I was in my double bed, Dennis in the single , across the room. Mom came into my room and I could see from the hall light she was getting undressed, she was really drunk as she could barley stand up. She must have thought she was in her room, because after undressing she fell into my bed and passed out. I shook her and called her name, but she just moaned. Now I had seen my Mother in skimpy bathing suits, but she was even more beautiful naked. I turned on the closet light to get a better look. She lay there on her back her legs slightly spread. this was the first time I saw her cunt and it was completely smooth shaven.

Dennis was next to me his cock getting hard and slowly stroking it, as he eyed Mom. I told him to go ahead and suck her nipple, he was afraid until I started sucking that beautiful nipple, then he joined in. Mom moaned but never opened her eyes. My cock was now harder than it ever had been. In the porn mags we saw pics of guys licking womens cunts, so I spread mom's legs apart, got down and statrted licking her slit, she again started to moanand then spread her legs further apart. Maybe she thought this was a dream and was reacting to it. I told Dennis to slide his cock into her mouth, as her head was turned facing him and slightly opened. His cock was about 7" and was not bad thick wise. He slowly slid it into her mouth, and started to pump it in and out. This made me even harder. I slid between Mom's legs pushed the head of my 9", yes I was that big at 14, slowly pushed until my cock was all the way in. I started to fuck Mom slowly while watching Dennis fuck my Mom's mouth. Dennis was starting to moan more with each stroke and I was really enjoying the wet cunt of my own Mother. After a short time I told Dennis to switch. He eagerly slid his cock into Mom while I slid my throbbing cock in her mouth. Her teeth scraped accross my cock sending little sjhocks through my cock. I new it wasn't right, but I was going to fill Mom's mouth with all my hot gooey spunk. I heard Dennis moaning and started to shove harder into my Mom's cunt. Then he half yelled " FUCK, I'm CUUUUMMMING" as he filled her cunt withhot jizz. I continued fucking her mouth holding her hair and pumping my swollen member deeper into her mouth til I felt the back of her throat. Not being able to hold back any longer I let loose with the biggest load of cum I ever had, shooting down her throat. I pulled out after the first couple of squirts and finished by squirting the rest on her face. Then I licked of what I had squirted on her face to clean it off. We then went into her room, I started looking thru her dresser for the toys I knew she had, while Dennis and I recuperrated. What I found really surprised me. I found some restraints and several different types of dildos (double and singles ) and vibrators. We decided that we were going to tie her to the bed and wait til she woke up to continue what we had started. I'll write about that later.

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[#5571] Ferret6918 ( 1643 days ago )
Ferret6918 avatar Crap. I mean a 9" at 14. utter bollocks
[#5571] rottonthoughts ( 1643 days ago )
rottonthoughts avatar Just beautiful..
[#5571] Gendo ( 1643 days ago )
Gendo avatar Pretty good. Can't wait to see the next installment.
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