Cherie smiled as she sipped on her vodka and orange juice. She fell back on her couch thinking wicked thoughts. Single and thirty it wasn't every day she had young men in her house dressed down to their boxer shorts, and here was Cody, a skinny 18 year old with tight abs wrestling around with her dumb 19 year old brother Lee on the floor.
"I got you!" Lee said as he pinned Cody to the floor.
"Fuck you!" Cody replied coarsely.

Cherie would have interjected but she was dumbstruck by the site of her younger brother's penis, hanging noticeably from the bottom of his boxers. He wasn't hard, she knew he wasn't gay, but it was long enough to hang that far. Cherie felt self concious as a pleasurable sensation erupted from inside her panties.

She watched for a while as her 6'2" brother wrestled around on the floor with Cody, slightly shorter but more physically impressive. They didn't notice as she sipped away at her drink and let her hand fall between her legs, hidden by a pillow. Cherie's small skirt was light and flipped open willingly as she made her way towards her now wet panties. She was a tall 5'10" girl with dirty blond hair and her carpets matched the drapes, the coiled blond hair guarding her pussy stood at attention as her fingers reached down to her delicate clitoris.

The boys who had decided to stay over at her place out of convenience after a night out at a club that was a short walk from her place, were already boozed up and frustrated from lack of action earlier in the night. Hence their aggressive behaviour on her living room carpet. Cherie was beginning to feel frustrated herself and decided to up the ante.

"Hey stop fucking around there!" Cherie said, with her hand recently removed from her moist crotch. "You two gays or what?"
"Fuck off." said Lee playfully.
"Well then what do you think of this?" she replied, lifting her cotton shirt off, over her head. Her large and very natural D cup breasts lifted up playfully and dropped down with their considerable weight as the shirt pulled away. Lee didn't say anything. His jaw had hit the floor even as he saw her top rise, exposing the bottom half of her breasts, round and white, looking out from below her shirt.
Cody stared at her large tits and said "I, I'm not gay!"
"Good!" Cherie said smiling, "You can come here then."

Lee still looked shocked as his best friend moved over to his sister and began to suck on her nipples. His cock however had other emotions and began to make his boxers much tighter as he watched Cody's mouth slowly make its way down to Cherie's crotch. His hands eagerly removed her skirt and continued down towards her white panties, made almost see-through with her vaginal juice. By the time Cody had removed Cherie's panties her pink pussy was dripping with excitement and Lee had pulled his penis out of the fly of his boxers. It was almost by sexual instinct alone and had Lee began to pull the shaft of his penis, now towering an almost ten long inches in front of him.

Cherie laid back quivering, not because of the feeble attempts of the young man at her crotch slopping his tongue around her cunt, but because of the site of her brothers erect cock. She got up and pushed Cody to the floor, pulling his boxers off. A five inch penis sprung up, Cherie giggled to herself before pushing her pussy lips down on it, her vagina, almost dripping, swallowed his penis whole. All the time she looked at her brother who, still stroking his cock, stared back.

After a few seconds Cody began to quiver and Cherie pulled off, barely feeling a difference, she was open wide with excitement.
"Hold onto that idea." Cherie said cheekily. She looked at her brother longingly, "I'm not finished yet."
Lee moved over slowly, his huge cock pointing like a divining rod towards the gold of his sisters pussy. Cody sat amazed, both at the site of his best friend and his best friend's naked sister eyeing each other off like raw meat, but also his friend's dick which hung out like a three inch wide plank.

Cody couldn't believe himself as he watched Lee remove his boxer shorts and begin to kiss his own sister's erect nipples, standing at the tip of her beautiful and round breasts. Her white skin was pale, but no less beautiful for it, her body was curved yet tight. Cherie's perfect legs opened as her brother forced her back down to the couch. He smiled as she wrapped two hands around the shaft of his penis. Cody started to pull his own cock as Lee's penis met his blood sister's lips. By the time Cherie had the head of her brother's cock at the back of her throat, making her gag, Cody had almost come again. Even in this position, Cherie could still hold one hand around Lee's cock, impressive as it was.

After minutes of forcing his meat down his sister's throat, Lee pulled out before he could come, a sticky mess of pre-cum and his sister's saliva flowed dripping like melted cheese from a hot pizza.
"Gahh!" Cherie Gasped.
Lee just smiled at her and was about to push his cock into his sister's cunt when she stopped him.
"Cody," She said. "you too."
Cherie got up again and walked over to Cody who looked in a state of shock. She pushed him down onto the floor and turned her back to him, lowering herself in a reverse cowgirl position.
"Put it in my ass Cody." She said.

Cody followed her orders and grabbed his cock, he felt her soft buttocks with his other hand. Diving down into the crevice his finger found a puckered anus and he tested its resistance.
"Oh, stop fucking around." Cherie laughed.
Cody pushed the tip of his penis into her asshole, the tight ring denied him immediate entry, giving way only when Cherie let her weight drop down.
"Ugh!" Cherie cried. "That's what I want, well almost."
Cherie looked at her brother, her legs wide apart and a dick in her ass. "Come get it."

Lee almost stumbled over himself trying to reach his sisters pussy. He grabbed the end of his hard cock and pushed it up to his sister's vagina. Cherie's abdominal muscles, still impressive at her age, tightened up in reaction to the bulging head of her brother's cock forcing its way through her relatively small opening.
"Not, not that fast!" she almost shouted.
Cherie's pussy gaped open as he pulled out, she relaxed and it slowly closed again. This time Lee took his time and slowly entered again, her pussy lips parted wide for his thick member.

This time Cherie didn't protest, instead she closed her eyes tight and opened her mouth wide open in unbelievable pleasure. She couldn't believe the sensation as her own brother pushed deeper inside of her. Cherie was about to experience her first proper G-spot orgasm. Sure, she had said to other guys that they made her cum this way, but she was lying. It took Lee's fat cock to push against her untouched 30 year old vaginal wall and make her explode from the inside out, all the while Cody rubbed her anus raw as he fucked her from below. The three of them came at once, Lee and Cody thrust together in each hole. Cherie screamed loudly, grabbing onto her brother's buttocks and squeezing them tight. Both of the boys filled her simultaneously with their cum.

Lee pulled out first, embarrassed but still filled with the pleasure of his ejaculation. Cody's cock was still buried in Cherie's ass when her brother's cum began to ooze out of her pussy, dripping down onto Cody's balls. Cherie pulled herself off of Cody at this point and turned her ass to her brother, her face pointing to the ground..
"Lick it up Lee, you little bitch!" She ordered to her little brother.
Lee began to lick the cum pouring out of both her holes, he was embarrassed but still turned on. At this point Cody ran to the other room, grabbing his clothes on the way, he couldn't stomach it any more. By the time Cherie's ass was cleaned by his tongue and his friend had fled the house, Lee's cock was rock hard once more. They fucked until the morning.

Finally Cherie couldn't handle any more, her pussy was rubbed raw and her nerves almost shot. She pulled Lee out of her quivering pussy and placed her brother's cock between her large white breasts and told him to "Fuck them hard". Lee followed her orders and thrust his cock back and forth between her soft tits, her perspiration mixed with the cum and vaginal juice covering his dick and worked as a lubricant. As Cherie awkwardly held her tits together, her brother kept on fucking her cleavage. Each thrust, his giant cock head would reach her lips and she would give it a teasing lick with her dripping tongue.

Lee was about to come, his eyelids had closed as his face clenched in a strange combination of ultimate pleasure and discomfort. Cherie grabbed her brother's cock lying between her breasts and held it up to her mouth. The cum that shot out missed her gaping mouth and shot on her eyelid, closed just it time. It was followed quickly by a more surely aimed load on her tongue and down her throat. Cherie closed her mouth just before an unexpected third shot covered her mouth and ran down her chin.
She blew a bubble of cum and wiped her eye saying "You going to kiss me now?".
"Why not?" her brother laughed drunkenly before putting his tongue down her cum filled mouth.
"Why not?" he thought.

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