouldn't you? Jerk off while I fucked some real man dick? Or let him fuck you while I play with myself? You could jerk off while he's cumming in your asshole. You're such a queer. You really are.
"It was fun when we first started, but lately, it's all you do. Your cock is like crack to you! You barely fuck me anymore. All you want to do is have me watch you masturbate. Jesus, maybe I should have you committed. It's getting serious. You need help.Professional help."
My cock was now bobbing up and down with no help from my hand as she lectured and threatened me. I knew she was serious and may God be my witness, it turned me on!
A single pearl-like drop of cum seeped slowly out of my cock slit and dangled from a slimy clear string inches above my lap. She looked at it, shook her head and snorted. "You are beyond help. Go ahead.Finish yourself off. Before you get arrested, that is."
Our driveway was just ahead. Suddenly, flashing red and blue lights filled the car as the cop turned on his siren.
This is it, I thought in a disoriented, drug-like haze as I began to finish myself off, for maybe the last time, as my orgasm crescendoed and raced through my body.
I felt like I was blacking out as the red and blue flashing lights illuminated the inside of the car and seared the inside of my head.The sudden cop lights and deafening siren made me come so hard I thought my insides were squirting violently out my of cock.Globs of mud and cum splattered on the dashboard as our car turned into the driveway.

Cum on the Dashboard
"You were lucky this time," my wife said as she turned off the car. The cop flew by our house on the way to another call. I was panting heavily and out of breath from the ferocity of my orgasm. All my muscles ached from the tension and my heart was pounding against my chest so hard I could almost hear it. A last forceful squirt of slimy cum landed on my chest and dripped from my pierced left nipple as I pulled at my hard-on, milking it like it was the last time. It sure felt like it. I had never cum so hard in my life.
"Now get in the house and clean yourself off. You smell like a sick animal, covered in its own shit, piss, sweat and cum. After you lick the dashboard clean, that is, you filthy pig." She walked through the front door and I followed in a few minutes.
It was near dark as I staggered up the stairs, my sore, limp penis dangling pathetically between my mud smeared thighs, my mud-covered ass making it look like I'd shit myself. My lips were dripping with my own cum from licking the dashboard. I don't know if any neighbors saw me, and at this point, I didn't care.
All I could think about was getting inside and jerking off again! Which I was allowed to do alone in the bathroom in the toilet bowl after I knelt and slowly licked my wife's pussy to orgasm, while she looked at one of my gay porn magazines she'd found, occasionally showing me a picture of the kind of man and cock that turned her on. "What do you think, Jerk Off? Like to see him fuck me? Or both of us? Hahaha..."
For days afterward I lived in fear that someone had taken my photo, or recognized me and that it was only a matter of time before I heard the knock on the door. But I was harder than ever the whole time. And jerked off again and again as I re-played the day at he lake over and over in my cock addicted imagination.
My wife began to make good on her promises to fuck other men and her abuse and exploitation of my perversions escalated, but that's for another story.
I have to go jerk off now.Writing all this down got me so turned on I need to cum. Wanna watch?

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[#2216] Selynar ( 1446 days ago )
Selynar avatar Definitely get a profile so I can follow your stories.
[#5571] masturbatinmel ( 1444 days ago )
masturbatinmel avatar profile is masturbatin mel
[#2216] Selynar ( 1446 days ago )
Selynar avatar Wow.... unbelievable. That story had me more turned on than any story I've read to date. To have a wife like that... I've been on the other side of that coin with a woman, but being the one told to do all that would be wicked.
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