BE WARNED! This story is very brutal and dark and not for the light hearted or weak stomached. You must like it hard to like this story.


I am one of those few men who are blessed with having an absolutely beautiful wife. Her name is Mindy and she is 25 years old, 5’4”, 105 pounds, very petite, with short brown hair with blonde highlights, 34 C breasts that look gorgeous on her small frame and these huge brown eyes.  Her body is very tight and solid as she works out five days a week. How she ended up with a guy like me I will never know. On top of being absolutely beautiful she was a wildcat in bed and loves to fuck and is very kinky. This brings me to my story.


Most men who have beautiful wives are very jealous and over protective, but not me. I wanted to see her fuck other men. More specifically big black well endowed men. For a long time I kept this fantasy to myself and never said anything. When I would have sex with her I would close my eyes and imagine a big black man having his way with her. I would look at porn with black men online and picture her face there instead of the porn stars. It started to dominate my sex life and normal life; it was all I could think about. It got so bad that I would be sitting and watching TV and just start starring at her wishing she would fuck a different guy every night of the week.


This went on for about 6 months until I could not stand it any more and I decided to say something to her. I waited until one night when we were making love and I was eating out her pussy and fingering her. I knew if she was horny she would like the idea more. Right before she was ready to cum, I quit licking her pussy but continued to finger her and told her I had a question to ask her. She moaned yes and so I just came out and said it. I told her that I wanted to watch her fuck other men as many as she wants and preferably well hung black men. She instantly starting bucking and screaming as I watched her have one of the biggest orgasms I have ever seen her have, just from me lightly fingering her and talking to her about fucking other men. After 30 seconds of her screaming at the top of her lungs she relaxed and looked down at me and asked if I was serious. I said I was dead serious and she started smiling at me and said that she wanted more variety and had been thinking about being with other men for a long time also. That night we fucked like we had never fucked before. She came almost constantly and I squirted more cum into her hot pussy than I ever had before.


After were finished fucking we started talking about how we would go about this the first time. We wanted it to be very erotic, kinky and wild, but still wanted me to be able to watch. We decided that the way that sounded the most fun was to have her dress in a very short, very low cut, strappy dress. With a thong and no bra and 6 inch porno type heels and go to a local club that a lot of army guys hang out in from a military base in our area. We would go in separately, she would flirt, drink, build up her nerve and pick up one or two of them, bring them out to the alley and fuck them in the alley. I would follow after a few minutes, find a good hiding spot and watch her selected man or men fuck her like a total slut in the alley and when they were finished with her I would come over and fuck her cum filled loose pussy. It was a good plan, but as plans usually goes, especially a plan like this, things rarely go according plan and our lives would forever be changed by the events of that night.


Well it was all set. It was Saturday night on a warm summer day. Her dress barely covered her ass and if she bent over you would be able to see her thong and you could clearly see she had no bra on and the outline of her beautiful breasts under her dress. We drove separately so that we would not be seen together at all. She entered the club first and I came in a few minutes later and got a table towards the back, order a pitcher of beer, and sat back and watched. She was instantly very popular. She started dancing and walking around the club and guys were thronging to her. Skinny, tall, fat, short, ugly, handsome they were all asking her to dance or offering to buy her a drinks, which she eagerly accepted to take the edge off what she is about too do.


This went on for about two hours and she was getting fairly drunk. Not stumbling drunk, but she had enough to drink to impair her judgment some what. That and she also had settled into talking and dancing with three large men with crew cuts that looked like marines from the nearby military base. One was white and two were black and all three were very large a muscled. She flirted and dirty danced with all three through course of several hours. It was driving me crazy to watch her rub, dance and feel these three huge men. My cock was about ready to tear out of my pants as I sat back and watched her act like a wanton slut on and off the dance floor. It was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen. I was hoping that she would go through with the plan and pick one of them to fuck in the alley behind the club. I had already picked out a good hiding place before I had entered.


After we had been in the club for about 4 hours I could tell she was zeroing in on one of the black guys. I saw her lean in whisper something in his ear and walk back to the ladies room. While she was gone he said something to his buddies and they all started laughing and high fiving each other and I knew she had told him what she wanted. When she returned she took him by the hand and led him out of the club. I waited for a few minutes and followed them and went directly to my hiding place behind a tall stack of crates. I had a great view of the action.


The alley was a typical alley in a fairly large town. Some dumpsters, lots of trash a few stacks of wooden pallets here and there. A couple of scattered alley lights. Lots of places for me to hide and watch the show as it unfolded in front of me. Little did I know how much of a show I was in for and how much it was going to get out of hand.


As I settled into my hiding place I could see Mindy making out with the large black man she had been flirting with the entire night inside the club. He was leaning up against the back wall of the night club her back was towards the alley. He already had her dress pulled down around her waist baring her breasts. One hand grabbed her ass while the other groped her breasts. They were making out quite passionately he was sticking his tongue deeply down her throat his hands all over her body. I could hear her moan as his hands wonder all over her body. He began getting a bit rougher pinching her nipples and pulling her hair, but she didn’t seem to mind and almost seemed liked she liked it. This went on for about ten minutes. My cock was as hard as it had ever been. So I took it out and gently masturbated as I watched my wife get mauled by this big black man.


As I was watching getting hornier by the second, some movement caught my eye. I looked over and saw the other two men she had been flirting with walking down the alley towards were my wife and the big black man were making out. My wife was totally into what she was doing and did not even notice the other two men coming down the alley, something inside of me told me I should warn her, but I couldn’t do it. I was transfixed on what might happen; besides she might have told them that she wanted to do all of them. Pre cum started to dribble from my cock at the thought of multiple men fucking my wife tonight, little did I know how true that statement was going to be.


The two other men closed the last couple of steps very quickly and grabbed my wife very roughly by the arms and pulled her back off the other man. Each one had a firm grip on her arms. She screamed a little bit then looked around recognized the guys and seemed to relax a little bit. “What are you guys doing? I am trying to have some fun with your friend here, there is enough too go around but you will have to wait for some other time only one at a…” The big black guy that she had been making out reached out and slapped her hard across the face, the smack echoed down the alley. “Shut up bitch he shouted” and reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her head back painfully and looked down into her eyes. “Listen here bitch you teased us all in there and now you are going to get what you deserve before we ship out tomorrow” he said leering down at her. I knew I should run out and help her, save her, but I was totally hypnotized and much to my dismay extremely turned on by the site of my beautiful petite wife being abused by this big black man. She started crying and looked up at the big man in fear “please stop” she begged “I don’t want to play …” He jerked back hard on her hair again and punched her hard in the stomach. She let out a let squeal as the wind was knocked from her and he yelled again, “I said shut up cunt, if you know what is good for her you will keep your mouth shut!” Then to drive his point home he back handed her hard across the face. She went limp in the other two men’s arm and just hung there crying and sobbing. At that point I shot my wad all over the crate in front of me. It was the hardest I had ever cum in my entire life. The site of my wife, half naked, breasts hanging out being held, beat by and used by these big men was more than I could handle, I was sure this was not the last time I was going to cum tonight.


They smacked her around some more just to prove their point then drug her over to some wooden pallets that were stacked on top of each other about 3 to 3 1/2 feet off the ground, just right a waist height. They roughly ripped her dress off of her and laid her down on the pallet. She was still sobbing and crying from her beating, but was not fighting anymore or talking. The pallets were not very wide. So her ass and pussy were stuck just a little over the edge of the top pallet and her legs also hung over and down forcing her to arch her back and making for easy access to either hole and her shoulders were even with the other side so her head hung off the end giving a perfect angle to stick a cock in her mouth. Once she was laid on top of the pallets they found some old dirty rope lying in the alley next to one of the crates and spread and tie her legs and arms down very tightly to the pallets. Next they put a piece of rope around her neck so she could not raise her head. She was forced to have it hang down the back side of the pallet in a very uncomfortable position. At this point she tried to fight back but it was too late, she was tied so tightly that she could not move and anytime she struggled the rope tying her head down around her neck would choke her. I knew I should run and get help, but I have never been this turned on, I was about ready to squirt my second load of cum, seeing  my beautiful and petite wife tied down and spread open on those crates with nothing but a thong and 6 inch heels on about to be raped by three very large men.


The big black man that she had originally brought out with her unzipped his pants and released the biggest cock I had ever seen, fully erect and walked up to her head, “now you don’t think you are so cute do you bitch”.  “Please don’t hurt me she began to sob…” He smacked her hard again. “I told you to shut up” he whispered “if you don’t I will hurt you very badly”. She again fell silent. He then grabbed his cock and began to force it into her mouth. She clenched her teeth shut. “Listen bitch, open up your mouth or I will knock your teeth out”. She reluctantly opened her mouth and he slowly started to push his huge cock into her mouth. Even from my hiding spot I could see her jaws stretching to try and accommodate the big member. I thought he would stop, but he just kept going pushing his cock all the way into her mouth and throat. He buried it all the way in her throat and mouth, I could see her body jerking as she gagged on the huge cock and I could see her eyes watering. Then he reached down grabbed her hair and roughly started force fucking her mouth, hard. I could hear her trying to scream around his cock. I knew by her struggles that this was chocking her and that she could not breathe. I knew once again I should run and get help, that my wife would never be the same if she survived this rape, but I was still entranced on it. While the first guy was force fucking her throat the other black guy walked up between her legs, unzipped his pants released another huge cock, pulled her thong panties to the side exposing her shaved, tight little pussy and unceremoniously shoved his cock all the way to the hilt. “Hey” hey shouted to the other guy “this bitch is wet; I think she might be getting off on this”. That made Mindy struggle even harder, but there was nothing she could do about it as the both hammered away at her. Pounding her pussy, he reached out and brutally slapped her breasts as hard as he could. As soon as the other guys cock hit her bare, shaved petite little pussy I couldn’t last any longer and shot my second load and came even harder than the first time. When I looked up from my orgasm I noticed that the third man had disappeared.


My erection quickly recovered as I watched the two remaining guys pound my wife for a few more minutes. I could tell she could not breathe and her struggles became less and less as the guy continued to brutally throat fuck her, while his buddy pounded her tight little pussy. After about 2 minutes I saw her body go limp and heard the guy in her throat start to moan and groan and shoot his load deep in her throat and then pull out, a few seconds later his buddy also cam deeply into her unprotected pussy. As he pulled his limp cock out of her throat all the cum he had shot in there was running out of her mouth and down her face. Her head rolled to the side, she was completely motionless. As the other guy pulled back his cum ran out of her pussy and down her legs. The first black guy bent down put his ear next to her mouth. I held my breath as I was not sure if she was still alive or not. He looked up to at his buddy “she is still breathing, just passed out” he said, slapping her cum covered face hard. “Where did jack go?”


About that time the white man named Jack, came back around the corner leading about 20 or so men from inside the bar, all of which Mindy had flirted with at some point during the night. “I just figured all of these men should have a chance at that little cock tease” he said “did you two have your fun?” The first guy said “we sure did, help yourselves boys, all holes up for grabs, plus she is passed out so don’t worry about her struggling too much until she wakes up”. I saw my chance and snuck out of my hiding place and blended into the men. They formed three lines, one lined up to fuck her ass or pussy, one to fuck her mouth and throat and one to play with, abuse and cum on her tits. One after another, fat, small, old, young, clean, dirty they all walked up and had their turn. I watched playing with my cock fascinated and extremely turned on by what was happening to my beautiful little petite wife. I was in heaven watching her get gang raped. I watched one particularly fat guy with a little cock walk up to her mouth and watched her whole head disappear under his fat roles as he stuffed his cock in her mouth. About this time a skinny little dude with a long thin dick stuck his cock first in her pussy to lube it up then up her ass. This seemed to wake her up as she began to struggle again. The big fat man backed off turned around, spread his ass cheek and said “lick my asshole you little cunt”. She looked around dismayed then got a look of defeat on her face and began to lick the fat mans dirty asshole sticking her tongue as far in as she could as he rubbed it up and down on her face.


The line didn’t move real fast. At one point another huge cock got her mouth again and stuck it all the way and cutting off her air again. She struggle against her bonds trying to get some distance from the cock to get some air as this guy, like the first one grabbed her hair and fucked her throat shoving his huge cock in all the way to the base. While this was going on one of the men at her breast picked up what looked to be an old radio antenna off of a car and started smacking her breasts with it hard leaving fine, long, bright red welts all over her breasts and stomach. She started screaming around the cock in her throat and this really made her struggle for a while until once again her struggles began to get weaker. The guy with antenna saw a break in the line at her pussy and started smacking her raw bare pussy as hard as he could with the antenna. She screamed and jerked and thrashed as he brutalized her breasts stomach and shaved pussy with antenna until, she passed out from the lack air and pain, right before the guy in her throat also exploded into her. This maybe me shoot my wad without even masturbating. I loved watching the antenna drop on her unprotected body raising welts and making her scream around the cock in her mouth and making her body thrash.


As she lay there limp and covered in cum and welts there were very few men left. Just myself and the original three men. I walked up and took my turn in her mouth and it only took about three thrust for me to cum deeply and the hardest I had up until that point. I took a chance to smack her tits and pussy a few times with the antenna then walked away and circled back around to my hiding place. “What should do with her now? What if she reports this and identifies us?” the big white man asked. “We will deal with that then, besides were leaving tomorrow, let’s just leave her” the first big black man said. So they turned around and walked away. I quickly ran to her made sure she was still breathing, untied her, carried her to the car and drove home, knowing our lives would never be the same. When I got her home I fucked her over and over again until she finally woke up.


For the more brutal, harder core, darker ending write me at, but only if you like it extreme. It very dark and extreme not for the light hearted. If I have enough interest I will post it on the site.

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