Gay Pride Jerk Off

I jerked off in public twice last year and look forward to many times this year. The first time was at Gay Pride in SF where I took my cock out in front of hundreds and started playing with myself.
Lots of people took pictures as I masturbated. At one point, I was encircled by tourists with camers snapping away at my public perversion. Two teenage girls asked to pose with me and each put an arm around my waist as I squirted drops of cum on the grass I was so excited . Their friend took a picture as they laughed, looking at my dripping cock.
An official came running up to me and started yelling that if I didn't leave, he would have me arrested. A crowd laughed as he lectured me. "There are families here!" he said. Indeed, as I looked around I saw parents with children by the hand or in strollers.His lecture made me so hard I squirted again and he said, "That's it. Get out!"
I found another large tent where I proceed to jerk off again in front of strangers and whoever wandered in. A large man grabbed my erection and started milking me in front of a large group with cameras. There were quite a few young girls who looked disgusted or amused and took pictures.

Folsom Street Fair Jerk Off

In September, I spent at least 6 hours naked and jerking off in public for thousands at the Folsom Street Fair. I was hard as I walked down to the fair, thinking about what I was about to do. It made me lightheaded.
When I got inside the gate, after being warned about public masturbation by a volunteer (a sign was posted), I went up a side street where I started stripping and put all my clothes into my large shoulder bag. I was now "dressed" only in black biker boots, a steel & leather cock and balls ring, a nipple chain that connected to a piercing on the underside of my cock, a studded black leather dog collar, shades and a black cap.
There I was , naked and hard on the streets of one of the largest cities in the country about to commit acts of public indecency in front of hundreds of witnesses with cameras. God, was I dripping pre-cum! A few people walked by, snickering as I had undressed. One woman took a picture of my hand on my cock.
I slung the bag over my shoulder and entered Folsom Street, There must have been thousands of people. The street was packed and people were pressed together. As I walked, my semi-erection brushed against people, strangers, tourists, sometimes leaving a slimy trail on their clothes.
As I walked exposing myself and stroking, I noticed there weren't my as many naked men as I'd thought. It seemed us true perverts were a rare species. There were , however, enough to make me feel not so alone in my perversion.
My cock had softened somewhat so I ducked down another side street where a row of blue Port-a-Johns had been set up. I entered an empty one and locked the door. I pulled out my bottle of fresh poppers and inhaled deeply as I stroked my cock.
Someone knocked on the door and I nearly came! I was naked, high and hard.No place to run! I stood facing the toilet hole, and could smell piss and shit as I got hard. Under my boots were wads of toilet paper.
When I thought I was hard enough to be seen in public, I opened the door and stumbled out, light-headed from the popper rush and the sudden engorgement of my cock, as well as the fact that i was about to walk into the street with a dripping erection. I almost knocked over a fully dressed older man who was just then reaching for the door. "Oh, my God!" he said as he looked at me, drugged and aroused, cock in my right hand, bottle of poppers in my left.

There must be hundreds of videos and pictures on the Internet of my public disgrace. I'm sure that in another time and place, I could have been arrested and charged with indecent exposure, exhibitionism, public masturbation, sexual assault and threat to minors. Incarceration? Probably. Treatment for perversion? Definitely. Branded for life as a sex offender.
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