Melissa is 20 years old and from Florida. After a couple years of working shitty jobs, she finally got accepted into the Air Force.

It was June and she left for basic training in San Antonio, Texas. During the first three weeks, she was the worse recruit the Drill Instructor. Gary was a staff sergeant and had 10 years in the Air Force and this was his third year at training these civilians into Air Force material. He looked good in his starched fatigues that were tailored to show off his muscular body.

“What a fucking piece of shit, Melissa was,” Gary thought as he drilled her.

One morning, Gary strutted into the barracks and checked their beds. Melissa sucked at making her bed. While Melissa stood at attention at the end of her bunk, while Gary inspected it. He got pissed and raced over to Melissa. “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? WHO THE FUCK THOUGHT YOU HOW TO MAKE A BED?” Gary yelled in Melissa’s face.

She didn’t seem to mind it. In fact, Gary swore she enjoyed the yelling and verbal abuse.

Gary walked over and turned her bed upside down. A pair of her panties fell on the floor. Gary saw it and picked it up. He looked at them for a second, as he wanted to sniff them so bad, but knew he couldn’t. He marched over to Melissa and shoved her panties in her face.


“Yes sir. I know how to properly store my panties,” Melissa snapped back.

“FUCKING STORE THEM YOU BITCH!” he screamed at her.

Melissa grabbed her panties, ran over to her locker and properly stored them. She ran back to Gary and snapped to attention.

Gary then marched the recruits to breakfast. After breakfast, they practiced marching. Melissa sucked and Gary was always yelling at her. But Gary really had a thing for Melissa. He thought she was the sexiest recruit in his flight. If the truth were known, Gary would jerk off in his bunk while he dreamed of fucking Melissa.

It was Friday at 3:30 a.m. The barracks were quiet as the female recruits slept. Gary snuck in to check up on them. He quietly walked to where they slept. Then he looked shocked when he saw that Melissa was on her back and it was obvious she had her hand down he panties. Melissa was playing with her pussy. Gary inched closer and made sure he was quiet so she would notice him.

Melissa was awake and played with her pussy. She was dreaming of her online lover she chatted with before she left for basic training. She moaned quietly when she had an orgasm.

Gary’s cock got hard at the thought of her masturbating in her bunk. In fact, many of the female recruits would discreetly slip a hand down their panties during the middle of the night.

Gary quietly left the barracks and went to his room, located in another building.

The next day, Gary marched Melissa’s flight around the parade grounds. Melissa fucked up the whole time and even had half the flight on the ground she went the wrong direction and they tumbled. Gary was furious and jumped dead in her shit. She didn’t mind. His yelling made her pussy wet.

That night, Gary informed the recruits that they would have Saturday off and could visit San Antonio that day. Except for Melissa. She was going to receive remedial training since she’s the female version of Gomer Pyle.

It was Saturday morning and the rest of the female recruits boarded the bus for the river walk in San Antonio.

Melissa sat on her bed as she waited for Gary.

Gary marched into her barracks in his starched fatigues and Smokey the Bear hat and walked up to Melissa.

“Let’s go you dumb bitch,” he yelled.

She followed Gary out of the barracks and he marched her to the parade grounds. For the past hour, he marched her around the parade grounds. She sucked at it. Then they ran for three miles and the trip ended at the barracks.

They went inside and Gary saw how sweaty Melissa was. He looked around the barracks. Not a soul in sight except for them. He walked over into his office.

“Get the fuck in my office,” he ordered.

Melissa marched into his office where he slammed the door. He removed his Smokey the Bear hat and threw it on his desk. He walked over and got in Melissa’s face.

“What’s your fucking problem?” he yelled in her face.

“I’m a fuck up sir,” she responded.

“Why are you a fuck up?” he yelled.

“Don’t know sir,” she said.

Gary looked at her fatigues and saw the huge sweat stains. He liked them sweaty. He got a smirk on his face.

“Okay recruit, did you play with your pussy last night?” he asked while he stayed in her face. “And I want the fucking truth,” he yelled.

“Yes sir,” she snapped back. “Yes sir what?” he yelled.

“Yes sir I played with my pussy last night,” she replied with a smirk.

“Now, you know that you always have to obey your superiors?” he asked.

“Yes sir. I always obey my superiors,” she replied.

“Good. First of all, you will not tell a soul about this retraining you’ll receive. Do you fucking understand me?” he yelled in her face.

“Yes sir. Not a soul,” she replied.

Gary smiled while he walked up to her. He undid her belt and unbuttoned her fatigues pants. Two buttons. He grabbed her hand and moved it to her crotch.

“Play with your pussy like what you did last night,” he ordered then stepped back five feet to watch.

Melissa smiled while she slipped her hand into her pants and into her panties. She started to rub her clit. She rubbed her slit. Her pussy was already wet as being alone and getting yelled at by Gary turned her on.

Her knees buckled while she was nearing an orgasm. Then it came. Her knees shivered when she had an orgasm and moaned out loud.

Gary walked over and removed her hand out of her pants. He shoved her wet fingers into her mouth. “Suck your pussy juices off your fingers,” he demanded. Melissa sucked her pussy juices off her fingers.

“That’s a good fucking recruit,” he praised her. Melissa smiled.

Gary walked over. He glared into her eyes. Attention!” he yelled. Melissa snapped to attention. He got to her ear.

“Does this recruit want some cock?” he asked her.

“Yes sir. This recruit wants some cock,” she replied.

“Remove your fucking shirt,” he yelled.

Melissa quickly removed her fatigue shirt.

“Remove that fucking sweaty tee shirt,” he ordered.

Melissa removed her tee shirt and stood there in her bra.

Gary liked the size of Melissa’s 36d tits in her bra.

“Remove your fucking bra,” he ordered.

Melissa removed her bra and let her 36d tits breathe.

Gary loved her tits. “I want you to give me 25 jumping jacks,” he ordered.

Melissa started her jumping jacks. While she did them, Gary watched her tits bounce up and down. And it was a beautiful sight.

She finished her jumping jacks then stopped at attention.

“Remove your boots and socks,” he said. Melissa removed her boots and socks.

“Remove your pants,” he ordered. Melissa removed her pants and stood there in her panties.

“Remove those fucking panties,” he yelled.

Melissa lowered her panties and stepped out of them. She stood bare ass naked in front of her training instructor.

Gary looked her over. He loved her shoulder length strawberry hair and had the same color around her pussy.

He walked around her and checked out her ass. A little chubby but still a sexy ass. She smacked her ass. “Drop down and give me ten push-ups,” Gary yelled.

Melissa dropped and got in her push-up position. When she went down for one push-up, Gary knelt down and smacked her ass when she came up. Gary smacked her ass every time she came up from her push-up. His smacks got harder with every push-up. He smacked her so hard, it echoed in his office. She was done.

“Get the fuck up you fucking worthless whore,” he yelled at her.

Melissa jumped up on her feet.

Gary walked around and got in front of her. He got nose to nose with her. “Does this Airman Whore want to be fucked?” he yelled.

“Sir yes sir. This Airman Whore wants to be fucked by training instructor,” she snapped back.

Gary removed his fatigue shirt and tee shirt. He quickly removed his boots and socks. He unbuckled his pants and removed them. He lowered his boxer shorts and stepped out of them. He stood there with a nice 7-inch cock.

Melissa smiled at the sight of it.

“Drop to your fucking knees,” he ordered.

Melissa quickly dropped to her knees. “Suck my cock you dirty sweaty whore,” he yelled.

Melissa obeyed and sucked on his cock. Gary grabbed her head while she sucked. “Good cocksucker,” he moaned. “Lick my balls,” he ordered. Melissa ran her tongue around every inch of his shaved balls.

“Suck my cock your fucking bitch,” he yelled.

Melissa sucked on Gary’s cock for another five minutes.

“Sit on my desk,” he ordered.

Melissa walked over and sat on Gary’s desk and her feet dangled. He walked over and leaned down. He grabbed Melissa’s right foot. He kissed it. He kissed her entire foot. He sucked on all of her toes. He released her foot. He grabbed her left foot. He kissed it. He kissed her entire foot. He sucked on all of her toes. He licked and kissed his way down her leg here he spread her legs open and looked at her wet pussy.

He got down licked up and down her wet slit. Melissa moaned. He sucked on her clit. Melissa moaned louder. He sucked harder on her clit. Melissa arched her back.

“FFUUCCKKK!” she screamed out while she had an orgasm.

Gary sucked on her clit for ten more minutes. Melissa screamed as she had five orgasms.

Gary stood up and sucked on her nipples. Melissa moaned.

Gary grabbed her hair and pulled her off his desk. He forced her to bend over her desk. He spread her legs apart. He got on his knees and he licked her sweet tight asshole.

“Yes! Lick my ass sergeant,” she moaned.

Gary licked her asshole. Then he stood up and ran the tip of his cock against her wet cunt. “Does my sweet whore want my cock?” he asked while he teased her pussy with his cock.

“Yes sergeant. This airman whore wants your cock. Fuck this piece of shit whore,” she yelled back.

Gary shoved his cock into her pussy. She moaned. “Yes. Fuck me. Please fuck me,” she moaned.

Gary pumped her pussy. He grabbed her strawberry hair and pulled her hair back while he fucked her. He pounded her and her ass cheeks shook every time he entered her pussy deep. He smacked her ass a couple of times. He pulled her hair back hard. She loved it.

“FUCK ME!” she screamed out.

“AAHHHHHHHH!” Melissa yelled out when she had another orgasm.

Gary pulled his cock out of her pussy. He grabbed her by her hair and forced her to her knees. “Open your mouth bitch,” he yelled. Melissa opened her mouth.

Gary shoved his cock into her mouth. “Swallow my cum,” he ordered.

She sucked on his cock. Then the tip of Gary’s cock swelled up and he dumped his load into her mouth. He was done.

He pulled her up by her hair then grabbed her head. He kissed her and forced his tongue into her mouth. He French kissed her and tasted some of his own cum. He threw her onto the floor.

“Get the fuck out of my office you fucking whore,” he yelled.

Melissa gathered up her clothes and ran out of his office.

She ran back to her bunk and quickly got dressed. She loved her retraining.

Melissa finished basic and wasn’t a goof ball. She played Gary, as she loved to be yelled by him.

Right after graduation, Gary pulled Melissa to the side. He handed her a piece of paper.

“You’ll always be my best recruit,” he said with a smile. “I want to see you again,” he said. She looked at the paper and it had his email address on it. She put it into her pocket. “Yes training instructor. I hear and obey,” she replied. He smiled and walked away.

Melissa and Gary emailed each other while she went to Technical training school in Denver. He took leave and visited her and they spent a couple of weekend nights in a hotel. They fucked the whole time.

In fact, they saw a lot of each other during the next year. Then they got married as Gary really fell in love with her back in basic.

They both made the Air Force a career and lived a happy life fucking each other.

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Maybe we could share pics.

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