When about 7 or 8 years old I started getting curious about sex after hearing my mom and dad at night her screaming and moaning and him grunting at first i thought they were fighting. But mom would be moaning how good he was fucking her and how good it felt and begging for him to fuck harder that she was fixing to cum.A bout that time I got a peek one night as they fucked it sure opened my eyes,theywere both naked and sweaty and I could hear them slapping together and my eyes were fixed on his huge looking cock going in and out of mom as she begged for more and hearing her telling him how good he was fucking her.I felt weak and a funny feeling in my loins and I sort of peed in my panties from strange feelings I felt. I could never get that sight out of my mind.As time past for some reason I never knew for sure but mom and dad seperated and devoriced,me and my brother 2 years younger than me lived with mom.Mom had been devoriced about a year and had some dates but one night I heard her moaning like she had with dad and i sneaked from bed and to my luck her door was barely cracked she had not locked it or closed it all the way,she was naked in bed and was had a object in her hand and was working it in and out of her pussy and i could hear it buzzing as she arched her back and her hips girated then she let out a low muffled scream.she sort of relaxed and was gasping for her breath.I sneaked back to my room and unable to go to sleep and sort of uncontrolable had my hand beneath my panties tickling my pussy and it was such a good feeling but I was only about 10 at this time and it just felt good to touch.when mom was out a few days later i went into her dresser drawers and found her play toy.It was about 8 inches I guess I twisted the end and it was whirring in my hand and I put it in between my thighs and felt a sensation like never before as it vibrated through my shorts and panties Taking a chance I slid down my shorts and panties and sat on the edge of the bed with my leggs spread and pcaced right against my cunt God  it was such a feeling that raced up my spine and I could not take it away I was tingling all over I was unaware my brother had come in and was at the door watching me till he asked what you doing???God I liked to have died it scared me so. I quickly pulled up my shorts and panties and told him I had seen mom playing with it and i wanted to try it He came on in curious as to what it was asking so many questions some answers I didn,t know but made up things as we talked i told him to feel it and i turned it on  and told him to touch his self with it as he did he got a funny look on in face and i asked does it feel good and he said yes I told him it would be our secret.We then went in my room and he was asking so many guestions and he wanted to see me again with my panties down and told him ok if he pull down his pants to show me his too. he was curious about my slit and i told him i had seen mom and dad fucking and that his thing went in that slit he asked all about what they did and i tried to explain it to him how dad was pounding it in and how mom groaned and moaned. and now mom was doing it with the toy we had just played with to make her self feel good.He had a small cock at his age I guess was right size I think he was around 8 almost 9  and he wanted to know if he could do it with me he was had and standing out straight i told him i had never done and he said he hadn,t either but wanted to do it. I said ok and laid down in the bed with my shorts and panties off.with my legs spread and told him to put it inas he got on me we had trouble getting it in but i sort of guided it and spread my pussy with my other hand and he was starting in and as i pushed up to meet him i felt a sharp pain and i sort of screamed he froze and asked what was wrong i told him it hurt but now it was ok and he was hunching me like i told him to do like i had seen dad doing mom. i had a strange feeling deep in my stomach he soon just stopped as he had got tired said it felt hot in side me and good and he didn,t cum as guess to young but tried to for some reason pee in me and did a little god it felt so good hot inside me.wnen he got off there was a small wet spot on the bed and also a red spot and i had bled not knowing i had just lost my cherry it sort of scared me.but it had stopped.After that every chance we got we would be in his or my room exploring each other and talking and telling what older kids had said about fucking.

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[#219] pendragon1 ( 1260 days ago )
pendragon1 avatar Basically promising. Needs a lot of spelling and grammatical work; needs practice writing...
[#5571] amani ( 1648 days ago )
amani avatar These stories are good on the base, but you got to flush them out. Add more detail. Use paragraphs,etc. Send me a message if you want some help doing that.
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