It was a cold, windy winters night, the rain was pelting down outside.
Inside Maree, Dee, and Marees son Alex where watching telivsion. The
two ladies where getting ready for a party.
"Im going upstairs, Ive had enough of your gossiping for one night"
Alex said to his mom and aunt,
of course the real reason was because he had a raging hard on watching
them in there short skirts and 4 inch stilletos, not to mention there

Maree was 50, a brunnete who was slightly heavy but in the right places
and still looked good when dressed up, her tits where a 36C and because
of her age
had sagged a little but not alot and looked great, she always wore push
up bras, not to obvious but enough to show some good cleavage,
Alex had caught his friends admiring his moms tits, but he never said
anything to them about it,
He secretly loved to see other men, especially his friends drooling
over her.

Dee was 3 years younger than Maree and was thinner, she never married
and had only dated when she was in her twenties
but was always up for a good night out, but was never interested in
finding a man.
She had a great figure, and a pair of 38D breasts.

Since Marees husband Jack died 8 years ago she had closed her self off
from making new friends, but Dee was always trying to get her out to
meet new people
and to move on with her life. When Dee heard about the party she
convinced Maree to go to it, they went out shopping together and bought new

Maree wore a navy blouse that was partly see through but only if it was
worn in daylight, her black push-up bra underneath could just be seen
under the
living room lights. She bought a skirt that sat about 5 inches above
the knee which raised a further few inches when she sat down.
When she wore her 4 inch heels to give her self some height she looked

Dee was one of those 40 year old women who dressed like she was still
18, a frilly mini-skirt, the kind that if you made a twirl would raise
up. Her top was a tight shirt, with a low cut neckline, her tits were
almost bursting out of it, her bra was black with very small straps
almost like a bikini, so was her thong, just enough to cover her pussy, tiny
strings and the back dissapeared up her ass. She finished it off with a
pair of black spiked heels.

The girls decided to have fun like they used to do when they were
That was there excuse for dressing a bit slutty.

Alex was upstairs waiting for them to leave so he could pull his 7"
erect dick out of his trousers, his mom and aunt where runing up and down
the stairs all evening and he didnt want to chance getting caught
wanking. He thought they would never leave.

There was a knock at the door, the ladies called for Alex to get it but
with the tent in his trousers he asked them to get it.
Dee rushed to the door, cursing who this could be this late at night,
when she opened the door she was greeted by two kids, they looked to be
homless, they were looking for some money. Dee took pitty on them and
went looking for some money. Dee's handbag was in the kitchen, as she
walked away she could hear one of them complimenting her in an
ungentlemanly fasion. Dee wasnt aware that boys so young would find her
attractive and she found it turning her on, as she returned she deliberatley
dropped the money and bent over to pick them up, she took her time so as
to give the boys a nice view of her ass and of her cleavage as she
turned around, she gave them there money with a dirty little wink aswell and
sent them off with there obvious erections.

About 10 minutes later there was a knock at the door again, Dee, this
time very angry went to get it, "jesus" she thought, "you give them some
money and
the whole neighbourhood thinks your a bank", when she opened the door
there were 6 boys there, one of them pulled a gun, "Dont say anything,
or I'll shoot" he said.
He motioned her inside, "ok listen bitch, my boys here told me you got
a fine peice of ass for an old broad, and we aint gettin any on a night
like this".

"Please, take what you want just leave me alone" pleaded Dee, Maree
walked in before the guy with the gun could answer, "damn, we gotta a
little slut house here, were gonna have us some fun tonight boys", All the
boys started laughing and hollering,
Maree was stunned, she had been to the bathroom and returned to a house
full of rowdy teenagers.

"OK heres whats gonna happen sluts, we had a night of fun planned but
because of this shitty weather, you will be our entertainment, do as we
say and no one will get hurt. Were gonna get real aqquainted tonight,
so lets start easy, my name is Jimmy, and these are my boys, John,
Mikey, James and Bryan, lets here your names whores?"
"Im Maree", "im Dee" they both answered terrified of what was to come.

Mikey thought he heard a bumping noise upstairs, "Hey boss, did you
hear that?", "You two check it out" Jimmy said pointing to Mikey and John.

They ran upstairs and looked in each room, the last room they heard the
TV on, they crept throught the door to find Alex lying on his bed, he
had the volume up and didnt hear them entering, he felt a draught coming
through the door, he looked and seen the two teenagers, "who the fuck
are you" he said as he got up "shut the fuck up you little shit, or
we'll kill you and the two whores down stairs. Alex was far from little, at
18 he was 6'3" and well built. "Get the fuck downstairs now" as the two
teenagers pushed him foward, he tried to think of who they were, he
didnt recognise them, they didnt go to his school, he figured that they
were form the local travelling community, who rarely went to school after
they where 13 or 14.

When they went back into the living room, Jimmy and James and where
sitting next to the two women who where trying to cover there modesty on
the couch. James was messing with a movie camera he found in another
room, figuring out how to work it, the women didnt like where this was
leading at all, especially now that Alex was involved.

"Just him boss, rest of the house is empty" The boys reported to Jimmy,
"OK lock all the doors and windows and close all the curtains, we cant
have any outside disturbunces during our movie can we" Jimmy said with
a sleazy smile, eyeing the women up and down.

As the boys went off around the house locking the doors and windows,
Jimmy had a talk with the three terrified hostages.

"Now I hope were all comfortable, cause if you are, you wont be when
where done with ya." The women pleaded, "please take what you want,
theres money in my handbag, and my credit cards are in the cupboard over
there. "I told you we dont want your money, we want to get fucked, now we
can do it the easy way or the hard way, its up to you"

The two ladies finally accepted there fate. Alex sat there listening to
this man, talking about his mother and aunt in such a dirty way, his
erection was back, this time it was as hard as a rock, he tried to hide
it but Jimmy noticed, "hey looka here, your little kid wants to play
too." Why dont we get this party started considering were so anxious to
get going.

By this time the rest of the boys had returned, Jimmy explained what
was going to happen, "Were gonna make ourselves a nice porno movie, Happy
Familes has a nice ring to it, and you two lucky sluts have been cast
as the main characters. Now seeing that sonny boy here is so excited,
lets start with him" Alex froze when he heard this, he thought the worsed
but was instanly releived when Jimmy finished his sentence. "Ok mommy,
lets show your son how we suck cock, old school"

Maree couldnt beleive this was happening, here mind was racing a mile a
minute, how did this all happen?? She was getting ready to go out, and
then there was a group of horny teenagers in her house about to
gangrape her and her sister. But to force her to give her son oral sex, what
kind of people are these??

"Come on mommy, lets get to it, before I do something I might regret."

She dropped to her knees when he said this, if she was forced to do
this to save her sons life, then that is what she had to do. As she
crawled over to her sons crotch, the group stared cheering on, "come on
slutty momma, suck your sons dick", "you dirty whore, lick it dry" She
almost cried when she seen this was been filmed, she only hoped the tape was
full and none of this would be recorded.

She could see the tent in her sons pants and couldnt beleive it, "how
could he be excited about this??" she thought to herself, not
understanding that Alex had never been with a girl before. She opened his zip and
and pulled his pants and boxers down, his erect dick sprung out, she
placed her hand on it and ran it up and down his shaft twice, she could
feel with the base of her fist his balls where tensed up, she decided to
get on with it because she knew he wouldnt last long.
As she licked the head of his dick she heard Alex say under his breath
"oh fuck im cumming" she didnt have time to react when a powerful shot
of his cum went down her throat, she pulled away, and the rest of his
load hit her face, and ran down her neck and down between her cleavaged

"Excellent performance" why dont we lose the clothes now and give
junior a real treat. Maree stood up and and removed her skirt, and let it
drop to the floor, there was a silence as she unbuttoned her top and let
her bra busting tits be shown.
There she stood, in her 4 inch heels, her push up bra with her tits
hangin out the sides, and her skimpy g-string which barely covered
anyting, the boys could see her pussy lips as they looked up at her.
Alex stared on in amazment, he couldnt beleive this was his mother, the
way she was dressed she looked like a porn star, his dick was still at
full attention, having not lost it at all seeing his mother strip.

"Now lets get that pussy of yours lubed up, juniors isn't too big, but
us men were made for fucking" She seen what she had to do, she pulled
of her g-string and walked over to her son, she turned around with her
back to him and sat on his hard penis, she felt it move slowly up her
pussy as she lowered herself down on it, she didnt need to worry about
getting lubed up, this was her first time with a man since her husband
had died, and she was always a horny woman, this just reawakened her
inner slut. As she was fucking her son the now naked boys proceeded over to
her, Jimmy shoved his 12" dick in her face and she bagan to suck on it,
she was amazed at its size and could barely get the head in her mouth
it was so big, the two other boys, were getting hand jobs while James
filmed everything. The scene was very hot, there was this conservative 50
year old transformed in to the slut she was 30 years ago, fucking a
bunch of 18 year olds and loving it.

Alex blew his load up his mothers pussy and just as he was finishing
Jimmy shot his load onto her face and tits. They swapped around, Jimmy
took over fucking her, while Mikey got his 10" dick sucked. Alex stood
there not knowing what to do when Jimmy ordered Dee to get busy on Alex
and clean him up. she began to suck his dick, she did so without being
asked twice, Dee was more of a slut than Maree but was always a tease,
she was famous for her one night stands but that was along time ago.
"get your tits out james shouted now filming Dee blowing Alex, "when your
done there slut you can get busy on me" james said, the only not to get
any action yet.

Dee stripped down to her thong and was on her knees again licking her
nephews dick like it was the last thing on earth. When James finish
fucking Maree, he went and got down behind Dee, and pulled her thong off,
he started to fuck her and she had an orgasm within 2 minutes.

This went on for hours, the women getting DP'ed while sucking off a
boy, Dee fucked her nephew, Alex fucked his mom again. After a few hours
the boys dicks needed a break. The two women went at it for a while,
they were in a 69 posistion. The only people who wheren't that tired where
the stars, Maree and Dee. Jimmy had an idea for them, "whens the last
time you sluts helped out the needy'" he said with that smile on his
face again. "Get freshened up and put on some slutty make up and put your
clothes back on, but forget the bra and panties" Everyone left the
house and went to the boys van that was parked around the corner.

Were gonna send you up to the bicycle sheds behind the school, theres
more dick up there for ya, all the drunks and homeless men stay there at
night, "these poor guys havent been close to a woman in years, forget
about having sex with them, but you two are gonna show them some real
fun." The women were barely listening, they were already fucking and
sucking again in the back of the van.

When they arrived at the school, the two women got out, Jimmy inspected
them, he pulled there skirts up to make them super short.

The women headed behind the school to see about 10 to 15 men drinking
or sleeping, "hello boys" giving the men a fright, there was a silence
for a few seconds as they looked the women up and down, "you studs know
where us women can get some action?" They said as they walked closer to
the men and groped there growing dicks. The men where horny and didnt
need any more persuading, they had the woman on there knees in no time.

The men took turns banging the woman all night, there was a puddle of
seimen beneath each woman, dripping from there stretched pussies and
asses. The woman couldnt beleive they had been missing this all these

Dawn was breaking and the boys decided to get them home before someone
seen them and called the cops. The bums were tired but knew this didnt
happen everyday so got in as much fucking as possible.

The boys dropped the woman home and told them they'd talk to them soon
and would bring them the video when the finished making copies.

They were very tired now so went straight to bed. Alex was awake all
night thinking of what had happened, his dick was awake all night too but
was too sore to even wank.

The next morning when Maree and Dee woke up, they had a talk to each
other about what had happened, they decided that they couldnt go back to
there old lives now and that they where both happy this way, They both
loved turning on the men and decided to go through there clothes and
get rid of anything that didnt suit there new lifestyle. They went on the
internet and looked at porn sites, to get 'fashion' tips from the pros.
Of course they had a good idea of what they would be wearing, tiny
underwear, skimpy bikinis, high heels, short tight dresses, thongs,
g-strings, push up bras, cut of jeans, fuck me boots, the list went on, as
they browsed and borrowed ideas. They had some of there 'ingrediants'
already but needing some alterations. Maree found a pair of jeans from a
few years ago, they were a little tight but she didnt care, it just made
her look more slutty. She cut the jeans so when she wore them you would
almost see her ass cheeks, and put on a blouse and tighed the bottom
up, of course unbuttoning herself to show her cleavage which she had
enough of, the tighed blouse pushing her tits up. She slipped on some white
sandal heels and put on some red lipstick and done her makeup. Dee was
going through her clothes sorting out her new image aswell. When Maree
was finished, she decided there was only one way to test her new
outfit, she didnt need any verble comments, she needed to see something long
and hard standing at attention to see if her outfit was fit for a slut.

She headed downstairs to find her son resting on the couch, she walked
in to the room and said good morning, his face said enough, but she
wasnt looking, she watched the movement in his pants and saw it making a

To Be Continued...

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