Carla's Black Cock Gangbang

It was another weekend and Carla was looking for some nasty action again. She thought perhaps that going to a club in the city would be a good idea. After Carla got herself dressed looking quite slutty, left her house. Carla is 5' 6", 22 yrs old, long black hair, very tight white ass with slim build, and 34c size tits. She walked a few blocks waiting for a taxi to pass by. She noticed one parked on a side street, so she headed that way.

She climbed in the back seat and the driver waited for our instructions where to take me. He noticed Carla looking so pretty with her dark hair flowing down her shoulders and Carla could see him looking in the mirror eyeing up her body. Her short skirt was all the way to her waist from sliding over in the seat.

"Ladie...where you go...." I doubt if he knew much more English. At least that's the way he sounded. When he glanced back I could see that this cabby was the most repulsive looking black man I've ever seen. His face looked deformed or maybe he had been in a fight. One eye was swollen and puffed out, his nose was bent and his jaw was twisted. I thought it odd that he would be allowed driving a taxi for fear of scaring the customers.

Carla didn't answer him. She was looking at him eyeing up her body. After all, she was sitting in the backseat with her legs apart and the cabby was staring at them.

"Like what you see," Carla asked?

I don't think he understood. He just kept staring. Carla motioned with her finger to come in the back. I think she liked teasing this hideous looking guy. The cabby opened his door and Carla met him outside. Carla didn't waste any time. She went right down on her knees, pulled down his pants and started sucking his cock. Carla was looking up at this ugly looking guy while he was holding her head and humping her mouth and yelling, "jesss, jesss, fuccckkkk, fucccckkkk...." You would think this was his first blowjob. Maybe it was. Then suddenly he screamed out, "Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!", and I could see cum bubbling from Carla's lips. She licked him clean, stood up and planted a big kiss on that disgusting looking face.

"Take me someplace I can get a lot of cocks."

"You fuck more," he asked almost in surprise.

"Yeah that's right," Carla replied. "I fuck more." "A lot more." And she jumped into the back of the taxi.

The cabby quickly got in and drove off. Carla wondered where she might wind up. It was only few minutes and he pulled into the taxi depot. Carla looked through the window of the cab as she entered the garage. It was a big work area with a few black guys working on some cars. She saw a few men in a small office and a few others just roaming about.

When Carla got out of the cab everything came to a stop. Everyone was staring at this gorgeous girl with this look of "what the fuck is she doing here."

She slowly walked wiggling her ass over to the office. One of the men waiting at the office was a tall black man in and old T-shirt. He stood there with his big belly hanging over his belt. I sort of got the impression he was in charge. Carla stood in front of him. "I was told I would get fucked real good here."

Almost in disbelief he looked at me asking, "is she kidding?"

"No I’m not," Carla replied. "I do this all the time." "I just can't get enough."

I looked at Carla. "Show me your tits." She quickly pulled off her skimpy tight fitting top exposing her full breasts.

"Shit, what a fucking body," he yelled out quite excited.

He looked back to Carla again. "Well, get them off," he said pointing to her skirt. "Show me how much you love black cocks."

Carla's skirt fell to the floor and she was naked standing in front of him wearing only her heels. This fat black guy stepped from the office and began squeezing Carla's tits. "So you're a white slut that wants a black cock huh?" "Well you've come to right place honey."

He yelled out to everyone watching, "let's give this bitch what she wants."

It didn't take long for Carla to be on her knees sucking his big black cock. The rest of them moved in closer to watch. His cock was easily ten inches long and Carla was swallowing him whole. She had that long black shaft sliding down her throat and he was going wild. "You cocksuckin' slut... what a hot throat you got."

Carla kept deepthroating his big black hard cock until he couldn't take anymore. She knew he was about to cum as she held his cock at the base and quickening her pace of stuffing his huge knob into her throat. Then he just blurted out, "Oh fuck... bitch!!!..., I'm cumming." She held the tip of his cock between her lips and drained him. Then she tipped her head back opening her mouth to show him her tongue covered with cum. A moment later she swallowed.

"Oh Fuck," he commented with excitement. "She swallows too."

Carla was enjoying how excited she had made him just because she ate his sperm. So she gave him another treat by crawling around behind him and started licking his ass. He looked at the rest of guys waiting their turn. "What a filthy mouth on this whore." And while he was commenting Carla spread his cheeks apart and had her tongue lapping at his dirty black asshole.

"I told you I loves being a nasty slut," said Carla. "I'll do anything for you." "Watch this." said Carla.

Being the obedient slut that she is, Carla just knelt with her mouth open wide. Then as these black cabbies watched unzipped thier pants, pulled out their cocks and started pissing right in Carlas mouth. "Drink it Carla,"one ordered. Her mouth filled up and she quickly gulped it down and eagerly had her lips parted taking in more. Carla swallowed four times flushing piss into her belly.

The black cab drivers stood there in near disbelief. "Look at that bitch." "She's a filthy pissdrinker."

Once Carla finished, the black guy that just gotten sucked off moved over in my place. "C'mon bitch, take mine too." As held his black shaft in his hand, piss started streaming from it. "Get that slut mouth open, you whore." Carla had no problem kneeling there and swallowing his piss too. She let her mouth fill up three times and gulped his urine down too. She even let his piss spray all over her face and then afterwards rubbed it with her hands as if washing herself with it.

After that, it was out of control. They drug this dirty mattress from the backroom and for the next three hours Carla was on her back or kneeling with her ass up in the air. She had black cocks in her mouth swallowing their cum and she was fucked in the ass a half dozen times. Her cunt was pounded by everyone until cum was dripping from her. Her crotch had become completely soaked with their slimy cream. And as each one finished with her, Carla encouraged them by saying, "c'mon, piss right down my throat," and she took each cock between her lips drinking as they urinated in her mouth.

It was nearly 2am when Carla thought it was time to leave. Carla was lying on the mattress exhausted. She was holding her belly. This from swallowing so much cum and piss. Carla felt so filthy and so slutty lying there.

Carla was ready to get dressed and go. She had been fucked countless times already, more than most women would be able to handle. She looked over to the far end of the garage and saw that five different drivers had come back from their shifts. They saw what was going on. Of course they wanted to join in too. They only needed one look at Carla's beauty and were instantly aroused and ready to use her too.

Carla thought she had done everything disgusting through her sex life that nothing left she did surprised her. She was wrong. What Carla let these dirty black cabdrivers do to her was absolutely disgusting.

All five quickly stripped down and Carla had five fresh hard black cocks ready to use her some more. When the first one walked to Carla and saw her pussy dripping white cream and her asshole all red from getting buttfucked so much that he commented, "shit man.. this bitch has got a pretty sloppy cunt" "What the fuck you do to her?" Carla spread her legs waiting for him to shove his nine-inch cock in. "I ain't puttin' my cock in that filthy whore."

He went over to his cab and came back with a package of condoms. He ripped open one pack and threw the rest to the other guys waiting for their turn. He slipped the condom on while telling Carla, "kneel up you whore." "I want your ass."

It really didn't matter to Carla as long as she had a cock inside her. He slid his nine-inch cock completely inside her ass and pumped her for a good ten minutes. Everyone knew he was cumming when he bellowed out, "Oh fuck!... You slut.. I'm cumming in your filthy ass." Of course he was really filling up the condom. When he pulled out the tip of the condom was bulged out enough that even I could see the sack full of his thick white cum.

He began pulling the condom from his cock. Carla looked back at him. "Can I have your cum?" "I want it."

"You're a filthy little fuck, you know that bitch?" "So you want more cum, huh?" He pushed Carla over on her back. She watched him holding the condom full of his sperm. "I want that cum."

Carla was really getting pretty disgusting. She was begging for a condom full of fresh sperm, a condom that was on a black cock deep in her ass and full of his hot jizz. She spread her legs and then reached to open her cunt for him. "Dump it in me," she begged. I thought he was going to do just that. But instead he first had a few filthy remarks.

"You filthy little white bitch."

"You're the dirtiest fuckin' whore I've ever seen."

Then he placed the filthy cum dripping condom on her opened pussy and ...... instead of dumping it in Carla, he shoved the whole dirty condom inside Carla's cunt.

"OHHH, FUCKKKK!!... "OH FUCKKK!!..." Carla screamed out going immediately into an orgasm. She was cumming with a dirty cum filled condom stuffed up her hot little hole.

Seeing this only excited the other four guys. Their cocks were so stiff they couldn't get a condom on quick enough. I knew what was coming next. One at a time they fucked Carla in the ass and took their turn shoving another dirty condom filled with cum in her dirty fuckhole. The last guy wanted some extra fun. After stuffing his condom in Carla, he shoved two fingers as deep as he could in Carla's juicy sperm filled pussy. He wanted to make sure those filthy anal scum covered condoms were as deep in her as he could get them. "You bitch." "You got some nasty cunt, you little whore."

Carla was rubbing her pussy and actually cumming again. The five guys were huddled around Carla watching as she lay there having another orgasm. "Did you ever see such a filthy bitch," they commented to each other. "And she likes it." "What a dirty slut."

One of guys had momentarily left and returned with this big black beaded dildo. There were five huge bulges on this twelve-inch flexible rubber shaft. He placed it on Carla's anal hole and began feeding it one bead at a time into her ass. The huge bulges forced her asshole open and as it entered it look like her ass just swallowed it up. He ultimately shoved that whole thing in her rectum. Then to extract it, he tugged on it and watched as the beads plopped out one at a time. The whole dildo, from being buried in her rectum so deep, was covered in slime from her ass.

"Kneel up bitch," he ordered. Carla quickly obeyed.

He dangled the filthy beaded shaft over Carla’s face. "Do you want it slut?" "Do you want to suck it clean?"

"Yes, please." Carla answered back in anticipation.

"Beg for it." "Beg like a whore that needs it." "C'mon, show us how much you need to taste your dirty ass scum."

"Oh God Yes.. Please.. please let me have it." "I need it." "I need to be dirty for you."

"You're a dirty whore aren't you," he asked teasing.

"I'm a slut." "A filthy bitch whore." "Please let me suck it clean."

He had Carla showing a total lack of respect for herself. He was making her beg to be filthy. She was kneeling like a dog with her mouth open waiting for a treat.

He lowered it to her mouth and Carla quickly closed her lips around the first bead. All I heard was "Mmmmmmmm," "Mmmmmmmm."

Then this guy says, "open your mouth wide slut." Carla eagerly obeyed opening her lips for him. He then began forcing the filthy dildo deeper into her mouth. The second bead went through her lips. She started gagging. C'mon whore, swallow it." And he pushed another bead into her mouth.

The huge beads on the dildo were being forced into her throat, just as he did in her ass. He could see her throat bulging from the first bead that was now lodged in her throat. He chuckled as he heard the gagging and gurgling sounds in Carla's throat. "There's nothing like throat fucking a whore and making her gag. Then he pushed another bead down her throat causing Carla to gag again. They all started laughing at her.

He pulled the dildo out and Carla coughed a couple times. She lay back down on the mattress to catch her breath. Then one guy leaned down and dropped a big wad of spit on Carla's cunt. She quickly rubbed it into her hole. The black cabby that was standing near her head knelt down over her face. She could smell his foul breath as he rubbed his rough beard against her face. He teased Carla showing her a big mouthful of his spit on his tongue and lips. He wanted Carla to think he was going to spit in her face. But to his surprise Carla reached up grabbing his head and pulled his mouth to hers. Then she licked her tongue over his lips and sucked the spit right from his mouth. "Mmmmmmm, that's good," she excitedly thanked him as if she had gotten a mouthful of candy.

"Fuck, what a whore." "See what the slut did?"

The display she was putting on was disgusting but the cabbies were enjoying the show. Carla had those dirty things in her cunt and she loved it. She was kissing these filthy black men and sucking their spit out of their mouths. Even though she had cum many times already, she was in this intense lustful state. She buried her face in the crotch of each of the five cabbies and sucked their huge sweaty balls into her mouth. Then she told all of them, "kneel down so I can clean your assholes." And Carla proceeded to push her face in the black asses of each guy and lick his asshole clean. She even stuck her finger inside each ass and then sucked on it, as if trying to see which one tasted best.

The five black guys finally dressed and left. Carla got up, wiped as much cum off her as she could, and slipped her skirt and top back on. Then the first cab driver drove her back home. He told her the fair total but she payed by giving him another cock sucking.

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